Monday, February 23, 2015

Obama Is One Step Away From Illegals Voting and You Have NO Say In It!

Obama Is One Step Away From Illegals Voting and You Have NO Say In It!
Al Ritter

Lest you think that Barack Obama is ignorant of the law, let me spin a tale for you, and in the end you can judge who is more uninformed about the law. 

There is something about President Obama’s Executive Proclamation on illegal amnesty that they don’t want you to know. They have created a diversion from the real intention of this action. They have built this diversion under the guise of equal opportunity employment regardless of citizenship. They have taken the role of showing America that they are above it all somehow, that they alone will be responsible for the moral high road of making America better through immigration, regardless of citizen status.
The Democrats WANT you to believe that this Executive Proclamation is nothing more than a pathway to give a poor immigrant a job, but in fact there is a far more ominous intention.
You may think you know what Barack Obama and his party are trying to do, but I assure you, that you missed something in the translation.
It’s been no secret of this Administration that they are intent on purposely deceiving you, and that they are masters of the “sleight of hand” tricks……… “Look over here while I am doing something over there.” Hardly anyone can deny this tactic, least of all Democrats. They sugar coat it, by calling it “just politics” but in actuality it is lying to the people plain and simple.
It is also no secret that Obama’s Administration has slowly eroded state sovereignty in favor of Federal Power. The Affordable Care Act is one of those erosions of state sovereignty. Before Obamacare there were no federal mandates for what had to be offered by all insurance companies in each state. Each state had their own mandates on what THEY required be put into ALL policies sold within their borders. Not many people at the time understood why insurance could be bought cheaper in some states than others, or why they couldn’t buy out of state insurance. Obama forced all states to not only have their mandates, but to accept his mandates in addition.
Well Obama’s Executive proclamation on illegal amnesty does some of that same thing that erodes state sovereignty. Part of the actions are to force all states to allow illegal driver’s licenses. At first that may infuriate you as thoughts of poor drivers with no insurance run through you head, but that is the sleight of hand I was telling you about. They WANT you to be concerned about that, when in fact the true issue never comes to light.
You see in 1993 a bill was signed into law called The National Voter Registration Act. In fact it was signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton. “What could be wrong with that you ask?” Maybe this may ring a bell with you…….this law is also known under another name. Does the name “Motor Voter Law” ring any bells? This law insured on a national basis that anyone conforming to a state’s individual rules to obtain a driver’s license would be automatically enrolled to vote. Many states didn’t allow illegals to drive so this wasn’t a problem until June 17th 2013.

“The NVRA requires States to "accept and use" a uniform federal form to register voters for federal elections. 42 U. S. C. §1973gg–4(a)(1). That "Federal Form," developed by the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), requires only that an applicant affirm, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen. Arizona law, however, requires voter-registration officials to "reject" any application for registration, including a Federal Form, that is not accompanied by documentary evidence of citizenship. Respondents, a group of individual Arizona residents and a group of nonprofit organizations, sought to enjoin that Arizona law. Ultimately, the District Court granted Arizona summary judgment on respondents' claim that the NVRA preempts Arizona’s requirement. The Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that the state's documentary-proof-of-citizenship requirement is preempted by the NVRA.[8]

On June 17, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Arizona in the case Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Ariz., Inc.. The Court held the NVRA preempted a 2004 Arizona proposition, Proposition 200. It was a ballot initiative designed in part "to combat voter fraud by requiring voters to present proof of citizenship when they register to vote and to present identification when they vote on election day." Purcell v. Gonzalez, 549 U. S. 1, 2 (2006) (per curiam). It was a 7-2 decision striking down the law. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented.[8

In plain English the Supreme Court decision shot down a referendum in Nevada that required all driver’s requesting a state issued driver’s license to show proof of citizenship. If they declared they were citizens the state couldn’t demand to see proof. If you aren’t mad yet, you will be shortly. This was the first step in removing the requirements of an immigrant (legal or not) to obtain a license to drive.

Now the sleight of hand trick is the ability to get a license regardless of citizen status…..and they want us to see that is the problem.

Have you seen what they are doing in the other hand yet?

The driver’s license is the diversion……….the path to voting supplied by the National Voter Registration Act IS the target. If Obama has his way with his Executive Proclamation ALL immigrants illegally in this country will be able to vote, and the Congress had NO say in it!

You think Obama is stupid now?..........maybe you should have looked into this before!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama’s False Ideas of Islam and the Crusades

Obama’s False Ideas of Islam and the Crusades
Al Ritter 

We were told last week that “Should we get on our high horse we should know that terrible atrocities were perpetrated in the name of Christianity during the Crusades.” I must admit when I first heard those words uttered by the man that is supposed to protect and defend our way of life I was dumbfounded. It’s not like this man hasn’t dumbfounded me before because his Administration, his State Department, and his Department of Justice has lied to me on a regular basis, but this time is different. This time by this one statement he had admitted that his personal grasp of history is so distorted that he will NEVER be able to defend our way of life and protect us from the savagery of Islam.
He has purposely and willfully demonstrated time and time again that he will stand with the Muslims in just 14 short years after the most devastating attack of terror that was ever launched against this great country. He has demonstrated that his command of the English language doesn’t include the words:  “Radical Islam.” He has travelled to many countries in the Middle East during his first two years in office as our President and offered words of apology for the horrible actions of the United States of America to every Muslim controlled country.
Revisionist history is nothing new for this President, he continues each day to rewrite a chapter molded from the dreams of his father rather than live the writing of new history according to the will of the people he was sworn to protect. Bowing to Islam has proven to be not only futile, but genuinely fool hearty. There have been over 19,000 attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11 in the world. Is this a sign that the viciousness or barbarity is slowing because of our pacifist nature for the last 6 years?
I suppose the most ironic part of Obama’s speech the other day is that he thinks by his words the world will believe him rather than history. If he had merely said, “Remember terrible things have been done by ALL religions in the name of god.” That would have been a VERY true statement, and easily defendable by most scholars. But Obama’s statement carried a bias, a bias to the religion he holds dear to his heart, it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a bias from the past or from the present, the result is the same.
He somehow viewed the Crusades as an act of cruelty perpetrated on the people of Islam. The crusades were horrible without a doubt but they were retaliation for the 548 battles the Muslims fought to drive the Christians from the world, while the Crusades represented just 16 battles, most of which were to regain the Holy Lands, that were raped and pillaged by Islam. The biggest problem of the Obama speech is that he is comparing the Crusades of 800 years ago against today’s Jihad by Muslims. In Obama’s mind this excuses the barbarity of their present day acts which is an absolute ludicrous assumption. Does Obama somehow believe that the Jihad today is justified by the actions of the Crusades 800 years ago? Obviously he does!
We have been thrust into a FAR more dangerous world by the naïveté of the sophomoric actions of this President than any other President in the past. Obama has given a foothold to Islam or “Radical Islam,” which ever you prefer to believe is the case. Nothing will change on this front as long as Barack Hussein Obama is still in office, and I fear another attack will happen on our soil before the bias towards Islam is purged from the Whitehouse.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

“Thoughts from WND’s Joseph Farah”

“Thoughts from WND’s Joseph Farah”
Part 2 “American’s Future”
By Ron Boat 

This part 2 continues our discussion with the Editor and Chief Executive Office of World Net Daily – better known to many as – Mr. Joseph Farah. He’s a well-traveled speaker and author, and his opinions and publications reach millions daily. provides through its online and email editions, the current happenings in our news but also some of the stories ignored or buried by others that inform and educate us to the real goings on that affect our lives.

This is part 2 of his thoughts on the future of America and our upcoming election. Our thanks to Mr. Farah in his busy schedule for this time.

American’s future:

RB – For someone who has watched the political landscape for so long, did you anticipate all this coming or is the current direction of America a quickly evolving, disappointing surprise?


JF – “Yes, I did. You can see that in the books I wrote and published. You can see it in daily columns over 18 years. There needs to be an alternative political vision for people to embrace it. The Republican Party doesn’t offer one. So how can people be represented in government? In addition, people who are not seeking God with all their heart and all their mind tend to be drifting away from Him. You couple those two problems and what you see in America today is predictable.”


RB –  I remember when the most talked about topics were “which movie are we going to see” or “who’s coming over for the BBQ on Saturday?” Now, there’s not an hour goes by we aren’t discussing immigration abuse, government scandals, ISIS, loss of freedoms, healthcare etc. Are we overly consumed or should we be THIS involved emotionally?


JF – “It’s actually part of the strategy of the regime in charge. They light so many brush fires, the public’s head is spinning. As soon as Americans start focusing on one scandal, three more emerge. And there’s no accountability in Congress. Why should people care anymore if they can’t do anything about it?”


RB –  Elections do seem to matter less and less with the fraud and deceit that has been growing. Congress routinely seems to “delete your email without being read” and if constituents do get a reply, it’s some generic “I hear you and agree and I’m working hard to solve this” then they vote the other way, and congressional workers seem to “file” your comment when you call. What can the average citizen to do to bring about the change needed to save this country? Is a more local involvement the answer? Do we have time for that approach?


JF – “They need to be more engaged in politics between elections. Just sending what seems like the best person to Washington is the BEGINNING of the process, not the end. They need to be held accountable every day. And that takes work and commitment.”


RB –  Do you personally have the comfort level to express a  “socialistic” direction to things unlike others who deny this description of our country?


JF – “Of course. America is rapidly moving from self-governance, limited government, a constitutional republic to a society in which government is king. That’s what socialism is. It’s tyranny.”


RB – Do you personally wonder how our elected leaders can allow the growth of unsustainable debt, the lack of national security at our borders, the degradation of our military, international reputation and respect, the destruction of our free enterprise system without the “fight and fire” of our forefathers?


JF – “The growth of unsustainable debt is meant to destroy the economy. It’s meant to take America down. It’s inevitable, but neither party does anything to reverse the crash that we are all facing.”


RB – Is there an awakening of religious commitment that will bring America back to a more moralistic existence or have we gone way beyond the limits of acceptance that will bring about our own ultimate destruction like so many empires and world dominating governments of the past?


JF – “It’s the only thing that can save America from going the way of other empires. The prescription is found in II Chronicles 7:14. It means the remnant of believers need to humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, then God will hear out prayers, forgive our sin and heal our nation. It’s a great promise from God. But we’re still waiting for believers to do it. This is a prescription for THEM, not the rest of America.”


RB – What must happen in the next two years to “protect” America from any last minute final pushes for a socialistic legacy from this president and his desire for “fundamentally changing America?”


JF –Again, the only thing that will save us is an awakening by believers with regard to II Chronicles 7:14. I am absolutely convinced that’s the only way out.


RB – Is there an emerging Ronald Reagan on the horizon or are we destined to continually pick a candidate from former losers, political has-beens and those of constant changing viewpoints? Is there a candidate for Joseph Farah in this 2016 election?


JF – ”There are some excellent people who are likely to run: Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee come immediately to mind. But it’s a tough row to hoe.”


RB – Your time is certainly appreciated. Are there any final thoughts of wisdom, words of warning for America as we enter what could be the most important election cycle of our history?


JF – ” Here’s my prescription for a good candidate: Ask if we still believe in limited government – or is that an old-fashioned, archaic idea from the past? Should government be operating under prescribed limits? Is it now? Does either party still believe in constitutional limits on the power of government? What evidence do we have for that?”  


You can read and subscribe to Mr. Farah’s thoughts and those of his contributing writers HERE 


Monday, February 2, 2015

“Thoughts from WND’s Joseph Farah”

“Thoughts from WND’s Joseph Farah”
Part 1 “The Media”
By Ron Boat 

A few weeks ago on a video shoot, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with the Editor and Chief Executive Office of World Net Daily – better known to many as – Mr. Joseph Farah.
He’s an experienced, savvy, well-seasoned journalist who, over the last few years, has continued to build his WND brand with truth, insight and a passion for America. provides through its online and email editions, the current happenings in our news but also some of the stories ignored or buried by others that inform and educate us to the real goings on that affect our lives.
This is part 1 of his thoughts on the media in this country. Our next will be part 2, his thoughts on the direction of America. Our thanks go out to Mr. Farah in his busy schedule for this time.
The media:

RB – As you look at today’s journalistic scene, what percentage of legitimate media are doing the American public and service, or disservice in their reporting?


JF – “I’d say less than 1 percent of the press is doing its job. And what is that job? What is the central role of a free press in a free society? To serve as a watchdog on government and other powerful institutions. There is no other answer that is legitimate.

Why? The free press was literally birthed in colonial America. It had never existed previously. Yet, the founding fathers in their wisdom recognized the inherent, inalienable right for a free press for the first time in history and enshrined special protections within the First Amendment of the Constitution. They did that because they believe in lots of checks and balances on government power. That’s why we have a free press in America.

It wasn’t because the founders believed in an inherent, unalienable right to publish pornography. It wasn’t because they wanted to ensure ‘deflate-gate’ would be exposed so as not to tarnish the Super Bowl. It wasn’t because they wanted to provide a forum for celebrity news. It was because they knew government and other powerful institutions would strangle liberty if they got the chance.

Unfortunately, the American press has given those powerful institutions that chance. In fact, too much of the press is owned by such powerful institutions. That’s why we formed WorldNetDaily (now 18 years ago.”

RB – Has  the growing number of bloggers and online media added to or degraded the availability of good and truthful information for those seeking it, or are new outlets being created to simply sway the public to agendas and disregarding facts, and for what real ultimate purpose? For in a society gone bad, there is no room for the freedoms of individuals and the press as they now enjoy.


JF – “There’s more truth, but it’s harder and harder to sift through the clatter to find it. The other problem is that so little journalism, in the traditional American-born sense, is being done.”


RB – Where do you see the future of the printed word in newspapers as it’s replaced with electronic media? Will we continue to lose local newspapers and be left with only a very few national publications such as USA Today and WSJ, and if so, how dangerous would that be in offering more slanted views than real news.


JF – “I think there’s a great opportunity for local journalism in print and online. I’m surprised it’s not being exploited more. 85 percent of advertising is local. I would think local online news should be exploding. But it’s really not.”


RB – We know that ego plays a part of what any business does but what do you see as the possible reasons so many media outlets, especially broadcast, have become very liberal and supportive of more progressive agendas? With falling profits, why has there not been more blowback from their stockholders?


JF – “The press has always been ‘progressive,’ more so than society at large. There’s something about the nature of the people it attracts. I know this because I was attracted to the press when I was an ultra-radical leftist. Progressives want to change the world and they see the press and other cultural institutions as the way to do it. That’s why they are advancing. I’m not aware of any stockholder revolt anywhere led by people motivated by truth.”


RB – Are we really dealing with so many “low information voters” that the real truth no longer matters, only the messages of “what’s free, what’s in it for me socially, financially, occupationally, politically?”


JF – “The public school system has indeed – I believe with intent – dumbed down the populace. The press plays a role in this too. Too many in the press today are disinformation artists rather than real journalists passionate about the truth.”


RB –What will it take to turn the media around into “news reporting,” not “news creating” organizations?


JF – “A heart for the truth and a will to seek it out.”


RB – What do you see as the future and growth for What do you hope to achieve with the future WND?


JF – “We just need to keep searching out discerning people. I know we haven’t found them all yet – even in 18 years.”


RB – Do you see yourself moving more into broadcast as well as expanded online news distribution?


JF – ”Absolutely, but the written word is never going away.”  


You can read and subscribe to Mr. Farah’s thoughts and those of his contributing writers HERE