Friday, April 17, 2009

Barack Oclueless

In the wake of yesterdays massive “Tea Parties” White House Press Secretary Gibbs was acting as if his pet beagle had just turned on him. In an explanation akin to a speech his boss would make, he reverted to the candidate Obama stance of, “ a tax reduction for 95% of America.” He acted every bit as clueless as his boss, his administration has increased spending 4 times what his predecessor did, and yet never mentions how he is going to pay for it.

I have news for the Oclueless Administration; the American public isn’t going to stay stupid for long. They see unrestrained spending and bailouts, and they know SOMEONE has to pay for it! Then they see nothing but tax in a program called cap and trade of the burning of fossil fuels, they see through your thinly veiled explanation that we need to reduce emissions. They see the program has nothing to do with reduction, but only taxation. They see you posturing to add “free healthcare” to our country, which will be anything BUT free once Congress gets finished with it! They want to know Mr. President, who will pay for the healthcare of those who don’t want to work?

They at least want to see a picture of the family they will be supporting, even church groups do that! They want to know how you intend to pay for a war in Afghanistan that has less support in the world scene then Iraq had. They want to know how many generations your spending spree will span. You no longer can blame the last Administration for the increase in spending, because as far as spending goes sir, you make George Bush look like a rank amateur!

American voters know and realize more then you think, no President in history has had as large a protest as you had yesterday, especially after only being in office for 100 days. Your popularity is plummeting in the wake of your spending and Congress passing laws at an unheard of rate that doesn’t include any Republican input, or even debate. The Congress is there to debate issues before voting on them. A dictatorship ramrods laws in with no oversight, and Americans don’t want that. In fact Mr. President, it is doubtful that America wants the socialist policies you have so far pushed in your Stimulus Plan. Some states have denied your policy changes, and refused to take some of your money, because they see through your charade.

American voters know that when times are tough, you show restraint in financial matters, it’s shame that you sir don’t see that too. Nobody spends his or her way out of a recession, and history will not be made on your spending spree.

Pay attention President Obama and Congress, your citizens are watching you now…..CLOSELY!


Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at, 6

The Ornery Conservative said...

Once again you're spot on and have expressed my feelings so succinctly. Well done. I very much enjoy reading your blog.