Friday, August 7, 2009

Labeled as an ‘angry mob’

Specter, who faced an antagonistic crowd at a Sunday, Aug. 2, 2009, health care town hall, says the experience could be a sign of the tough road for overhauling the nation's system.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Our country was founded on dissent, so to label any portion of the citizens of this country as an “angry mob,” is nothing more than a policy of division. A policy of demonization and ridicule to those who don’t agree with the Administration is not a policy to unite the country.

Contrary to what the DNC says, they adhere to the very principles that they want to distance themselves from, socialism. Barack Obama has in six months followed almost every single idea Saul Alinsky professed in the “Rules for Radicals.” The most classic rule being used now is Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

They accuse us of manufactured anger, and that the Town Hall disrupters are all paid by the insurance companies. They refuse to believe that this can actually be individuals that don’t agree with them. They want to make you believe in their little short sighted conspiracy theories.

Yesterday two of my articles were attacked on the An “ad hominem” attack was perpetrated by a deranged left winger, which intended to hi-jack the whole article to give him an earpiece to the internet, ignoring normal manners, he used sexual innuendo, and personal insults to be heard. I must admit I was. He posted under many different names, and even tried to disguise him or herself as one of my loyal readers, and even multiple times posing as the Examiner administration unit.

Every situation to me acts as a “learning situation” and I have after this issue! At first I deleted the whole article, falsely assuming I would eliminate the problem. That wasn’t to happen, as he then invaded other articles. You might think……well either you or the Examiner could just delete the offending posts. Well that is true, but the offender was on a mission to destroy the message and the credibility of the article. I personally removed over 140 comments in less than 4 hours, so his obsession is obvious! This will not keep me from speaking my piece, or watering down my article to appease him/her. I will try my best to separate his comments from the real comments, even if they are ones that disagree.

This clearly shows the intent of the left wing. I post articles on here that include 80% news and then include my personal feelings and comments, based on those news articles. For those who have no clue, we call these COMMENTARIES. I know you don’t see the procedure involved in posting an article on here, but you need to make a declaration as to what type of article you intend to post……everyone of my articles are self declared as COMMENTARY.

I for one am damned tired of being referred to as part of an “Angry Mob.” I am an angry individual, I am angry because of where our country is headed. I am angry because the government sees it necessary to call the right a bunch of crazies. I am tired that the talking head of the Obama Administration, Robert Gibbs, who laughs constantly at anyone who criticizes the Administration, and belittles them. All this bad behavior seems to be spurned by the similar behavior of the President, and gets carried like the plague to articles like mine, and some deranged individual thinks it’s ok to bash me personally, because his President does the same thing. (“The police acted stupidly”)

We won’t be laughed at Mr. Gibbs; we are the other side of the aisle, not a leper colony! We have a voice; we can string 10 words together without saying……Uh, uh, uh, uh.

I know that I for one am not giving into the new status quo, when I have a question or a point I don’t agree on I will ask it, and I will NOT be silenced.

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