Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sniglets 22-09

Maryland is chasing out millionaires
In an article from the Wall Street Journal, it says that Governor Martin O’Malley’s extravagant spending spree last year is having repercussions. Because of the governor’s spending habits, the tax rate has skyrocketed. One of O’Malley’s unintended side effects has been to chase the millionaires that he targeted out of the state. Millionaires, although getting a bad rap in a good economy have one thing going for them, they save more then they spend, that is why they are millionaires. One third of Maryland’s millionaires have left the state, leaving two thirds to support the load. This is a trend that is unsustainable, and O’Malley’s opinion of “they are more than willing to pay their fair share.” The question remains……what is a fair share? Obviously the millionaires who are left see it differently than O’Malley.

Sonia Sotomayor the judge of empathy
Obama has confirmed our ugliest fears. He wants a Latina female, with a passion for ruling from the bench. One only has to view her past opinions on You Tube to see that she tauntingly has referred to ruling from the bench as something that no judge admits to, but that is done regularly. Her statement the very day she was named went like this. “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." This not only shows her intent to interpret the constitution, but also has tinges of bigotry. She is also shown to belong to a group called the National Council of La Raza, a group that's promoted driver's licenses for illegal aliens, amnesty programs, and no immigration law enforcement by local and state police. If you are a second amendment advocate, this is one judge who thinks it is a states right to ban any or all firearms. And the republican senators say they can’t stop this appointment?.......or they won’t?

Preferential treatment by the President
President Barack Obama has forced the bankruptcy of Chrysler at the end of this week, allowing the termination of one quarter of the dealership contracts. It seems that contracts mean nothing to our President who once claimed, “I taught constitutional law.”Let me correct myself, contracts that favor his voter base are exempt. In a strange coincidence of the 789 Chrysler dealership closings 10% of the owners donated to the Democratic Party, but 90% donated to the Republican Party, it’s nice to see how the closings are picked. The UAW contracts under no circumstance will be violated, nor will they be violated with Ford or GM…..Congratulations on tearing up yet more legal contracts Mr. President……one giant down, two more to go!

ACORN gets more money
According to Judicial Watch, by way of the freedom of information act, has acquired documents that give an “executive level” position in the counting of the 2010 Census. It enables them to do virtually every phase of the count, including the training of additional groups or individuals involved in the count. Even though ACORN has now been indicted for voter registration fraud in multiple states, and used that position to further the possibility of Barack Obama being voted in as president. The Census Bureau stated a mandate to ban certain groups from the count, and they are as follows; "hate groups" were not eligible, nor were "law enforcement, anti-immigrant groups, (or) any groups that might make people fearful of participating in the census." It seems every part of ACORN’s involvement in government is in some way tainted, and yet rather than to launch a congressional investigation, they are rewarded with yet another government contract…..disgusting!

Friday, May 29, 2009

William Frey is ready for battle!

You may not know the name, you may not agree with his position, but you will hear about him and soon. In much the same way the Chrysler investors wanted their money to be doled out by a bankruptcy judge rather than the executive branch of government, William Frey is ready to do the same thing with mortgage investments.

The basis of his concern is the way the Obama Administration has strong armed most sectors facing bankruptcy. His investment firm of Greenwich Financial has major investments in the secondary mortgage markets. His investments are backed on a contract basis, and thus is his argument with Bank of America. He has warned them, that if they renegotiate home loans to affect the final bottom line of profits per the contract basis, he will sue them to recoup the money lost.

It seems that once the news circulated in the mortgage circles, the administration a.k.a. the Soprano’s first term, has acted with swiftness with their own threats. Democrats Barney Frank of Massachusetts, Maxine Waters of California, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania, Carolyn Maloney of New York, and Melvin Watt of North Carolina, otherwise known as the usual stirrers of the porcelain bowl answered accordingly. "Your decision is a serious threat to our efforts to respond to the current economic crisis, and if this cannot be arranged on a voluntary basis, then we will pursue further steps."

Frey is ready and willing to pursue this matter in court, and has already served suit papers to Countrywide Financial. This will set the precedence for further legal actions regarding the ignoring of contracts, or shall we say the ones only beneficial to the Administration.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who are we fighting in Afghanistan Mr. President?

President Obama stated in April ….. "Let me say this as clearly as I can," Obama said. "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical ... in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject."

I was as baffled then as I am today by his statement. If what our President was trying to say is that the war is against Islamic extremists, then I partially understand, but not only hasn’t he said that, but the Muslims on the side of peace and love of god haven’t voiced that either.

Obama accuses his own country’s people of being “Islamophobes.” But yet all one has to do is go to the government site to see the attacks by terrorists on our country and who claimed responsibility.

Ambassador to Afghanistan Assassinated, February 14, 1979: Four Afghans kidnapped U.S. Ambassador Adolph Dubs in Kabul and demanded the release of various "religious figures." Dubs was killed, along with four alleged terrorists, when Afghan police stormed the hotel room where he was being held.

Iran Hostage Crisis, November 4, 1979: After President Carter agreed to admit the Shah of Iran into the US, Iranian radicals seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. Thirteen hostages were soon released, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981.

Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut, April 18, 1983: Sixty-three people, including the CIA’s Middle East director, were killed and 120 were injured in a 400-pound suicide truck-bomb attack on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

Bombing of Marine Barracks, Beirut, October 23, 1983: Simultaneous suicide truck-bomb attacks were made on American and French compounds in Beirut, Lebanon. A 12,000-pound bomb destroyed the U.S. compound, killing 242 Americans, while 58 French troops were killed when a 400-pound device destroyed a French base. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

Kidnapping of Embassy Official, March 16, 1984: The Islamic Jihad kidnapped and later murdered Political Officer William Buckley in Beirut, Lebanon. Other U.S. citizens not connected to the U.S. government were seized over a succeeding two-year period.

TWA Hijacking, June 14, 1985: A Trans-World Airlines flight was hijacked en route to Rome from Athens by two Lebanese Hizballah terrorists and forced to fly to Beirut. The eight crew members and 145 passengers were held for seventeen days, during which one American hostage, a U.S. Navy sailor, was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the aircraft was returned to Beirut after Israel released 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

Achille Lauro Hijacking, October 7, 1985: Four Palestinian Liberation Front terrorists seized the Italian cruise liner in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, taking more than 700 hostages. One U.S. passenger was murdered before the Egyptian government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages’ freedom.

Kidnapping of William Higgins, February 17, 1988: U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel W. Higgins was kidnapped and murdered by the Iranian-backed Hizballah group while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organization (UNTSO) in southern Lebanon.

Attempted Iraqi Attacks on U.S. Posts, January 18-19, 1991: Iraqi agents planted bombs at the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia’s home residence and at the USIS library in Manila.

World Trade Center Bombing, February 26, 1993: The World Trade Center in New York City was badly damaged when a car bomb planted by Islamic terrorists exploded in an underground garage. The bomb left 6 people dead and 1,000 injured. The men carrying out the attack were followers of Umar Abd al-Rahman, an Egyptian cleric who preached in the New York City area.

Attempted Assassination of President Bush by Iraqi Agents, April 14, 1993: The Iraqi intelligence service attempted to assassinate former U.S. President George Bush during a visit to Kuwait. In retaliation, the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack 2 months later on the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Attack on U.S. Diplomats in Pakistan, March 8, 1995: Two unidentified gunmen killed two U.S. diplomats and wounded a third in Karachi, Pakistan.

Attack on U.S. Embassy in Moscow, September 13, 1995: A rocket-propelled grenade was fired through the window of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, ostensibly in retaliation for U.S. strikes on Serb positions in Bosnia.

Saudi Military Installation Attack, November 13, 1995: The Islamic Movement of Change planted a bomb in a Riyadh military compound that killed one U.S. citizen, several foreign national employees of the U.S. government, and over 40 others.

Khobar Towers Bombing, June 25, 1996: A fuel truck carrying a bomb exploded outside the US military's Khobar Towers housing facility in Dhahran, killing 19 U.S. military personnel and wounding 515 persons, including 240 U.S. personnel. Several groups claimed responsibility for the attack.

Empire State Building Sniper Attack, February 23, 1997: A Palestinian gunman opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State Building in New York City, killing a Danish national and wounding visitors from the United States, Argentina, Switzerland, and France before turning the gun on himself. A handwritten note carried by the gunman claimed this was a punishment attack against the "enemies of Palestine."

Murder of U.S. Businessmen in Pakistan, November 12, 1997: Two unidentified gunmen shot to death four U.S. auditors from Union Texas Petroleum Corporation and their Pakistani driver after they drove away from the Sheraton Hotel in Karachi. The Islami Inqilabi Council, or Islamic Revolutionary Council, claimed responsibility in a call to the U.S. Consulate in Karachi. In a letter to Pakistani newspapers, the Aimal Khufia Action Committee also claimed responsibility.
Somali Hostage-takings, April 15, 1998: Somali militiamen abducted nine Red Cross and Red Crescent workers at an airstrip north of Mogadishu. The hostages included a U.S. citizen, a German, a Belgian, a French, a Norwegian, two Swiss, and one Somali. The gunmen were members of a sub-clan loyal to Ali Mahdi Mohammed, who controlled the northern section of the capital.

U.S. Embassy Bombings in East Africa, August 7, 1998: A bomb exploded at the rear entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, killing 12 U.S. citizens, 32 Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs), and 247 Kenyan citizens. Approximately 5,000 Kenyans, 6 U.S. citizens, and 13 FSNs were injured. The U.S. Embassy building sustained extensive structural damage. Almost simultaneously, a bomb detonated outside the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killing 7 FSNs and 3 Tanzanian citizens, and injuring 1 U.S. citizen and 76 Tanzanians. The explosion caused major structural damage to the U.S. Embassy facility. The U.S. Government held Usama Bin Laden responsible.

Kidnappings in Kyrgyzstan, August 12, 2000: In the Kara-Su Valley, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan took four U.S. citizens hostage. The Americans escaped on August 12.
Attack on U.S.S. Cole, October 12, 2000: In Aden, Yemen, a small dingy carrying explosives rammed the destroyer U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 others. Supporters of Usama Bin Laden were suspected.

Manila Bombing, December 30, 2000: A bomb exploded in a plaza across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Manila, injuring nine persons. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front was likely responsible.

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Homeland, September 11, 2001: Two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Soon thereafter, the Pentagon was struck by a third hijacked plane. A fourth hijacked plane, suspected to be bound for a high-profile target in Washington, crashed into a field in southern Pennsylvania. The attacks killed 3,025 U.S. citizens and other nationals. President Bush and Cabinet officials indicated that Usama Bin Laden was the prime suspect and that they considered the United States in a state of war with international terrorism. In the aftermath of the attacks, the United States formed the Global Coalition Against Terrorism.

These were attacks BEFORE 9/11, and happened either on American property or involving American citizens. These accounts are only a partial list, twice the amount that was reported worldwide. All these attacks were perpetrated by “Islamic” or “Muslim” groups. No massive condemnation has come from the “peaceful faction of the Islamic faith.”

My questions go out to our President, if we aren’t at war with Islam, then why are we chasing them through Afghanistan and Pakistan? Because you share a younger life with the Islamic faith, does not mean I understand, condone, or for that matter that I am an “Islamophobe.” Don’t demonize me, or claim our country is somehow unfair to people of the Islamic faith, and certainly don’t call it religious, or racial profiling, we didn’t “start this war,” and the citizens of our country are not the only victims.

I see Islam as a faith based on the Quran, as one of violence, and hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like they do, curiously like your Administration. If we aren’t at war with Islam Mr. President, who exactly ARE we at war with? It doesn’t appear as though your main stream media has bothered to ask such a simple question……..
Please view these videos, if not for me, then for your children’s sake.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Very Disturbing Update

Posted: May 24, 2009
9:12 pm Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama, the man elected president

WASHINGTON – A bill approved by the House of Representatives and referred to the Senate would prohibit federal employees of the executive branch from being compelled to release any document unless a court makes a specified determination by a preponderance of evidence – legislation at least one group suspects is designed to protect Barack Obama's elusive birth certificate from release.
The legislation, HR 985, resides in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Sovereignty Alliance has issued a "red alert" about the bill it calls "stealth legislation ... to protect Obama from providing his birth certificate."
"It wouldn't surprise me a bit if this were one of the intended consequences of this legislation," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who last week initiated a national billboard campaign to bring attention to the issue of Obama's missing birth certificate and what it might say about his claim to be a "natural born citizen," a status necessary to serving in the White House.
"In any case, this bill puts the lie to this administration and this Congress being the most ethical and transparent in American history," Farah said. "They're very open when it comes to the secrets of previous administrations, but when it comes to their own work, it is shrouded in secrecy. Even the president's birth certificate and student records are well-guarded state secrets."

Farah launched a petition campaign several months ago that has collected nearly 400,000 names of Americans demanding answers as to Obama's eligibility. Last week he called for financial support of a new campaign to erect billboards around the country asking the simple question: "Where's the birth certificate?"

In just five days, the billboard campaign has been backed by about $45,000 in donations.

Let's take the time today to say a silent prayer, to thank all the members of the military, who have given their life, so that people in our country have the right to at least question authority, and enjoy the freedoms they have supplied.

a link to the bill is found here:

Monday, May 25, 2009


Kevin Bryant

Q: What did the fish say when he swam head on into a concrete wall?
A: Dam

For more than 100 days into his presidency, Barack Obama didn’t have to deal with criticism or anyone challenging his decisions. What little opposition that was given got perhaps a two second sound bite in the mainstream media and was dismissed as nothing more than those evil republicans blowing off steam because McCain had lost the 2008 presidential election.

On April 15th, more than 200,000 people across the nation stood up and protested the actions of the President, congress and our federal government in general with Tea Parties being held in every state. As hard as the Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the mainstream media tried, they could not dismiss them as nothing more than a few angry right wingers still reeling from the past election. Tea Party goers were called everything from rednecks to racists even though at every rally, all walks of life were represented. Though the voices of the people were finally heard, they were still ignored but could not be dismissed by the President and democrat controlled congress.

Well past his 100th day in office, President Obama continued to sound more like a politician on the campaign trail than the leader of a nation. He continued to blame the previous administration for everything that was wrong with or going bad in this country. The Blame Bush game that got him elected was still going strong and mainstream media continued to repeat and support all the lies and half truths with little opposition from anyone.

His first real awakening of opposition came with the threat of prosecuting previous administration officials over waterboarding and the release of the so-called Torture Documents. Some of Obama’s biggest supporters even questioned this move. The CIA agents expressed their displeasure of this action and even some in the media questioned the logic of this. When Obama started expanding on his lies and half truths in support of his decision to release the documents he did what Admiral Yamamoto feared his beloved Japan had done when the Japanese navy attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. He was quoted as saying: I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.

Congratulations President Obama, you did awaken a sleeping giant and his name is Dick Cheney. On the homeland security front, Obama is the fish in the opening line. He hit a concrete wall and now he and his advisors are suffering from whiplash as a result. Obama, Gibbs, Emanuel and Axelrod have all tried to tackle Cheney head on with no success. They tried to spin Cheney’s comments to be used against him but that didn’t work. They all have attempted to out maneuver him in every direction, again with no success. They have resorted to the same style hope and change and transparency speeches that that got him elected with no success. Even the Blame Bush speeches yielded little or nothing in favor of this administration and added more fuel to the fires of the conservative sector of this country.

Cheney is not the typical politician and his administration can’t seem to deal with that. Cheney doesn’t play games, doesn’t give flowery speeches designed to lift your hearts and spirits and make you feel good inside. He has no more political ambitions and would rather be fishing and spending time with his grandkids. He is a hard nosed factual speaker who tells it exactly like it is and challenges anyone head on to dispute him on facts. That is the problem with the Obama staff; they can’t compete on his level using facts. They have to resort to and rely on ideology and popularity and it has not worked. When Dick Cheney makes a well thought out decision and stands up for his decisions, he is the immovable object.

Again I say congratulations President Obama, you and your advisors did this to yourselves. Now that you have awaken the sleeping giant, good luck for he is the one person from the previous administration that you so love to bash and blame every day that will not back off, lay down and roll over and play dead.

Every one of President Obama’s supporters believes that he is the smartest man ever elected to office. He’s not the smartest, just the most arrogant one and in his arrogance, I believe this time he has bitten off even more than he can handle. Obama vs. Cheney, it’s like a dog fight between a Toy Poodle and Pit Bull and anyone reading this is smart enough to figure out which is which.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sniglets 21-09

Sniglets 21-09
Barney Frank
Barney Frank and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), are having an ongoing battle about changing a bill to removing funding to organizations found guilty or indicted on voting fraud charges. Barney Frank a rabid supporter of ACORN, has refused to add the wording that Bachmann supports. Bachmann reports that if her wording is not enacted, ACORN has the ability to siphon off $8 million in 2010 to add to the $53 million they have gotten since the 1990’s.

Gitmo funding
Congress is FINALLY working on something in a bi-partisan effort. They have so far refused to fund the closing of Gitmo, until the Administration comes up with a plan of where to put the detainees, and how a “release” be handled. Democrats and Republicans alike are afraid of the fallout in their home states of how this will play out.

Financial recovery numbers
Big surprise about the optimistic numbers being shot down, now the Administration has to accept the real numbers, rather than the ones they have been feeding us. The unemployment has continued to increase, and Obama keeps telling citizens that it’s “getting better,” when in fact it isn’t. He banks on a sustained market recovery, but in fact that is only PART of a financial recovery, and even that area wavers on falling from the 8000 mark. We are a long way from recovery Mr.President.

Steele: Nobody understands him
The left MSM his chosen to criticize Michael Steele’s speech the other day by accusing him of either gay bashing, or making fun of Barney Frank’s speech impediment. They are really grasping at straws here, I could care less that he is gay, or that he talks with a lisp, the point is, I don’t understand him either. My basis, as I’m sure what Steele was talking about, is that ethically and based on his past involvements in the banking scandal, and his reversals on the need for regulations, has nothing to do with personal traits, it has to do with the way he does his political business.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Yugo For Everyone

A Yugo For Everyone
Kevin Bryant

Headline in Yahoo news reads “Obama’s New Rules Will Transform US Auto Fleet”. What it should say is: “Obama’s New Rules Will Officially Kill US Auto Manufactures”.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have certainly had all the “CHANGE” that I can take. I pray that someday soon whoever it is that is giving out stupid pills to this President, Congress and Administration is would get arrested for dispensing drugs without a license.

I read this article and several things came to mind. These are in no particular order and are only part of the things I have to question about this dung heap decision.

With all the trouble the US automobile industry is in, what IDIOT would force them to completely retool their plants again just to make cars that Americans don’t want to drive? Obama.

If you are going to force the auto industry to make greener cars, who on earth would order scrapping the idea of a hydrogen car? Obama.

Who would think it would be for the greater good to rape the land of additional minerals to produce a battery for a hybrid vehicle that is still going to have to operate on gas as well and then not even think of what the effects of the added environmental impact will be when the battery gives up and you have to dispose of it? Obama

What complete moron would believe that a smaller, lighter car is going to give the general public peace of mind knowing what that whatever they decide to buy is going to be a death trap for you if I hit you with my Ram 1500? Obama

Who besides me believes that that this entire administration is guilty of smoking crack? They would have to be. That’s the only logical explanation for ordering the production of vehicles that Americans don’t want to drive and think it will somehow revolutionalize the US auto industry and transform it once again into a world leader in auto production. Why doesn’t Obama just go out and find the old cronies who designed and mass produced the Yugo and set them up in GM and Chrysler as the lead design and management teams.

I always wanted an automobile powered by something no bigger than a lawnmower or moped engine that can’t go any faster than 15 miles an hour uphill. I’ve always wanted to drive a rolling coffin because there is no way I would survive a serious crash. On the bright side though, they would never have to cut my dead body out the car. The car would be so small that all they would have to do is dig a hole on the side of the road and roll me and the small scrap heap right on in.

This administration above all others in the past doesn’t have a clue to the meaning of supply and demand. Did not one single person in this administration take economics? Please don’t respond with Timothy Geithner? This guy can’t even figure out TurboTax. How would he possibly understand economics?

If this is what the auto industry is coming to, I’ll be driving my gas sucking 5.7L, 365 horse power Hemi Dodge Ram until the day me or it dies and replacements parts are no longer available for either of us. It’s called freedom of choice and I choose to drive something that averages 15mpg. I’d rather drive in safety and comfort than some small pile of crap that anyone over 5 foot 3 and weighs more than 120 pounds would suffocate in.

I could not have said it better than the link provided above.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Popular Than Jesus Christ

More Popular Than Jesus Christ
Kevin Bryant

Driving into work every morning I listen to a local talk radio host named Chris Stigall. Some of you may have heard of him. He substitutes sometimes for such nationally carried host as Michael Savage and Rusty Humphrey.

This morning when I got in the car, he was doing a piece on our own local U.S. representative, “The Good Reverend” Emanuel Cleaver. Emanuel Cleaver who is a former mayor of Kansas City, MO, an ordained minister and during the 2008 election, he was one of Hillary Clinton’s “Super Delegates”. I do give him credit for sticking with Hillary instead of doing what was popular among black delegates and jumping ship to the Obama side regardless of the choice made by those who they were selected to represent. That’s about all I give him positive credit for.

"Did you know that President Obama is more popular than Jesus Christ?," Cong. Emanuel Cleaver asked us. "I didn't like this bill, but I voted for it. It's hard to stand up to such a popular president."

I about wrecked my car this morning when I heard this. Here is a man who claims to be a servant of God stating that our President is more popular than Jesus Christ. If so, then Obama was correct when he stated this country was no longer a Christian nation. A statement I wholeheartedly disagree with.

This is one of the major problems with this congress. Not many who serve in congress are willing to stand on principals and publicly oppose this administration. News Flash for “The Good Reverend” Emanuel Cleaver and congress in general. You don’t serve this President or his administration. Your loyalties should be as follows, God, Family, Country and Those you were elected to represent. You don’t serve your party first. You don’t serve this administration first. You don’t serve yourself first.

The bill in question was a funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He voted for it where 51 democrats who opposed it voted “Nay”. Personally I think his vote in this matter was the right one to be cast, but the manner in which he did it shows no backbone, no principals and worst of all, shows a total lack of respect towards the military who want to be there AND be allowed to finish the job they started.

By his statement he would rather disagree with God than with Obama who happens to be as mortal as myself and everybody else on this planet unless he proves to be ‘The third Anti-Christ”. I’m not yet convinced he’s not, but yet to be convinced he is. Of course main stream media is going to give him a pass on this because 1) Cleaver is a democrat, 2) Cleaver is black, 3) Cleaver claims to be a servant of God, and last but certainly not least, 4) this would not reflect well on Obama, his administration or the democratic party in general.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An update from Oklahoma

The state law passed today, 37 to 9, had a few liberals in the mix, an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a conservative state, based on Christian values...! Guess what..........We did it anyway. HB 1330

We recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal immigrants, and ship them back to where they came from, unless they want to get a green card and/or become an American citizen. They all scattered. Hope we didn't send any of them to your state. This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the ACLU, they said it would be a mistake. Guess what..........we did it anyway. HB 1804

Yesterday we passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegals to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional. Guess what........We did it anyway. SB 1102

Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives. That, for your information, makes Oklahoma and Texas the only states to do so. Guess what.........More states are likely to follow. Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, both Carolina's, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, just to name a few. Should Mississippi act, so will Florida. Save your confederate money, it appears the South is about to rise up once again. HJR 1003

The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I'm sure that was a set back for the Kennedys and Ms Pelosi. Guess what..........We did it anyway. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling 3-0

By the way, Obama does not like any of this. Guess what....who cares...were doing it anyway.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Violation of his basic principles, and his Priesthood

Father John I. Jenkins has voiced his opinions in 2006 by saying he was, "very determined that we not suppress speech on this campus", and was also "determined that we never suppress or neglect the Gospel that inspired this University", saying that "[a]s long as the Gospel message and the Catholic intellectual tradition are appropriately represented, we can welcome any serious debate on any thoughtful position here at Notre Dame."

The views that he announced some 3 years ago are apparently not the views he has now. Last Friday Dr. Alan Keyes asked for a meeting with Father John, president of Notre Dame University, about inviting President Barack Obama to speak at a commencement exercise and to offer him an honorary law degree.

Keyes has long been a pro-life advocate, and wished to appeal to Father John’s sensibilities as a priest first and administrator last. Father John refused to meet with Dr. Keyes, and later that day when the quiet protest was attended by Keyes and several priests that don’t agree with Father John’s views, Father John, president of Notre Dame University instructed the Campus Police to take them into custody.

According to reports, on Thursday, fearful of the pending protest, Father John conversed with a Superior Court Judge who not only favored the president’s position but quietly changed the bail procedure to one far more harsh to prevent civil disobedience in the future.

Dr. Keyes insists that he was only there to protest what he felt was a reversal of Catholic Doctrine put forward by the Pope. The arrests of the priests also showed a flagrant abuse of power by a man who was sworn to uphold the laws of god. His actions were complete, and decisive, and intended to silence his opponents, much in the way the President and his posse works.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sniglets 19-09

Sniglets 19-09

Eric Holder on the hot seat
Eric Holder was grilled by a congressional panel last week after his suggestion to actually prosecute Bush Administration officials for the “torture issues.” Lamar Alexander questioned Holder rather pointedly about his role in the Clinton Era about transferring detainees to foreign soil for interrogation. Holder, like many his Administration said he didn’t recall how involved he was on that issue, but he would check into it and get back to him. Just like the comments like Barney Frank said about wanting to prosecute people involved in the banking crisis………be careful what you wish for!

Barney Frank (again)
Barney’s newest agenda is to legalize online gambling, but lest you think he is doing this from the goodness of his heart, or for his personal love of gambling, you would be sadly mistaken. With every politician comes an ulterior motive, and this issue is no exception. Frank intends to move what could have been state revenue (if the laws stayed the same), to online federal taxation, his intended initial amount is 2% of the gross amount wagered, creating yet another federal tax where there wasn’t one, and cheating the states out of their share.

Nancy Pelosi digging herself deeper
The speaker of the house not only lies, but now she has started the conspiracy theories. She is claiming that all the minutes from 40 meetings where she was present on the enhanced interrogation methods were somehow altered to make it appear as if she knew about the methods, when in fact she didn’t. Now either she is incompetent or just plain stupid or maybe a little of both, but the tail she is weaving now, borders on fantasy. This one just leaves you with your head shaking.

The ACORN never falls far from the tree
It was uncovered this week, that yet another scandal has unfolded in yet ANOTHER Acorn branch, this time in New Orleans. It seems that a former funeral home, is the base for some 270 profit and non-profit corporations, yes you read that right….. Owned by the Founders of ACORN Wade and Dale Rathke, one of the groups this building houses is called the Service Employees International Union, and had donated $33 million to the Obama Campaign. This represents the largest single donating group to his $640 million campaign. You draw the conclusion.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Am I Doing?

How Am I Doing?
Kevin Bryant

We see them every day, How is my driving – call 1-800 whatever or please take this customer satisfaction survey or call 1-800 and tell us what you think of our service or product. Do me a favor and tell me what kind of job I am doing. Do you think I am boring, long winded, way off the mark, I’m the reason Arlen Specter thinks the republican party is moving too far to the right? Doesn’t matter what you think. If you have read at least three opinions of mine, then you know I welcome comments, opinions and even criticism.

I’ve stated it before, I am not a writer. I’m certainly not getting paid to spout out my opinions. I’m a blue collar worker like many of you. I do this because I believe that every American not only has a right to their opinions, they have a duty to share them when it comes to the actions of our government. We all know that the main stream media is not going to allow the opinions of everyday citizens to be heard in great mass. They want to shut down every form of speech that does not follow the liberal agenda. I do this because I believe that common sense is dead and stupidity reigns here in the U.S. to such an extent that it is virtually impossible for a conservative point of view to be heard. I do this because I have hope that someday someone in a position to help advance common sense will notice what we as America’s main street really think.

How am I doing? I really do want to know what each and every one of you think. Send me an email. My email address is posted at the top of Al’s blog page. If you don’t want to do that, then post a comment and let me know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Climate Change Is Real

Climate Change Is Real
Kevin Bryant

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, almost every democratic candidates stated that it was”not only our right to question our government, it is our patriotic duty to do so” or something similar. Now if someone dare question this administration or this congress for its actions or inactions, that person is labeled an obstructionist, angry right winger, bigot, tea-bagger, redneck, and those are just the nicer words used.

This used to be a country of free speech, a country where every opinion was welcomed and encouraged. Now what are we, a nation that punishes people because they hold views that might not be politically correct such as Miss California’s belief in traditional marriage and faith? If you are a conservative talk radio or television host on anything other than NPR, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and to some extent ABC, then you are guilty of promoting hate speech and racial divisions and yet it is the liberal left that has for years silenced opposition and kept the country divided along lines of race and economics.

Murderers, terrorist, felons, mafia members and just about every representative of every culture in the world is allowed to freely enter Great Britain, but Michael Weiner (Michael Savage) is banned from entering that country because according to their government, he promotes hate speech. What is he guilty of, not being aired on NPR? I never knew that was such an horrific crime.

Congress now is pushing a tougher hate crimes bill. News flash people, anyone can commit a hate crime, and the constitution says that all citizens are equally protected under the law. In this new bill, if a gay individual attempts to pick pocket me and I turn around and slug this person, I can be charged with a hate crime. If I attempt to pick pocket a gay individual and they hit me, they are exempted from committing a crime because they were just defending their property. Is that equal protection? I don’t think so. What happens if the gay person is black and the pick pocket is Mexican? My guess would be since neither is a white heterosexual Christian, no hate crime has been committed.

It used to be that those who knew about crimes and did not report them could be charged with obstruction of justice and in some instances they will be today. What if a major city’s administration, like San Francisco, knows it is harboring a felon that is in this country illegally; think anyone would be charged with obstruction of justice? I don’t think so since it happens all the time.

Climate change is real and it is rapidly happening. It’s just not the climate change that Al Gore, the left and the enviro-wackos are telling us. The political climate has been changing in this country since the 1920’s but at no time in our history has it been changing faster than it has over the 15 years. Since the day Bill Clinton took office to George W. Bush’s last day, the political climate has steadily been progressing further left but since the day Obama took the helm, political climate change has accelerated at such an alarming pace that it is virtually impossible to keep up with.

A majority of the world’s population used to envy the United States and marvel at our freedoms, our liberties and the manner in which our economy was based. Now even the French sit there dumbfounded at the way we have allowed our country to deteriorate. I think the French has a right to be because I don’t understand it myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Brother wants your GPS coordinates

AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File

Most of us have been through the Census Bureau questions, and filling out the form hasn’t raised the hair on the back of your neck……until now. The announcement to take the Census from the Department of Commerce, and hand it over to the executive branch of government, a month ago, raised a few questions, but that was about it.

The conservatives looked at that move rather warily, and now we are seeing what the White House has in store for us. In the past, an address was good enough for the census, but now it no longer is. The government wants to map the GPS coordinates directly to you front door! In fact this very thing is probably happening as we speak. 140,000 workers intend to map coordinates to some 140 million addresses nationwide.

The Census Bureau has commented publicly by saying…. “"Address canvassing should conclude by mid-July. The operation will use new hand-held computers equipped with GPS to increase geographic accuracy. The ability to capture GPS coordinates for most of the nation's housing units will greatly reduce the number of geographic coding errors caused by using paper maps in previous counts. … During the address canvassing operation, census workers may ask to verify a housing structure's address and whether there are additional living quarters on the property. All census workers carry official government badges marked with just their name. You also may ask them for a picture ID from another source to confirm their identity. In addition, some census workers might carry a 'U. S. Census Workers' bag."

The truly paranoid could dream up all kinds of scenarios to use this information, but a better question would be….How far off could they be, when an address is no long useful information? Taxpayers are alarmed at the expenditure of 700 million tax dollars in such a financially stressed time. One can only wonder if ACORN, the only group endorsed by the Obama Administration, and presently involved in voter fraud issues will be, or have been already hired to accomplish this task.

I know one thing, I will keep a close eye to the sky, for an unmanned drone with the Obama insignia of the setting sun of the country, emblazoned on the side……..that is of course if I was paranoid.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sniglets 18-09

Sniglets 18-09

Last week the CIA had two closed-door sessions about how the moral was at an all time low. After the Obama Administration unwrapped the classified torture memos, it’s no wonder the CIA has questions about if the Administration backs them or not. The Administration has warned that they will reveal pictures of the abuse from the Iraq jails within the next two weeks. One has to wonder what is the purpose of this new opening of new classified documents? Is this nothing more then a fueling of the leftist fire? Is it a wonder that the CIA recruitment and moral is at an all time low? Why should CIA operatives have to buy liability insurance because their employers won’t stand by them?

Mainstream being bashed
Even though Miss California, Carrie Prejean only gave her personal opinion on gay marriage, the gay contingent on the heels of Perez Hilton, obviously bashed and berated her for her opinion. The latest disgusting treatment of Carrie Prejean has come from the feminist activist and blogger Gloria Feldt, who said, “She (Carrie Prejean) should get a heart transplant rather then a breast implant.” It seems that all people that commented against her should realize that her comments are from the MAJORITY of America, and not from the minority.

The dictionary defines “invest” as committing money for a financial return. Barack Obama obviously never looked that word up, because he uses that word to describe governmental spending, which will never see a financial return. He uses “invest” and “investment” rather freely lately to describe a dismal situation, rather then the word he should be using……deficit spending, but you just keep making up meanings there Barack, the ignorant seem to believe you.

Wow, more threat accusations
An Israeli official has accused White Houser Rahm Emanuel of threatening to ignore the Iranian threat to Israel if they don’t make concessions to the Palestinians. The White House position was to deny that one issue had nothing to do with the other. This issue has come to light just as Shimon Peres is to make a visit to Washington. My question would be……why would the White House Chief of Staff be talking to anyone about foreign affairs?

Here is your chance!
To tell your representatives what you really think about them. A new website gives you, as a voter the ability to give your representative a grade, based on YOUR beliefs. Grade your government Go check out the grades they have already and add your own!

No pictures, no report
The White House has said they will not publish pictures of the Air Force One fly over of Ground Zero in NY City. Not only will they not share pictures from that stunt, they will not share any results from the investigation. It’s funny how when information shows the present administration in a bad light, nothing gets released, and yet it seems to be a weekly occurrence that Obama seeks to give Bush a black eye constantly by releasing classified CIA documents. Update, Fox News has petitioned under the Freedom of Information Act, for the pictures, and has been promised them.

U.S.S. Freedom
A Navy ship has been recently commissioned to combat the pirates off Somalia. This $600 million dollar launching pad for a very diverse group of attack possibilities will be tried out on the pirates. The Navy feels the speed of this ship will enable them to cover much larger areas, and therefore give better protection. Personally I think the major cruise lines should offer a “Somolian Skinny Game Hunt Cruise,” offering the big game hunter an opportunity to fire his or her hi-powered rifle at leaky pirate boats while sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas on the sun deck……..but what do I know?

Millions on a no bid basis
Rep. John (all marines are child killers) Murtha’s nephew, Robert C Murtha has reportedly received millions in no bid government contracts. Just last year he received 4 million in defense contracts from the Pentagon. He reports that his company Murtech has had no benefit from his Uncle’s political position. Surprisingly the facility in Glen Burnie, MD has very little movement and all the shades seem to be drawn tight.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a liar?
Thursday the government released classified documents that Nancy Pelosi was present with Porter Goss when enhanced interrogation techniques were discussed AFTER they were used. This was a direct contradiction of her testimony earlier when she denied she was present at any briefing involving enhanced interrogation techniques after the fact. She lied period!…..deny it now left coast girl!

Fannie Mae wants another $19 billion
Where is Barney Frank’s loud mouth now? Fannie Mae has requested another $19 billion over a first quarter loss of $23.2 billion dollars. The request was made by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has been Fannie's conservator since the government took over the troubled firm in September. Where is the outrage from Barney Frank? The bonuses paid to Fannie and Freddie exceeded those of AIG, but Frank wanted to hang the AIG execs heads on a stick, but now with this new announcement he is mysteriously silent.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama’s First 100 Days

I promise you this, I will not just win an election, I will not just win, but more importantly you and I together, we will transform this COUNTRY, and WE WILL TRANSFORM THE WORLD!"
Barack Obama Florence SC Jan 25, 2008


1. Calling for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act on the White House website.
2. Calling on the White House website for the expansion of federal hate crimes to include homosexual behavior.
3. Calling on the White House website for policies like the “Fairness Doctrine” that could silence conservative and Christian talk radio.
4. Repealing limitations on taxpayer-funding of human embryonic stem cell research.
5. Repealing limitations on taxpayer-funding of abortions overseas.
6. Pledging $50 million to the United Nation’s Population Fund, which supports China’s draconian one-child policy.
7. Proposing new rules to gut conscience clause protections for pro-life doctors and other medical personnel who don’t want to be forced to perform abortions or other procedures that violate their values.
8. Proposing increased funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.
9. Calling on the White House website for “a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year,” (mandatory volunteerism).
10. Inviting homosexual families to the White House Easter Egg Roll.
11. Allowing his attorney general to call for the reinstatement of Clinton-era restrictions on the Second Amendment.
12. Breaking his promise not to appoint lobbyists to his administration. He hired 17 in his first two weeks.
13. Breaking his promise to sign legislation only after a five-day period of public comments.
14. Asking that the monogram for Jesus Christ be covered up during a televised speech at a Catholic university in which Obama quotes the Sermon on the Mount.

National Security

15. Apologizing for America in Europe and Latin America.
16. Bowing before the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia.
17. Pledging to base America’s foreign policy toward Iran on “mutual respect” in a video to the Iranian people and Iran’s Holocaust-denying dictator.
18. Returning the bust of Winston Churchill given to George Bush after 9/11 by our British allies.
19. Giving British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the leader of America’s most loyal ally, a box of DVDs that don’t work in British DVD players.
20. Ordering Guantanamo Bay closed without any idea of where to send the terrorist suspects held there.
21. Suggesting that some of those terrorists now at GITMO may kill again, but may also be released onto U.S. soil and set up with welfare benefits.
22. Caving to communist Cuba by relaxing travel restrictions and remittances for Cuban Americans before any Cuban political prisoners have been released.
23. Shaking hands with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
24. Sitting silently though a 50-minute anti-American diatribe by Nicaragua’s communist president, Daniel Ortega.
25. Releasing Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected of masterminding the 2000 suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.
26. Releasing classified CIA memos outlining our interrogation techniques.
27. Telling our CIA agents not to be discouraged when he acknowledges their “mistakes.”
28. Declaring a new openness to “truth commissions” and prosecuting intelligence officials involved in enhanced interrogations of terrorists.
29. Proposing to send a $900 million foreign aid package to Palestinians in Gaza.
30. Asking Congress to relax the law so that some of that money could go to the terrorist organization Hamas.
31. Calling for the U.S. to eliminate its nuclear weapons.
32. Telling Russian President Demitri Medvedev that America’s commitment to missile defense is negotiable.
33. Dropping the term “enemy combatants” for GITMO detainees.
34. Dropping the term “terrorism” for “man-made disaster.”
35. Dropping the term “Global War on Terror” for “overseas contingency operations.”
36. Giving his first interview as president to the Arab language network Al-Arabiya.
37. Telling the Muslim world that his “job” was to communicate “that the Americans are not your enemy,” when it’s Muslim extremists who have declared war on us.
38. Proposing that military veterans use private insurance for the cost of a service-related injury before they would be eligible for coverage through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Free Enterprise

39. Signing the trillion-dollar plus so-called “stimulus” bill, which the Congressional Budget Office said would actually hurt long-term economic growth.
40. Saying Caterpillar wouldn’t lay off workers if his trillion-dollar stimulus bill passed Congress. Obama signed the bill on Feb. 17th. On March 17th, Caterpillar laid off nearly 2,500 workers.
41. Hosting a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” one week after signing the trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill.
42. Railing against “outrageous recklessness and greed” of AIG bonuses that were legally protected in the so-called “stimulus” bill he signed four days after it passed, not five as he promised.
43. Breaking his promise on earmark reform by signing the $410 billion “omnibus” spending bill with billions in earmarks.
44. Proposing a $3.6 trillion budget that doubles the national debt in five years and triples it in ten years.
45. Proposing a “carbon cap and trade” scheme that will raise energy taxes by hundreds of billions, even trillions, of dollars.
46. Burning more than 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to fly to Iowa for Earth Day to promote “wind power.”
47. Proposing $634 billion in higher taxes for socialized health care.
48. Proposing to raise taxes on small business owners.
49. Saying the White House is open to the idea of taxing employer-sponsored health care benefits as income.
50. Signing a massive expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, calling it “a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American.”
51. Establishing the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research to give bureaucrats the power to ration health care and tell your doctors what care you can and cannot have.
52. Signing the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act, which the Sierra Club praised specifically because it “will safeguard millions of acres … from oil and gas leasing.”
53. Suggesting he has found $1.5 trillion in bogus “savings” by not spending money in Iraq that we were not planning to spend years from now.
54. Ordering his Cabinet to “cut” $100 million in spending in 90 days, after proposing nearly $5 trillion in spending in his first 90 days.
55. Proposing to limit tax deductions for home mortgage interest.
56. Proposing to limit tax deductions for charitable donations.
57. Refusing to allow banks to repay TARP money.
58. Bailing out AMTRAK with a 10% increase in its taxpayer subsidies.
59. Bailing out the United Auto Workers Union with billions of taxpayer dollars to GM and Chrysler.
60. Bailing out the United Auto Workers by giving it a majority ownership stake in Chrysler. Yes, the union will own the company.
61. Bailing out Big Labor by issuing an executive order mandating that infrastructure projects paid for with “stimulus” funds must use union labor, guaranteeing higher costs for the taxpayer.
62. Bailing out Big Labor again by repealing regulations requiring the disclosure of how union dues are spent. So much for “transparency.”
63. Saying, “The United States government has no interest in running GM,” then vowing that the government will back auto warranties.
64. Saying, “The United States government has no interest in running GM,” then firing the CEO of General Motors.
65. Allowing states to set their own fuel efficiency and emissions standards, making it harder for struggling auto-makers to compete.

Personnel As Policy

66. Nominating Timothy “The Turbo Tax Evader” Geithner as Treasury Secretary to oversee the IRS.
67. Nominating as attorney general Eric Holder, who urged Bill Clinton to pardon tax evader Marc Rich and 8 FALN terrorists.
68. Nominating David Ogden, a prominent attorney for the pornography industry, to be Deputy Attorney General.
69. Nominating Tom Daschle, who owed more than $140,000 in back taxes, as Health and Human Services Secretary.
70. Nominating Kathleen Sebelius, who is ardently pro-abortion and owed $8,000 in back taxes, to be HHS Secretary.
71. Nominating Janet Napolitano, who said, “crossing the border is not a crime per se,” as Homeland Security Secretary.
72. Nominating Steven Chu as Energy Secretary. Last September, Chu said, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” which at that time were roughly $8.00 a gallon.
73. Nominating Ron Kirk, who owed more than $6,000 in back taxes, as Trade Representative.
74. Nominating Bill Richardson, who was embroiled in an ethics scandal, as Secretary of Commerce.
75. Nominating Nancy Killefer, who also owed back taxes, to be the government’s “Efficiency Czar.”
76. Nominating Rosa Brooks, a leftwing acolyte of George Soros, as an advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.
77. Nominating Harold Koh, an ardent supporter of using international law in the interpretation of our Constitution, to be the top legal advisor to the State Department.
78. Nominating Carol Browner, who was a member of the Socialist International, to be “Climate and Energy Czar.”
79. Nominating John Holdren, an environmental extremist and advocate of population control, as the White House Science Advisor.
80. Nominating Dawn Johnsen, who is so pro-abortion she once compared pregnancy to slavery, to to direct the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department.
81. Nominating Charles Freeman, an anti-Israel, pro-Arab apologist, to be head of the National Intelligence Council.
82. Nominating Tony West, who represented American Taliban John Walker Lindh and exposed the Bush Administration’s terrorist surveillance program, to the Justice Department’s Civil Division.
83. Nominating Annette Nazareth to be Deputy Treasury Secretary, who withdrew after a month-long probe into her taxes.
84. Trying to nominate pro-abortion Catholics to be ambassador to the Vatican, a move even John Kerry opposed.
85. Appointing Ellen Moran of the pro-abortion group Emily’s List as his White House communications director.
86. Appointing Melody Barnes, a board member of Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood, as his director of the Domestic Policy Council.
87. Appointing Harry Knox of the Human Rights Campaign (the largest homosexual rights lobbying group) to the White House’s Faith Based Advisory Council.
88. Appointing Adolfo Carrion as Director of White House Office of Urban Affairs, even though he is under investigation for kickbacks in a scandal nearly identical to one that cost GOP Senator Ted Stevens his election.
89. Nominating David Hamilton as his first appointment to a federal appeals court. Judge Hamilton has issued a number of controversial rulings, including prohibiting the Indiana House of Representatives from opening sessions with prayers in the name of Jesus.


90. Telling congressional Republicans to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.
91. Coordinating attacks on Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer out of the White House.
92. Hosting weekly parties at the White House, serving up $100-a-pound Waygu beef during what Obama called, “the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”
93. Laughing it up on 60 Minutes as the country is mired in a recession.
94. Allowing Air Force One to buzz the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan, creating panic in New York City.
95. Disparaging Special Olympians on the Tonight Show.
96. Allowing his Department of Homeland Security to issue a report accusing pro-life, smaller government conservatives and returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans of being “rightwing extremists.”
97. Promising to push for comprehensive immigration reform, i.e., amnesty.
98. Killing the school voucher program in the District of Columbia, while sending his two daughters to an elite private school, rather than D.C.’s public schools.
99. Moving the Census out of the Department of Commerce and into the White House.
100. Relying too much on his teleprompter.

Congratulations Mr. President
Your transformation is almost complete

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An update from Oklahoma

A friend sent this to me from Oklahoma, all i can say is, I'm thinking of moving there!

The state law passed today, 37 to 9, had a few liberals in the mix, an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a conservative state, based on Christian values...! Guess what..........We did it anyway. HB 1330

We recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal immigrants, and ship them back to where they came from, unless they want to get a green card and/or become an American citizen. They all scattered. Hope we didn't send any of them to your state. This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the ACLU, they said it would be a mistake. Guess what..........we did it anyway. HB 1804

Yesterday we passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegals to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional. Guess what........We did it anyway. SB 1102

Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives. That, for your information, makes Oklahoma and Texas the only states to do so. Guess what.........More states are likely to follow. Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, both Carolina's, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, just to name a few. Should Mississippi act, so will Florida. Save your confederate money, it appears the South is about to rise up once again. HJR 1003

The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I'm sure that was a set back for the Kennedys and Ms Pelosi.
Guess what..........We did it anyway. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling 3-0

By the way, Obama does not like any of this.
Guess what....who cares...were doing it anyway.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

“The House Democrats don’t want Al Gore humiliated”

“The House Democrats don’t want Al Gore humiliated”

Lord Monckton, science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was invited to a global warming testimony on Capitol Hill last week. Rep. Joe Barton Republican from Texas invited him, to offer a differing view from the one most Democrats accept, that of Al Gore.

At the last minute House Democrats led by Henry Waxman, retracted Lord Mockton’s offer to speak. Apparently the First Amendment is only for other citizens, and Waxman prefers that the only opinion that counts is that of Al Gore, lord of the cap and trade. During his one-man show by design, a Congresswoman asked Gore about his rapidly accumulating wealth and if the cap and trade system were to start, would he personally benefit?

He bristled at the accusation, but never answered the question, instead attacking her with a question himself….. “Do you think I do all this for just the money?” Funny he should ask that question, as his accumulated wealth has blossomed from 8 million to over 100 million since leaving office, according to Bloomberg. He is on track to be the first “carbon billionaire,” even though the Democrats are trying to actively silence every scientist who doesn’t believe the official Gore theology.

All this came days before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton following her bosses lead of “apologies to the world” and falsely claimed, "The facts on the ground are outstripping the worst case scenario models." Then went on to claim that the U.S. shares a majority of the climate change in the world.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sniglets 17-09

Sniglets 17-09

Swine Flu
Is it just me, or why is the Obama Administration parading every Department he can to have a news conference on the Mexican Swine Flu? Is this yet another case of “let’s not waste a good crisis?” Is it because Obama can’t get his HHS candidate confirmed, or is it an omen of something bigger? They spent close to an hour talking about a flu that has yet to kill any American citizen, when 36,000 people die each year from the ordinary flu. Robert Gibbs and Janet Napolitano serve to calm no fears, and only serve to show the incompetence of the Obama Administration.

The “Torture Memos”
The Democrats should be careful of what they wish for. Talking heads from the congress have been making noises about opening investigations on the classified memos that Barack Obama decided to open to the public. President Obama first said after he exposed the memos to the public he didn’t want to prosecute anyone who did waterboarding. Unfortunately he didn’t send THAT memo to Pat Leahy who has voiced his determination to prosecute operatives who did the aggressive interrogations. Leahy should “fish” gingerly, after his embarrassing interrogation of Col. Oliver North in the Iran Contra Affair.

Pakistan rather than Afghanistan
More proof this week of my past claims that the war should be in Pakistan instead of Afghanistan, as the Taliban is threatening to take control of the nuclear weapons that Pakistan possesses. The Pakistan President even claimed this week that he didn’t consider that Osama Bin Laden to even be alive, but the threat of his followers are very much alive.

New York Mayor Bloomberg referred to the Air Force One fly over the World Trade Center Area and the Statue of Liberty as “Insensitive.” President Obama has called it a “$300,000 mistake”, and Press Secretary Gibbs has said… um, I don’t uh, nobody told me, um, I’ll have to check on this, um. This has to be one of the most idiotic things from the Obama Administration yet. I suppose we are to believe that the President knew nothing of this. The strangest part is the master mind of this fiasco, Louis Caldera had planned a similar fly over in Washington the following week! Obama has said he needs to confer with White House lawyers before he could release any transcripts of an investigation on this situation, and yet he never worried about that before releasing President Bush’s “memos on torture.”

Jimmy Carter on Stupidity
Past President Jimmy (I have dementia) Carter, has professed his love for fire arms, telling how many he has, and then announcing that anyone who owns an assault rifle (a semi-automatic) is a person that wants to kill cops and/or a large amount of people. I have news for you Jimmy boy, your ideas and blessings on unconstitutional policies are outdated and offensive.

This Experiment
This week during a speech to The National Academy of Sciences, President Obama as usual found himself lost after a teleprompter error. He bobbled, as he struggled to recover, but finally made an interesting statement. He called America “this experiment.” An interesting question to our President, could have been, …. “do you see our country as still too new to have a solid basis that we can now be considered a world power?” Or does he see our country as an experiment, that he can still micro manage, and change and bend to his will?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Social Engineering 101

Social Engineering 101
Kevin Bryant

California says no more home schooling because it’s not healthy for the kids even though children that are home schooled have higher test scores averages in every state. Washington DC says no more school vouchers. So instead of spending $7000 on a child to go to a private or charter school, they now spend over $13,000 to send them to public school where again, the test grades are lower.

No more prayer in school or saying the pledge of allegiance or heaven forbid, the Boy Scouts hold a meeting at your neighborhood public school but it’s perfectly acceptable to have children dress up and learn Muslim cultures and celebrate Muslim holidays.

Most educated adults know that so called global warming is a farce. It has been proven to be based on junk science by more than 3000 expert scientists. Al Gore and the left are now going after public school children and indoctrinating them to the horrors of what is going to happen to our planet and telling them this is fact when in reality it’s not even good science fiction.

Public school systems today aren’t anything like the schools that I attended when I was growing up. It certainly isn’t the same type of schools my parents attended. Political, Biblical and Social theories were all allowed to be opening discussed and opinions of all sides were welcomed so long as they were not presented in a vulgar manner. Family values and the positive impact of having both a mother and father married and living in the same household was discussed and studied.

Public education today is more about social engineering than it is reading, writing and arithmetic. Little Johnny, don’t you dare bring a 2 inch tall plastic army man to school to play with or we will expel you, but here is a condom and we will show you how to properly put it on. Susan, you can’t wear a necklace that has a cross on it to school, but here, wear this GLAD rainbow necklace to show your support for gays and lesbians. Sorry Mom & Dad, your little first grader can’t give out Valentine’s Day cards because it could be considered sexual harassment and certainly under no circumstances can your child bring a Holiday Season card with the word “Christmas” on it.

Isn’t just so comforting knowing that our public education system is spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually teaching our children political correctness and diversity? What they are doing is teaching our kids to trust in and not question the government because they know what is best.

Public schools and the IRS are among the most powerful agencies in the United States. The IRS can seize assets without a court order and public schools can interrogate or indoctrinate children for as long as they want to without having to notify the parents. Schools can turn your child over to child protective services and the first you will hear about is when a county nazi …..I mean “social worker” comes knocking on your door with a police escort. To make matters worse, they are two of only three government agencies where you are guilty of crimes until proven innocent, with the military being the third. For the record, I support the military whole heartedly, but in this circumstance, I speak from experience.

Parents, get involved with what your kids are learning in school. Teach them to research subjects and formulate opinions based on facts. Let them know that 60% of the teachers and administrators out there are good people who really do care about their well being but the other 40% only care about their paychecks. My kids were brought up to respect adults and other kids. They were taken to church regularly for several years. They were taught to give their opinions on lots of different matters and respect others opinions when they differ from your own and they were taught “because my teacher said so” was an unacceptable answer when stating how or what they based their opinions on.