Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Crystal Tears

Ice Crystal Tears
Kevin Bryant

Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk reported on July 27th that he is saddened by what he sees from space. Since his last mission 12 years ago, he believes that the polar ice caps have melted as a result of man’s destructive behavior.

Bob is absolutely correct about the caps and global warmist believers are going to spoon feed you this type of stuff all day long. Unfortunately, no one is going to tell you the rest of the story.

We all know the earth started heating up in the 80’s after a rather cool 60’s and 70’s. Remember the 70’s and the global freeze scare? We were all supposed to be buried in ice right now according to the lunatic fringe expert alarmist. So what happened? We quit using certain types of aerosol propellants and certain refrigerants that were having harmful effects on the ozone and the earth “healed” itself. Now I have no doubts that it was beneficial for the planet to change these items but what overall effect did it have?

Once the 80’s rolled around, the temperatures started climbing and the world rejoiced because we were saved from the coming ice age. But the temperatures didn’t stop climbing until 1998. That was the second hottest year on earth.

What happens when you take ice out of the freezer and place it in a drink? It starts to melt. The same thing happens to the polar ice caps. Earth heats up and ice melts. 1998 was 1 year after Bob Thirsk’s last mission into space. Since that time the earth has cooled some ¾ of a degree and continues to go down. The last time Bob saw the ice caps from space, he was on the warming side of what was happening. If course there would be less ice today, that was 12 years ago. Earth had a good 10+ years to warm up before you saw it. But I’ll bet there is no evidence that there is less ice than what was there on this date in 2005 or 06 or even 07. The earth this year alone is setting records for coolest May, June and July’s in more than 50 years. What do you think the odds will be that there is more ice at the caps on February 28th of 2010 than there was on February 28th 2009?

A 2007 study of the artic ice cap showed that 13 billion acres of ice melted during the summer of 2006. This set global warming alarmist into a panic mode. This part of the study made front page news. What many papers left out completely or buried as a last paragraph on the back page to this story was that 14 billion acres of ice formed in the winter of 2006 / 2007 resulting in a net plus of 1 billion acres of ice.

In 2008, a program ran on PBS about rampant ice melting on the western part of the Antarctic and things were continuing to deteriorate. They didn’t say anything about the eastern half where ice was actually growing at the time. They also quite conveniently showed footing from the middle to the end of the hottest period of the year and not throughout the year.

We hit our peak in temps in 1998 for this cycle and temperatures are cooling but why can’t people seem to get the idea that the earth heats up and cools down. How else to you explain evidence of sea creature fossils in Missouri as well as scarring from multiple moving ice shelves. Perhaps when our tears turn to ice crystals before they hit the ground while walking along the frozen tundra of Florida, perhaps then people will shut up about global warming.

Will common sense ever return or is it dead and gone forever?


barb p said...

There are those that have a need to try to keep people in the panic mode, I believe, so they can be the ‘intelligent informers of gloom and doom’. You know there isn’t enough daily fear to go around…

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