Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More victims of poor policies

The very policies of the Obama Administration meant to improve unemployment have had exactly the opposite and adverse effect. Inner city working poor, minority workers, and the youth of our country, are suffering, disproportionately at the hands of the Obama Administration.

The Department of Labor Statistics has announced that our youth, ages 16 to 24, is suffering the worst unemployment since post WWII. The unemployment rate is 53.4%, dipping for the first time below 50%. The nation figures for black and minority workers are usually double the rate for white workers. Ironically the very policies instituted to help these groups of young, minority workers, has backfired on the Administration. The overwhelming groups that put Barack Obama in the Presidential office, are the one suffering most from his policies. The programs that were intended to help targeted groups of people to retain and keep jobs, has had a detrimental effect.

A governmental group study by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, sites, the damage to a new career by a recession can last 15 years. The snowball effect off young Americans who are not working and becoming productive members of society, can be catastrophic, they are less likely to make major purchases, thus putting the US economy further behind.

Al Angrisani, the former assistant Labor Department secretary under President Reagan, doesn’t see any short term improvement in the situation, "There is no assistance provided for the development of job growth through small businesses, which create 70 percent of the jobs in the country. All those [unemployed young people] should be getting hired by small businesses." He went on to say that this problem lies entirely with Obama’s policies.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Readers suggessions on how to deal with healthcare reform

I have been asking for the last two weeks or more for suggestions on how my readers would fix reform if the decision was with them. I got some rather interesting suggestions from regular folks, most of them were common sense theories, and others would have to assume some changes in law before they could become enacted.

Ok to start with, any kind of governmental intervention would have to deal with a constitutional problem. The problem is state sovereignty, and how the federal government would deal with removing the states priority dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance mandates. If this were possible, the Federal Government would have to make a universal mandate about what services would be covered. They would have a lot of difficult decisions to make, because of the need to keep costs down, versus their desire to cover the maximum amount of things they consider to be required services.

If the services were cut to the bare necessities we could possibly see a reduction in costs, but if they keep the mandates from some states requiring invitro-fertilization, hair transplants, abortion, extended mental health services, maternity benefits with no waiting periods, and coverage for medical services for illegal aliens.

One of my readers, “Turk 182” made some common sense suggestions
Let me ask this, if companies can get "group insurance" at a reduced rate, then why can't America as a whole get the same thing as a group? If that were possible, then we could eliminate individual policies thereby eliminate the term "pre-existing condition."

Offer two or three levels of care for everyone, and make that range vast. Make everyone subscribe to one of those forms.

Maybe offer one HMO for the poor, that offers decent catastrophic insurance and maybe a top of the line PPO for those who can afford it.

Now eliminate ANYONE from using the ER as a primary care physician, screen them for actual emergencies, if it isn't an emergency, show them the door.

Institute a wide sweeping tort reform, not to eliminate lawsuits against bad doctors, but to limit the the high side of awards.

Include a consumer based panel that could make decisions on treatments on the lower scale insurance.Eliminate all state based insurance requirements, make a base federal requirement.

Turn all state Health Insurance Commissioners into Federal Insurance Commissioners.

Allow all disputes through these commissioners.Place no lifetime limits on specific treatments.

Keep Government out of Health Insurance; instead change the terms of how it's offered.Keep private insurance companies involved make them offer exactly the same plans, then and only then will a true competition.

Give companies that donate the most into an employee’s health insurance corporate tax breaks instead of punishments for those who don't.

Everyone on the same playing field is the only answer.

Another reader by the name of “Young Paleocon” made a few suggestions
I'm a strong proponent of a voucher system for Healthcare. As a
Paleoconservative, I'm opposed to government intervention but I'm letting my compassionate site get the better of me (and accepting a fate better than Obama's proposal). My type of system would eliminate all state regulations and allow the 1300 different insurance companies to compete across all markets.

The increased competition and options across state lines would drive price down while making government smaller (By giving the federal government more power, ironically). Each American that did not get healthcare through their employer and was below a wage-limit would be eligible to take their tax credit and purchase insurance on their own. They could also just take the money as a tax cut. The government would receive no oversight powers to where the money is spent.

And last but not least “herb”
I don’t think 100% of Healthcare should be paid by government. I believe that the government should only pay for catastrophic care. Then like Medicare each individual could purchase supplemental insurance from private carriers, thus keeping them in business. Once you remove the personal responsibility the system is far more prone to abuse.

He agrees with Turk 182 on the idea of removing the system of individual policies thereby removing the term pre-existing conditions.

Removing individual policies would remove the need for insurance companies to turn down pre-existing conditions.

I’d like to thank my loyal readers for sharing their ideas with me; I find it funny that no ideas even came from the left, so I have to assume they like the HR 3200 bill the way it is.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

More anti-Israel rhetoric from an Obama Advisor

Zbigniew Brzezinski Wikipedia

Unlike Van Jones who resigned over past comments and the controversy, this new advisor may have to back up on his recent public comments. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the mastermind of National Security under Jimmy Carter, is now one of Obama’s advisors on international affairs. We saw how well Carter handled affairs relating to Iran, and yet his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has not faded into obscurity, but rather into the limelight. In an interview with the Daily Beast website, he replied to the question,

How aggressive can Obama be in insisting to the Israelis that a military strike might be in America’s worst interest?We are not exactly impotent little babies. They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch?

He clarified his position farther

What if they fly over anyway?Well, we have to be serious about denying them that right. That means a denial where you aren’t just saying it. If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a Liberty in reverse. [Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty in international waters, off the Sinai Peninsula, during the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel later claimed the ship was the object of friendly fire.

The past security advisor clearly makes the point that he thinks Obama should confront Israeli planes if they decide to make a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear sites. These statements have left the American military with their collective mouths hanging open, as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "We will not dignify Brzezinski with a response."

This sort of position is nothing new for the Obama Administration as they have tried repeatedly to undermine the aim of the Israeli government, and the right to defend themselves against a country that wishes to “wipe them off the face of the earth.” Obama’s speech this week in the UN has been called the worst anti Israel diatribe from ANY US Official.

Obama has the need to not only “rule” over our country, but to dictate policy to our allies. These comments will certainly come to a head in the coming days. If Obama doesn’t want to appear as the bully here, maybe Brzezinski, should go on “tour” with Joe Biden every time he makes a major gaffe, or look into an old age home with Jimmy Carter for failed Democratic Presidents and advisors, rather than fanning the Israeli’s flames.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One City Council Understands

One City Council Understands
Kevin Bryant

Tomorrow evening between 5:00 & 7:00, there is a smoker going to be held in Raytown, MO. Many associate the term “smoker” with amateur boxing matches and that would be correct in most cases, but not this one. This one is being held in celebration of victory not only for small business owners, but a victory for freedom and liberty and the right of choice.

The Raytown city council voted 7 to 3 to uphold the rights of bar and restaurant owners to establish their own smoking regulations within their respective businesses so long as they fall within the guidelines established by the state.

For far too long in this country, the will of the few has been imposed on the will of the many. Growing up, I was taught verbally and by example that we are given choices in life and what we choose may or may not be what someone else chooses, but that does not make me right or them wrong.

Those that have been reading Al’s page for some time now have probably figured out that yes, I am a smoker. Like 99% of all smokers, I would not even consider smoking in someone’s home, in a place of business that caters to family or children, in a church or any other establishment that is could be deemed as offensive. I don’t even smoke in my own home. As a homeowner, I have the right to say if I want someone to be allowed to smoke or drink in my house, not the government. In my house, I have the right to allow someone to spend the night if I choose or throw them out, not the government. In my house, I dictate what station the TV is on or what radio station is being listened to, not some bureaucrat.

This is not about smoker’s rights though you may believe it is. This is about the rights of all. We have the right to choose where we shop, where we eat, what we eat, what we drink and how we live. We are not mandated by government to attend church or serve in the military. Law does not dictate that it is illegal for an adult to enjoy an occasional beer or even to drink a whole case in one afternoon so long as we obey the laws of drinking and driving or public intoxication and all other laws associated with the right to drink an alcoholic beverage.

I have stated this before and I still stand by my belief that government should not have the right to impose a smoking ban on any business that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to enter or is not considered a family friendly business. By that I mean, some place that would be deemed by any person of reasonable thinking capacity not an appropriate place to bring their children. I for one am glad smoking has been banned in most restaurants that get a majority of their money from the sale of food and not beverage. I’m glad I can walk into a movie theatre and not have to put up with someone getting hammered on jack and coke in the seats in front of me or behind me.

The will of the many more often than not, should matter more than the will of the few. The rights of business owners to dictate policy in their establishments should be upheld and not beaten down by some ideologist who would never set foot in that establishment regardless of some regulation being imposed or not. Good intentions do not always end with good results. Our country, our state and our local governments need to stop the practice of dictating based on the intent of the few.

If 99% of Americans have the ability to use common sense, why do we keep electing those to office who lack this basic ability?

Monday, September 21, 2009

It’s About Action, Not Race

It’s About Action, Not Race
Kevin Bryant

I’m a racist, you’re a racist, he’s a racist, she’s a racist, and wouldn’t you like to be a racist too.

If we are to believe the most recent comments made by Jimmy Carter: “Everyone opposing Barack Obama is basing their opposition on the fact that he is a black man”, or something like that then guess what, we are all racist. This would include blacks and every other minority in America who think differently from our President. Sticking strictly in accordance with Jimmy Carter’s analysis, then not only would it be possible for a black person to be racist against a black president based solely on race, it would be strictly factual and if it is factual and truthful, then I must be a racist against everyone in America who does not believe in abortion under any circumstance, every gay person who thinks they should get special treatment, every 9/11 truther, every vegetarian, every global warming (climate change) believer, everyone who does not support the military. Crap, I don’t always agree with my wife, my parents, my kids, my siblings……I must be racist against even my own family.

Former President Carter, here is some advice for you….pull your head out of your ____. The year is 2009, not 1849, 1899, 1929 or even 1969. Racism today exists on a very small scale and more often than not, it is fueled by those who would use race based ideology as a reason or excuse for a particular thought or action.

Only 12% of Americans….a whole whopping 12% believe that any animosity towards president Obama is based solely on race. Since President Obama is half black and half white but claims African American as his race, then that would mean that 2/3’s of his own race disagree with Jimmy Carter’s statement. Even if you add in those that said they don’t know or had no opinion, then still less than one half of his own race disagrees with Jimmy Carter’s statement. This even surprised me considering that just over 95% of Black Americans voted for Barack Obama. Now, if you want to see an example of racism, then the election would be a prime example of that. The media would have had a field day if 95% of all White Americans voted for John McCain.

Race based, quotas, exemptions, affirmative action, legislation, organizations…..everything should have died in the late 70’s and early 80’s. One of the main problems with America is that they didn’t die. Instead, they were supported by those in congress and community that saw race as a means to gain favor and wealth by keeping the fires of racism burning brightly.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King Jr

Americans, by large, get it and understand that is meant by Martin Luther King’s words and they practice them daily.

Next month it will be 4 years now that I have sat next to and work almost literally hand in hand with a black woman whom I call my friend. I have a daughter who in a couple of months will give birth to a half Mexican, half white - 100% MY granddaughter. I have another daughter who is currently living with her half Black, half Mexican girlfriend, partner or whatever they choose to call their relationship. Next door to me is a younger couple that I get along very well with who are vegetarians, Obama supporters and global warming believers. I have a really nice black family living a few doors down from me that I would give them the shirt off my back if they needed it or if they just wanted it. My son’s ex ex girlfriend of almost a year was black. The family living directly across the street is from southern Mexico and I have a great relationship with them. We all have different backgrounds, different heritages, different beliefs, live different lifestyles yet are family and friends and neighbors not based on the color of our skin but by our character.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

John Murtha has his own airport?

Johnstown, PA, just 57 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, has an airport. It’s not a small time municipal airport however. It is large enough to land any commercial size jet that is built, and has all the latest technology that federal money can buy. How come you have never heard of the “John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport?” Well, it only has 3 flights and 3 departures daily, oh and they only fly to and from Washington, D.C.

You are shaking your head, I can see you! Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), the king of pork-barrel spending is responsible for this state of the art airport. Congressional earmarks were responsible, but the real world calls this “pork,” plain and simple. The $200 million dollar facility was built entirely from “appropriations” from Congress, but even so "When the flights are coming in, there are people. Other than that, it's empty," said Scott Voelker, manager of the airport.

How can this airport make money? Who told you it has to? Each and every ticket purchased gets a $100 subsidy from the federal government! That’s right, because Murtha is too lazy to drive to the Pittsburgh airport, we the taxpayer, pay him $200 dollars for a round trip ticket to Washington, almost the same amount he spends to buy his ticket! Even as late as the Stimulus Plan, he has added additional funds, including resurfacing an $18 million dollar runway that never gets used.

He refuses to comment on this, I suppose because he doesn’t think that any of this is our business.

This isn’t a new story by any means, but it does have a lot to do with the latest claims of the Democrats who claim that they will get rid of “waste in government” as if waste belongs solely to the Republicans.

I am writing an article of how readers think the healthcare system can be fixed, so if you have a creative idea, email it to me, and I’ll publish it, along with other’s suggestions. If you can only criticize and not offer help, then you are part of the problem!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN now gives advice on premeditated murder?

The latest video from James O’Keefe shows an office in California whose ACORN councilor gives advice based on her experience as an “escort.” She admitted she was married to her pimp and he physically abused her on a regular basis. Where things took a dark turn is when she admitted to killing him for the past abuse.

Is it any wonder we see multiple violations of the law from this organization? Is it unusual to see willful violations of the law from founders who themselves violate the law? Is it surprising to see that a past trainer and lawyer for ACORN is not only running an active interference program for them, but saw fit to increase federal payments to them this year? Is it surprising that ACORN operates under over 100 different corporate names? Would it surprise you to know that ACORN’s “get out the vote” division has only supported Democratic candidates? Is it surprising to know that ACORN doesn’t see that supporting a candidate is not a conflict of interest while signing up voters at the same time?

Does it surprise you to know that ACORN has received over $53 million dollars since 1994 from taxpayer money? If that doesn’t surprise you, it should be no surprise then to find out that the Democratic Congress voted to increase the funding this year to $8.3 billion. Is it surprising to you that the two senators from Maryland Cardin and Mikulski support this organized crime unit known as Acorn? Does it surprise you to know that Senator Roland Burris (took Obama’s seat)(D-IL) voted to keep funding ACORN. Does it surprise you that Kirsten Gillibrand (took Hillary’s seat)(D-NY) voted to keep funding ACORN because “they have done so much good work in the past,” thereby rationalizing that the means justify the end. Would you be surprised to know that twin brothers operate ACORN, and SEIU, the labor union? Would you be surprised to know that almost all “Town Hall” meetings given by Democrats have used SEIU workers to run the events?

Would you be surprised to know that the IRS not only allows ACORN to do tax work but actually promotes them? Would it surprise you to know that when 8 high ranking employees questioned the motives of ACORN and where the money was going, they were shut out of the organization, and considered as just more “rogue employees?” Did it surprise you that the ACORN division of “get out the vote,” in many states has been accused of voter registration fraud? Would you be shocked to know that employees of ACORN have pleaded guilty to voter fraud? Does it shock you to see a Baltimore City prosecutor threaten to criminally charge the film maker because he actually recorded the voice along with the video, while in fact ACORN’s office was only 2 miles away from her office, and hadn’t had a license to even do business in Maryland since 2006? Would it surprise you to know that that same City Prosecutor campaigned for Obama for President? Is it shocking for you to know that John Conyers (D-MI) was told to drop an investigation of ACORN by “powers higher up,” when only two people would have been higher up, and that is Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Are these coincidences?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Kevin Bryant

When I was growing up, I loved watching sports; the Rams, Raiders, Dodgers, Royals, Dolphins and Steelers. My heroes from those teams are too many to mention. When I found an interest in history I added a few more; General Patton, General Bradley, Admiral Nimitz and as I started really understanding the government and the constitution, I added a couple more; President Reagan and Senators Zel Miller, Fred Thompson and David Pryor.

I know there are many other type of heroes out there that do extraordinary things for the betterment of man and country. My heroes are also those who serve honorably in our military to those who go out of their way to help a stranger. Heroes walk among us daily and many do not even know they are heroes in the eyes of others.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands who have joined my list of heroes but if you ask any one of them, they would not and do not see themselves as such. They are the men and women, liberal and conservative, black and white individuals who keep the spirit of freedom alive today and displayed that spirit this past weekend in Washington DC and cities across this nation.

I used to believe that there was no will stronger than the will of free men (and women). I now know that this is an inaccurate statement. I have since changed it to: There is no will stronger than the will of free men (and women) who know and understand that freedom isn’t free and know what the cost of freedom truly is.

The radical left in conjunction with the media would have you believe that these same people I call heroes are racist, bigots, homophobes and many things worse. They pray daily that patriotic Americans will grow tired of carrying on the fight for freedom and allow socialism to prevail. History is on the side of the radical left. Americans, by large, have only a short term memory of events that take place unless those events are life altering. History shows that causes and movements unless motivated by race or sexual orientation, live only for a short time and die without much of a fight.

My newest heroes, the moms and dads who have finally emerged from their shells to speak out against a government who consistently draws more power unto itself are changing history. The tea parties of April 09 was thought by many to be the beginning of the end for those who would dare challenge this president, this congress and this administration. Those being challenged hoped history would repeat itself and this would all come to a quiet end in a few months. My newest heroes have seen to it that not only are we still not willing to lay down and surrender but in fact have intensified our efforts to restore government back to the people, the one true place government rightfully belongs.

The politicians have yet to grasp the idea that the more they resist the will of mainstream Americans the harder mainstream America pushes back. We are a country made up from people of many countries. Many fled to this nation to escape tyranny and experience what freedoms we have come accustomed to and take for granted. Many have family members throughout multiple generations who have fought to preserve and some who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect those freedoms we take for granted. They know how important it is to fight for our way of life. They understand that the price of freedom has many times been paid in blood and will continue to be for as long as we continue to remain free.

I would much rather die a free man than live as a slave to the government.

I took a week off from work and went to South Dakota with my wife. Neither of us had ever seen the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower and other places around there. It was quite an experience and one that I will remember for a lifetime. On the way back, I stopped in a rest stop in Iowa around midnight to stretch my legs before that couple of hours drive to make it back home. While there, I came across a little free publication that I had never seen before and on the back of this publication is a quote that I think is worth sharing. I do not know the source of this quote but find it inspiring:

“The greatest want of the world is the want of men – men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baltimore City Attoney’s office to bring charges against ACORN prostitution filmmaker

Patricia Coats Jessamy, Baltimore City State Attorney and Obama supporter stated today that she is reviewing the facts to possibly press charges against film maker James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for illegally obtaining information pertaining to this alleged criminal behavior.

Jessemy is certainly no stranger to controversy as she hasn’t actively sought the death penalty in and Murder cases since 1998, even when Baltimore has one of the highest murder rates among cities in the United States. She has been accused more than once of being “soft on crime”, but now sees fit to expand her prejudicial involvement in the Obama campaign to slant a video from being a charge against an obvious criminal activity to a charge of “unlawful interception of an audio tape.” but mentioned nothing about the unlawful actions by the offending ACORN workers.

The City Prosecutor had this statement:
Baltimore, MD – September 11, 2009 – We have received inquiries from citizens and the media asking whether the Baltimore City State’s Attorneys Office would initiate a criminal investigation for acts allegedly committed at ACORN offices located in Baltimore. The only information received in reference to this alleged criminal behavior was a YouTube video. Upon review by this office, the video appears to be incomplete. In addition, the audio portion could possibly have been obtained in violation of Maryland Law, Annotated Code of Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article §10-402, which requires two party consent.If it is determined that the audio portion now being heard on YouTube was illegally obtained, it is also illegal under Maryland Law to willfully use or willfully disclose the content of said audio. The penalty for the unlawful interception, disclosure or use of it is a felony punishable up to 5 years.

Please take note of the use of the word “alleged.” This totally cracks me up!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks ACORN for making Baltimore look stupid AGAIN!

As if Baltimore didn’t look stupid enough with all the charges against Sheila Dixon, enter ACORN who gives advice on how to claim prostitution as a legal business. When is enough, enough? This year John Conyers dropped an investigation into the business practices of ACORN amidst pressure from “above.”

But today’s expose’ from undercover operatives from certainly bring attention to the once hot subject of the government’s sponsorship of the community group ACORN. James O’Keefe and his 20 year old accomplice had tried many different times to present their case of not being able to get a home loan to open a brothel to many different people, to be thrown out of many different places, until they met the Baltimore branch of ACORN!

Not only did they receive expert advice on how to properly code the “prostitutes” occupation to avoid government scrutiny, they also received expert advice on how to handle underage prostitutes from El Salvador. The answer was simple, claim them as dependants!

I’m sure Scott Levinson, National Spokesman for ACORN would declare yet more “rogue employees” have ruined ACORN’s reputation. ACORN prays on the poor (minimum wage employees) to do the dirty work of the Democratic Party, then when an investigation comes up, they throw the underlings under the bus! Big surprise! The man that used to train them does the same thing now! Barack Obama was the trainer for ACORN when he was a community organizer. This explains why they have escaped unscathed up until now!

This idiot from ACORN did the math in her head……….she needs a calculator. $8000 a month equals $9600 a year, and you could deduct at least $7000 a year in expenses! Damn I want that job! Let me sign her up to do my taxes!

When will this country wake up and DEMAND a full investigation and audit into the affairs of ACORN, and remove the federal funds that currently go to them along with the power to do the 2010 census? This is the very group that our President trained as a “community organizer”!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tonight's speech will be a showdown among Democrats

There is so much infighting between Democrats now about Healthcare Reform; it almost rivals the battles elsewhere. Thankfully, Congress took a break before voting on HR 3200 this summer, giving the public a chance to voice their opinions on its passage.

The largest sticking point is insurance coverage for people who can’t afford any care. As it stands right now, those peoples treatment are forced to be absorbed by any hospitals that receive federal funds. The plan is to shift that responsibility to the public by the way of taxes.

President Obama claims he will cover an additional 47 million people by cutting waste, but a lot of people seem to feel he will cover those additional people by cutting corners. Many people know that the “public option” will be nothing more than a government run HMO, and they don’t want it.

There are too many things in HR 3200 that are items TBD (to be determined) at a later date. These non- specific things don’t bode well with an American public that doesn’t trust the government in the first place. They don’t like things that will be decided by a panel or a commissioner that has yet to be named. They don’t like the idea that the government never starts a self sustaining program. The past history of programs the government started include Social Security, bankrupt……..Medicare, bankrupt……Medicaid, bankrupt……….USPS, bankrupt………Amtrak, bankrupt. These programs/takeovers, or whatever you want to call them need a constant infusion of money, OUR money, through taxes. Intelligent voters know that this Healthcare Reform will be no exception; it will require a constant flow of subsidized funds.

The government has never run a successful business; thusly they never have a business plan. If we were to look at the government in a true business sense, and we were a bank loan officer, would a logical loan officer keep loaning money to a group with this many business failures? Of course they wouldn’t it would be suicide to the bank.

Every time we don’t propose a self sustaining program we increase the national debt into the future without proposing a budget for those years the money will be needed. Figures as of right now BEFORE Healthcare Reform stand at $13 trillion dollars. We now pay $100 billion dollars every 5 weeks in interest alone. We can’t handle this spending, and the Obama Administration has admitted that this trend is “unsustainable.”

Tonight’s speech is to the voters and not to the legislators. Once again the President will attempt to present the program another way. Mr. President the problem isn’t how it’s presented; it’s the wording of the bill, and the cost down the road.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

If this is reality TV, I want to vote another czar from the island

I laughingly watch TV, as I see a totally inexperienced President take advice from equally moronic White House staffers. The latest debacle involving Van Jones is but one more embarrassment to an already ridiculous situation.

Van Jones stated in his resignation, that it was a “smear campaign” that brought him down? I suppose the next thing we hear will be how his words were just tiny snippets taken out of context.

Some people say that van Jones wasn’t properly “vetted”, but that claim is truly laughable. Because Van Jones was appointed to his position and not someone who was a cabinet appointee, no in depth investigation was made by the FBI on his background. In fact only a criminal background check was done on Van Jones. If you believe that President Obama didn’t know about his background you would have to have your head in the sand.

Even a lowly reporter like me can do a Google search on Van Jones and see his criminal, communist, radical leanings. Now if our President claims he didn’t know, it makes him na├»ve, stupid, or incompetent, none of which makes him worthy of his position.

I don’t think President Obama is any of those things, I think the appointment of Van Jones was a very calculated move. Obama appointed this man to use him to advance policy agenda. If it went unchallenged and Obama’s move to socialize the eco area of our economy was successful, he would then have claimed that it was HIS idea, and that was what America needed. On the other hand if it was unsuccessful, and the motives of Van Jones were questioned, Obama would just throw him under the bus like so many before him.

So in essence Obama has used yet another person in his quest, while claiming his innocence, escaping once more unscathed.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Unemployment continues to climb despite government intervention

Joe Biden praying his spin works this time

While Joe Biden was declaring that the Stimulus Plan is working and we are “saving jobs”, the new unemployment figures came out. Unfortunately for Joe there are no figures that can prove “saved jobs”, and at best all he can do is spin bad news into good. The unemployment figures topped 9.7% this week, but only reports part of the problem.

It is common knowledge that unemployment among minorities is usually double the advertised national unemployment rates. Also unreported is the “under employment rate”, meaning people who are accepting much shorter hours, or part time work in place of the full time work. That figure also is double the national advertised rate of unemployment.

If we calculate these figures into the mix the advertised rate becomes staggeringly high.
Spin the Stimulus Plan any way you wish Joe, but the figures don’t lie, and your boss told us his main agenda in the $800 billion plan was to supply jobs, and so far his actions haven’t fixed a thing, only made them worse.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Will parents keep their kids home on Sept 8th?

On September 8,2009 President Barack Obama will hold a speech that will be broadcast directly to the pre-k through 12th grade public school system, from the White House website. This raises a few questions on its own, but the announcement that President Obama wants teachers to hand out questionnaires to make the speech a form of interaction, raises the hairs on the back of the neck from all conservative parents. Maybe if President Obama didn’t have such a clear record of lying, this wouldn’t be a problem.

The questions that are coming from this type of “interaction” are obvious. Will this be a simple case of the President teaching the principles of civics, or will this be something far more sinister? Parents are questioning the role of politics in the educational process. We already know the left wing slant to the teaching profession, and now this. What will children this age extract from this speech? Probably nothing, let’s face it, at that age all we heard from adults was blah, blah, blah. But the questionnaire is something entirely different.

Civics classes on how the system works is one thing, but a slant one way or the other in the form of politics is totally unacceptable. I am curious as to what the interaction will be in the form of the questionnaires. What questions will be asked, what type of propaganda will be used?

I’m with the rest of the conservatives on this one, if I had children that age, I’d keep them from school that day, I’d call and tell them my child is sick, sick of the Obama indoctrination, sick of the Obama overexposure, sick of the whole Administration. Indoctrination of our children is unacceptable. I wonder how this indoctrination plays into the plan of the “volunteer” student servitude, and also the “civilian force.”

These programs are starting to fall together into predictable patterns. If there is a separation of church and state, why isn’t there a separation of school and state?

Is this the aim of President Obama?

Or maybe this?

Update: the questionnaire for 7th to 12th grade level

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The top 5 lies of Healthcare Reform

Lie #1: 'You Keep Your Doctor, You Keep Your Insurer'

This is a complete fabrication.
Under plans Obama has backed in the House and the Senate, almost any business can opt their employees into the "public option" — the government health plan. That means you could lose your insurer. And if your doctor is worth his salt, you'll lose him or her as well. Even if you decide to change your private insurance, you can’t. The minute you opt out of private insurance, for any reason you will now be in the “public option”, where you will NOT be allowed to pick your doctor, basically a government run HMO. The plan of the Administration is to get rid of private insurance by attrition. Great doctors probably will not want to get the very low rates the government will pay private doctors who are part of the new government system.
So, without your consent, you very easily could lose your insurer and your doctor.

Lie #2: The Elderly Will Not Face Rationing or Medicare Cuts

More fabrications.
In fact, just last week, The New York Times, a very liberal and very pro-Obama newspaper, admitted that fears of rationing for elderly patients are "not irrational." The truth is that Obamacare would almost 50 million new patients to government care. Who would pay for it. You would! Seniors on Medicare will be the first hit.

Here's what the Times reported: "Bills now in Congress would squeeze savings out of Medicare, a lifeline for the elderly, on the assumption that doctors and hospitals can be more efficient." In fact the government already has in place a price freeze to doctors on Medicare pay, each 4 years the doctors absorb a 40% loss due to increasing costs. There is already a loss of doctors who practice Geriatric Medicine, Healthcare Reform will only make the problem worse. Faceless bureaucrats will decide the type and quality of your care. It is a very dangerous thing to give your life and well-being over to government bureaucrats!

Imagine if you or a loved one is older than 80 years and critically needs heart surgery. Instead of getting the heart procedure, you or that loved one could be informed that you are simply too old.

Lie #3: There Will Be No "Death Panels."

More lies.
Sure, they don't call them "death panels" in the legislation, but that's what their job will be. These committee members will set guidelines with which faceless bureaucrats will make decisions about you and your healthcare. They will decide who lives and who dies. They decide who gets critical procedures and expensive medicines. Again, according to the New York Times, the Democratic plans call for saving money by creating new oversight committees.

The Times says that Medicare and insurers would be expected to follow "advice from a new federal panel of medical experts on 'what treatments work best.'"

Again, this very liberal paper concluded: "The zeal for cutting health costs, combined with proposals to compare the effectiveness of various treatments and to counsel seniors on end-of-life care, may explain why some people think the legislation is about rationing, which could affect access to the most expensive services in the final months of life."

Lie #4: The Obama Plan Contains Costs
More fabrications.
The Obama plan will cost more than $1 trillion in new federal outlays, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
This past weekend, Sen. Joe Lieberman claimed that most of this cost comes from adding 50 million people, currently uninsured, to the government health system. But as Lieberman pointed out, we just don't have the money to do this right now. You can add only so many people to the government system by cutting medical care to seniors on Medicare and raising taxes. Democrats clearly plan to do both.

Lie #5: Illegals Are Not Covered by Obamacare

President Obama has stated time and again that illegal aliens are not covered under his new plan.
Still, Democrats say they want to add almost 50 million uninsured. Yet almost one-quarter of these uninsured are illegal aliens. None of the Democratic plans excludes illegal aliens.
In fact, when Republicans proposed an amendment to the House plan to block illegals from getting free government healthcare, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her minions soundly defeated the motion.