Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Prognostications About Our World Today

Prognostications about our world today: (I wrote this 4/6/2020)

Al Ritter

The world economy will definitely falter because of Covid 19

Unemployment records will be taxed to the max and future Unemployment rates will skyrocket to businesses

Social distancing will be the new social norm……..hugging and shaking hands will be gone forever

Social “coldness” will prevail and the old social acceptance will be gone forever

Health insurance costs will increase and never return to what we remember

Restaurants and service industries will fail never to return

The cost of living WILL increase and never return to what it was

The power “In case of emergency” powers to Governors will increase and never return to what it was

Even if we ever find out who was responsible for this……..punishment will never be forth coming

A new Depression is coming, even more than it was in 1929-1932

This will be the attack that destroys more than the Great Depression or Pearl Harbor or 9/11

Business destruction and suicides will increase and probably in close relation

Car shows and their sanctioning bodies might falter and fail

Social interactions and groups will be a thing of the past

We may adapt and start wearing masks for all like Asian countries out of collective fear

American Custom agencies are going to add months to products coming into our country

This WILL be the jading of our country


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