Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why the Republican Party Deserves to Lose Everyone!

Why the Republican Party Deserves to Lose Everyone!
Al Ritter 

In 2014 the Conservative movement reached its high spot in the Republican Party when their voice was heard to the point of increasing Republican representation in the House and replacing the Democratic majority in the Senate. It seemed that Conservatism had finally come into its own as the people had finally said “enough is enough” with the past movement towards left center.
The elections of 2014 did several things; it empowered the conservative Republican voters to finally think their vote DID matter and that when 2016 rolled around the party would move farther to the right. Sadly that wasn’t the story to be told though. The “leadership” of the Republican Party (and I use that term loosely) was happy with the business as usual and the Conservative upstarts had to be silenced. The Conservative power play worked only to a point as John Boehner was forced from his Speakers position in the House only to be replaced with Paul Ryan. Ryan who has only proved slightly better, has shown that he in fact is also part of the establishment and has an aim to downplay all the Conservative ideas he can.
He has also continued the establishment Republican stance of giving President Obama anything he wants. On the Senate side Mitch McConnell continues an uninterrupted establishment role of pushing Conservatism to the back of the bus, and giving President Obama’s agenda a front seat. Republican leaders of both the House and Senate have acquiesced power to Obama for fear of another government shutdown because of the administrations continual threatens to do so.
Because of the Republican establishment threats to push conservatism to the back of the bus, the revolt movement within the party (and also outside the party) has taken off. Open primaries where Democrats, and independents can pick the nominee in the Republican Party was allowed to continue in the RNC Rules Committee meeting this year. During that same meeting Reince Priebus along with Trump delegates continually shouted down any dissenters to force Trumps eventual nomination even though he has the lowest approval numbers of any Republican Nominee in recent times.
Sadly along with this nomination comes a newly acquired reputation of being racist, misogynist, and uneducated. I don’t wish to be known for any of those character flaws and I hope a majority of Republicans past and present feel the same way. IF Trump wins the general election there could be a backlash that will be felt for decades. If Trump were to hold true to his contentious nature (which he has shown no intent of halting), he will alienate the entire Republican base which is already showing a major exodus. The biggest loss in the House and the Senate will occur when the inevitable foreign and domestic policies fiascos occur from the Narcissistic nominee that accepts help from nobody and assumes that only his opinion is what matters. Not one successful person in this country can survive with no help.
It seems sad to me that the Republican Party has sought a direction that frankly has been farther left as was proven by the rules committee when they allowed the Democrats to continue to pick our nominee. People ask me when I left the party… answer was simple, I left when the party voted to allow  Democrats to pick our candidates. If you think for one minute that the decision to allow that horrible policy to continue is a minor problem, then it’s YOU who are part of that problem. Secondly the RNC voted to remove the vote from a large consensus (over 1200 delegates) to a small (under 200) group of Republican party rules makers.
My decision was made to leave the party LONG before Trump was even nominated! They have proven that they are now the party of EXCLUSION not inclusion! That’s right and Trump supporters think it was about the party’s hatred for Cruz or my dislike for Trump. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, it’s about letting problems continue, it’s about disenfranchising the Republican members and substituting the power of many for the power of a few. And I shouldn’t be the only one who feels that way……… case nobody has noticed the Democratic Party has done the same thing …….are you noticing a pattern yet? “When you aren’t offered a seat at the table, you are then served on the menu.”