Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Will Happen in January

What Will Happen in January
Al Ritter

This has certainly been a year full of political disappointments, and sadly we have all lost friends over their political stances both in Dem vs Rep contests but also Rep vs other Republicans. This weeks’ announcement by Ted Cruz to support the Republican nominee has brought about all new heated controversies. It seems the Republican Party has become so fractured now it’s hard to believe it will ever survive.
So you understand where I am coming from, I’ll tell you that I recently left the Republican Party for the sole reason that the RNC refused to renounce the practice of open primaries, allowing the Democratic Party to make the choice of the Republican nominee in the presidential election.
A lot of you will be angry at my views, but at this point in time, I really don’t care anymore, because my view is now that of an “unaffiliated party” voter.
I view the choice between the two present majority party choices as such. If the choice is between the lesser of two evils, I really don’t see a clear choice. Both candidates have taken advantage of the 2014 SCOTUS ruling of “Susan B. Anthony List vs Driehaus” where lying in political campaigns is now legal based on the 1st Amendment. They have both lied continually, and in fact both are unindicted felons in different frauds perpetrated on the American Public, and the DOJ refuses to act on either! We as citizens would already be serving time in prison had we done the things that either Trump of Clinton have done, but we keep allowing it to happen, and neither serves the time they deserve in Federal Prison.
As a result America will be the largest loser regardless of who wins this election.
Now this is how I view the results of the election based on who wins. If Trump wins; I see 100% aggressive behavior from the Democratic Party to ANY actions Mr Trump makes, and I hardly think this can be a statement that anyone can argue. Furthermore I can see an act of aggression of maybe 20% of the Republican Congress against Trump. You may disagree with this percentage but the fact is there WILL be some, call them RINO’s or whatever you wish. If Trump wins there will be NO primary challenge in the 2020 Presidential election unless Trump himself doesn’t want to run for another term, and to be honest I can’t ever see that happening. If Trump wins the SCOTUS is still a toss-up. Far smarter Republican Presidents have made poor choices in appointing conservatives to the court. But Trump has a history of supporting candidates that want to destroy the conservative cause so whether he appoints conservatives is NOT a given at this point. Trump says he wants to repeal Obamacare but only to the point of replacing it with a single payer system like Obama originally wanted. Trump has already abandoned his aggressive stance against illegal immigration and it’s only a matter of time before his claim to build a wall disappears too. There are so many stances that Trump had in his campaign that have already been either abandoned or reversed, everything he now considers to be mere “suggestions” with no clear policy standards and certainly no clear fiscal path to achieve those vague goals. His reluctance to ask for help on subjects he clearly knows nothing about have signaled to many Republican foreign policy experts that his questions on the use of nuclear weapons has alarmed many in his own party.
If Hillary wins; she will continue to lie and forward the same agenda her predecessor has done for the last 8 years. She will never be prosecuted for Benghazi nor will she be prosecuted for the Clinton Foundation money laundering or pay for play schemes. She will have the support of 100% of Democrats in Congress and about 20% or the same RINO’s that have supported every agenda that Obama has put forward in the last 8 years including Obamacare. Her Supreme Court appointments will most certainly be all liberal Justices. There is however a strong possibility that there could be health issues in a Hillary Clinton Presidency that could end her career prematurely. Although her political career has been plagued with falsehoods omissions and outright lies much in the way Trump’s has, her past history shows very few signs of mental instability but rather an insatiable quest for more power.
Both candidates show signs of being pathological lairs but Trump has clearly set the path of a 91% lying record, placing him at the top of the falsehood heap, so to pick either one with the idea that one isn’t as bad as the other is an asinine idea that will destroy America!
Congress; If Hillary wins I believe the seats in the Senate will become filled with more Democrats but I doubt they will take the majority, at least not until the next election cycle. The House will continue as the stronghold for Republicans. If Trump wins I see the senate staying in Republican control, but only temporarily as the public’s faith in the Republican President will quickly erode and the Senate will be lost in the next election. The public will place even further blame on the remaining Republican Senators and they will lose their seats to the left. The balance of legislative power will be in the hands of the President to either gain or lose power based solely on their performance. The public already knows what a Presidency under Clinton will be; it will be like a third term of Obama with only small changes. The public has NO idea what a Presidency under Trump would be like, his character is not consistent, his temperament is far from mature, and his policies and how to pay for them are totally devoid of logic or reason.
Some people are upset with Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump, but they need to understand one thing. Ted Cruz wants to run for President again in the closest possible time frame.  Cruz has no choice other than to run as a Republican, he would flounder as a 3rd party candidate, and he can’t risk spending time building another party while running for President at the same time. Understand that he hasn’t given up his principles, but instead is being blackmailed by Reince Priebus. He is a victim of the RNC and Donald Trump, and his supporters shouldn’t feel betrayed by him, they should vent their anger at what the RNC has done to a conservative rather than to label him as a traitor. If you can’t see your way to continuing support of Ted Cruz the conservative idea WILL die in this election cycle never to return, there will be no torch bearer into the next election cycle.
In short, this Presidential term will be filled by either Trump or Clinton…………how long the misery continues will be up to the voter, but understand that under either candidate there is NO guarantee there will be ANY conservative policies either introduced or passed. You lost the ability to vote for a conservative in the primary when your party allowed Democrats to vote in that contest!