Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sniglets 23-09 the week's news from the right side

Eric Holder rescinds ruling
Remember the two Black Panthers who were caught on film intimidating voters during the Presidential election? They stood guard with batons in hand, and challenged news reporters who asked them questions about why they were there. Well, they were convicted in court, and given orders never to appear at polling places in the future. Over the weekend, the Justice Department, has micro-managed once again, and rescinded the Judge’s ruling. No reason was given, but now the Justice Department has sent the message that it’s ok to intimidate voters. I wonder if two KKK members were standing outside a polling place in Alabama with batons in hand, if the outcome would have been different……..never mind that was a stupid question.

We don’t want to be in the car business
The President has stated that he doesn’t want to be in the car business, it is strange however that the White House didn’t trust the bankruptcy court to fully handle the proceedings of GM’s claim. He picked through the carnage, he showed favoritism, he made decisions on who would get what and how much. He has decided what kind of cars he wants built, and I’m sure being the new majority holder, he will get what he wants. He chased Chrysler to the overseas company of Fiat, a company that never succeeded in America. He has allowed Mexico, Canada, Korea, and China to supply cars to GM, once again chasing business abroad. He has allowed the UAW the second largest stake in GM, and I’d be willing to bet that will be repeated two more times in the bankruptcies of Ford and Chrysler in the near future. How asinine is it for the White House to claim that they don’t want to be in the car business? They love to micro-manage, and the next thing they will tell us is that they don’t want to be in the health care business……….yea right!

Who gets the job of dismantling GM?
Brian Deese, not out of Yale Law School yet, and who has never set foot in an auto factory, will be the 31 year old to dismantle GM in the bankruptcy proceeding. He has become the most influential voice in a group of people that will mold the Obama experiment of the “new corporate America.” Deese was the leading person who was instrumental in pushing Chrysler towards a Fiat buy out, and therefore pushing the ownership to a foreign country. How Master Deese came into this job is unclear, he doesn’t have any background in the financial world, or even anything slightly related to the auto industry. One has to wonder how an under experienced, untested, law student came into a position of extreme power in the auto industry, unless he really isn’t the lead man, maybe he’s just a front for the micro-managing executive branch. In a real world, who would put a 31 year old in charge of a $50 billion dollar bail out?

Georgia gets a slap in the face
Georgia decided to reiterate a federal law, banning everyone but citizens of the United States of America from voting. The state law was enacted to assure the federal laws that are on the books weren’t ignored. All was well and good until the Department of Justice got involved, and now everyone in Georgia is questioning the common sense of Eric Holder. It seems that the Department of Justice has told the Attorney General in Georgia that their law may NOT be enforced, that the law is discriminatory. If this is allowed to continue, our country will cease to be controlled by its citizens. This IS the administration that will ruin our country if these idiotic statements continue. The Supreme Court is the definitive body that decides what is and what is not discrimination, this is yet another example of how the Administration is micro-managing the court system. I would strongly suggest the Attorney General of Georgia take this mandate from the administration to the Supreme Court. The conservatives are concerned about Judges from ruling from the bench, but now it seems what we should be worried about ruling from the cabinet.

Obama thinks immunity should be granted in 9/11 attack
Even though fifteen of the 19 terrorists who hijacked U.S. aircraft and crashed them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001, were from Saudi Arabia and were affiliated with al-Qaida. Intelligence and past actions link the Saudi government and the four princes with al-Qaida. President Obama has petitioned the Supreme Court to use immunity to insulate them from legal actions in a law suit against the four princes for their part in the 9/11 attack. To deny the victims of 9/11 a legal avenue to recoup their losses speaks yet volumes to the idea of which Obama’s alliances are based.

Obama backs down on Iran
In a statement this week President Obama reiterated that Iran may have the right to nuclear energy, provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful. His declaration sent jolts down the spines of Jerusalem officials concerned over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons development program. The official position had been no nuclear devices at all, and now it seems Obama has given in. This is destined to change the face on Israel’s security for the immediate future. Each step Obama has taken in the Israel issue has shown his preference to back the Arab Nations.

Another gaffe, but this time it wasn’t Biden!
The government on Wednesday accidentally posted on the internet some very sensitive material about all our government and civilian nuclear sites and what exactly was stored at each one. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, questioned about the disclosure at a House hearing, expressed concern with respect to a uranium storage facility at the department's Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The facility holds large quantities of highly enriched uranium, which if obtained can be used to fashion a nuclear weapon. Even though certain pages in the 266 page report were marked “highly confidential safeguards sensitive," government officials have claimed that no classified information leaked out. Funny how it took from May 6th until now to see that the information really shouldn’t be out on the internet.

Frank wants GM to stay
Barney Frank, pushing along with the administration to force GM into bankruptcy, but with an exception, he sees the need for employment in Massachusetts as being more important than any other part of the country. Through a strong arm maneuver, Frank has forced GM to leave the Norton Parts Distribution Facility open for an additional 14 months. My question would be, what makes Frank think his state’s plant is more important to keep open than any other state’s plants? Are the GM workers in Massachusetts somehow better than the workers in Michigan? Entitlement can be an ugly thing!

The Administration has its priorities
On Friday the feds launched an official probe into the death of Dr Tiller the abortion doctor who did late term abortions, fearing it could have been perpetrated by a “group.” Of course no such probe has been launched in the murder of a soldier in front of a military recruitment center by a Muslim convert, I suppose Obama doesn’t think THAT happened by a group of people, just one wayward soul. One set of rules for us, and another set of rules for “them.”


Josh said...

you know EVERYTHING i read that the administration has done makes my blood boil, can they do anything that doesn't infuriate me?

Baylor said...

I know I am tired of a man who blackballs our country, when he is abroad......a man who says one thing and not 24 hrs later does something else, a man who is about to ruin this country for investments. Who will be left to invest when their investment isn't secured by contract? Is anyone going to invest in government bonds secured through borrowed money?....sure as hell won't be me! I refuse to invest in ANY company that took bailout money, in the public spotlight, or issued by government, now what does that leave?