Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer 

The following was written by a long time PHD friend who practiced Clinical Psychology for a number of years.  Dr. Thom Carden is his name,  He is widowed and 84 years old, currently living in Colorado.   I received his permission to share his thoughts with you.  


     Article 2, Section 3 of our U.S. Constitution says that: "The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed."  Rather than executing a law, this President makes them up as he goes along, arrogating to himself that power which is explicitly enumerated to Congress. Within this unconstitutional power grab, we are moving far into the direction of rule by dictator. Obama's executive amnesty is the most public and egregious example of immigration lawlessness, thus far.    The Department of Homeland Security has proposed to allow the illegal aliens to have a new status called "legal presence".  This proposed title and his amnesty program represent a total abdication of the DHS responsibility to enforce the laws of the Land. 

     So far, what we have birthed in our nation is the "Secure Communities Program" whereby if an illegal alien has committed a crime and is jailed for that crime, an alert is sent to the Federal Authorities (I.C.E.)   who can ask that once the illegal has been convicted, and served the time,  he/she can be detained, rather than released, until the ICE can pick him/her up and start deportation.  But,  that has conveniently been kicked out by leftist "leaders" by so-called

 " Sanctuary Cities"  that refuse to release (Rather, they protect) illegal criminals to the Federal authorities, and politely turn them out on the streets to commit more crimes, even murder innocent citizens in cold blood, such was the case of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, July 14th this year. 

     Illegal aliens receive more un earned benefits in our country, now, than natural born, taxpaying, working Americans has a chance in hell of ever receiving.  Yet Obama continues  importing poverty and educational failure, people who have no desire to educate themselves, speak English, assimilate, embrace fully our Republic, or its Constitution; nor do they even try, nor have a desire to achieve success on their own.  I am aware of one Lady who has 6 children, lives on welfare, drives a new Lexus and receives over 60,00 a year from the state TAX FREE for her children.   One only need to look to California for the proof in the pudding. Over 50% of the California births are Hispanic, with a high percentage of these being to unwed young mothers on welfare as stated above. The educational achievement, there, was once the highest in America, but now is the lowest.  

     Every day, hundreds, even thousands of illegal's come over our Southern border to mingle and live off of our society.  Many of these are not Mexicans, but of several other country of origin,  including middle Eastern trained terrorists. --ISIS or ISIL,  Islam (or EVIL) 

     Earlier this year there were ISIS murder attacks in Paris. Currently, on Friday November the 13th, 2015, there were six coordinated attacks in Paris, once again to the unwarranted "surprise"  of many. Over 129 innocent civilians were killed in cold blood in that attack.  Oh, but that's OK, because the France's military killed "most" of the killers.  Hmmmm!   All those murdered will be a figment of the past  to most of us all over the world in only a few weeks or months  exactly as those murdered in Paris earlier this year, or the innocent Christians beheaded publicly, or.....?  as other atrocities of ISIS or illegal aliens fill the news.   

     It has been reported over and over that ISIS cells exist in, and all over, the United States. Why? because it's so easy for them to cross our borders unnoticed. 

      Following the recent  Paris attack, the former Assistant Director of the FBI, said to the American people on Fox News TV:  "It's only a matter of time before this happens here in our country."   Absolutely spot on!    

     As long as the president is behaving as an acting dictator  making laws on his own, rather than the Constitutionally appointed Congress of these United States, this will continue. As long as Obama chooses to distance himself from any atrocities against Christians and to dismiss and distance himself from radical Muslim and radical infiltrated Black uprisings and murders, we can repeat the announcement on TV that "It's only  matter of time. . . ." Obama's  expression on national TV after the Murders in Paris as "a temporary setback" is a National disgrace.    

    The assaults in Paris on 11-13 were not a TV drama, they were very real.  Dozens and dozens of families lost  a loved one to unconscionable evil  mass murderers that night.  ( But, gee whiz, folks, it wasn't the daughter of our illustrious president or his joker side-kick. effected ) So, how's the golf, game, Mr. President?   If he should decide on an "executive whim" to declare martial law on our country, we are in deep, I mean real deep trouble, deeper than ever imagined by any of  us, our ancestors, or the fathers of this great nation ever could conceive. 

     Wake up, Americans!!! How would you feel if Obama actually succeeded in creating in America via martial law,  what happened in Cambodia after we left Vietnam. His illegal actions along with illegal terrorists on the loose spells an unfathomable if not  insurmountable disaster  waiting to happen.  Think it can't happen----think again America. The way this President is acting makes the unthinkable nearly a virtual reality.    There are a vast number of incidents which, if the Congress had the integrity, could Impeach Obama for treason and tyranny today, he is the leader of lawlessness IN America along with his DOJ.  



Monday, November 16, 2015

Time for Gov. Hogan of Maryland to Step Up to the Plate!

Time for Gov. Hogan of Maryland to Step Up to the Plate!
Al Ritter 

I am happy that Gov Hogan is in remission from cancer. God knows I’m one who knows better than most and equally as many do that cancer is a tough adversary. Unfortunately Gov Hogan has been making non-stop paid and unpaid posts on Facebook about how he’s battling cancer and how he’s finally been declared cancer free. 

The sad part is that he’s been doing this at a point in time shortly after the Paris attack, when American citizens are looking for reassurance that their Governors are looking out for their best interests. 

Sadly Governor Hogan has only been extolling HIS best interests. We understand how tough cancer is to treat and beat, but this point in time isn’t about Gov Hogan, nor is it about his cancer treatment the Islamic Terrorism is about ALL Americans, and when President Obama frees 5 Gitmo detainees just hours after the Paris attack, every Governor needs to weigh in on the effect on their state, and how they react! 

Constantly reminding us how the Maryland tolls have been lowered isn’t you “swan song,” you need to do better. Declaring as a victory that taxes haven’t been raised is anti-climactic! Stopping democratic tax raising is duty not a victory. 

Your predecessor had 40 tax raises in his last year as Governor, maybe now with a 61% approval rating between democrats and Republicans you might start pushing your weight around. 

Maybe for a start today let’s deny any Syrian refugees, then go for a mandate to defund any and all cities who support sanctuary cities, after all this IS about the safety of your citizens right? 

Or will you sit back on your laurels and declare your victories based on your battle with cancer and the lowering of tolls?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Interview with Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch Part 2

Interview with Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch Part 2
Ron Boat 

Dennis Michael Lynch (or DML as he prefers) is an American businessman, documentary film maker, and conservative political commentator. He often appears as a guest on Fox News, The Kelly File, and The Blaze. 

He has captured America’s eye and focused it on such subjects as the growing immigration problem with films such as “THEY COME TO America” parts I, II, and III. He shows the increasingly liberal media and their take on the news with “WE RIDE TO DC,” and, with his upcoming “FIGHTING FOR AMERICA,” looks at our declining life in America and what we should do about it. 

In his 2015 film, “POWER GRAB,” He spends time with Dick Morris and looks at  Obama’s remaining time in office and his plans for a one-party political system. 

This is the 2nd part of our interview with DML’s responses that show his personal beliefs and motivations for producing the films and books he does. No racism, no rhetoric, just facts and reality as the camera and DML have seen them. 

Part 2 - 

Ron: Your recent successful projects (They Come to America I, II, & III) deal with the overwhelming immigration crisis we face. Not tens, but hundreds of thousands rushing our borders for freedom, opportunity or criminal advantage, take your pick. Either way, is this just one part of Obamas realization of the Cloward-Piven strategy of causing harm to America by “overwhelming the system?” Will other “overwhelming” actions such as prisoner releases, crushing debt, takeover of the areas such as education and medicine, and suffocating regulatory environmental controls be part of your projects? 

DML:  Obama’s fundamental transformation of America leaves a guy like me with no shortage of topics to cover.  Whether it’s a Cloward-Piven strategy he follows, or just his upside-down vision for America that fueled his moves, only he can answer that question.  I just know he’s been very effective at screwing up this country.  He has a full year to create more harm and I think he will.  That said, I could make 100 movies about what he’s done to America, and none of it is good.  As noted, I’m in pre-production on films covering welfare abuse, and another one on the abuse of veterans.  I tend to find myself interested in diving into areas where other people don’t go.  I’m passionate about some topics more than others, and I think my passion will dictate what I do versus don’t do.  Unlike Dinesh D’Souza, I don’t see myself making films about a single person like he did with Obama, and he has another coming out about Hillary.  I could never make a film entirely about one person who I don’t like.  For example, I would never make a film about Hillary — I would despise doing such a film.  I didn’t get into films so I can showcase 90-minutes of beating down on someone even if they deserve it.  I need and want my films to identify a problem, and then offer a solution.  If I can’t offer a solution, I won’t engage the topic.  

Ron: For whatever reason, in whatever form, do you fear Obamas plan, and execution of it, for America, and shouldn’t people be waking up to our real future as never imagined? 

DML:  I think Obama’s damage is done, especially when it comes to immigration.  And if Hillary is elected, or if the wrong Republican is elected, I fear we take on the sort of trouble that is irreversible.  And as a father of 4, that scares me to no end. 

Ron: You say that your biggest fear was filming the Cliven Bundy Ranch incident with the BLM? Are we seeing the beginnings of a tyrannical, dictatorial govt not previously allowed or even imagined in this country of the free? 

DML:  I get asked a lot about the Bundy event and why the gov’t did what they did to Cliven.  I don’t have an answer.  I don’t know Cliven, and I didn’t spend much time getting into the back story.  I didn’t do what I did for Cliven or his cattle.  I stood in front of the BLM machine guns because the situation was getting hot and it needed leadership. I didn’t want to see one American die regardless of what side they were  on. That said, I was really scared that people were going to die, including myself — I feared I would get caught in crossfire.  So I stepped up and tried to defuse the situation.  Thankfully everything ended peacefully.  I’ve made a film about that day, it releases on DVD this November.  

As for gov’t take-overs, I don’t think agencies like the BLM are trying to control people, etc.  That sort of thinking is a bit over the top in my opinion.  I think the BLM is the poster child for big government gone awry.  It’s a sign of gov’t being out of control.  And if we had a Reagan-like president, I think agencies like the BLM would be done away with.  Then again, I could be wrong — I just don’t know.  But I can tell you without pause that the scene in Nevada was as dangerous as it was preventable.   

Ron: Are you meeting your personal goals for reaching, informing, warning, motivating action from citizens, or do you restrict your documentary style so your films are reflective of society and informational, hoping to get people involved? 

DML:  I am very frustrated about my films not being in theaters, but I cannot break through the liberal gatekeepers who don’t want my immigration films to see the light of day.  If it was not for FOX NEWS, conservative radio, and NewsmaxTV you wouldn’t know my name.  But sadly those outlets are not enough, that’s why I give away the free DVDs with the purchase of one. People have shared my films over and over again, and because I don’t do the theater thing, I will never have a true idea of how many people have seen the films.  I do know it’s more than 1,000,000, and that’s cool by me, but I’d like it to be 100 million. 

Ron: Many of your projects have focused the light on illegal, mainly Hispanic, immigration and yet, should we also be looking at Obamas “legal” immigration of increasingly disconcerting Muslim populations? Are these the real destructive forces being introduced to America. Are they a part of a bigger Obama plan (or are we paranoid) and do you have any plans for a future look at this increasing problem? isn’t  it a major problem when “They Come to America” bringing Sharia law and archaic customs? 

DML:  I am not a racist, nor do I target people by their skin color or nationality.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big hearted guy who loves all people.  And so when people say my films are anti-Latino it’s just a big fat lie used to deflect the facts regarding who is coming here illegally.  The reason why you see so many Hispanics in my films is because fact is Hispanics are coming through the southern border in droves.   If the Irish and Italian were coming in illegally through Mexico, my films would be flooded with Irish and Italian people.  

As for Islam, same principle applies — I don’t put a bullseye on someone for the sake of their religion.  Frankly, I don’t care who you pray to. But I am concerned about Islamic extremism, and I’m also turned off when people blame their religion as the reason why they can’t adapt to American culture.  My response is, “Why live here?” That said, I do cover Islamic extremism in my films, and in They Come to America 3, I do discuss what I witnessed in Michigan.  When I traveled through Dearborn it was like being in another country at times. I’d see one store after the next filled with signs written in Arabic.  Residential streets are filled with hundreds of women wearing full burkas and not one of them would say hello to me.  But the worst was driving through neighborhoods without seeing a single American flag waving from a flagpole or porch.  When that sort of thing happens it’s going to make it into my film. 

Ron:  One politically active veteran and civil servant opined that it was delusional for you to consider running for president last year. And yet, don‘t we need passionate, patriotic, intelligent, almost “every day“ people running for local and national offices (as originally intended) rather than the elite, the political opportunists, the career office holders who have already proven their destructive results? Do you think your films are inspiring people to get more involved? 

DML:   I’ve had people who love me say that running for office is crazy, especially when I’ve built a nice career doing what I love (i.e. making films).  As for some stranger who doesn’t know me but is willing to take their time to write nasty things about my efforts, I feel bad for that person. But then again there is no shortage of keyboard cowboys on the Internet who have a lot to say but little to offer, especially bloggers and Facebook warriors who hide behind alias names and fake profiles so they can spew lies.  

I don’t think it was delusional of me at all.  In fact, I wish I hadn’t gotten sick because I believe I’d be polling towards the top.  For example, Megyn Kelly had me on her show to discuss my 2016 strategy.  I told her I was exploring a run for the presidency because I am in love with my country, and that no person is more qualified than myself when it comes to securing the border and stopping the illegal alien invasion.  Plus, I’ve created jobs for 25 years as a businessman, and I understand the issues facing America and how they need to be solved. And I can’t be bought or lobbied to by special interest groups. When her show was over she ran a poll on her Facebook page asking viewers if they’d vote for me.  Over 4k people responded, of which 88% said yes they would vote for me.  Lots of delusional people, I guess?

Ron: You have some exciting film and book projects coming up with your “A Day At Bundys”, “Fighting for America,” and ultimately your remake of “King of the Hamptons.” Anything else you want to tease us with and will these be an expansion, another beginning to a longer story yet to unfold on America’s future? 

DML:  I am making a film about the 2016 race, that’s all I can say for now. 

Ron: Any final words of wisdom, encouragement, warning for American in light of our election next year? Will ultimately Neal Diamonds song end in such societal disharmony and a sour discord we dont even want to consider it? 

DML:  If Donald Trump has taught us one thing it’s that America is tired of the political correctness and the DC insiders. So if you’re tired of being tossed under the bus, stand up — don’t be afraid of voicing your concerns.  Remember, being pro-America doesn’t mean your anti-anything.  As for my films, if people go to and buy a DVD, I send them free copies to hand out to people so the truth can get out there.  Some people say giving away more DVDs than I sell makes me delusional, I say it makes me feel good to know I’m doing what I can to help my country.  

Our thanks to Mr. Lynch for his time in conversing about his projects, and these timely subjects so important to America.


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Interview with filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch Part 1

Interview With Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch Part 1
Ron Boat 

Dennis Michael Lynch (or DML as he prefers) is an American businessman, documentary film maker, and conservative political commentator. He often appears as a guest on Fox News, The Kelly File, and The Blaze. 

He has captured America’s eye and focused it on such subjects as the growing immigration problem with successful films such as “THEY COME TO AMERICA” parts I, II, and III. He shows the increasingly liberal media and their take on the news with “WE RIDE TO DC,” and, with his upcoming “FIGHTING FOR AMERICA,” looks at our declining life in America and what we should do about it. 

In his 2015 film, “POWER GRAB,” He spends time with Dick Morris and looks at Obama’s remaining time in office and his plans for a one-party political system. 

This is a 2-part interview with DML’s responses that show his personal beliefs and motivations for producing the films and books he does. No racism, no rhetoric, just facts and reality as the camera and DML have seen them. 

Part 1 –   

Ron: Having witnessed 9/11 first hand, watching citizens jumping to their deaths, seeing the destruction, dust and debris, it must have been such a life changing impression that you enrolled in the New York Film Academy. You started with shorter, simpler, more commercially appealing films, but did you find the goal pretty quickly to start your pursuit of telling the important stories or did that take time to evolve during your studies?

DML:  After living 9/11 and seeing my fellow Americans jump from 80 stories, and after seeing what 19 people could do to the most powerful country on Earth, I decided to make a change.  I no longer desired to continue as a CEO and chase money, but instead chase my dream of making films.  And during the making of my first film “King of the Hamptons’, which includes many Hollywood stars, I met a man who protests against illegal immigration each and every day.  He does this because he lost his ability to earn a living because of the illegal aliens who undercut his prices (he’s a contractor).  And so he protests on the corner of a 7-Eleven where dishonest contractors come to pick up the illegal aliens who stand there each morning looking for work.  After speaking with the guy (Tom), I decided to make a film about illegal immigration and its impact on America.

It was the experience of touring the country and making They Come to America which opened my eyes.  It enabled me to truly see how immigration has not only grown out of control, but how the media is ignoring the negative impact immigration is having on American workers, America’s culture, and our national security.  I made that film in 2010 - 2011, and I’ve been locked in ever since.  I’ve made three films about immigration and will make more, I am sure.  It’s like the Roach Motel, once you get in you never get out.  And I’m here to stay until the issue is addressed the way it needs to be.

Ron:  Your first major film, “King of the Hamptons” was a success with the local film festival crowds who had the chance to view this non-released film. It was more personal, almost motivational questioning of peoples lives dealing with midlife crises, and seemingly very separated from the political energy of current projects. With your upcoming remake, will you add the political elements in todays lifes decisions and its influence on our daily existence? Is the political environment today more intrusive, more restrictive, in allowing us “to be all we can be” than it was even in 2010? 

DML: So many people have asked to see the film.  But to release the original would add no value to the viewer today.  I always have a need to add value — I want to put out a movie that makes people think, and then to act — I want my films to push people to move forward be it for themselves or for a cause.  That said, I decided it would be far more valuable to do a remake of the film.  In short, the remake will marry the best parts of the original film with new scenes that show where I am today and how I got here.  My hope is the film will provide a gateway for people who find themselves stuck in a place of uncertainty.  What does that mean?

So many people have dreams and ideas, they know they are destined to do something great — they know they want to use their talents and determination to scale higher and to be more, but for some reason they are scared to try.  And so I think if people see where I was in 2008 (when I started making the film), to where I am now, they will get fired up about taking a chance on themselves even if they don’t know where they will land.   As for politics, sure there will be political tones in the film but it’s only because I’ve become so engrossed in politics.  But I won’t do what the left does — I won’t try to push my politics onto the viewer.  That’s not my style — not in this film anyhow.

Ron:  When you started your quest for immigration research and documentation, did you ever imagine the many stories of incidents like San Franciscos Kate Steinle, or the Kansas City woman kidnapped at knife point, repeatedly raped and driven to New York by an illegal, the two Virginia girls killed by the illegal Alfredo Ramos driving drunk or our own Arizona police officer killed by an illegal drunk driver? Add to these the hundreds, no thousands of crimes committed by first time and returning illegals? 

DML:  I had NO IDEA about the amount of crime generated by illegal aliens.  Most people have no idea how bad it is, unless of course you’re one of the victims, or a loved-one of a victim. 

I receive gifts and letters in the mail each week, and some of them make me cry.  Example. I had a veteran send me his medal from Vietnam and ask, “Please don’t stop doing what you do, my son was killed by an illegal alien.”  I mean WOW, how do I not continue on with the next film? 

Fact is, the cost of illegal immigration goes beyond a dollar figure.  How do you put a price on a lost life, or a child raped?  For example, in N. Carolina alone, last year more than 1,000 illegal aliens were arrested for more than 5,000 counts of rape of CHILDREN.  To me, that’s terrorism.  That’s our government allowing illegal aliens to come into this country and terrorize our children.  I want it stopped!

Ron: Have you imagined any final, ultimate story to break or is that yet to be written by future events? Do you think well find a positive outcome for America? 

DML:  As far as immigration goes, until a major public figure is killed by an illegal alien nothing will be done.  That is unless we get a president who really cares about the American people and understands like I do the damage being doing to America, then, perhaps, it will be addressed.  I say it is the number one issue in America, and I say that because I know it touches almost every issue we face, including education, welfare, jobs, national security, healthcare, etc. 

As for the long term outlook for America as a whole, I hate to bet against the country I love, so I won’t.  But if Hillary Clinton is elected, I may want to change my bet. 

Ron: Immigration was the first main theme of your released films, then you moved to exposing the liberal media and then a more in depth look at Obamas transformation of America earlier this year. Do you have a long term “pattern” or “route” in mind when picking your subjects or just taking things as they seem timely and important?

DML:  The media film is called WE RIDE TO DC.  And I didn’t plan on making it.  About 8-months earlier I was asked by producers if I would provide an exclusive to The Kelly File.  Meaning, I would appear only on Megyn’s show and to go out and shoot the sort of eye-opening video my films offer.  I agreed to try it, and in doing so I was exposed to various events, and I captured so much on camera.   I also got a real look at the media, and the bias that exists within it. 

For example, The Kelly File was interested in me covering the government shutdown and the Memorials being closed.  And so in WE RIDE TO DC the viewer is shown what really took place when the veterans protested by throwing the barricades down in front of the White House.  The other media outlets like CNN and MSNBC where there covering the story with me, but they aired selective sound bites that made the veterans look like maniacs and racists.  It was so far from the truth and I had the clips to prove it.  That said, after 6 months of similar events and situations where I could show the media bias that powers the airwaves, I decided to use my footage to make a film. And so I made WE RIDE TO DC in a matter of weeks and funny enough, after its release is when people began asking me to run for president. 

Moving forward, I see myself expanding into other issues.  I’m getting ready to do a film about welfare, another about veterans, and a biggie in time for 2016, but I cannot share details about that one at the moment.

Ron: In 2007 I started my own research into this new player on the block - this Barack Obama, who, except for a previous speech at the Democratic convention in 04, was virtually unknown. It was quickly apparent to me, a basically non-political person, that we were dealing with someone with long running associations such as the New party, the SDS, Socialists and Communists who would have an agenda not in keeping with our values and with possibly very destructive consequences. Have you had this same revelation and does it play a part in your writing and directing, or do you try to keep a more reserve, centered, “make your own decision” approach for the viewers?

DML:   I recall the first time I heard Obama speak.  He gave a speech at the DNC, and for some reason we were watching it on TV.  I looked at my wife and said, “That guy will be president one day.”  I said such not knowing who he was.  I was simply reacting to his ability to deliver a speech.  I did not vote for him, and so I never looked at his background because frankly, I wasn’t interested in politics at the time.  But today, knowing what I know, and diving into the nuances of news and politics each and every day like I do, he is a terrible president and I cannot believe the man was reelected in 2012.  It just shows how far downhill our country has gone, and how disconnected people are when it comes to knowing about what is taking place in America.  It’s one reason why I am happy about Trump being in the race.  His presence has reignited an interest in politics.  Maybe more people will pay attention to who they elect.

As for my films, I tell the story as I see it happen in front of me.  I am conservative, but make no mistake, when it comes to the politicians, I am tougher on Republicans than I am on Democrats because I expect more.

Don’t miss Part 2 as we look forward to his new projects and the elections of 2016. 

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