Friday, January 29, 2010

Bank On It

Bank On It
Kevin Bryant

On 21 January, 2010 my wife and I combined lost roughly $6500 in our 401K / IRA accounts. Thank you very much Barack Obama.

That morning, our socialist President unveiled a plan that would prevent or limit the size of banks in relation to the overall financial sector. It would also prevent banks from investing in, owning or sponsoring a hedge fund or private equity fund. It would also bar institutions from proprietary trading operations not related to customer service, for their own profit.

The announcement scared off investors and caused a sharp sell off in the US and Asia markets. Britain, France and Germany also took hits but were able to recoup some of what they lost.

Hasn’t this President and this administration figured out yet that what Americans and even world markets want is less government regulations, not more. The reaction around the world is a direct result of this administration’s intentions of pushing more government regulations and controls on the free market.

So far, the market has survived several blows and keeps bouncing back. This is not because of the stimulus package or government regulations. The markets around the world keep coming back in spite of them. The GAO, CBO and every major economist not friends with or associated with the current or previous administration agree that government should have done nothing when the markets tanked last year. The blow would have been a little harder but the end result would be better and recovery would be swifter without government intrusion.

Something good though did come out later on that day. The Supreme Court declared that banks, unions and corporations have a constitutional right under the first amendment to spend freely on political advertising so long as the funds do not go directly to a political party or individual politician.

This administration has constantly beaten up on Wall Street Executives, CEO’s of major companies and “fat cat” bankers, blaming them and capitalism for everything that is wrong financially with America. What they can’t blame on these individuals, they fall back to the old standard, Blame Bush.

The administration and the left are up in arms as to how to get around this court ruling and limit campaign funds from these organizations. This is just another attempt by the Obama administration to further circumvent the Constitution for political gain.

The unions have been getting around the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Law since its inception with some rather creative trickery. Banks and other corporations have not been able to because of the way they are structured. Now this opens the field for all to come and play and because this will level the playing field, the administration does not like it.

It’s bad enough to just announce a plan and have everyone lose money in their retirement investments. Open their mouths and spout an idea and see banks take major financial hits. Make an announcement and manage to scare off investments from Wall Street and Main Street. Then later on after the markets show a reaction to a plan, come before the public and try to defend it by saying they are looking out for the general public’s best interest.

The Obama administration would better serve the public if they learn and implement a few simple ideas: Deregulate, Down Size, Simplify, Constitutional Rights, Stop Spending, Stop Taxing and last but not least, Accept Responsibility. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan recognized the need more most or all of these and the country prospered as a result.

This administration has proven time and again that it will not lead, can not follow and sure as hell refuses to get out of the way. Come January, 2013, the end result will be them being thrown out of the way by the very people they have been stepping on and ignoring for the past year.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alert to all my internet friends

I gotta tell my FB friends, I have moved my alliance from the to my own personal blog site because of censorship. They have become a thorn in my side by constant changes in policy to insure that Obama has no criticism on national policy. They are forcing all political writers to write about “local issues” rather than federal issues. My primary intent was to write on the Obama Administration, but they have sought to limit our scope to local issues……………….so as a response I am done with them, I refuse to be pigeon holed into my little state (not that we aren’t as corrupt as the federal government), but I refuse to be told what to write on and who to write it about……..I encourage everyone to boycott the as I am. They are just like credit card companies who change the terms of the agreement as time goes by.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Changing America

Changing America
Kevin Bryant

(Note: I know this is really long winded, but those under 30 that read this website were never taught any of this in school.)

When the American colonist got together to form the Declaration of Independence and prepare for war with Britain, they chose a humble man, a courageous man, one of moral and honorable character, one possessing passion and compassion, one who could lead and inspire men and one who both knew the strategies of war and despised war to lead the Continental Army into battle against the world’s most powerful nation. George Washington accepted the appointment not for glory or out of vanity. He accepted it with honor and humility.

When Washington became America’s first President, again he accepted the responsibility that came with the position with grace and dignity. He was humbled by the position and was driven to be a faithful servant to those of the new nation he represented. He was a man deep of faith and moral conviction. He was also smart enough to know that those the position called for only one man to be the President of the United States, it was imperative that he surround himself with men of equal moral character and wanting like him to be humble servants to those they represent. He knew he did not know everything so he surrounded himself with experts in various fields who like him, wanted nothing more than to serve and do their best for a new nation.

Some of those he surrounded himself with were John Adams, an honorable man whom knew the law and held strong to the lawful rights of man and spent his life pursuing equal justice for all. Thomas Jefferson, a man who was an expert on the ideology of freedom and liberty and the importance of guaranteeing those freedoms to the populous. Alexander Hamilton, a brilliant man who knew business and finance and would be a key person to rely on in these areas. Benjamin Franklin, a statesman of worldly recognition and reputation who knew the world stage and had foresight as to what America’s role in the world should be and how to make other nations see America as a legitimate and recognized independent country.

These are just some of the key players that molded America into the envy of the world. They created a country like no other. It was unheard of that the power of a nation be in the hands of its citizens and not with a single person of an elite group of people. For a short time after the Revolutionary War, America was the butt of jokes for no nation could stand for long with people holding power over themselves. It did not take long for Europe to recognize that this new country with its radical ideas and concepts was for real and their own country began to marvel at the freedoms and the opportunities this new world had to offer.

During the next 140 years, America grew by leaps and bounds. Boat loads and boat loads came to her shores full of people seeking freedoms and riches. America grew both agriculturally and industrially. All the while, her strength and resolve would be challenged by the great European powers of Britain again as well as France and Spain. Each were dealt fatal blows and ultimately defeated by this new world nation. America even survived its own internal Civil War.

In the 1910’s and 20’s, the seeds of liberalism and progressiveness took root in America. Rejected by the citizens of this nation, progressive agendas were soundly defeated and liberty and freedoms remained. During World War Two, under the guise of necessity of war and protection from another great depression, liberal policies were finally enacted and the federal government enacted the progressive ideas of entitlements and initiated new forms of taxes to pay for those entitlements as the central government had finally wrestled enough power away from the states to actually make themselves more powerful but not yet masters over the individual states because they were unable to circumvent the Constitution of the United States enough to do so.

Every decade after WWII, the federal government managed to chip away slowly but surely at the powers of individual states and gathered those powers into a central collective. It used every opportunity to do so under the pretense of wars, medical advances, liberal interpretations of the Constitution and every crisis real or fiction. The federal government used every tactic known to advance the centralization of power and stripping liberties from its citizenry. Mostly though, the central government lied to and hid the truth from the people they were elected to represent as to their true purpose of actions.

By the late 1970’s, America was nothing more than a glossed over shell of the country our forefathers fought for, bled for and died for. True conservatives recognized this in the middle to late 60’s, though it was too late to stop it from happening. Our country was divided by the ideas of both faith and family & laws and liberties. Though is may have been called The Age of Aquarius”, its true name should have been The Dawning of Socialism, for those seeds that were planted some 50 years earlier had finally took solid root and began to blossom.

A man named Ronald Wilson Reagan, a former Democrat and Governor of California saw what was happening. He too was a man of honor and conviction. Not allowing himself to abandon his own principals for the sake of a political party, he left the Democratic Party because they had abandoned the principals with which they stood for by for decades to embrace this new era of the coming of age of socialism. Those Democrats new to the party saw a large block of non voters and moved their agendas farther left to encompass those that were referred to as beatniks and hippies from the 60’s and 70’s. Some moderate Democrats stayed the old party line while others became independents. Republicans too shifted. Those that were conservatives either stayed the party line or became independents also while those of a more moderate nature moved left to embrace the moderate Democrats that had abandoned their own party.

President Ronald Reagan did the impossible. He was able to bring moderate Democrats and Republicans as well as independents and conservatives together and by working together, was able to move the powers and influence and intrusiveness of the federal government back to levels that had not been seen in over 20 years. He overcame a recession and restored the reputation of the nation throughout the world that had been tarnished by the last 4 administrations (Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter). He had put America back on a path of growth and economic stability. He reduced the size and power of the federal government, energized the free market through government deregulation and restored a neglected and unappreciated military back into a proud, well trained and equipped superpower.

Things remained this way until 1991 and then progress of reclaiming the powers of America by its citizens stopped. Through the last 1.5 years of the George H.W. Bush administration, through Bill Clinton’s time in office and during the 8 years of the George W. Bush administration, the individual states as well as the citizens of this country had once again surrendered its liberties and the powers it had regained and gave them back to the federal government.

From the early 1900’s through 2008, there has never been an all out assault on our freedoms, our powers, our state’s powers or our own Constitution.

George Washington, our first President was a man of honor. He was a humble servant who sat in awe of this nation and the people. Our current President, Barack Obama is a man of vanity. One who sees himself as being above the people. He believes his role as President requires him not to serve the people but to look down on them and manage their lives for them as he sees the populous as helpless and unable to think clearly as to what is best for them. He doesn’t surround himself as Washington did with well known, intelligent and highly respected leaders of the nation as his counsel. Washington believed that the Constitution was the guiding principal for this nation to follow. Obama has repeated stated over his career that the Constitution inhibits government from its job in the areas of social justice and the redistribution of wealth. Washington and his administration gave our nation legitimacy on the world stage. Obama and his administration have made us look weak, indecisive and we are laughed at on the world stage. Washington’s administration shaped our economy which helped America become a leading economic power in the world. The Obama administration has reduced us to begging China for financial help.

From the 1770’s to the 1920’s, America went from being nothing and having nothing to the envy of the world. The 1920’s through 2008 saw America predominately abandon the very principals it was founded on and reduce itself in stature but still stand tall and proud. This past year, we have seen a nation more divided than during the civil war or the civil rights movement. America is changing and it is not for the better. If we are to survive as a nation, we must once again adhere to the principals set forth in the constitution. The government must trust the people to do what is best for ourselves as individuals and families. We must follow the law of separation of church and state but not adopt the concept of separation of church from state and allow the principals we are taught in churches to guide us in government. The people must wrestle power from government and make government fear the people once more. We must put America before party and ideology. Otherwise, we will become the next Mexico.

Friday, January 22, 2010

4th and 15

4th & 15
Kevin Bryant

After having all the momentum for the first three quarters of the game, the blue team suddenly find themselves having to make the decision of a lifetime. To recap, the blue team scored two touchdowns in the first half to take a 14-0 lead. The blue team managed to get a field goal in the third quarter but you could feel the momentum shifting to the red team. The forth quarter has been all red. After having scored three touchdowns but with having missed an extra point, the score stands at 20-17.

So here we are now, the blue team having driven almost the length of the field only to have their drive stalled at the 4 yard line and actually pushed back twice by the defense, now find themselves on the 15 yard line. Now here we are with 0:02 seconds left on the clock, it’s now 4th down. If they kick a field goal, they could send this game into overtime. They have a great kicker who has not missed a field goal all season. They only have time for one more play. What do you do? Play it safe and kicked the field goal, regroup and come back in overtime or do you lay it all on the line and take one final shot at the end zone……….

With the election of Scott Brown Tuesday night to the United States Senate, the Democrats are faced with a really hard decision. The Healthcare Reform Bill in its current state is clinging to life support after having been given the hardest blow it could have received and having gotten that blow from the bluest of blue states. Independent voters let it be known loud and clear that they are tired of run away deficits, more taxes, increasing intrusion by the federal government into our lives. They are sick and tired of backroom shady deals and pandering to unions and other special interest.

Do they play it safe, scrap it completely and write a bill that makes sense or do they continue to ignore those that elected them to office and push this thing through at their own peril? Juan Williams of FOX News stated last night that he is convinced they will try to push it though then hope for that they can convince the American people that it was the right thing to do. The MSNBC pinhead trifecta, Matthews, Olbermann and Maddow want this legislation pushed at all cost. The White House narcissist egomaniac triplets of Emanuel, Axelrod and Obama are working overtime trying to figure out every angle to get this passed. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are holding countless meetings in an attempt to find a way to still manage to ram this disaster down the throats of the American people and come out smelling like roses instead of sewage.

Democratic leadership must convince enough of their cronies that they can push this through and their own political futures will not be put at risk. They must convince them that what happened in Massachusetts last night was a fluke that resulted from Martha Coakley and her staff mismanaging the campaign. The scary thing is there are going to be some that will be convinced or convince themselves that this is really what happened.

This election was not Brown’s to win but in fact Coakley’s to lose. I agree with Greta van Susteren and her comment last night that Coakley had some gaffs but she was done in more by those in Washington that cut the Cornhusker Kickback and the Union Cadillac Tax exemption deals than her own gaffs.

I said a couple of weeks ago that there is no longer such a thing as a Moderate Democrat in Washington. I still believe that there a few Centralist Democrats in Washington. You are asking yourself what the difference is. My personal definition of a Moderate Democrat is a Democrat that will vote with his party until the party comes in conflict with his or her own morals. A Centralist Democrat is a Democrat who will vote with his party until the party goes against his or her beliefs in what is best for the country. There is not one Moderate or Centralist Democrat in the Senate. They have no morals and they only care about themselves and their agenda. Again in the House, I do not think there is any Democrat that has morals. I think they have all sold their souls to their party. I do think that there are maybe two or three in there that would not in good conscious go against their own beliefs and ideas of what is good for America, though only Heath Shuler comes to mind at the moment.

Is the White House and party elite going to be able to convince the Democrats in both houses to trust and believe that they have their backs and their seats are safe in order to push this legislation though? Only time will tell. The only things certain now is that the Democrat party elite do not want to scrap this bill and will do everything within their power to see it signed into law by the State of the Union address.

Time for one more play, be safe and kick the field goal (scrap the bill in its current form and rewrite it in a bi-partisan fashion) or put it all on the line and go for the win (try to shove it down the people’s throats in its current form) and risk their own political careers in the process.

15 yards, 45 feet. There are 45 Democrat Senators that must be convinced to put their careers on the line in order to push this through. 5 already know they are gone at the end of their terms and will not care and one Vice President in the event of a tie who also knows his political career has come to an end.

There may be some of those 59 Democrat Senators who will claim to have heard the voice of the people, but as I said a few weeks ago, no matter what they say, they don’t care about the people and what we think, their only concern is covering their own backsides.

Stay tuned folks, this game is not over yet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One man’s ascension to power

One man’s ascension to power
Al Ritter

I was born outside the country I lead

I was raised by my mother and mistreated by my father

I associate with the religion of my parents, but changed my allegiance later in life

I lived a carefree bohemian lifestyle in my adolescence

I have little past history to share about my youth

I went from school to school never finding my place until later in life

I adopted my political beliefs from my surroundings

I secretly hold distain for those who support me, based on capitalism and race

I use the capitalistic system to obtain my power, but disavowed it after completing my mission

I speak out against capitalism, and embraced the average worker, and industrialists

I wrote my autobiography in my early adult life

I followed the socialistic writings of a major living icon

I never obtained praise from actual successes, only perceptions

I appeal to all to gain the powerful status, then, abandoned them as goals were obtained

I was groomed by a mentor on how to dress, how to walk, and how to speak in public

I have an oratorical gift rivaled by none, and refine it as time goes on

I believe I am entitled to the position, by the “will of the people”

I appeal to everyone on unity and patriotism, and change

I have demonized every group that doesn’t support my ideals, and policies

I have systematically banished, or eliminated every threat to my political security

I have appointed a spokesperson to tell the people what is the truth and what isn’t

I keep files on those I consider to be my enemies

I sealed my personal records early in my career, especially my genealogy and health records

I rose to power during a time of economic downturn, by blaming the other party for its inception

I declared the communists as corrupt and dishonest

I have shown blatant racism publicly, and refused to apologize for it

I gave the public a new icon to replace the one that represented the poor policies of the past

I have violated the Constitution by using appointees rather than elected officials, thereby securing one party rule

I have violated the Constitution by combining the Legislative and Executive branches of the government

I have purposely installed Muslims in the military because they show a “determination and drive”

I have united the people under the massive unemployment, and promised them success based on borrowed debt, and a pride of country, and hope

My actions are those of a Narcissist, I micro manage everything from large to small and belittle all those opinions contrary to mine, even when failure is certain

If all this seems familiar, then history hasn’t escaped you!
"The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes" - Adolf Hitler

Source: Wikipedia easily verified

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you internet land!

Thank you internet land!
We passed a few major milestones recently, first is 11,000 hits on this site, second is there is only 1098 days left to Obama’s terroristic reign on America, and third, we now have over 400 articles in archive!

Almost any subject politically has been written about on here by either Kevin Bryant or me, thanks to the readers we will continue to push forward to return the country to the people!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Light Rail, a crowning glory or failed policy?

Light Rail, a crowning glory or failed policy?
Al Ritter

No matter which side of the fence you are on with mass transit, one thing is true, you either really love it or you really hate it. Opened in 1992 as Governor Schaeffer’s last large project, the Light Rail used existing right of way contracts and past properties of the North Central Railway, along with newly purchased parcels.

In the beginning the cost was fairly cheap and didn’t use any federal money for completion, but as demands increased for more closely spaced pickups at designated stops, the system required a second rail to be installed. Extensions of the rail on both ends further increased expenditures. Ridership has increased over time, but so have expenses. To combat crimes in and about the Light Rail stations, additional MTA Police, and vehicles have been hired.

Originally the Light Rail was formed on the idea that 50% of the overall operating budget had to be paid by fares, but as expenses have increased, the fares have not kept up. Like many social programs the Light Rail has become a liability. The idea was and is good, but the route had always been questioned, as to its viability to transport riders not only where they need to go, but pickups from areas where they live. Shortly after the initial completion, Tom Sunseri, chairman of the MTA citizen advisory committee, a group of 12 that monitors the transit system, said, "The bottom line is that the Light Rail and the subway are a money drain on the system.”

Detractors of the system have long claimed detrimental issues that surround the Light Rail system and mass transit in general. There have been claims that property values around Light Rail stops have decreased, but have had a difficult time proving that. Another thing that is difficult to prove is that crime has been BROUGHT to areas of the stops, after all it’s difficult to prove if a criminal that was transported to the area by way of the Light Rail, would have committed his crime elsewhere if he hadn’t ridden the rail. Crime is crime no matter where it’s committed, but who can say if the Light Rail was partly to blame?
Nothing can link the crime directly to the Light Rail, nor can the reports of people being approached in the parking lot of the new Giant across from the Timonium Fairgrounds. What is certain however that crime in these areas is has increased, and it’s left up to us to draw the parallels.

Crime statistic figures can be had for specific zip codes or police districts, but no crime statistic figures are available for certain distances from Light Rail stops. I’m not so sure that even if these figures were available, the government would release them. Government and social programs seem to always go hand in hand, so to cut off their noses despite their face would not be in their best interest. What we do have however are news articles that have chronicled certain crimes in and around these stops.

Questions remain about the system, the biggest question is, has the Light Rail been successful on a monetary sense? If that question is based on the past policy that fares had to pay half the operating expenses, the answer would be no. If the question is based on the benefit citizens receive from travelling the rail the answer might be yes, but the other side would be, at what cost? Should the majority of citizens be made to pay for the benefit of the few who ride? This question has been asked all too many times already, about a wide range of subjects, and depends on ideology rather than a bean counters view.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You Al

Thank You Al
Kevin Bryant

I bet when you read the title of this little blog of mine you thought I was actually thanking Al Ritter for something. Sorry Mr. Ritter, this “Thank You” does not go out to you. This “Thank You’ along with a big wet kiss goes out to none other than the good Reverend Al Sharpton. Wait…don’t be calling the state mental institutions to come and get me just yet.

While I’m at it, Id like to give a warm shout out to Harry Reid for without his gifted silver tongue, this moment would not exist. I’d also like to recognize the enormous contributions made by congressional Democrats and our own light skinned President who speaks without a negro dialect, unless he wants to, for finally striking the first meaningful blow given to political correctness in America.

That’s right boys and girls. Thanks to Al Sharpton and those others mentioned, Harry Reid gets to keep his Senate Majority Leader title and the term African-American is no longer required to be used. Harry Reid could have said African-American dialect but he didn’t. The congressional Democrats rallied behind Harry Reid and gave him their full support that his words were used in proper context. But, it was our good buddy Al Sharpton, Co-King of the race bating left that sealed the deal when he dismissed Harry Reid’s own words as acceptable language.

You have to know that Strom Thurmond is spinning in his grave over the firestorm Democrats raised about comments made about him by Trent Lott which led to Lott’s resignation as Senate Minority Leader in late 2002 and finally his retirement from congress in 2007. If Strom Thurmond could talk today, I’m sure he would be calling Harry Reid and the congressional Democrats a lot worse than just a bunch of hypocritical bastard’s right about now. I’d certainly like to be a fly on Trent Lott’s wall right now listening to what he has to say about it.

Trent Lott resigned for the good of his party. Harry Reid refuses to step down in spite of the good it would do his party. You silver tongued devil from the silver state, you may have just put the final nail in your political coffin. You are already down 20+ points in polls regarding your upcoming re-election bid. Your political death need not come at the expense of getting healthcare passed. Think about this Harry Reid, SEIU is the biggest union in your state. More than half of your support comes from them and ACORN. Many members of the Nevada SEIU & ACORN are black and I am sure they did not appreciate your comments. It sure stinks to be you right now don’t it.

So America, throw away your contemporary to politically correct language cross reference guides and prepare to embrace a new version of an old concept, speaking freely.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thinking For Yourself

Thinking For Yourself
Kevin Bryant

Government believes that the average person is too stupid to think for themselves. Therefore, they must do your thinking for you. They see themselves as the great stewards of our lives. They know what is best for us, they keep us from harm and if you watch the actions of any politician, they know how our money should be spent better than we do.

Forget “Praise Be To God” or “Praise Be To Buddha” or whatever your preference is, is becoming a think of the past. Government would rather you say “Praise Be To Government”. If they had their way, no longer would we assemble in churches and learn about our own creation or the plans of our creator. Instead our children will teach us of the things they have learned in school and how great and giving our government is and we should be thankful for the liberties and even our own existence that government provides us. Instead of praying to a higher power or talking to a member of the clergy, government would rather we just send our elected representatives an email or go visit a welfare office to seek guidance or advice.

There is not one single thing I can do or say to persuade you to agree with anything I believe. There is nothing Al or any of you can do to make someone agree with your line of thinking. The best anyone can do is present you with facts or truth as best they know them and hope that you take the time to research the information and come to your own conclusions.

Government’s greatest fear should be the people they represent. Our government no longer fears us. They have media believing they are the great savior of this nation and all who inhabit it. Media will profess that Big Brother is looking out for us and is doing what is in our best interest whether we believe them or not. Most media outlets want you to get your information from them so that you won’t have to burden yourself with doing a little research or heaven forbid you find something that contradicts the great MSNBC Oracle Keith Olbermann.

Impoverished, stupid and dependent upon government is the goal of the progressives. In their eyes, only the elite should have money and power. The goal of the progressives is not to raise others up to middle class American standards, but to lower middle class America to a universal impoverished world standard. It’s a shame that most progressives do not realize that this is the goal they are fighting for. They don’t know these things because they, like most, rely on media outlets to give them their information. The younger ones are taught in public schools that government is the end all of every social problem in America. We hear everyday how capitalism itself is evil and destructive to society and must be regulated by government. We listen as our own government wants to push for more unions in the pretense that it’s better for all.

Those that rely strictly on mainstream media for their information are the ones politicians pander to. They tell you all the goods things this bill and that bill will create or do for you. They tell you this as they gathering more power unto themselves then tell you it is so they may ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected and keep you safe even though they assume the power to take away those same rights and freedoms.

If I had only one wish for anything I write or is posted on this website, it would be to create a desire within everyone to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. It is not only your right to think for yourself, it is your responsibility to do so. The country we live in today is not that which our forefathers fought and died for to create and protect. This is not the country our parents and grandparents grew up in and came to love. This is not even the country I spend more than 20 years serving and defending. These are my thoughts and mine alone. I didn’t have or need someone to make them for me or tell me how I should think.

What do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Self Inflicted Wounds

Self Inflicted Wounds
Kevin Bryant

2010. Arguably the most important election year that any of will ever witness during our time on this earth. With an ultra leftist in the White House and Moderate Democrats being a thing of the past, one would think with all the chaos in congress and a majority of Americans disapproving of how the congress and this administration is performing, Republicans would be a shoe-in to win well over 70% of the seats up for grabs this year.

Democrats have no record that they can run on. They have quadrupled the debt, demonstrated blatant disregard for the constitution, ignored the people they were elected to represent, lied, stolen money from our children and grand children, bribed members of congress, used our tax dollars to settle old debts, refused to face their constituents, finished wrecking everything they came into office swearing they would fix and generally making the United States the butt of every politic joke around the globe.

With Democrats leaving the door as wide open as this for a Republican landslide, one would think it would be easy. Sadly, a majority of Republicans shot themselves and their own party in the foot for the past 10 years when they too took bribes in the name of earmarks and voted for TARP, raised the national debt and gave only token resistance to almost everything involving more government intrusion into our lives except Healthcare Reform. You know you are in trouble when you are looking to RINO’s like McCain & Graham for leadership and guidance.

Roughly 30 to 35% of the country is liberal by political standards. These people are not going to vote for anyone who doesn’t have a ( D ) beside their name. 20 to 25% of the country is not going to vote for anyone except those with an ( R ) beside their name. This leaves approximately 45% of voters out there who look at both parties and realize it’s a lose – lose situation no matter who they vote for.

The real problem for the 2010 election is that in many races, there are going to be three viable candidates. On one side you will have the Liberal Democrat (remember, moderate democrats do not exist in today’s world), the Republican nominee who is running with a tarnished party brand and then there is going to be the 3rd party Conservative – Constitutionalist, who does not have funding close to that of the other two candidates. The Liberal Democrat is going to automatically get 30% of the vote simply for being a Liberal Democrat. The Tarnished Republican is going to get about 20% of the hardcore Republican or nothing at all votes. 50% of the votes remain up for grabs. For ease of having to think too hard, let us imagine that there exactly 100,000 voters for each seat up for grabs.

The Democrat has 33,300 votes in his back pocket. The Republican has 20,000 votes in her back pocket. That leaves 46,700 votes to be split three ways. Let us say that the 3rd party Conservative has won the heart of 26,000 of the remaining voters because none of them can stand either party yet.

If the Republican party had not spent the last 10 years shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly, there would be no need for a 3rd party candidate because the Republican would have all their base or 25,000 votes PLUS all of the 3rd party votes or 26,000 for a total of 51,000 votes. More than an unbeatable total regardless how the remaining 15,700 votes go. Sadly though, Republicans have let down their conservative base for far too long making the 3rd party conservative candidate a real necessity.

With only 20,700 votes remaining, the Tarnished Republican trails the Liberal Democrat by 13,300 votes. She would need over 82% or 17,000 of the 20,700 votes to defeat the Liberal Democrat if they were to get all the remaining votes between them. The 3RD Party Conservative trails the Liberal Democrat by 7300 votes so that person would need just over 68 % or 14,000 votes to defeat the Liberal Democrat if they split the remaining vote just between them.

If there is anyone out there that does not believe the scenario I just laid out is not possible, just look back at New York’s 23rd district race of 2009.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Whaling conflicts escalate in Antarctica

Whaling conflicts escalate in Antarctica
Al Ritter

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Group, an extremist activist group funded by people in favor of whale conservation, has come into the lime light for taking an active role in a collision in the Antarctic Sea. Sea Shepherd Conservation Group, founded by Paul Watson, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, has taken an active confrontational stance against Japanese whaling research ships, which Watson claims are nothing more than Japanese Governmental sponsored whaling ships.

The most recent confrontation made by SCG, was made with a new state of the art $1.5 million dollar, high speed trimaran, the Ady Gil, named for one benefactor, the other benefactor is Bob Barker, an outspoken animal rights game show host who recently donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Group.

Watson’s group was involved in trying to ensnare netting in the Japanese ship’s propeller. Watson has claimed that the huge whale research vessel purposely steered towards them and ended with a collision, even though the attack craft was faster and far more maneuverable.

The Japanese ship claims that the Ady Gil’s crew was firing projectiles at them prior to the collision. Whale Wars, a reality based show on the Animal Planet started last year as vehicle to air the cause of Watson. The show clearly shows the inexperience of crew to even be on a boat let alone cold water survival in Antarctic waters in case of an emergency.

This whole effort by Watson is a ticking time bomb awaiting a serious accident, and possible death to one or more of the inexperienced aggressive activists. The Australian Prime Minister has begged both sides to stop these confrontational attacks, before a tragedy occurs. Watson’s group claims that the Japanese use the cover of “research” to continue the whaling industry through a global ban. The amount of money spent through Watson’s actions in the last 10 years could have probably been spent more wisely in an international court, but that wouldn’t make for very exciting TV now would it?

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are we a Democracy or a Republic?

Are we a Democracy or a Republic?
Al Ritter

Although there have been forms of Democracy centuries before Jesus. The modern day democracy believes in a political system, which all members, of the society have an equal share in the political power, and should govern from a simple majority. There are many hybrid form of Democracy as there are Republics, but for argument sake we will just talk about the two systems as they relate to the United States.

The Constitutional framers thought that a democracy could be too easily changed into an unrecognizable entity in too short a time, and therefore inserted many provisions into the Constitution to slow the change. Limits to Executive and Congressional Power, was one means, but the most important change was the “super majority.” This 2/3rds vote required by Congress would slow the change, allowing a gradual progression rather than knee-jerk laws to individual questions.

The founding father were all advocates of the republic, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, and in the writing of the Constitution inserted Article IV Section 4, where is states,
“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

This article has been argued three times in the Supreme Court, but with no real resolution other than to declare that everyone has the right to choose their own party affiliation, but it was clear by the wording of the framers, that the intent was for a republic style government rather than a democracy.

Thomas Jefferson defined a republic as,
“...a government by its citizens in mass, acting directly and personally, according to rules established by the majority; and that every other government is more or less republican, in proportion as it has in its composition more or less of this ingredient of the direct action of the citizens. Such a government is evidently restrained to very narrow limits of space and population. I doubt if it would be practicable beyond the extent of a New England township. The first shade from this pure element, which, like that of pure vital air, cannot sustain life of itself, would be where the powers of the government, being divided, should be exercised each by representatives chosen...for such short terms as should render secure the duty of expressing the will of their constituents. This I should consider as the nearest approach to a pure republic, which is practicable on a large scale of country or population ... we may say with truth and meaning, that governments are more or less republican as they have more or less of the element of popular election and control in their composition; and believing, as I do, that the mass of the citizens is the safest depository of their own rights, and especially, that the evils flowing from the duperies of the people, are less injurious than those from the egoism of their agents, I am a friend to that composition of government which has in it the most of this ingredient.”

In 1792-93 Jefferson and Madison created a new "republican party" in order to promote their version of the doctrine. The party, which historians later called the Democratic-Republican Party, split into separate factions in the 1820s, one of which became the Democratic Party, the other the Republican Party. It wasn’t until 1854 that the party was officially named “Republican,” to associate themselves with the struggle of 1776, in a fight to bring an end to slavery.

The differences
Although parties view the differences as huge, the reality of the differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties is closer than you think. Ideologically they are very different, but in the overall politics of the world, the differences are small.

Let’s view this informative video to see the real differences.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Experts with questionable credentials set policies for the world

Al Gore, a self described expert in climate change has no degree in climatology. He doesn’t even possess a teaching degree to teach first grade science, but he now claims to be an expert in yet another field. He claims that Polar Bears are in danger of extinction. He spewed his opinion about their endangered status again at the Copenhagen Cop 15 meeting. He has used his opinion and those of his supporters alone to have the Polar Bear an endangered species in the United States, and hopes to have them declared “endangered” worldwide, but can’t site credible proof of that claim.

In this sadly inaccurate video another Hollywood actor supports the WWF and Al Gore.

Actual scientists who study Polar Bears weren’t allowed to even testify in Copenhagen about the real size of the polar bear community. The WWF was however allowed to erect an ice carving of a Polar Bear, which they erroneously claim to be endangered too. In 1950 there were only 5000 known polar bears worldwide, and now the population exceeds 25,000. Even a Senate Report contradicts Gores claims. These figures haven’t stopped Al Gore or his community of Hollywood “chicken littles.” To go along with Gore’s claim that polar bears are disappearing, he had to have a reason their population is waning.

He claims that the polar ice pack in the Arctic is disappearing, but unfortunately that claim doesn’t hold water either (no pun intended.) The polar ice pack has been increasing, and Gore’s minions have under reported that ice by the size of the state of Texas! This doesn’t stop the man; in fact covering the FACTS has always been his strong suit.

Along with the polar bear experts, the real scientists (ones, who disagree with Gore,) weren’t allowed a voice in Copenhagen either. What we had instead was speeches from John Kerry, an equally unqualified scientist wanna-be. Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger got into the speaking act. He can’t seem to run California fiscally but has his own opinions on how to spend the world’s money.

Politicians want to end the scientific controversy of man-made global warming, and embark upon their own agendas of making money on the so called catastrophe. It’s certainly no secret that Al Gore has his own company that deals in selling “carbon credits,” (the easiest way to cash in on the green money.) His net worth after he retired from the Vice Presidency was close to 2 million, and now exceeds 100 million. He claims he donates all his earnings to charity. This is laughable because the charity he donates to is his own! He decides how that money brought in, is doled out, and yet he flaunts this self arrogance for its maximum effect.

Check out this disgusting ad shown in England using the Polar Bear as a scapegoat.

The head of the IPCC……the BIG Cheese at the UN on Climate Change…….Dr Rajendra Pachauri is reportedly involved in the same basic schemes of carbon credit sales as Al Gore, and yet they are allowed to continue as if no conflict of interest even existed.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Let the 2010 Election Cycle Begin

Let the 2010 Election Cycle Begin
Kevin Bryant

Long go we all heard and learned “No Taxation without Representation”. This was the excuse given by our Founding Fathers to England for not wanting to pay taxes. Truth be told, they did not want to pay even if they had representation because they would be outnumbered in parliament and their presence would be meaningless.

For almost 100 years now, our representatives have increasingly ignored us. First it was just one or two, then a dozen or so. Today, most of our elected representatives could care less about the people they were elected to represent. What is it about the people we send to Washington? None of them seem capable of learning from the past mistakes of those they replaced.

During Bill Clinton’s first two years in office, the democrats controlled both houses of congress. During that time, President Clinton tried his best to govern from the left and the end result was disastrous for the democrats. For it was the first time in since 1954, the republicans won control of the House of Representatives and they also won control of the Senate after being out of the majority for 12 years. Having lost both houses of congress, Bill Clinton took a more moderate to centralist stance and the remaining 6 years of his presidency, was far better than the first two. The people had again been heard.

In January 2007, democrats took control of both houses and began a smear campaign unlike any other ever witnessed in this country. They attacked conservatives in and out of politics. They attacked network and cable news anchored who disagreed with their liberal policies. They attacked President Bush at ever turn and blamed him for their own failures. Truth in politics completely died in 2007. With Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the way, they took a page right out of Hitler’s own playbook “Tell a lie, make it a big lie, tell it often, and the people will believe it”.

That strategy worked to perfection and as a result, democrats increased their hold on both houses of congress and even managed to place a socialist in the white house, all thanks to making everything wrong with this country look like it was all caused by George Bush and the republican party.

Perhaps as much as 20% of the politicians in Washington still listened to the American people by November 2008, but that percentage is now down to about 3%. Not a single democrat is listening to the American people unless it is that 35% that still believe that republicans are evil and democrats can do no harm. No one at all is listening to the 20% far right nut jobs out there for they are as bad as the 35% left wing lunatics. No, politicians are now looking out only for themselves and incorporating what the people’s wishes are only when and if it makes them look good to their constituents.

Paying back big campaign donors and winning favor with industry and unions has become the name of the Washington political game. No longer does it matter to those in power what we think. Both republicans and democrats act like they know how better to spend our tax dollars than we do. They both think they know better how we should live our lives, how we should think, what we should eat and coming soon, how hot or cool we keep our houses and what we should be driving. If the far reaches of the left wing get their wish, it will become illegal for a woman to get pregnant without a government issued permit.

The last time government heard the people in mass was 1994. We have to make our voices heard in 2010. It’s no longer our own rights we are fighting for, we must now fight for our children and grandchildren so they too can grow up in a country that recognizes them as individuals and they are granted liberties and freedoms from the people that can not be taken away by government.

If your Senator or your Representative has accepted pork project money, fire him or her. If they have voted to raise your taxes, fire him or her. If they have voted in favor of more government spending or entitlements, fire him or her. If they voted for Obama Healthcare or TARP, fire him or her. If they did any of this or voted for anything that the people did not want their tax dollars spent on, Fire him or her. If they are not up for election in 2010, fire them in 2012 or 2014 because they are not going to change their behavior once they secure another term in office. Don’t let them fool you into believing that they have heard you once this election is over. If they haven’t heard you by now, they never will.

If we fail to be heard in 2010, our children and grandchildren will grow up in poverty. Trapped and enslaved to the government and in a society that rivals that of 1960’s and 70’s Soviet Union. That is the path that this government, OUR GOVERNMENT is leading us down.