Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks ACORN for making Baltimore look stupid AGAIN!

As if Baltimore didn’t look stupid enough with all the charges against Sheila Dixon, enter ACORN who gives advice on how to claim prostitution as a legal business. When is enough, enough? This year John Conyers dropped an investigation into the business practices of ACORN amidst pressure from “above.”

But today’s expose’ from undercover operatives from certainly bring attention to the once hot subject of the government’s sponsorship of the community group ACORN. James O’Keefe and his 20 year old accomplice had tried many different times to present their case of not being able to get a home loan to open a brothel to many different people, to be thrown out of many different places, until they met the Baltimore branch of ACORN!

Not only did they receive expert advice on how to properly code the “prostitutes” occupation to avoid government scrutiny, they also received expert advice on how to handle underage prostitutes from El Salvador. The answer was simple, claim them as dependants!

I’m sure Scott Levinson, National Spokesman for ACORN would declare yet more “rogue employees” have ruined ACORN’s reputation. ACORN prays on the poor (minimum wage employees) to do the dirty work of the Democratic Party, then when an investigation comes up, they throw the underlings under the bus! Big surprise! The man that used to train them does the same thing now! Barack Obama was the trainer for ACORN when he was a community organizer. This explains why they have escaped unscathed up until now!

This idiot from ACORN did the math in her head……….she needs a calculator. $8000 a month equals $9600 a year, and you could deduct at least $7000 a year in expenses! Damn I want that job! Let me sign her up to do my taxes!

When will this country wake up and DEMAND a full investigation and audit into the affairs of ACORN, and remove the federal funds that currently go to them along with the power to do the 2010 census? This is the very group that our President trained as a “community organizer”!

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cary said...

These people need to be prosecuted!