Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tonight's speech will be a showdown among Democrats

There is so much infighting between Democrats now about Healthcare Reform; it almost rivals the battles elsewhere. Thankfully, Congress took a break before voting on HR 3200 this summer, giving the public a chance to voice their opinions on its passage.

The largest sticking point is insurance coverage for people who can’t afford any care. As it stands right now, those peoples treatment are forced to be absorbed by any hospitals that receive federal funds. The plan is to shift that responsibility to the public by the way of taxes.

President Obama claims he will cover an additional 47 million people by cutting waste, but a lot of people seem to feel he will cover those additional people by cutting corners. Many people know that the “public option” will be nothing more than a government run HMO, and they don’t want it.

There are too many things in HR 3200 that are items TBD (to be determined) at a later date. These non- specific things don’t bode well with an American public that doesn’t trust the government in the first place. They don’t like things that will be decided by a panel or a commissioner that has yet to be named. They don’t like the idea that the government never starts a self sustaining program. The past history of programs the government started include Social Security, bankrupt……..Medicare, bankrupt……Medicaid, bankrupt……….USPS, bankrupt………Amtrak, bankrupt. These programs/takeovers, or whatever you want to call them need a constant infusion of money, OUR money, through taxes. Intelligent voters know that this Healthcare Reform will be no exception; it will require a constant flow of subsidized funds.

The government has never run a successful business; thusly they never have a business plan. If we were to look at the government in a true business sense, and we were a bank loan officer, would a logical loan officer keep loaning money to a group with this many business failures? Of course they wouldn’t it would be suicide to the bank.

Every time we don’t propose a self sustaining program we increase the national debt into the future without proposing a budget for those years the money will be needed. Figures as of right now BEFORE Healthcare Reform stand at $13 trillion dollars. We now pay $100 billion dollars every 5 weeks in interest alone. We can’t handle this spending, and the Obama Administration has admitted that this trend is “unsustainable.”

Tonight’s speech is to the voters and not to the legislators. Once again the President will attempt to present the program another way. Mr. President the problem isn’t how it’s presented; it’s the wording of the bill, and the cost down the road.

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barb p said...

He seems to be “hitting” a wall…something new for him, and it has taken long enough for we Americans to let him know we are NOT going to follow him to Hell and back!!!

turk182 said...

this whole healthcare issue isn't about the Democrats against the Republicans, it's about the Progressive Democrats against the rest of the country

and I hate to tell them, but they are but the smallest minority