Monday, April 13, 2009

Rasmussen Poll: 53% of Americans prefer Capitalism to Socialism

Rasmussen Poll: 53% of Americans prefer Capitalism to Socialism

When I first heard about this latest poll, I’ll admit I was floored. But after reading about the internal divisions of the poll, it all began to make sense. The big dividing factor seem to be age related, and investment related.

If Obama has been good at one thing, I’d say he’s been good at getting his socialist agenda across to the younger generation. It seems to be the “in thing” to do now to claim yourself as a socialist.

The under 30 crowd tends not to have or make investments for future use, and therefore see the benefits of social programs, while the over 40 crowd that makes investments favors capitalism 5 to 1.

To see how effective Obama has been at getting his message across, the very same poll was done in December 2008, and the results were very different. At that time 70% preferred Capitalism to Socialism. Obama’s message is that America’s system is flawed, from the Supreme Court to the financial system, and the youth seem to be eating it up.

It seems that American Society is ripe for this message of entitlement, because to be honest, the youth of today are considered by many to be the “entitled generation.” Add that to the fact that youths are more easily swayed, and you have the new volatile mix of politics today. For some reason, the youth live in the “now” and not for the future, they haven’t informed themselves about history, or even the recent past for that matter.

I think a past quote says it best; “If you are under 40 and you aren’t a Democrat you don’t have a heart, and if you are over 40 and are a Democrat you don’t have a brain.”

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Brenda said...

I've never been so disappointed in our country as I am at this moment in time, I only hope it will change for the sake of our kids