Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Repossessing Grandma

Repossessing Grandma
Kevin Bryant

A nice little story came out last Friday that hardly anyone picked up on.

What on earth is this all about? Taxes on medical devices? Would someone please explain to me how in the hell do false teeth qualify as a medical device? What on earth are they going to do? You can’t pay the tax on your teeth so the government going to come and repossess them? Better yet, you get a pacemaker and can’t pay the taxes on it. Is the IRS going to come and cut grandma’s chest open and seize the stupid thing? Of course the IRS isn’t that stupid, are they? Most likely the way this administration is running things, they will come and collect grandma and all the other recipients who can’t pay their taxes on pacemakers, defibulators, hip replacements, insulin pumps and God knows what else will qualify. Nope, they will repossess the person and sell them off at public auctions. This way they aren’t liable for the care.

This has got to be icing on the cake of Obama healthcare stupidity.

It would literally take a moron like Max Baucus to dream this up. I mean really, how stupid can this man be? Wait, I didn’t say that. Reid and Pelosi are even worse, BUT NOT BY MUCH.

And did we all see that mini-Obama infomercial the other day on the White House lawn. Obama hand picks 150 doctors who belong to an organization that supported him during the election, giving each and every one a bright and shiny new doctor’s lab coat and hails tons of praise upon them for knowing a good health care plan when he presents one. When I first saw the news clip, and this is really bad of me, the first thing that went through my mind was, they have the jackets, where are the white hoods.

Speaking of Obama, how much of the tax payer’s money did you waste sending your wife and Oprah over to Copenhagen ahead of you then to only have all of you embarrass yourselves? Al Gore had to be smiling brightly knowing that you put more green house gasses in the air in two days than he does in his private jet in week. And Michelle Obama’s little speech, sitting there in her daddy’s lap when she was 20 and cheering on Carl Lewis in the Olympics. I really do feel sorry for her dad. Muscle weighs more than fat and we all know Michelle Obama is certainly not fat nor is she small. Pound for pound, she probably has more muscles than her hubby. I think she could take him in a fist fight. Don’t you feel sorry for her dad? Think about it, she probably goes what, 150 pounds. Think of someone weighing 150 sitting in your lap for an hour watching television, bouncing up and down while cheering Carl Lewis on to victory. The poor guy’s legs had to have been blood deprived to the point where he couldn’t stand up for a good couple of hours at best.

Is it just me or does everyone feel like there is so much garbage and stupidity coming out of congress and the white house week in and week out that it’s impossible to concentrate on one thing? As soon as I sit down to write something down on a single subject, something bigger and dumber comes along. If the Obamamaniacs are right and his I.Q. is almost off the charts, then he has to be the dumbest smart man in history. Could it be in reality that he is just an average person with an average I.Q. and the people propping him up are so stupid they don’t know the difference?

Am I being a little cynical today? Yes I am. I’m so sick and tired of all the Chicago back scratching, lying about ACORN, giving away our own national sovereignty, shredding of the constitution, lying to the general public, radical leftist czars, and the whole mess in general. How long can this man sit on the oval office and blame Bush for everything and not have the media call him on it? How long is the media going to allow him to go overseas and trash America and keep silent? When is the media going to wake up and figure out that we can’t afford government healthcare. We can’t afford Medicare and Medicaid now. You think there are people now who are not going to be able to afford their heating bills this winter, just wait until Cap & Trade takes effect. Like the days of old when the evening news would give the daily body counts of American soldiers who died in Vietnam only those figures will be replaced by how many elderly died from lack of heat in their homes here in the U.S. because they couldn’t afford their heating bills thanks to Cap & Trade.

What kind of America are we living in where we have people in congress that want to tax people for motorized wheel chairs and life saving implants? What kind of President do we have when his own trusted circle would rather have our pilots shoot down Israeli planes rather than let them take out Iran’s nuclear reactors? What happened to the Founding Fathers dream of a free nation? We The People, the very words than begin the preamble to the constitution, were placed there for a reason. It was so that we never forget that the citizens of this country are the ones who hold the true power in this nation. Abraham Lincoln stated at Gettysburg: “Our Forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”. What does it say when a group of 545 people (President, members of congress and the supreme court) gather unto itself the power to rule absolute over 350 million and the 350 million allow it to happen?

Whatever happened to: God, Country & Family above all else?


cary said...

Well to say Michelle Obama is only 150lb is being WAY too kind!

barb p said...

I do agree with is like a very bad play!

unclebilly said...

can't wait to see a new reality series on medical equipment repossession