Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Set to Lose Yet another Country

Obama Set to Lose Yet another Country
Al Ritter

Jimmy Carter is the President that history has labeled the one who lost Iran. Because of the official American stance in 1953 to re-instate the dictator the Shah of Iran into power over a democratic president, the pot had been boiling. Then in 1979 when Carter made the decision to allow the Shah of Iran admittance into this country, (against the warnings of the American Embassy in Iran), for treatment of cancer, it triggered a firestorm.

A Radical Islamic student faction approached the religious arm of the government and plotted the overthrow of the government while the Shah was in America. They took the now famous 52 hostages from the American Embassy and held them for the last 444 days of Carter’s career. This was the beginning of the Islamic Revolution against America.
Although intent on “warming up” to the Islamic nations, President Obama is “being tested,” as Vice President Biden prophesied, early in his Presidency. The problem is however that Obama has widened the rift between Islamic nations. Obama will go down in history as the American President who has lost Turkey, Lebanon, and soon to lose Egypt if he travels down the same path of indifference.

History has already shown the similarities between Iran and Egypt. The question is…….will Obama show leadership, or will he continue on a path of destructive policies that puts American’s safety in the cross hairs.

His actions of the past two years have placed Americans in more danger than any President in the past, the question is, can he win here?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lowering the Debt Ceiling

Lowering the Debt Ceiling
Kevin Bryant

Most of us go through life doing the best that we know how for our families, ourselves and our country. We make sacrifices, most of which involve our own self indulgence, for family and friends. Many know what it is like to do without. Can’t afford that new car right now or pray that this set of tires last another 6 months until we can work it out in our budget to get another set. If we plan ahead, we can afford those tires when they become necessary to replace. We sacrifice our own indulgences for our own and our family’s well being. We have to do it, we have no choice.

Our congress is about to raise the debt ceiling again. They are going to give themselves and the President the authority to put us another trillion in debt and there will be the ceremonious bickering and claims about budget restraints but in the end, the only thing that will be restrained is our ability to ever get out of debt.

I am one of the strongest supporters of the military that I know. Saying this, I think it is time to militarily get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan and get out of South Korea. We have been in all of them for far too long and price we have paid to stay is way too great. We need to close our bases in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Germany, England, Italy and Spain. We need to decommission one fourth of our naval fleet, one fourth of all navy and air force aircraft, eliminate one fifth of our army and marine tank units and cut all non strategic bases here in the U.S.

Being realistic, there is not going to be another world war. Why have these bases open and the bigger question is why are we paying these countries for allowing us to keep a military presence there? They should be paying us. We can no longer afford to be the world’s police dept and peace keeping force.

Instead of laying off the people who will no longer be needed to run those bases or tanks and planes, we allow them the option of getting out or transferring and working as part of decommissioning crews, whether it is bases, or equipment. This will eliminate the need to hire more government workers to do the job and because the job will last over several years, this will allow those that are career minded to stick around and retire as they had planned to do.

After stripping everything out of each tank, plane and ship that is vital or even classified as confidential, sell off the asset. The world turns a blind eye when Russia or China sells military hardware to places like Syria and Iran so why don’t we sell them our old stuff. Who is really going to care? I figure it would take about 5 years to complete this military transformation.

Once we start seeing dollars back in savings or through the sale of equipment, immediately start buying back our treasury bonds starting with those who hold the smallest amounts. Once you pay off the smallest, you then buy back the next smallest and so on. Once the debt starts to come down, we actually lower the debt ceiling by the same amount.

As for closing bases here in the U.S., there is no discrimination between the states. Each state must offer up at least one military base. If they do not have a base, then they must offer up a federal park or some other federal land equivalent to the smallest federal park in that state or nearest military base in proximity. The state has the first right to purchase back the land from the federal government. If the state does not want to buy it, then it may then go up for sale to the general public.

The only losers in this is the foreign governments who will lose income because we will no longer be paying them to keep a military presence in their country and having our service members pumping millions into their economies.

Let’s not raise the debt ceiling. America will not default on its loans. Congress will have to either sell land back to the states to pay the bills or stop funding useless crap like NPR, Africa Aids Relief, and ethanol subsidies and transfer that money to pay the debt.

I know… it makes sense therefore the government will never even consider it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have Lost Yet Another Close Friend

I Have Lost Yet Another Close Friend
Al Ritter

As we get older we lose more and more friends, sometimes through just the aging process, from accident and sometimes through an insidious disease. We begrudgingly accept this as our inability to escape mortality, and we go on. I lost yet another friend due to the horrible disease of cancer late Saturday night.

I can count the number of close friends who made an indelible mark on my soul and heart, and that list of those who remain seems to get shorter each year. This weekend I lost such a friend.

To the business world he was a giant in the insurance industry. A man who was forced to succeed at a young age because of the premature passing of his father, Bill did what no man had done before. He created an insurance empire. Retired at an early age, Bill refused to sit still and branched out into more business ventures. Never satisfied to sit still, Bill excelled at almost every business venture he tried.

I have watched Bill for almost 5 decades, through thick and thin of his personal life, but I was always amazed how resilient he was. Adversity was merely a small tick of the clock in Bill’s life. His mantra always seemed to be, “it’s not how many times you fall down, but how you get back up.”

Bill and I, as some of you know shared the love of cars. Not to say that I collected them at anywhere the pace Bill did, but we shared that special bond. Bill collected the most desirable cars, while I collected the junk. Although we collected at VERY different levels, we both appreciated the fruits of our joint love.

Bill was my next door neighbor from the time I was 11 years old until Saturday night and many a conversation crossed our tongues in that wonderful time we had together. To many people who saw Bill in the business world, he was a giant, but to me, he was just my buddy Bill. We’d swap stories, drink some bourbon, and lay our lives out to each other. Not many of my close friends even have that capacity for life, let alone indulge to that degree.

Bill was my friend, my mentor, and my hero………I will miss him dearly.

William J. Salladin 1944-2011…… in peace my dear friend

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Subversive Group Leans Left Silently

Another Subversive Group Leans Left Silently
Al Ritter

We are all well aware of certain groups that lean left, AARP, NPR, are but just two. We have a new supposedly unbiased group which leans left.
In a time where subversive activities are reaching an all-time high, I have to admit, I was a little slow on the draw with this one. Each morning and night to prepare for my activities, I find myself watching the Weather Channel for the day’s forecast. I usually pick my time to watch very carefully, waiting until that magic “On the eights” minute. This has served me well for the last few years, getting only the information I want, when I want it.

I rarely watch the Weather Channel on the weekend, because I’m usually so busy. Sometimes when I channel surf late at night or on the weekend I shake my head in amazement at the programing I see on the Weather Channel.

Ever since the founder John Coleman left the Weather Channel, things have been slowly creeping into the format that has little to do with predicting the weather on a daily basis. Shows expressing personal or corporate opinion and explained as fact, are becoming more and more evident.

I watched the other night dumbfounded as a Show hosted by Mike Bettis claimed that ALL major weather events were now being credited to “Climate Change” even though no credible peer reviewed study has proven suck a link.

After the one hour show concluded Mike came back on in a clearly labeled “commentary” claiming that even though many viewers had written in complaining about his claims on the show there was irrefutable evidence to the contrary, thus merely reitterating Al Gores' misguided claim about Global ummmmm Climate Change.

Here is where his claim falls short, when the channel allowed him to refute his detractors they made him label his comments as “Commentary.” If it had actually been fact no such disclaimer would have been needed. I carefully watched for any other bias during the day, and I got exactly what I was looking for. The Weather Channel is now doing break aways for news updates, and they are using MSNBC!

A little investigation goes a long way in uncovering subversive activities, and I was rather surprised to see the sale of the Weather Channel was accomplished quietly in 2008 to NBC Universal and two private equity firms, The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

I will certainly watch the Weather Channel for now on rather sparingly……..whatever happened to just watching the weather forecast?...........Do you suppose the phone number WE6-1111 has been taken over by CNN?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. is Spinning in His Grave!

Martin Luther King Jr. is spinning in his grave!
Al Ritter

The immortal words of Dr. King’s speech “I have a dream,” have been so abused the last two years. The words where he dreams of a day that people will judge the person for the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin, has been tossed aside by the present administration.

I fear that race relations have been driven back a hundred years with the obvious actions of Barack Obama, a half white half black politician whose main aim as President has been to remake America in his image of what is right.

The possibility of electing another black President regardless of party affiliation has been tainted for many years due to his far left policies and socialistic leaning.
Martin Luther King had the idea that everyone was equal, or should be viewed as such, but the current President deals with race, (his black side) as the dominate superior side, and has actively rejected white citizens views with distain and great anger.

Many people have viewed Barack Obama as an angry socialist with a chip on his shoulder to anyone with white skin.

Martin Luther King viewed everyone in a more acceptant light and rightly so. Equality can never be achieved when one race is viewed as superior to another………..Dr. King was a Republican, he didn’t subscribe to the divisive nature of the liberal party, but the rather the equality of man.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Much Diversity?

Too Much Diversity?
Louis Lazarus

I think the greatest problem facing this country today is too much diversity. Most other countries are generally composed of people with similar backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences. If we take a look at a country like Japan, we see a people who all work well together and generally get along because they are all similar in the thoughts and ideals because they come from similar backgrounds. We can also look to nature and we see animals and birds that primarily seek each other’s company but seldom mix with others unlike them. For instance, you don’t often see a flock of blackbirds and sparrows all hanging around together. They all somehow know that remaining together is the natural order of things. There is a saying “birds of a feather, flock together”. Likewise, you don’t see a herd of elephants traveling with a herd of hyenas. It just doesn’t happen in nature. Schools of fish are all of the same species. Somehow they just know where they belong. Everywhere you look on this planet you see like with like. When it comes to human beings, if you are observant, you notice even we seem to prefer the company of people just like us. Germany, Japan, Korea, Egypt and dozens of countries are all primarily made up of people who think more or less alike.

In this country we practice and relish our diversity. We are a melting pot consisting of people from dissimilar backgrounds all trying to live and work together. The people of this country speak at least 60 different languages and there must be at least the same amount of religions practiced here as well as non-religions or no religions at all. We don’t all think the same. We don’t all act the same. We don’t all hang around with each other. For the most part, we still seek out those exactly like us and prefer the company of “our people” versus others. Of course, we all get along as best we can but you just don’t find a group of friends that are totally mixed. It happens but it is the exception and not the norm. As if the odds against us weren’t bad enough, we now seem to have the ultimate decision to make. Do we continue to try to get along with people who think exactly opposite from the way we do or should we consider making some changes so that we can all have the opportunity to live and work with people of like ideals? If this isn’t the major question concerning this nation right now, then there is no reason for this article to go on. However, it will go on because I truly believe this is the single biggest threat we face as a nation. The question always seems to come down to compromise or what the politicos call “bi-partisanship”. Many people believe that if we can just compromise and meet somewhere in the middle, all of our problems can be solved. As a theory, that would seem like a great idea. In the real world, it can’t possibly work. For instance, half of this country truly believes with all their hearts that abortion is something every woman has the right to no matter what. They even take this to the “nth” degree and are in favor of partial birth abortion where the baby, what they call a fetus, is all but totally delivered from the birth canal and then killed before it is completely free from the mother. The supporters of this practice will tell you it’s the right thing to do. On the other hand, half of this country is totally against killing a baby in the womb and they do call this person a baby, not a fetus. They believe this innocent newly formed life has all the rights due a living person. Both sides of this argument will not change their minds or beliefs. It will never happen and it just can’t happen. It’s who they are. This is one major issue where compromise can’t be an option. It’s impossible. You can’t halfway abort a child. You either believe in the right to life or you don’t.

If we go onto another issue and another issue and another issue we find there cannot possibly be compromise on any of them. These issues and how we think and feel about them are who we are. They are what makes us…us. Some of these issues specifically are gay marriage, redistribution of wealth, the military, religion, illegal immigration and the list goes on and on. Half of the people in this country believe one way and half of the people believe in the exact opposite. So then, is it me or does anybody else see a real problem here? We have about 300 million people total but in round numbers we only have about 150 million people who think one way and 150 million people who think exactly opposite. I would compare this to a jar made up of half water and half oil. The two will never mix. This is either true or it’s false. I believe it is true. Half of the country thinks one way and half the country thinks exactly opposite. The issues aren’t fluff. The issues aren’t whether to wear loafers or wing tips. The issues aren’t whether to have fried eggs for breakfast or scrambled. These are core value issues and speak directly to who we are and how we live our lives. So if the premise is correct and there is a problem, what then, is the solution?

We’ve been trying to live together and in my opinion things have not become better, they have become worse and worse as the years go by. Half of us want to play by the “old rules” as they were written over two hundred years ago and half of us want to make up rules as we go along. How can there be a compromise on this? I know how I feel about certain things and while I can appreciate people who feel exactly opposite, I would prefer to live with people who think more or less like I do than to try to struggle each day along side of people who are completely opposite in their beliefs. Am I really alone in my thinking or do more and more people think the same thing? I’ve always thought if I’m thinking a certain thing, so are many others. I’m just a guy who got here like everybody else and as time went by, and as I observed life and what goes on day by day, I’ve formed opinions and certain core values. Understanding people who don’t think like I do isn’t difficult. It’s easy to do. But, do I want to think like them? Do I want to live my life like they do? Absolutely not. No way. Never. I’m sure the same holds true for them. They could never change and think like I do and why should they. It’s not them. It’s not me.

Taking all these things into consideration, would it not be the right thing to do to get a divorce from people you can’t live with? We do that in marriage. It’s done all the time. Two people can love each other with all their hearts and yet they can’t live together because of irreconcilable differences. That’s the term I think applies to America in 2011. If we truly are a divided people on most every important issue of our time and if we truly can’t live together, then why not separate and yet remain friends? Married people do this. Life doesn’t end when this happens. It usually gets better.

What I am proposing in this article is for everyone who reads it to give this some careful thought. Either what I’ve deduced is true or it isn’t. If we aren’t divided and if everyone is totally happy with the way things are in this country today, simply regard these words as simple folly and continue enjoying life. I would have to add that if you truly are happy with the way things are, you are either not paying attention or you are brain dead and don’t know it. But, if you are anything at all like me and you’ve noticed things aren’t really working and we do have a problem, then might we not all be better off if we could come up either with an alternative or even a solution to this problem?

My first article, I NEED SOME OPINIONS…, suggested we divide this country into two halves. One half would be for liberals and the other half for conservatives. It would be a geographical division with all states remaining in tact. We would simply either have a horizontal, vertical or diagonal border dividing the country in two. The border would go along the state lines involved. The Congress would work this out. One party could be in charge of exactly where the division would be and then the other party would get to choose which half they preferred. Since the liberals have a president they are fond of, this person could remain president but only of the liberal half of the new America. The Congress would be divided up according to the states. Each Representative would be free to remain in that state as would the Senators. Where openings existed, new elections would take place. The Supreme Court would be divided up as to Liberal and Conservative and we would wind up with two Supreme Courts. We would also wind up with two Houses of Representatives and we would also have two Senates. Obviously, the conservative half would need a new president. Every citizen of either side would have the choice of remaining where he or she was or the option of moving. Eventually, we would become two separate but equal Americas. Each half living the way they thought was best for them. Each citizen could choose the system that was most closely aligned with his or her beliefs. The same way there is a North and South Dakota is the same way we’d have a Liberal and Conservative America.

Is this idea really too farfetched or does it have some merit? Are there flaws? Yes, more than likely there are. If our lawmakers really wanted what was best, couldn’t they come up with a better version of my plan? Each person believes “his way or her way” is the best way and finally they would have the choice of living under the system they preferred. I only ask people who read this to really give it some thought. I am not advocating war, violence or anything of the sort. What we would have is a friendly competition of two systems, each working separately from the other. Is it possible both halves could flourish? Is it possible both halves could fail? Is it possible we really do need each other and we really do need all this diversity? Or, is it possible one system will work while the other one would fail? If that should happen, then what would we do? As many questions as I can come up with, I’m sure you can come up with more?

With the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords yesterday and the brutal slaying of six other people by a crazed lunatic, it just seems obvious to me that sub-human savage was not happy with the way things are going. I won’t begin to guess what was going on in his brain but one thing is for certain, he wasn’t a happy person. My guess is his discontent came directly from politics. He didn’t like the way things were going and probably felt he had to do something. Obviously what he chose to do was completely wrong but my guess is if we had a better system in place and he had a choice of living in a place more conducive to his way of thinking, maybe he wouldn’t have taken a gun in hand and randomly tried to kill as many people as he could. There is no excuse for what he did but there most likely is an explanation. My guess is he was frustrated and his way of dealing with frustration was violence. If we could do something that would lessen the frustration of people, maybe we would all be better off? One thing I know for sure is that he’s not the only one who is frustrated with the way things are. I’m betting there are millions and millions of Americans who would love the opportunity to live life closer to their core values. Are you one of them? Let’s tackle this problem and if we do it in a serious way, I truly believe we can make America a much better place.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etiquette according to the Obama Administration

Etiquette according to the Obama Administration
Al Ritter

Last night’s campaign kickoff for the 2012 elections were not only disgraceful, but an embarrassment to the American people. I personally can’t even remember a memorial service that included the playing of the national anthem. Barack Obama called his buddy Robert Shelton, University of Arizona President to put on an extravaganza for him in their football stadium.

In an effort to minimize Arizona Jan Brewer’s participation, and to maximize his “cult of personality” exposure, Obama claimed the event was to be a celebration of life and not to dwell on the death. That attitude is fine, but to start out with the National Anthem? After the National Anthem Obama paraded his cabinet before the people, Janet Napolitano; the Homeland Security Secretary, who offers no help on homeland security to the citizens of Arizona, to Eric Holder; our attorney general who couldn’t get a conviction of a man filmed with a billy club in front of a polling place. The constant cheering was way out of place too, I found myself wondering how many SEIU employees did it really take?

Using Rahm Emauel’s famous quote of never letting a good crisis go to waste, Obama not only used that quote, but expanded on it to include such things as branding and iconography…….what you say? Yes the media portrayed this campaign kickoff as a memorial service, but our commander-in-advertising had a different idea. You haven’t seen this in the main stream media so hold onto your hats.

The Obama administration had t-shirts made up to capitalize on the event. He even designed a cute little logo “Together We Thrive,” and distributed them at the memorial to every attendee. Oh and the concession stands were open too! Do you find yourself wondering who paid for all those t-shirts, or who benefitted from the concession sales?
This was nothing more than a dog and pony show for the administration to show off their muscle to Gov. Jan Brewer, on the surface she appeared as part of the ceremony, but privately she must be seething. This whole event was somewhat akin to “Little Abner goes to Arizona,” lacking the sophistication of even a hillbilly at a 5 star restaurant!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Placing Blame: Is it really needed?

Placing Blame: Is it really needed?
Al Ritter

I have to admit, I jumped into the political blame placing fray right after the shooting in Arizona of Rep. Gabby Giffords. I thought it was going to be an illegal immigrant that was against Gifford’s stance on sealing the border. Sheriff Dupnik was quick to jump the gun and blame the right wing anger in America. Even Gabby’s father blamed the Tea Party.

Who was to blame? Well when it really comes down to it Jared Loughner is to blame. It makes no sense whatsoever that his views more closely mirrored the left than the right. Everyone instantly viewed his rants on YouTube in a quest to answer the nagging question……”what made him snap?” Sometimes there is no answer…..or should I say, an answer only known to the shooter.

Where does this leave us as a society? Obviously Jared Loughner is mentally disturbed, but the question lies with privacy issues vs. the safety of the public. Many people in Jared’s case had informed him of his mental health status, but it never transferred into help. His parents say they never knew how mentally disturbed he was, although personally I think that was more denial than ignorance. So if the person refuses to do anything about his own mental status when notified, and the parents are in denial, what is left?

I think ANY level school should be able to report mental problems directly to the FBI. The sad part was that Loungner bought his gun just 6 weeks before the shooting. So we see that there is a problem related to the ability to purchase that gun. Now the next question is……would he have just bought a gun black market on the street if he couldn’t have purchased one legally? We can only deal with certainties and situations that we know for sure.

You can never defend against yourself against a person mentally disturbed enough that they are unafraid to die. Logic only pertains to the sane world, not to the lone gunman bent on destruction. The media wants to label a specific political group for this heinous crime, but in reality there is only one thing to blame, and that is Jared Loughner.

And to the Congress who now wants “protection”……….are you going to let one mentally deranged 22 yr old rule your lives? If you want protection then hire it from your salary, the American citizens can’t afford it for YOUR peace of mind………….if you don’t like that then retire tomorrow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Making the Complex Simple

William G Burmer

Dear Patriots:

Over the Holidays I have for the better part turned my radio off, I hardly watched TV as I was tired of hearing what is wrong with my country and some of the people who “run it!”

I have had a desire to express, a kind of optimism, and hope that sometimes flickers, and then eventually burns within us from time to time. Each of us in our hearts knows that we have been blessed to be American. What is befitting and justified is before us, Our Constitution. It needs no interpretation by lawyers and judges. It is our decree as expressed in its preamble. Its words are simple, to the point, exacting, without equivocation or need of added interpretation. Our founders with the help of almighty God created a perfect document for a liberty loving people. We only need to continue as we have this past fall to remember that politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often, and occasionally with a pin over our nose, wiped clean.

A humble man once said: "When I despair I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have always been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible but in the end they always fall. Think on it, Always." - Mohandas K. Ghandi - 1869-1948.

We must champion those who speak out against evil and tyranny. We must keep ourselves informed and do not be discouraged.” Work as if everything depends upon you, because it does;” how often have we heard that phrase in our past? With faith know in the end, with God’s help, we shall be the victors. What are needed are a virtuous people who will turn to God in a spirit of humility, looking to their families, and neighbors as equals, united, each striving for a better tomorrow.

With all our doing there of course needs to be some order tempered by a personal sense of responsibility and accountability; this provides an inward-motivating discipline that makes self-government possible. The restored Constitution under God’s law provides an atmosphere for unlimited freedom for creative expression, a chance to choose. Choice, what a beautiful gift, if used properly it elevates the receiver and blesses those around him or her.

In a truly free society Gods children are able to prosper, after all work always produces’ prosperity. The principles mentioned in above paragraphs coupled with work produces a society which, the Apostle James called “the perfect law of (for) liberty.” James 1:25. Word in Parenthesis added.

The first step has been taken; people are becoming educated to know of the simplicity of what is the Law of the Land that is, the Constitution for the United States of America. Next is a continued call to action. The principles of the Constitution were not meant only be studied, but to be restored and put into full operation. With God’s help this will be done eventually, what is needed for now is a cleansing. This process is neither simple nor is it complex. What are needed are a people who love God and eschew evil.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Call for Constitutional Test for Congress

We are a Nation of Laws, Not Men
Al Ritter

In a time where liberals would rather defer to the cult of personality rather than the law, the showdown came to the House yesterday as the Republicans read the constitution aloud before the first session. Grumblings from the Democrats were loud and plentiful in protest of the reading.

Charges ranged from grandstanding, to reciting an old document which doesn’t mean much in today’s society. The recitation was even interrupted by a spectator in the gallery when it came to Article II section 1 stating the requirements needed to be President. The spectator shouted, “What about Obama,” where after that woman was immediately arrested pursuant to house rules.

Our nation was founded on very few laws in 1776, but they were founded on respect, honor, and Judeo/Christian belief. For ANY representative democrat or republican to object to the reading of a document that sets forth the articles of our laws, is both disrespectful and displays an ignorance that has no place as a lawmaker. The House is where new laws are suggested and put forth to the Senate, how can any person that ignores the founding document be trusted to suggest a law that adheres to that very document?

I would suggest we go one step farther next year. Make EVERY representative not only read the Constitution, but pass a standardized test on that very document before doing even one day of business on the house floor! If they can’t pass said test then the house will return said representative to the state for further training or a revote to one who can pass the test.

The Constitution is a sacred document to the Republicans, it is NOT a “living document” as the left thinks it is. There as so many requirements including a super majority necessary to add an amendment, and that was the exact intent of our founding fathers…….to make changes HARD! The Constitution is the representation of a country that touts the principal of law over the celebration of an individual ( such as a king or queen)……….let’s keep it that way!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Damage Control Response

Damage Control Response
Kevin Bryant

I guess the piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago struck a nerve with a reader. Though I won’t use this gentleman’s name (mainly because he never told me his name), this person wrote me directly to inform me that he did not appreciate my treatment of John McCain. To this reader, I just say this:

I have as much love of country and admiration for those that serve in our military as anyone I know. Though I have never been a prisoner of war or shot down in combat, I too served this country and have the upmost respect for those who served before me and those serving today.

I do not have a problem with John McCain the serviceman or John McCain the American Hero. My problem with John McCain is his progressive nature while hiding behind the Republican Party and refusing to acknowledge the very fact that he is a liberal leaning moderate progressive. Like I said before, McCain, Graham, The Maine Twins – Collins and Snowe and now add Scott Brown to the mix and you have the 5 major RINOs in the US Senate. In my opinion, they need to go. I really hoped that JD Hayworth would have unseated McCain, not because of his service to county in uniform, but because of his service in the US Senate.

If John McCain really wanted to do this country some good, he would not fulfill his entire term in office. Also I wish he would duct-tape his daughter Megan’s mouth shut as well. She is the poster child of the republican liberal progressives.

Mr. Website Reader, through 250 pieces I have written over a span of almost three years, I have never been personally attacked until now for giving an opinion on this site. I have always encouraged discussion and debate and welcome with open arms the comments and opinions of others. I share your concerns over what has transpired in this nation over the past 4 years. My concerns actually go back further, to the early 1900’s to be a little more precise.

McCain appears to be a favorite of yours and that is fine. Many people I know still believe that Obama ranks as one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever known. Though I do not share their point of view, I also do not attack them or make snide comments when an opening to do so presents itself.

I would much rather discuss and debate than name call and hide behind the made up email address of

Monday, January 3, 2011

Life In Un-America

Life In Un-America
Louis Lazarus

Who would have ever thought that 2010 would be the year the country changed its name? We went from living in America, home of the brave and land of the free, to living in un-America in just two short years. Baseball, mom and apple pie have been replaced by Muslim terrorism, redistribution of wealth and a Kenyan born president hell bent on destroying our country. I say Kenyan born because I have seen the actual Birth Certificate that proves he was born there. I have also seen a phony Certificate of Live Birth, which leads us to believe he was born in Hawaii. Until he proves differently, he’s Kenyan born in my book and a fraud. What used to be a country that manufactured the best products in the world has become a country that can’t afford to manufacture anything except shrinking dollar bills. Here in un-America we’ve accepted sub-standard as the new standard and wrong for right.

Why all this complaining you ask? It’s simple and since you asked I’ll tell you. The problem is we’ve lost our moral compass. We know right from wrong. We know good from bad. We just don’t seem to care anymore. Everything has become muddy. We call that compromise in our daily lives and bi-partisanship in politics. The straight and narrow has become the crooked and wide. The un-American president has set the tone for all of this. He believes in things we wouldn’t even dream about. He thinks abortion is synonymous with being punished with an unwanted baby. He said so. He thinks partial birth abortion, something so hideous most people can’t even comprehend the thought, is not only acceptable but since it complies with the original intent, it’s desirable. He said so. He thinks a person should only be allowed to make “so much” money and then the government should be able to spread that person’s wealth around. He said so. He thinks America owes the world an apology. He said so. This is exactly why we have no moral compass anymore. We have an immoral leader. I say so.

Some say this man is making mistakes. I would argue that if you know what you are doing and you are achieving what you set out to do, you are not making mistakes. If his goal was to destroy the United States of America then he is doing everything that is necessary to accomplish that goal. If he wasn’t trying to destroy this country then everything he’s done would have been done differently. If you don’t believe this, you are simply na├»ve.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with differing on political ideology. We all look at life through a different set of eyes and experiences. People with different ideologies founded this country and yet they somehow all got along well enough to draft the most perfect set of “life rules” in the history of man. We were blessed with a document that is almost timeless. The fact that there are provisions that can be made to change the document to fit in with the change of times simply proves how wise these men were. Yet, we have people who take an oath to protect and preserve and defend this document and they do exactly the opposite. They have no moral compass. Their compass is spinning round ‘n round. The Obamas, Pelosis and Reids of this country are the reason we now live in un-America.

Can we fix the problem? Probably not. They aren’t going to change because they can’t. They don’t know right from wrong. They think they are the good guys. We have only two realistic choices. We can slowly defeat them in upcoming elections and make sure we only vote for conservatives. This will never happen. Or, we can simply accept the fact that we will never get along with them and just grit it out as best we can. Those are the two realistic choices. The first choice is the most desirable but considering about half the people of this country are like “them”, it’s going to be a very long road with not guaranty of a positive outcome. We just might lose it all and un-America will be here to stay.

Is this situation not similar to a marriage of two different types of people who simply can’t live together? One might be a free spirit who loves to do things without planning while the other is the exact opposite. One might like camping. The other might like hotels. One might like to go out in the evenings and the other likes to stay home. One might want children and the other might not. For whatever reasons, the two parties are just too dissimilar to live under the same roof. Hence, a break up or split is the only workable solution as neither party will change. The legal reason is termed “irreconcilable differences” and to my way of thinking, that’s our problem. It’s the moral compass that works for one and doesn’t exist for the other. It’s two completely differing views on life. If the two parties remain living together, neither is happy and life is a chore. If the two parties can agree to split up they can still be friends. They can still see each other on occasion. They can still live in the same town. They just can’t live under the same roof. Is that so awful? Wouldn’t it be better if both parties were happy and went through the agony of divorce and got it behind them so they could go forward and live a happy life in the time they have left? Isn’t this preferential to being miserable all the time?

In my first blog I wanted some opinions on the idea that this country should split up. There are people who agree with my idea and of course, as expected, there are people who don’t. The people who don’t still believe The United States of America should always be united. At some point down the road, these same people might realize that we aren’t united at all. We’re simply two types of people living on the same geographical patch of land that will never get along. The status quo will remain the status quo.

The rest of us would love the opportunity to live apart from those who we can’t live with. We think happiness would be achievable if this break-up were to take place. The idea of remaining in un-America is frightening. Let those who would love to be un-Americans have their own country. Let the rest of us have ours.

2011 is only a few hours away. It promises to be an even more fragmenting year than 2010. We have just passed several bills in this lame duck Congress that are just plain ludicrous. One of the bills has the potential to completely destroy our military. Another bill has the potential to completely destroy our population. What kinds of people do this to themselves? We have elected un-Americans to serve as our representatives in un-America. They’ve put us into hopeless debt by promising hope. They’ve changed America to un-America by promising change. Some say it’s way past time to “shake the tree” and if we don’t do it soon, we’ll have gone from America, to un-America to no America. Some say 2011 is the year we will take back America. I hope they are right.