Monday, January 3, 2011

Life In Un-America

Life In Un-America
Louis Lazarus

Who would have ever thought that 2010 would be the year the country changed its name? We went from living in America, home of the brave and land of the free, to living in un-America in just two short years. Baseball, mom and apple pie have been replaced by Muslim terrorism, redistribution of wealth and a Kenyan born president hell bent on destroying our country. I say Kenyan born because I have seen the actual Birth Certificate that proves he was born there. I have also seen a phony Certificate of Live Birth, which leads us to believe he was born in Hawaii. Until he proves differently, he’s Kenyan born in my book and a fraud. What used to be a country that manufactured the best products in the world has become a country that can’t afford to manufacture anything except shrinking dollar bills. Here in un-America we’ve accepted sub-standard as the new standard and wrong for right.

Why all this complaining you ask? It’s simple and since you asked I’ll tell you. The problem is we’ve lost our moral compass. We know right from wrong. We know good from bad. We just don’t seem to care anymore. Everything has become muddy. We call that compromise in our daily lives and bi-partisanship in politics. The straight and narrow has become the crooked and wide. The un-American president has set the tone for all of this. He believes in things we wouldn’t even dream about. He thinks abortion is synonymous with being punished with an unwanted baby. He said so. He thinks partial birth abortion, something so hideous most people can’t even comprehend the thought, is not only acceptable but since it complies with the original intent, it’s desirable. He said so. He thinks a person should only be allowed to make “so much” money and then the government should be able to spread that person’s wealth around. He said so. He thinks America owes the world an apology. He said so. This is exactly why we have no moral compass anymore. We have an immoral leader. I say so.

Some say this man is making mistakes. I would argue that if you know what you are doing and you are achieving what you set out to do, you are not making mistakes. If his goal was to destroy the United States of America then he is doing everything that is necessary to accomplish that goal. If he wasn’t trying to destroy this country then everything he’s done would have been done differently. If you don’t believe this, you are simply na├»ve.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with differing on political ideology. We all look at life through a different set of eyes and experiences. People with different ideologies founded this country and yet they somehow all got along well enough to draft the most perfect set of “life rules” in the history of man. We were blessed with a document that is almost timeless. The fact that there are provisions that can be made to change the document to fit in with the change of times simply proves how wise these men were. Yet, we have people who take an oath to protect and preserve and defend this document and they do exactly the opposite. They have no moral compass. Their compass is spinning round ‘n round. The Obamas, Pelosis and Reids of this country are the reason we now live in un-America.

Can we fix the problem? Probably not. They aren’t going to change because they can’t. They don’t know right from wrong. They think they are the good guys. We have only two realistic choices. We can slowly defeat them in upcoming elections and make sure we only vote for conservatives. This will never happen. Or, we can simply accept the fact that we will never get along with them and just grit it out as best we can. Those are the two realistic choices. The first choice is the most desirable but considering about half the people of this country are like “them”, it’s going to be a very long road with not guaranty of a positive outcome. We just might lose it all and un-America will be here to stay.

Is this situation not similar to a marriage of two different types of people who simply can’t live together? One might be a free spirit who loves to do things without planning while the other is the exact opposite. One might like camping. The other might like hotels. One might like to go out in the evenings and the other likes to stay home. One might want children and the other might not. For whatever reasons, the two parties are just too dissimilar to live under the same roof. Hence, a break up or split is the only workable solution as neither party will change. The legal reason is termed “irreconcilable differences” and to my way of thinking, that’s our problem. It’s the moral compass that works for one and doesn’t exist for the other. It’s two completely differing views on life. If the two parties remain living together, neither is happy and life is a chore. If the two parties can agree to split up they can still be friends. They can still see each other on occasion. They can still live in the same town. They just can’t live under the same roof. Is that so awful? Wouldn’t it be better if both parties were happy and went through the agony of divorce and got it behind them so they could go forward and live a happy life in the time they have left? Isn’t this preferential to being miserable all the time?

In my first blog I wanted some opinions on the idea that this country should split up. There are people who agree with my idea and of course, as expected, there are people who don’t. The people who don’t still believe The United States of America should always be united. At some point down the road, these same people might realize that we aren’t united at all. We’re simply two types of people living on the same geographical patch of land that will never get along. The status quo will remain the status quo.

The rest of us would love the opportunity to live apart from those who we can’t live with. We think happiness would be achievable if this break-up were to take place. The idea of remaining in un-America is frightening. Let those who would love to be un-Americans have their own country. Let the rest of us have ours.

2011 is only a few hours away. It promises to be an even more fragmenting year than 2010. We have just passed several bills in this lame duck Congress that are just plain ludicrous. One of the bills has the potential to completely destroy our military. Another bill has the potential to completely destroy our population. What kinds of people do this to themselves? We have elected un-Americans to serve as our representatives in un-America. They’ve put us into hopeless debt by promising hope. They’ve changed America to un-America by promising change. Some say it’s way past time to “shake the tree” and if we don’t do it soon, we’ll have gone from America, to un-America to no America. Some say 2011 is the year we will take back America. I hope they are right.

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turk182 said...

I think everything you mention has been caused my a moral decay of our country. When the job of child rearing was given to teachers rather than parents that slippery slope was reached.