Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Non Story

A Non Story
Kevin Bryant

This little non story has been irritating me all weekend long. Though I found it interesting to read about, it’s really nothing. I just feel compelled to throw my two cents in on it.

A little known and almost completely buried story surfaced last week. This story is about Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook. He received ordered to deploy to Afghanistan and filed a suit against in civil court to have those order revoked on the basis that Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore can not serve as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

According to Cook’s attorney, Orly Taitz, a motion was filed on behalf of Major Cook requesting conscientious objector status for his client. The basis for this claim was that the orders were illegal and therefore if he does serve overseas under those orders, then he is in violation of committing war crimes and is subject to prosecution for such crimes even if he sees no direct action. Orly Taitz has unsuccessfully tried to challenge Obama’s claim to the White House before.

What makes this case interesting but not news worthy is the fact that Major Cook is part of the Inactive Army Reserve and requested orders to temporary active status.

Though my military ID card states “retired”, I am not really retired as of yet. I am in Inactive Navy (Fleet) Reserve status. This means that I am subject to active duty recall if the Navy gets authorization from the President to activate those in my type of status. This also means that I can request temporary assignment for up to 1 year on active duty is I so elect. With bad shoulders, back and totally shot knees, there is no way they would allow me to serve on active duty but I still have the right to apply and seek a waiver if I so choose.

Major Cook also had the right to request his petition for temporary active status be cancelled. Since the President has not granted the Army the power of involuntary recall, Major Cook’s request for withdraw of his original request would have been granted without anyone batting at eyelash or thinking twice of it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extreme staunch supporter of the military and of those who serve, even though I do not agree with all the policies and procedures. However, in this case, I think Major Cook embarrassed himself, the United States Army and pretty much insulted every person today serving on active duty as well as active and inactive reserve. Regardless of personal political views, he swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States as well as follow the orders of the President and the officers appointed over him. He swore that he took the oath freely without hesitation or reservation. I would not want to serve with this man or be in the same command as him. I most certainly would not want to be subjected to working for him.

Major Cook should have followed procedure and requested his application for active duty be cancelled. In the less than 1% chance his request would not have been approved, then he should have submitted the resignation of his commission as an officer, requested to be released from inactive reserve status and only afterwards, if one or both were not approved, then file a petition in court.

Regardless of his, mine or anyone’s political views, President Obama is the Commander–in–Chief until officially removed from office. As a member in any form of the United States military, we are all bound to follow the orders given to us. We all took some version of the same oath and all freely swore that we took it without coercion.

Major Cook, you did not follow procedures, you went outside of your chain-of-command and in my opinion, you dishonored all those who serve by refusing the very orders you requested and you embarrassed the military as a whole. I know I would not want to serve with you and I now I seriously doubt anyone in uniform would.


barb p said...

Kevin’s two cents are ‘well taken’…

Paul said...

Orly Taitz sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger and acts like Sarah Palin. Oh well...