Friday, October 25, 2013

It’s Time To Clean Out Both Houses

It’s Time To Clean Out Both Houses
Kevin Bryant 

Since the passing of Obamacare, my wife and I have endured a drop of almost $60K a year in household income. That is a hard hit but so far we have managed to survive it. I think we could survive another  $5K a year hit but it would be an extreme struggle to do so. There are many who could not survive even a hit smaller than that.  

Rising taxes, rising healthcare cost, rising food cost, rising utility costs and now “fines” for not having health insurance. The middle class is slowly disappearing. I stated in my last “rant” that we are only one full generation away from full blown socialism. We have to do something now to change that. I can no longer afford to give money to candidates, but what I have come up with is actually an even better use of my hard earned dollars and will help change the course we are currently headed in. 

I do not believe Obama will ever see a 50% approval rating again. With the passage of Obamacare, all the scandals plaguing this administration and with Hillary Clinton being involved with some of those scandals, it’s hard for me to envision another democrat occupying the White House in 2017. It’s going to be the equivalent of John (RINO) McCain 2008, but the possibility is still there if the next democrat has the charisma of Obama. That is why I have formulated this  idea and plan to use it.
It’s time to change the direction America is headed in. In order to do this, not only must the republicans win the White House & the Senate, the Republican Establishment Must Go. There are only about 80 real conservatives in the House of Representatives and a miserable 5 in the Senate. Winning the White House and the Senate while holding on to the House of Representatives starts in 2014 by casting out as many establishment GOP’ers from both houses of congress as possible and doing our best to get conservatives elected. This means talking, encouraging and getting as many young people to vote as possible. My plan is extremely simple to follow and will do just that. 

It is illegal for political officials and campaign workers to buy votes but they do it anyway. Democrats have made “buying votes’ into an art form.  Well it’s time for conservatives to do the same. 

My plan is simple: 

Why should I waste time, money and effort on campaigns. My wife and I vote almost religiously. My daughter doesn’t. My plan is to PAY my daughter $20 to vote & provide her transportation to the polling place so long as she votes for the candidates of MY choosing. Not only her, I will also make the same offer to her boyfriend and up to any 3 additional friends of hers as well so long as they live in our district and are registered to vote. Once they have completed voting, I will also fire up the grill and feed them before returning them to their own residences. Not only that, I will take a day of vacation from work so they can hang out at my house for a few additional hours and enjoy each others company before I take them home.  

Twenty bucks, a free meal and a couple of hours hanging with your friends (no alcohol) for less than an hour of their time doing something they should already be doing as part of their civil duty and exercising their freedom to actually do it. What 18 to 25 year old, too lazy to vote normally, person wouldn’t do that. 

I will get 7 votes for the conservative candidates including myself, to the polling place. Honestly that is about all I can afford to buy without hurting my budget for the month. The big question is; How Many Votes Can You Afford To Buy?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness
Kevin Bryant

Capture a baby elephant and tie it to a solid post. When it realizes it cannot get away, it will give up and for the rest of its life when you tie it to a post it will never try to escape. Learned Helplessness. 

Put a rat in a cage. Electrify a portion of that cage and the rat will learn to jump over the electrified portion. Electrify the adjacent portions and rat will learn to avoid that area completely. Turn off the electricity and the rat will continue to avoid those areas for the rest of its life. Learned Helplessness.  

Take a generation of people from birth and force them into an education system that teaches them that its government’s responsibility to protect them, to see to their needs, take care of them and government knows what is best. Many will grow up forever believing this. Learned Helplessness. 

Humans are supposed t be the smartest animal on the plant but even man can be taught that they are helpless. This ranges from the lowest of the poor to even those elected to the United States Congress. To listen to many of them, you would think they are fighters for the people but if you look at their voting records, they are mere puppets to the establishment. An establishment we the people created by electing and continually reelecting politicians without vetting them, believing their every words and ignoring their actions. From our local school boards to our city councils and mayors to our county and state official all the way up to the White House.  

From our local officials to the United States Congress, the establishment, both republicans and democrats will continually pound those unwilling to support the establishment until they bend to the establishments will. Many elected officials finally do submit and get absorbed by the establishment. Why? Several reasons: power, money, backing of the establishment for reelection to office, fear and others. 

We the people created this mess that is called the government establishment. Unfortunately “We The People” are very unlikely to change it because the “Learned Helplessness” so many have been brainwashed into believing is true. Those age 35 and younger don’t remember when America was truly a melting pot. They don’t remember when America was as Ronald Reagan rightfully stated “That Shining Star On The Hill” that many aspired to come to. They have never known a time when America was the strongest nation both militarily and spiritually. And they have never known a time when personal freedom meant more than government provided security. 

America has always been different for a reason. We didn’t get to become the nation we are by the actions of our government, but by the will of the people our government is supposed to serve.  

We are one generation away from a nation of “Learned Helplessness”. How do we want to leave this country when we die and our children inherit it? Do we leave them a nation where the populous are indentured servants to the government or do we leave them a nation of “A Government of the People, By the People and For the People”.