Friday, July 31, 2009

The Flames of Hate

The Flames of Hate
Kevin Bryant

How come we never hear about African – Canadians or Mexican – Canadians? Have you ever heard of an African – Englishman? No, How about an African – Spaniard? Slavery at one time was common practice in England, Canada and Spain as well as here in the United States. No one speaks of the history of slavery or segregation in those countries. Why is that?

I believe that if Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be ashamed of what became of his dream for America. Had he lived, it is highly likely that the term African – American would not be part of the politically correct culture today. His dream was for a nation united by all people existing as one regardless of race.

Does bigotry and racism exist today? Of course it does. It exists wherever multiple cultures and races co-exist. Is everyone a racist? No, there are many, especially those born in the 1950’s and later who do not hold embrace racist thoughts or beliefs and try to live by the principals that MLK brought forth.

The United States was not the last country to abolish slavery. Slavery existed in Asia and India until around the early 1900’s but you never hear of problems of race in those regions. In many places on earth, they are living the Martin Luther King dream. Back here in the U.S., that dream is still being ripped apart today. Racial hatred is being taught on college campuses, taught in our prison systems, in our public schools. It’s fueled by the existence of the NAACP, KKK, LaRazza, ACORN and other like groups. It’s used for profit by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others. It invades our daily lives by the existence of laws such as hate crimes legislation, Miss Black America pageant, Black Entertainment Television. We see it in the news by way of Latino anti-immigration law protest, gays attacking black and white churches after California Proposition 8 failed.

We see it in the news that certain minority communities demand more police patrol their neighborhoods to help curb violence and then community activist complain about racial profiling because minorities are being pulled over and arrested. The only good all this really does is continue to fan the flames of racism.

So long as there is money to be made from racial divisions, there will always be racial divisions here in the U.S. So long as there are people who are willing to turn out to see those who preach or teach hatred and racism, the fires will continue to burn bright. So long as we keep electing those to office that appeal to or play along racial lines over those of moral clarity, there will be racism.

What I am about to say is certainly not PC but accurate in every way. Racial tensions in this country mainly exist because liberal blacks and latinos refuse to integrate into the mainstream and embrace equality. Most whites have let go past racial hatred, but that does not seem to be the norm in the liberal black community. We all need to recognize that equality exists and all our futures are what we choose to make it. We need to quit lowering the bar to allow for more inclusiveness. Equal opportunity means just what is says. Everyone is based solely on their own merits and accomplishments. I got to where I am because of hard work and nothing else. I most certainly was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and in fact, growing up my family was worse off than those existing on welfare today yet my parents didn’t believe in government handouts. They qualified for them but the only one they accepted was the school free lunch program. So no one can look me in the eye and tell me that poverty blocks someone’s ability to advance him or her self. There is no “man” keeping anyone down. The current “man” happens to be named Barack Obama and he is the President of the United States. You don’t get any more powerful than that in this country. Time for excuses is over.

We no this will not happen those because the hate promoters out there will not allow it. My fear is that someday very soon, the flames of hatred are going to be fanned to the point where America is going to look like late 50’s and early 60’s Mississippi, Alabama, Los Angeles and Detroit.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Health-care reform czar?

Dr. Jack Kervorkian
Maybe some remember this infamous Doctor, and maybe some don’t, he was the poster child for planned suicide, a doctor that assisted patients in euthanasia. He was imprisoned and has served his term, less time for good behavior. He may now figure into the Health-care reform as hidden in the health-care reform starting on page 424 and continuing to page 430.

It seems that as many seniors look forward to going into Medicare to have a large portion of your healthcare paid for, and to enjoy your later years. The Administration looks at that portion of your life very differently. Starting at age 65 and then again every five years, the government mandate will force you to talk to your general practitioner about “end of life directives.” To talk about living wills, final directives and end stage care. This goes hand in hand with the rest of the reform, where the elderly will be treated as second class citizens, and treatment will be denied based on monetary concerns only, viewing the elderly as a group of diminishing returns.

Betsy McCaughey, a former New York state officer, commenting on the bill said this, “ As a patient advocate I am so shocked at the vicious assault on elderly people and the boomer generation. I hope people listening will protect their parents from what is intended under this bill."

This is way too creepy to even comprehend, my mind goes back to the 60’s movie Soylent Green with Charlton Heston…..look it up, it’s coming to a house near you!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Crystal Tears

Ice Crystal Tears
Kevin Bryant

Canadian Astronaut Bob Thirsk reported on July 27th that he is saddened by what he sees from space. Since his last mission 12 years ago, he believes that the polar ice caps have melted as a result of man’s destructive behavior.

Bob is absolutely correct about the caps and global warmist believers are going to spoon feed you this type of stuff all day long. Unfortunately, no one is going to tell you the rest of the story.

We all know the earth started heating up in the 80’s after a rather cool 60’s and 70’s. Remember the 70’s and the global freeze scare? We were all supposed to be buried in ice right now according to the lunatic fringe expert alarmist. So what happened? We quit using certain types of aerosol propellants and certain refrigerants that were having harmful effects on the ozone and the earth “healed” itself. Now I have no doubts that it was beneficial for the planet to change these items but what overall effect did it have?

Once the 80’s rolled around, the temperatures started climbing and the world rejoiced because we were saved from the coming ice age. But the temperatures didn’t stop climbing until 1998. That was the second hottest year on earth.

What happens when you take ice out of the freezer and place it in a drink? It starts to melt. The same thing happens to the polar ice caps. Earth heats up and ice melts. 1998 was 1 year after Bob Thirsk’s last mission into space. Since that time the earth has cooled some ¾ of a degree and continues to go down. The last time Bob saw the ice caps from space, he was on the warming side of what was happening. If course there would be less ice today, that was 12 years ago. Earth had a good 10+ years to warm up before you saw it. But I’ll bet there is no evidence that there is less ice than what was there on this date in 2005 or 06 or even 07. The earth this year alone is setting records for coolest May, June and July’s in more than 50 years. What do you think the odds will be that there is more ice at the caps on February 28th of 2010 than there was on February 28th 2009?

A 2007 study of the artic ice cap showed that 13 billion acres of ice melted during the summer of 2006. This set global warming alarmist into a panic mode. This part of the study made front page news. What many papers left out completely or buried as a last paragraph on the back page to this story was that 14 billion acres of ice formed in the winter of 2006 / 2007 resulting in a net plus of 1 billion acres of ice.

In 2008, a program ran on PBS about rampant ice melting on the western part of the Antarctic and things were continuing to deteriorate. They didn’t say anything about the eastern half where ice was actually growing at the time. They also quite conveniently showed footing from the middle to the end of the hottest period of the year and not throughout the year.

We hit our peak in temps in 1998 for this cycle and temperatures are cooling but why can’t people seem to get the idea that the earth heats up and cools down. How else to you explain evidence of sea creature fossils in Missouri as well as scarring from multiple moving ice shelves. Perhaps when our tears turn to ice crystals before they hit the ground while walking along the frozen tundra of Florida, perhaps then people will shut up about global warming.

Will common sense ever return or is it dead and gone forever?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Preferential Bias versus Racism

This past week has underlined the problem of Racism yet again in the arrest of a prominent Harvard professor by an equally accomplished Police Officer who was not only trained in racial matters but actually teaches other police officers about racial profiling and how to properly deal with different racial cultures.

Basically this boils down to eyewitness reports, and past reputations of each person involved. Regardless of what happened, I’m sure that little doubt exists that the situation escalated from a black/white preferential bias. The Police Commissioner of Cambridge who is black, had hand- picked Sgt. Crowley to train new recruits because of his ability to grasp the issues of tension between blacks and whites, and did so calmly, in high tension situations. Sgt. Leon Lashley, a fellow officer who so happens to be black, who was present during the confrontation and subsequent arrest, recalls that Professor Gates reaction to Sgt. Crowley was "a little bit stranger than it should have been." When asked if Sgt Crowley was correct to arrest Gates, Lashley said yes “100% correct.”

I have absolutely no doubt had all the people involved been either all black, or all white, that the incident would not have spiraled so wildly out of control. The larger question here is why? Is it because African Americans can’t relate to whites and vice versa? If that is the case, again the question is, why? Was the situation driven by frustration on the Professor’s part? Was the situation driven by a problem with authority, and if that was the case, was it accelerated by the fact the officer was white? If so, again the question is, why? Does Professor Gates have an anger problem that was accelerated because of frustration?

Only the people involved can answer these questions, but the underlying issue is what makes African-Americans and whites so adversarial? We all have preferential biases…EVERYONE! Circumstances and experiences in our lives form the biases we have, they form who we are.
When I say preferential bias, I don’t mean racism, I mean the things we like to do, the friends we keep, the places we live, the sports we like. We PREFER something, and because of the preference we become biased. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is one of the things that makes our country great. The problem is when our preferences interfere into someone else’s space. When our bias affects someone else’s life, the border has been crossed.

We are a country of personal freedoms, and with that will always come problems. When the amount of preferential bias interferes with the lives of others some interpret that to be racism. Although bias is a personal choice, and our country is known for heralding that freedom, it doesn’t mean we should choose those people to govern us or make our laws. Our leaders, judges, and law makers should be held to a higher standard. Sometime we didn’t see the true extent of that person’s bias when we voted for them. One of the great things about our country is that when we make voting mistakes, we can fix them in the next election.

To bridge those large gaps we need to put aside things of the past. Let’s admit it, nobody alive was a slave, and nobody was a slave trader. Let’s put this argument aside, and then remove the very things that separate us…..the BIAS. This is the generation that elected an African-American President for god sake! Let’s rid our country of affirmative action, let’s throw the chains of “aggressor/victims” aside, and give everyone an even playing field. Then and only then can the healing and understanding begin.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Head of Federal Racial Profiling?

Barack Obama has yet once again waded into the judicial waters by claiming that a white police sergeant, who has been trained in the sensitivities of racial strife, and in fact trains younger officers on the differences between cultures. Cambridge, Massachusetts Sgt. James Crowley, responded to a burglary call, that two black men were breaking into a home, one with a knapsack.

Upon arriving at the scene, one Henry Louis Gates Jr. who happens to be a friend of Barack Obama, was struggling with a sticking door. Sgt Crowley at first asked Gates for identification to which he refused and then flew into a rage, screaming about racism. This escalated into Gates screaming on his porch which in fact constitutes “disorderly conduct,” which he was arrested for even after his identity was later confirmed.

Sgt. Crowley was hand- picked for his position by a black police commissioner Ronnie Watson. Tuesday charges were dropped by the district attorney’s office, leaving Crowley at the mercy of accusational remarks by Gov. Deval Patrick, and Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons, who both happen to be black. As if this wasn’t bad enough President Barack Obama inserted his two cents into the mix from long distance without knowing the circumstances. His formal denouncement reads like this….

"I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry," Obama said. "No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. 3 — what I think we know separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."

To make such a statement, without knowing the facts of the case only serves to show Barack Obama’s racial remarks, and defense of a friend at any cost. The Governor and the Mayor show their lack of knowledge of the law, and the definition of “disorderly conduct.” The action of all three officials shows true racial bias, and only serves to divide our country and not the healing that our President talked about in the campaign.

Would this be a story at all if the police officer were white?..............I think not, in fact Mr. Gates would have probably been cordial to the officer had he been black, so now who is the racist?

Update and commentary:

On Thursday night it was reported that Obama had not apologized for his remarks but instead offered an excuse for Gates’s behavior, by assuming that there were “words exchanged”, even though Obama had not talked to Gates after the incident. President Obama, your comments are racial on their own. Your Presidency has done nothing to bridge racism, but it HAS served to divide the races farther than they have been in the past. Fixing racism doesn’t just mean replacing a white face with a black face, it has everything to do with the respect of one race for another and working to bridge the hurtful past of oppression. In this regard sir you have failed miserably. The police officer you castigated in public without even knowing the details, probably knows more about “race issues” then a privileged black lawyer who was a community organizer from Chicago.

Where’s My Sign

Where’s My Sign
Kevin Bryant

Gee Mr. President, your administration is so transparent, it’s just amazing. Are you using Windex? Where’s My Sign?

I’m so glad this administration and congress keeps all those bills short and use plain language so that we all have time read and understand them before congress votes on them. Where’s My Sign?

1.5 Million jobs saved by this administration. You ARE the man. Where’s My Sign?

I just don’t understand why those pesky conservatives can’t see that cap & trade is good for the economy and the environment. Where’s My Sign?

Having Czars is a wonderful idea. Why should the American public know what is going on. We are all too stupid to know what is best for America. Where’s My Sign?

ObamaCare is a long overdue. Why should the elderly have access to health care anyway. Living only 20 years after having hip replacement isn’t enough time to really enjoy it. Where’s My Sign?

What!?! Americans are starting to question you…….How Dare They!!!! Where’s My Sign?

Closing Gitmo was a wonderful idea. We should make all the prisoners there American citizens and the world will love us for our compassion. Where’s My Sign?

I’m so thankful that I have you and the congress to spend most of the money I earn. I could never make the same type of intelligent choices on how to spend it that you can. Where’s My Sign?

We need to pay more taxes. America should be leading the world in how much we spend on our government instead of being only third in the world. Where’s My Sign?

Joe said not a penny of the stimulus money would be wasted on his watch and you know what…..I believe him. Where’s My Sign?

We need more justices like Sotomayor and Ginsburg. Where’s My Sign?

Bigger government and smaller cars is just what America needs. Where’s My Sign?

Those making less than $250,000 a year will not see single penny more in taxes under my plan. How could we be so blessed? Where’s My Sign?

When are people going to wake up? When is the majority going to see that this administration believes that the population in general is so dumb that we lack the capacity to think for ourselves and have even less capability to make decisions for ourselves? America became the greatest country on earth not because of our government but in spite of it. We became the industrial leaders of the world because of free enterprise. We didn’t need government regulations and we certainly didn’t need government intervention to get there.

I am not a conspiracy theorist but I think I finally am starting to see what exactly the driving force behind this administration is. I honestly think Obama is using the community organizers handbook to create a situation that is so grave in the minds of the population that we would be willing to forgo the Constitution in order to gain our prosperity back. I believe that many would be willing to do this in spite of the fact that it would lead to even greater federal government control over our lives and would virtually make state governments useless and obsolete.

Our nation’s prosperity came as a result of the Constitution. Throughout the 1900 and up to today, our country has been slowly declining as we have moved further away from individual and state’s rights. All the while, that power and control we have lost has been seized by the federal government and we are now seeing them use that same power against the population.

Our population is usually divided along financial lines, upper, middle and lower class, as defined by income. The Obama administration wants to erase this and have a two class system. The elite, those who have power money and influence would be one class. The other being those dependent upon government for their own existence. This is nothing more than divide and conquer. Once you eliminate the middle class, it only leaves the other two. So, while promising great things to the biggest portion of the population (the middle class) behind the cameras and curtains, you stab the same people in the back once you have used them to get elected.

Obama’s future for America, look no further than life in Russia in the 1700 & 1800’s. A duel class population where the elite ruled the country for centuries. Only this one has a more modern day twist to it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Non Story

A Non Story
Kevin Bryant

This little non story has been irritating me all weekend long. Though I found it interesting to read about, it’s really nothing. I just feel compelled to throw my two cents in on it.

A little known and almost completely buried story surfaced last week. This story is about Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook. He received ordered to deploy to Afghanistan and filed a suit against in civil court to have those order revoked on the basis that Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore can not serve as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

According to Cook’s attorney, Orly Taitz, a motion was filed on behalf of Major Cook requesting conscientious objector status for his client. The basis for this claim was that the orders were illegal and therefore if he does serve overseas under those orders, then he is in violation of committing war crimes and is subject to prosecution for such crimes even if he sees no direct action. Orly Taitz has unsuccessfully tried to challenge Obama’s claim to the White House before.

What makes this case interesting but not news worthy is the fact that Major Cook is part of the Inactive Army Reserve and requested orders to temporary active status.

Though my military ID card states “retired”, I am not really retired as of yet. I am in Inactive Navy (Fleet) Reserve status. This means that I am subject to active duty recall if the Navy gets authorization from the President to activate those in my type of status. This also means that I can request temporary assignment for up to 1 year on active duty is I so elect. With bad shoulders, back and totally shot knees, there is no way they would allow me to serve on active duty but I still have the right to apply and seek a waiver if I so choose.

Major Cook also had the right to request his petition for temporary active status be cancelled. Since the President has not granted the Army the power of involuntary recall, Major Cook’s request for withdraw of his original request would have been granted without anyone batting at eyelash or thinking twice of it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extreme staunch supporter of the military and of those who serve, even though I do not agree with all the policies and procedures. However, in this case, I think Major Cook embarrassed himself, the United States Army and pretty much insulted every person today serving on active duty as well as active and inactive reserve. Regardless of personal political views, he swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States as well as follow the orders of the President and the officers appointed over him. He swore that he took the oath freely without hesitation or reservation. I would not want to serve with this man or be in the same command as him. I most certainly would not want to be subjected to working for him.

Major Cook should have followed procedure and requested his application for active duty be cancelled. In the less than 1% chance his request would not have been approved, then he should have submitted the resignation of his commission as an officer, requested to be released from inactive reserve status and only afterwards, if one or both were not approved, then file a petition in court.

Regardless of his, mine or anyone’s political views, President Obama is the Commander–in–Chief until officially removed from office. As a member in any form of the United States military, we are all bound to follow the orders given to us. We all took some version of the same oath and all freely swore that we took it without coercion.

Major Cook, you did not follow procedures, you went outside of your chain-of-command and in my opinion, you dishonored all those who serve by refusing the very orders you requested and you embarrassed the military as a whole. I know I would not want to serve with you and I now I seriously doubt anyone in uniform would.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Do YOU Fear Obama?.....Part 2

This is without a doubt the most eloquent description of how I feel.......what is your opinion?

By JB Williams Friday, July 17, 2009

Defending the Constitution is not always a Peaceful Event
The people who want to destroy the United States have just as much at stake as those who want to save her. They have worked a very long time to push the USA to the brink of collapse. They intend to finish the job, one way or another.

You can’t figure out why no member of congress or the courts will be the first to ignite civil war by challenging this evil cabal?—Think!

If Americans won’t let leftists have their country, the left will burn it and leave it in ruins. There is no peaceful way out of the corner leftists have placed Americans in… Congress, the courts, even the military brass and law enforcement, will do nothing to save this country. The state run media complex is running interference. The American people are on their own here…

Push is Coming to Shove
The seating of Judge Sotomayor on the Supreme Court bench is a significant event. She’s anti-life, anti-gun, anti-white, anti-American and anti- peace, just like the people who chose her. She was appointed by a usurper of the Constitution. Republicans have no power to stop her, even if they want to. What do you think that means for the future of American justice?

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has already labeled every American willing to fight for the flag and the Constitution, a “right-wing extremist” and a “potential domestic terrorist.” Every local, county, state and federal law enforcement agency, as well as every state run media outlet, has been put on the lookout for these types of “subversives.” Any guesses why?

Still the Supreme Court, congress, the CIA, FBI and the DOD, sit silent. What do they know that you don’t?

They all know that the election of Barack Hussein Obama amounts to a silent coup of the United States of America. But they do nothing… Why?—Come on… think!

Do YOU Fear Obama?
You should, because it’s clear that the most powerful people in this country do.
Half of the people you expect to stop this insanity are quiet co-conspirators in the silent coup. The other half is paralyzed by fear, motivated only by political self-preservation.
Americans keep asking what they can do because they see that none of their leaders are doing anything to stop the demise of their beloved country. It’s the right question, because those leaders are NOT going to stop this thing.

Who will save Freedom?
A brave few… This is how it was in the beginning, how it has always been and how it will be.
Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, who has filed criminal charges of “treason” against Barack Obama, but has found no court or prosecutor ready to uphold the Constitution.

Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, who refused recall and deployment orders, from a fraudulent Commander-in-Chief, only to have the DOD revoke those orders so that Obama would not have to answer his charges in court. Then the DOD forced his private sector employer to fire him from his civilian job in a Martial act of retaliation.

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Carroll D. Childers and Lt. Col. David Earl Graeff, who have joined the growing group of military officers demanding proof of Obama’s eligibility to command the US Military.
Longtime liberal New York radio talker Lynn Samuels, who has accused Obama of lying about his birth certificate.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the first employee of the state run media complex to recently decide that the mounting evidence against Obama is just too much to ignore any longer.

Former Marine and U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, the first US Judge to accept his oath to uphold the Constitution, stating… “The country needs to know if Mr. Obama is legitimate, if he can legitimately stay in the White House.”

Orly Taitz, Phil Berg and Gary Kreep, all of whom have made defending the Constitution and the American way of life a personal ambition, in the absence of any constitutional leadership.

Carl Swensson has formed Citizen Grand Juries across the country which have brought Grand Jury criminal indictments against Obama.

And state legislature after state legislature is moving to reclaim state sovereignty and rights under the 10th Amendment, restating 2nd Amendment rights along the way, all of it positioning the states to defend their citizens against an increasingly belligerent Fed.

A precious few, but they exist… and the walls are indeed closing in on Obama and his evil cabal. If the American people fail to get behind these brave few who are seeking peaceful redress, all peaceful options will evaporate as if they never existed. We will return to a pre-1776 America overnight.

Obama could have ended all of this months ago by simply being the “transparent” leader he promised to be. The reason Obama has not done so is, he can’t. He does not qualify and cannot provide adequate proof that he does. When the pressure to provide proof reaches a level that can no longer be ignored, he will fail to pass the test. He knows it, and so do his co-conspirators.
This means that sooner or later, he’s going down in history as the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and the world. It also means that all of his co-conspirators have a very serious problem as well… Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Emanuel, all of them…

The End Game
The clock is ticking… Which bomb explodes first?
Obama and Co. are rushing to force Americans into a corner where they will not be able to afford to fight back. Patriots are rushing to fight back before Obama removes the ability to fight back.
No matter which clock ticks down first, this thing is going to blow. There are patriots in this country who are prepared to fight and die for the Constitution and Freedom. But there are also many in this country who are equally ready to kill for Obama and his Marxist agenda. Neither side is going to walk away from the coming battle…

Freedom may be lost in America, but it won’t go down without a fight. Likewise, the left may be defeated, but they won’t walk away without a blood bath… They think they have the American people on their knees already. They won’t let up until forced to let up. They have made this very clear… If I post reader comments from this column, you will see what I see daily.

Marxists established control of academia, the press and the courts years before establishing filibuster-proof control of congress and unfettered control of the executive branch. Obama has appointed more unelected Czars in thirty days than the Soviet Union did in thirty years.
There is only ONE End Game...

Obama and Pelosi have removed any possibility for peaceful resolution. The courts are the forum for peaceful resolution and the courts are missing in action on the matter. Congress is the place for peaceful resolution, but the left is not seeking any form of resolution, nor will they even allow the opposition a voice.

When no peaceful option is allowed, what options remains?
The time to stand and be counted is coming. The left will take no prisoners. American patriots are running out of options and out of time to act.

Internal conflict is a foregone conclusion now. The stage has been set, the battle lines drawn, the forces assembled. It just hasn’t reached a level of unbridled violence yet. The only thing that is not certain is what kind of America emerges from the conflict on the backside of the coming violence.

Will the anti-American left outnumber and overpower the American patriots, or will American patriots and freedom prevail?

The answer to this question will soon be written in history. The rest has already been written…
I pray for my country, my fellow patriots, for freedom and liberty and for justice. The time has come again, for all good men to come to the aid of their nation. Freedom has never been free and the bill has come due again…

I pray that enough American patriots remain, ready to do what must be done.

But it’s all just my opinion, and today, I’d love to be wrong!

JB Williams can be reached at:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do YOU Fear Obama?.....Part 1

This is without a doubt the most eloquent description of how I feel.......what is your opinion?

By JB Williams Friday, July 17, 2009

Since the most powerful people in America fear the wrath of Obamanation, maybe you should too! They are indeed a dangerous bunch, after all…

Every member of the Supreme Court, every member of congress, every member of the Joint Chiefs, most members of the DOD, CIA, FBI, Secret Service and state run media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, Fox and print news, knows that Barack Hussein Obama does NOT meet Article II – Section I constitutional requirements for the office he holds. By his own biography, there is NO way he can pass the test. The hard evidence is so far beyond overwhelming, it is ridiculous.

But not ONE member of America’s most powerful people will dare confront Obama and his anti-American cabal on the subject. The Constitution does NOT stand. Do you think there is no reason for this?

The Basic Facts

Barack Hussein Obama is foreign born, period (Kenya)
Regardless of his birth place, his parents had foreign loyalties (strike 2)
He has foreign loyalties, demonstrated in every policy decision (strike 3)
He’s not Christian, but Muslim
He’s not “black,” but Arab
There is NO U.S. birth certificate, other than the forged COLB
NO Hawaiian hospital will confirm his birth place (he has named two)
His policies are designed to destroy the Constitutional Republic, not to uphold or defend (strike 4)
He won’t go away without a blood bath
These are the basic facts as they exist today. This is the basis for where we are headed…

There are Only three groups in America…
Those who do not know these facts, don’t want to know these facts and will do or say anything to avoid these facts. They are the 28% of Americans polled who “strongly approve” of Obama’s policies and like Obama, they hate personal freedom, individual ambition and achievement, capitalism and self-governance.

Those who know these facts all too well, and understand that Obamanation will either destroy America from the Oval Office, or burn it to the ground if anyone tries to stop them. They are the 36% who “strongly disapprove” of Obama & Co., currently running out of peaceful options to stop him.

Those who limit their information to that of the state run media and can’t quite put all of the pieces together yet, but sense that something is very wrong.

Not one single leftist defense of Obama from his mindless minions will stand an ounce of honest research or scrutiny. But that does not stop them from regurgitating their talking points ad nauseum. For them, it’s not about facts, but the agenda, no matter the facts. The Congressional Budget Office just removed any doubt about the disastrous fate of nationalized health care. But the left isn’t listening… the facts don’t matter. They will go forward regardless because they don’t need a single Republican vote!

Choose your Battles
This is why all Obama supporters label all Obama opponents “racists.” In their limited imagination, they can’t fathom someone actually opposing his Marxist anti-American pro-Terrorist belief system and policies. In their minds, only “racists” would oppose a blatant Marxist rushing to destroy the most powerful nation on earth.

Don’t waste a minute trying to have a fact-based logical discussion with them. They do NOT care what the facts are and they have no foundation upon which to discern simple right and wrong. Though they use the term “fascist” all day long in an attempt to silence their opposition, they have no idea what the word actually means and they don’t care.

But rest easy, as they only account for some 25-28% of American voters and less than 20% of society. Too many, I agree, but fight the battles worth winning. Don’t waste your energy arguing with idiots who only seek access to your earnings. Their agenda trumps their understanding and respect for the truth…

Peaceful Options Evaporate
I want to be VERY clear. I do NOT desire or promote any form of violence or any armed insurrection of the sort recently used to depose an illegal dictator in Honduras. Despite the reality that America is facing an historic Constitutional Crisis with an illegal dictator of its own, violent methods for saving a nation and a way of life, are “last resort” measures only.

However, in my opinion, we are fast approaching the point of “no peaceful resolution” when only extreme measures will remain. As American patriots who still know and still care about the Constitution lose all peaceful options for redress and are forced deeper into a socio-economic corner, the human desire to be free which fuels the urge to resort to violence, will grow.

Violence will grow in both camps, in the absence of any other viable alternatives. Since Obama refuses to respect the Constitution or the law, and congress and the courts opt to turn their collective heads, only extreme options will soon remain. This administration is running roughshod over the people and the states and sooner or later, the backlash is coming.

Racially Motivated Violence
At every opportunity, the left is pushing the race card. The left MUST HAVE a divided nation at war with itself. It is the foundation of their power.

When people oppose Obama, it isn’t because he’s completely unqualified for office, or because his policies are aligned with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky instead of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It’s because “he’s black,” even though he isn’t “black.”

Yet it was Obama supporters who overlooked everything else to “make history” and elect a candidate strictly on the basis of his alleged race. No more blatant act of racism has ever taken place in America.

We already see a dramatic increase in random acts of racially motivated violence cropping up in cities across the country. ACORN and Black Panther types sense that this is their moment in history to put the “white man” in his proper place, under their jackboot. These folks DO NOT represent the black community. Only an extreme left violent portion of that community. In Obama’s words, “America is no longer a Christian nation, or even a sovereign nation.” In the words of his black nationalist brethren, “this is a black nation now!”

But with record gun and ammunition sales across the political spectrum, it’s not hard to see where other Americans are headed either.

As the economy is driven even further towards utter collapse by an endless flood of Marxist policies oozing daily from the filibuster-proof congress, it’s only a matter of days, weeks or maybe months at the outside, before people take to the streets in more than TEA Parties.

With the Free Economy goes Freedom
Freedom gave every American the chance to determine their own station in life and for the vast majority of Americans it has been a very comfortable station indeed.

But international leftists have spent decades training those who would not use their freedom well, to vote themselves access to the earnings of others. Today, they feel entitled to that which they did not earn and their leftist leaders feel entitled to confiscate private industry and wealth, in the name of the “greater common good,” which is otherwise known as their personal political power.

They have no idea what’s coming… As the free market economy becomes an Obama Czar controlled economy, and Obama strives to buy favor with his supporters by economically attacking his opponents, the economy will continue its slide into depression. Free-market investors don’t invest in Marxism.

Day traders are riding the government manipulation of the market on their way out, taking “day profits” where they can. But real investors will find a way to escape Marxism, with their resources intact… and they are already fleeing for foreign markets moving towards capitalism. Watch what happens to the new Government Motors. Americans will NOT buy their cars… Then what?

One of two events will ignite the new battle for freedom in America.

Either Obama succeeds in fraudulently holding on to his power long enough to bankrupt the nation, or the people rise up and bankrupt the Fed before Obama can bankrupt every American.

Either way, the streets will burn!

Americans still hoping to avoid a confrontation with international leftists are hoping in vain. Whether Obama supporters tire of their false messiah’s lies and begin to take by force, that which Obama promised but could not deliver,—or true patriots rise up and put a stop to his rape and plundering of a great nation, leaving his supporters in worse condition than before his election, the near future looks the same.

Broad based economic strife, racial violence, government plunder or street gang plunder… no matter which way we go from here, the streets of America are going to burn. This has been a long time coming. There’s almost no chance of escaping it at this late hour.

International leftists did not spend billions and decades setting up the “silent coup” of the United States to simply walk away when busted. They went “all-in” in the last election. They were playing for keeps. They will not let go of their death grip on the United States without a blood bath…

Of course, this is all just my opinion.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review of comical proportions

I got my typical monthly email from Amazon to announce new books from authors I enjoy reading, so just for giggles I searched for Harry Reid’s book “THE GOOD FIGHT,” now I say this in the most delicate way I can, to begin with I see “the good fight” as something you do against cancer, but obviously Harry Reid thinks “the good fight” has something to do with him, even though he hasn’t battled cancer. Maybe using all capital letters will help get the point across!

Somehow after searching for his book, I found it in hardcover for an astounding price of $3.12, which was far less than my own book used in soft cover for $7.00, so laughingly I purchased it.

Obviously he hasn’t an ounce of writing skill, so he hired an equally untalented writer to pen the book for him. The basis of the text works from his childhood in one chapter to his career in the next, making for an awkward style to say the very least.

He tells about his childhood in Searchlight, Nevada to his present day occupation of socialist in Washington.

In his description of his childhood, he gives the impression that he was one of the toughest guys in his town, of course the population of Searchlight. Nevada was VERY small, explaining his feeling of grandiose importance, and stature. He relates his experience of FDR’s “New Deal” as being the thing that “changed his life,” which explains his drift into the murky waters of socialism.

In the chapters dealing with the Iraqi war Reid totally ignores his pleas, along with most all his Democratic Congressional contingent to attack Iraq because they have the “weapons of mass destruction.” The intelligence that led up to this conclusion of WMD’s came from the Clinton Administration, not Bush’s. His administration was but 8 months old. Intelligence in Iraq was sparse at best, but President Clinton’s was all we had to go on, as most intelligence had to be gathered by informants.

Reid’s book was written after the surge had succeeded and he repeatedly claims that no amount of additional troops will fix the problem in Iraq. He was wrong, but that is another story.
He refers to the members of Congress that can be swayed to the Democratic side as true champions of democracy rather than the true turncoats they are.

His claims of the President go like this;
But during the first half year of his Presidency, he had cheerfully trashed several of our standing agreements, that for decades contributed to the stability of our planet…………page 78

Mr. President, cooperation is a two way street………page 97

Some people were saying we had become a one party government……page 97

If even the most controversial nominee could simply be rubber stamped by a simple majority, advise and consent would be gutted……..196

In a fit of partisan fury, they were trying to blow up the Senate……… 196

Time and time again, it (the White House) had attacked and discredited anyone who dared to raise a question about its preferred course……….page 213

Ironically these were all statements about President George Bush, but could equally apply to President Barack Obama.

The book is definitely a comedy, but to be honest, not worth the $3.12 I paid for it….if you are interested…..$3.12 will buy it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brain Dead

Brain Dead
Kevin Bryant

An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack. The family drove wildly to get him to the emergency room. After what seemed like a very long wait, the ER Doctor appeared, wearing his scrubs and a long face. Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid he is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating." "Oh, Dear God," cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with shock!"We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"

I got this joke from my long time liberal almost to a fault sister. And yes, I do love her in spite of her political views. Though I must admit, she did NOT vote for Obama so there is some conservatism in there somewhere. Perhaps he just wasn’t sexy enough for her even though the press makes him out to be the sexiest candidate history to ever run for President.

Doesn’t this joke seem to fit a majority of those in congress today? Democrats will do anything to get Obama’s agenda passed as soon as possible so they can run on a premise that Obama’s agenda has not had time to take it’s full effect and make the conservatives look like they are spreading a doomsday type message to the voters. Truth be told, they know that in a few short months, the Obama honeymoon will be over and voters will be blaming him for the current state of the nation and the old “We Inherited This Mess” will no longer be able to be applied.

Personally, I think many have come to realize they backed the wrong democrat for President. Hillary would have been a better choice even though in reality, none of those running for the democratic nomination would have been a good choice but she at least would have made a better President that the one we have now. At least would have had Bill to go to for advice. Bill Clinton wasn’t a great President but he was far better than the clown we have in office now.

Looking at the current state of affairs, you would think all those democrats in congress are brain dead, but rest assured they are not. They know their time is limited to pay back all those financial backers they owe money and favors to. Just look at where the majority of the trillions they are spending is going. Many have accurately stated; Follow the money and there you will find the truth.

In a not too distant future, the run up to the 2010 elections will be in full swing and by then, it will be too late for the democrats to continue this practice of tax and spend and spend and tax. By the time the run up to the election really starts, the media will have no choice but to start airing the opposition’s side to the all this mess the congress and the White House has gotten us into since January 2007.

We, the people the politicians are supposed to be working for and accountable to must keep up the pressure on those in office. Those who have already announced that they do not intend to seek another term in office are pretty much lost causes, but anyone seeking re-election should be a target. Let them know what you think. Let them know what you, as their boss, demand and expect from them. Remind them that the represent you and right now they are an embarrassment to their respective states and the people they serve.

I have no problem reminding mine, are you reminding yours?

Follow-up: Some time after sending the letter I wrote to the Governor of Missouri that Al posted on this site, I finally got a response. It was the standard garbage letter written by some junior staffer that everyone usually gets from their elected official. PURE GARBAGE.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar
Kevin Bryant

When is America going to wake up and see the America that this administration and congress is creating goes against every principle of our Constitution? Every Senator, Representative, Cabinet Member and the President all take an oath of office and in that oath is states to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Those very same people I mentioned that swore that oath have twisted it to mean that they will protect the constitution and defend it from anyone who would dare try to apply the very principles and limitations that are supposed to be the law of land. Why would they block the Constitution from being enforced? The bigger question is why are we allowing this to happen?

Liberty & Freedom is not given to us by the government. It was given to all by our forefathers so that we may live free from intrusion of government into our lives. Yes, we are a nation of laws set forth by the government and there was a time in our nation’s not so distant past that laws were based on the principles of the Constitution and not in spite of it as they are being made today. Our laws were also at one time based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Try that now and the ACLU will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright had it correct when he said that America’s chickens were coming home to roost but his application of that statement was incorrect. They are coming home to roost because Americans for far too long have allowed the government to grow beyond that which is allowed by the Constitution and no one ever challenged it. Government has inserted itself in place of God as Supreme Being of the land and we allowed it to happen because we were either asleep or too greedy & selfish or too worried about our own lives to stand up and take notice of the things that surround us.

If we just take a look at this week we see that our government wants to make it a hate crime just for having a negative thought about or discussing with another person about an individual who happens to be covered by hate crimes legislation because of race or sexual orientation. Our old pal Barney Franks wants to use what he calls “profit” from bank bailouts to help stable ACORN. How is it that the government can give out $40 billion dollars, get back $12 billion in payments from banks and think it is profit? And why is it that half the members of the House of Representatives supported and backed legislation that would give Congress (our law makers) access to the Treasury Dept books but Nancy Pelosi blocked it from ever reaching the house floor for a vote. So much for the transparency they promised and brag about.

Seems like not a day goes by that I don’t turn on the television and one of the first thoughts that runs through my head is: Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot – Oscar. If you do not know the meaning of this, ask a military vet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

President pays back unions: 'Nothing wrong with that'

In fact his direct quote from his book, “Audacity of Hope”, is ““I owe those unions ... When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don’t mind feeling obligated.” The man we as a country elected is on course to repay his “debt” to the unions in one of most obvious pay to play schemes to ever be used against the American people.

His endorsement of the “card check” system that allows union officials to strong arm voters into a public vote, so they may badger individuals that don’t “fall into line.” The President has given them the legal tools needed to do the intimidation, and the unions have given the President the highly suspect organization to do the President’s dirty work.

The Unions lobbying effort has spent more in each Presidential election than BOTH parties have spent to assure a favorable place in all issues affecting them and their membership. If you noticed when all the financial issues were coming to light, and high pay for company officials was the highlight of the discussion, not once did the issue of what Union Officials are paid, or their bonuses come to the table. Did you think it wasn’t important? Did you care?

We should all care, because the price of doing business in America IS controlled by unions. Look how the UAW was treated in the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler, they got priority treatment in their investment status. Did you think that really wasn’t important? Did you care?

You should care because your President set precedence in circumventing the judicial system to address the debt he owed to the Unions. Was this your debt? Did you promise the unions anything? Of course you didn’t, the unions didn’t offer you anything in return. They didn’t offer to pay off your house, or pay your car loans, but they did offer Barack Obama money for his campaign! The funniest part of all this is no politician sees this as a conflict of interest.

Some of you can’t believe that such a blatant act can happen in America, and there is somehow more to the story. I’d love to hear something somehow more convincing than the simplistic ideas I have presented here, but that would read more like a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, now wouldn’t it?

Critical Card Check Video Briefing from National Right to Work on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modern Role Models

I watched Tuesday as two subjects were being shown on TV most of the day, and I couldn’t help but wonder why. The biggest subject of course was the Michael Jackson Funeral. I watched the memorial service held in a dark room, while lifetime acquaintances recalled intimate moments. After each speaker was finished the family of brothers greeted them with one white glove and dark sunglasses.

I found myself just shaking my head, wondering how a music star who was not only charged with pedophilia once, but paid off countless other victims to avoid prosecution, could garner such attention. The memorial service looked more like a Halloween Party then a funeral. Even Corey Feldman appeared in full “Thriller” garb, I suppose in respect for Michael.

Shortly after Michael’s death the Congressional black caucus, asked for a moment of silence in the house for the passing of Michael Jackson. My question is…..have they ever done that for fallen soldiers? Then my second question would be what other then music, did Michael do to obtain this super human status? His strangeness was known worldwide, and his reclusive nature after his trial was well documented. His inability to reign in his monetary excesses, in some way mirrors the state of California’s inability to budget money. Yet the State of California spent money they didn’t have to send off one of their favorite sons, in much the same way the family did on the extravagant funeral.

I’m sure when the toxicology results come back we will find out yet another strange part of Michael’s life that robbed him of normalcy in his later life, similar to the robbery of his childhood caused by his father Joe.

The second event yesterday appeared on ESPN in what appeared to be a special presentation of the return of Manny Ramirez after his 50 game suspension for using illegal steroids, and what it meant to the children of Washington Heights. It’s no wonder he glides through life ignoring the rules of the very sport that is responsible for his rather vulgar wealth. Now some reports have claimed there were many people at his first game back that brought their signs of disapproval, but coverage of them was rather sparse on ESPN.

I am so confounded on the moralistic direction of our country after viewing these two events yesterday.

I am encouraged however by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who is taking a much tougher stance on Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick’s future in the NFL. Until he sees some sort of repentant attitude the suspensions will continue. Children look up to these athletic and musical stars, and until the bad behavior gets punished, the poor role models will continue.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We the People………..

We the people of the United States of America need to be heard, we feel disenfranchised, and we feel that our elected representatives no longer reflect what we see as being in our best interests. You vote on issues right now that will affect the well being of our grandchildren. As a whole (republicans and democrats) we don’t like what congress and our president is doing. We want something better than we are paying for.

These are our grievances:

We are tired of the idea that Congress is our leader, we are the leaders and you work for us!

We are tired that the federal government has not addressed the illegal alien problem. We don’t think that illegals should be entitled to money that legal citizens have paid into a system to have it merely disappear to people who have never paid a dime into.

We are tired of the arrogant nature of the congresses attitude. They vote in their own raises, they vote in their own retirement program, they vote in their own healthcare. Let’s make them adhere to the same things every other American has to. Find their own healthcare, beg for raises, and adhere to the same retirement system that any other civil service employee has to. Better still who gave them the right to vote on ANY of the things of this nature?

We thought it was a good idea after FDR’s presidency to limit a President’s term. Why is it good for a presidency and not for congress? Why would Congress vote on a bill that limits their own reign of terror? Let’s eliminate that!

What President has ever come in front of a world audience and apologized for the past actions of previous administrations, and the attitude of it’s citizens? What gives him the right to do so? What gives the President the right to release confidential and top secret documents of a past administration? What legal precedence does the President use to rationalize the takeover of private industry? What right does the President have to limit pay to those same companies executives?

What right does the President have to ignore the “science” of global climate change, and instead install his own politically driven opinion as the scare factor needed to tax carbon emissions?
What is the Constitutional precedence that allows the President to name “czars” who don’t answer to the public and only the President? We don’t live in Russia and don’t even appreciate you naming these people for past rulers.

We the people feel the President needs to move on and admit his effect on the economy now, and take full responsibility for it. The recent spending has been irresponsible and without rational behavior.

We the people believe in the Constitution word for word, not as a living document to be altered at the mere whim of a politician. We believe that any item not addressed in the Constitution is solely the responsibility of the states, as the document clearly declares.

We the people feel that healthcare is NOT a right, it is a product that everyone pays for, one way or another. The American people don’t want a mandate on healthcare they want a choice, if you want everyone to have healthcare, then demand everyone have it, but give them a choice, not a demand.

We the people feel that the direction of our country for the last 232 years has been one of a democratic society, that direction has been challenged, and is in the midst of being changed. This is not the “change” we voted for, there are plenty of socialistic countries in the world, but we don’t want that for our country.

We the people demand that our government works for us, and not the other way around.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simply Pathetic

Simply Pathetic
Kevin Bryant

I walked out on my front lawn around 9:30 pm last Friday evening to just take a break after all the hassles from work and stuff just so I could clear my head. I just wanted some peace and quiet and a chance to relax. Looking up at the stars, I couldn’t get my mind off the crap and tax bill (known as cap and trade) that passed the house earlier that day.

By every definition available except that which is written in the Constitution, Barack Obama is a traitor to the people of the United States. He hides behind the Constitution when it suits his purpose and he has the Attorney General twist the writings and intended meanings when it does against his agenda. Then we have a congress that would also fall into that same category of traitors in every sense of the word except as defined by the Constitution. As much as I hate to admit this, even our very own supreme court is dangerously close to (if not already) falling into the traitorous category.

There has not been a single piece of meaningful legislation passed that has not either raised taxes, redistributed wealth or created loopholes to allow for government takeover or control of businesses. Yes, bills have passed and been signed into law that did not raise taxes or do any potential damage to this country, but the percentage of those is rather small.

BHO claims he does not want to run a car company much less two of them. Alright, give them back to their rightful owners. I’m sure those senior shareholders that you stole Chrysler and GM from would gladly take them back if you would let go of your control. You say you have no desire to run banks and insurance companies. Give them back to the shareholders and allow the institutions to pay back the bailout money that they took and release the nooses from around their necks that you placed there. The banks I use didn’t take a dime of bailout money and now thanks to you I will be buying Ford products until you squeeze them into submission and then most likely Toyota products. I want nothing to do with government run industry.

Let us take a look at what is currently on your agenda to ruin. First up is healthcare. BHO, since you claim to be too busy to run the healthcare system, then why are you pushing for a single payer system? Better yet, just be honest with the people. You claim that your plan is to provide an alternate to private healthcare and that we are free to choose. Tell the people what that really means. Tell them that your plan actually will drive up healthcare cost for insurance companies to the point that they will no longer be able to provide quality insurance for people and once you have forced them out of business, you will have the primary objective you have been seeking all along, mandatory universal healthcare for all because no other affordable alternatives will be available to the lower and middle classes.

The other item currently on your agenda is Cap & Trade. This is not a climate control bill and you know it but that’s exactly what you are pushing it as. Global temperatures have held steady for the past 7 years. This is why Al Gore switched from calling it “Global Warming” to “Climate Control” even though media, the left, yourself and Al Gore are still calling for same dooms day type results. Cap & Trade is nothing more than a tax on the people of the United States. You campaigned by telling people that 95% of Americans will get a tax break. You just conveniently failed to mention the “break” was their bank accounts because the lower and middle classes will no longer be able to pay for electricity and other utilities. You admitted in an interview that the cost of energy would quote: “skyrocket”. Now you are claiming it won’t but the CBO, Heritage Foundation, Rand Institute and every one else says it will. You say this bill will create jobs, but in truth, it will cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs. It will close factories, destroy industries and what remains will move their operations overseas where it is cheaper because that will be the only they will be able to stay in business. This is nothing more than a massive spending bill and thievery so that you can pay back the people who contributed heavily to your campaign.

BHO, you use words like: crisis, catastrophe, emergency, imperative, absolute necessity and others to scare people into believing that what you are doing is necessary but in fact, had you done nothing at all, most Americans would be better off today than they are. America wouldn’t be looking at a 2+ trillion dollar debt in 2010. Unemployment would have been lower than the figures you projected when you used fear tactics to pass your so called stimulus package.

Beginning your 6th month in office BHO and you still “Blame Bush” for everything. You have no right to say that anything is still a crisis left over from the previous administration. The Bush recession ended when you passed your stimulus bill. Everything from that point going forward is yours. Be a real man for once and own up to it. I’m not holding my breath here. Your ego will never allow you to admit you were wrong.

Everything the current administration has done up to this point can be reversed with minimum damage to this country. If Cap & Trade and Universal Healthcare do clear congress, it will take decades for this nation to recover. It would be cheaper to go to war with China than it would to pay for these two economy killing bills.