Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modern Role Models

I watched Tuesday as two subjects were being shown on TV most of the day, and I couldn’t help but wonder why. The biggest subject of course was the Michael Jackson Funeral. I watched the memorial service held in a dark room, while lifetime acquaintances recalled intimate moments. After each speaker was finished the family of brothers greeted them with one white glove and dark sunglasses.

I found myself just shaking my head, wondering how a music star who was not only charged with pedophilia once, but paid off countless other victims to avoid prosecution, could garner such attention. The memorial service looked more like a Halloween Party then a funeral. Even Corey Feldman appeared in full “Thriller” garb, I suppose in respect for Michael.

Shortly after Michael’s death the Congressional black caucus, asked for a moment of silence in the house for the passing of Michael Jackson. My question is…..have they ever done that for fallen soldiers? Then my second question would be what other then music, did Michael do to obtain this super human status? His strangeness was known worldwide, and his reclusive nature after his trial was well documented. His inability to reign in his monetary excesses, in some way mirrors the state of California’s inability to budget money. Yet the State of California spent money they didn’t have to send off one of their favorite sons, in much the same way the family did on the extravagant funeral.

I’m sure when the toxicology results come back we will find out yet another strange part of Michael’s life that robbed him of normalcy in his later life, similar to the robbery of his childhood caused by his father Joe.

The second event yesterday appeared on ESPN in what appeared to be a special presentation of the return of Manny Ramirez after his 50 game suspension for using illegal steroids, and what it meant to the children of Washington Heights. It’s no wonder he glides through life ignoring the rules of the very sport that is responsible for his rather vulgar wealth. Now some reports have claimed there were many people at his first game back that brought their signs of disapproval, but coverage of them was rather sparse on ESPN.

I am so confounded on the moralistic direction of our country after viewing these two events yesterday.

I am encouraged however by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is taking a much tougher stance on Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick’s future in the NFL. Until he sees some sort of repentant attitude the suspensions will continue. Children look up to these athletic and musical stars, and until the bad behavior gets punished, the poor role models will continue.


nancy georgio said...

very sad that our culture has come to this point

Isaac said...

I was just watching the news, and I caught part of a report on Michael
Jackson. As we all know, Jackson died the other day. He was an
entertainer who performed for decades. He made millions, he spent
millions, and he did a lot of things that make him a villian to many
people. I understand that his death would affect a lot of people, and
I respect those people who mourn his death, but that isn't the point
of my rant.

Why is it that when ONE man dies, the whole of America loses their
minds with grief. When a man dies whose only contribution to the
country was to ENTERTAIN people, the Amercian people find the need to
flock to a memorial in Hollywood, and even Congress sees the need to
hold a "moment of silence" for his passing?

Am I missing something here? ONE man dies, and all of a sudden he's a
freaking martyr because he entertained us for a few decades? What
about all those SOLDIERS who have died to give us freedom? All those
Soldiers who, knowing that they would be asked to fight in a war,
still raised their hands and swore to defend the Constitution and the
United States of America. Where is their moment of silence? Where
are the people flocking to their graves or memorials and mourning over
them because they made the ultimate sacrifice? Why is it when a
Soldier dies, there are more people saying "good riddence," and "thank
God for IEDs?" When did this country become so calloused to the
sacrifice of GOOD MEN and WOMEN, that they can arbitrarily blow off
their deaths, and instead, throw themselves into mourning for a "Pop

I think that if they are going to hold a moment of silence IN CONGRESS
for Michael Jackson, they need to hold a moment of silence for every
service member killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They need to PUBLICLY
recognize every life that has been lost so that the American people
can live their callous little lives in the luxury and freedom that WE,
those that are living and those that have gone on, have provided for
them. But, wait, that would take too much time, because there have
been so many willing to make that sacrifice. After all, we will never
make millions of dollars. We will never star in movies, or write hit
songs that the world will listen too. We only shed our blood, sweat
and tears so that people can enjoy what they have.

Sorry if I have offended, but I needed to say it.
Remember these five words the next time you think of someone
who is serving in the military;

"So that others may live..."


serving my third tour in Iraq