Monday, November 16, 2009

Obamacare Suppository

Obamacare Suppository
Kevin Bryant

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”. I love that line from Cool Hand Luke. In my opinion, that was one of Paul Newman’s best films. It fits what happened this past weekend so well. We had tea parties, and congress didn’t listen. We had Washington rallies and congress didn’t listen. Michele Bachman (R-MN) held a rally on the capital steps and still congress didn’t listen. New Jersey voters even defeated a governor who Obama himself stated was a man of vital importance in the pursuit of his agenda. Still, congress didn’t listen.

Thank you house for ramming Obamacare up our &^%*#.

Nancy Pelosi knows full well that the only way she will ever leave office is on her own terms. San Francisco is in love with The Wicked Witch of the West and because of that, the rest of the country must suffer. She is a socialist though and through and will not stop pushing this country towards socialism, using every strong armed tactic she knows.

She managed to get Obamacare pushed though the house even though 39 democrats voted against it. Of course Anh Cao (RINO- New Orleans) was the lone republican voting for it. Cao, it seems solicited a bride by the White House to buy his vote but what does the White House care, it’s not their money, it’s tax payers money and this administration believes they can use it anyway they wish. To hell with what the people have to say about it.

One hurdle down, next up, the senate.

Next up is the senate. With 15% more Americans disapproving of Obamacare than are in favor of it, getting past the second hurdle might be a little tougher than the first. The senate seems to be a little less radical than the house and according to Politico, senate majority leader; Harry Reid’s senate seat is in the greatest danger of being lost by the democrats in the 2010 election. Acorn and SEIU will do everything within their power to ensure this does not happen though Acorn has problems of their own in Nevada.

This vote on late Saturday just proves what every one already knows. Nancy Pelosi & Barack Obama only care about themselves and their own radical agendas. They have no care or interest in the future of those that serve in the same party as them. They could care less about what the people want or fulfilling campaign promises of transparency, morality, and fiscal responsibility. They have already blown those three items to hell and they didn’t even bat an eyelash doing it.

2010 Elections are now less than a year away. Obama & Co know that they are going to lose many of their house and senate seats that are in moderate and conservative districts and states. They know they must push this though before those elections and do not care about who they have to throw under the bus to get it done. Some, like so-called blue dog democrat Dennis Moore (D-KS) are willing to be lead like a lamb to the slaughter house. Good-bye Dennis Moore, I’m sure that my neighbors in Overland Park won’t miss you and will be happy to see you gone. Dennis Moore became something of celebrity back in August when he refused to hold town hall meetings because of claims of death threats, even though the Kansas State Police and the FBI found no evidence supporting his claim. Now if only I could get rid on my own Obama backside kissing Missouri rep; The good reverend Emanuel “Obama is more popular than God” Cleaver.

Before all the bailouts last year under Bush, our President and congress had only mortgaged our own futures. In Obama’s first 9 months in office, he, along with Reid & Pelosi immediately with though our children’s futures and mortgages our grandkids ($35,000 per child and growing) as well. If Cap & Trade and Obamacare pass, this country will be bankrupt. If another stimulus package is passed, this country will be bankrupt.

With a declining dollar, mounting debt and being on the verge of losing the very freedoms this country was founded on, I may have to move to Mexico in a year or two to find a job because there won’t be any here.

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herb said...

I'm sure proctology will be funded under Obamacare, it's what government does best!