Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Patriots

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

I have been doing a lot of pondering since my last email. I wanted to share something positive, to give you hope. I wrote this story. It was good therapy.

There once was a man of small stature elected to be President of the Land of America. He was noted for his silver tongue, and he was shrewd or even sagacious, thinking he had more wisdom than all, even so, lacking any character he loved only himself.

And he testified unto the people that they had nothing to fear, that they should rely upon his regime to provide for all of their needs; in exchange all he asked of them was their unquestioning loyalty. The people must trust in him with a blind eye.

And it came to pass that he did teach these follies so persuasively that many did believe his words, and many began to support him and give him money.

And thus he began to be lifted up in the pride of his heart and he looked down his nose at those who would not support his views, even that he caused his followers in the IRS, FCC, and FBI to press sorely upon those who expressed their opposition to him.

Now the name of this man was Berry, and he was the first to use his office for evil purposes, falsely saying all should bow to his authority for he knows better than all what is right and good, for the majority should rule. This to spite real Law as originally planned constitutionally in the land.

Now it came to pass that Berry was challenged at the poles, and he lost a large host of his comrades, even so many that the more righteous conservative elements began again to regain power.

Never the less, this did not put an end to the spreading of Berry’s’ sophistry, his lies in the land; for there were many like him who loved the vain things of the world, and they went forth preaching false doctrines; and this they did for the sake of riches and honor. Never the less in order to fool the people, they only told half truths with the intent of deceiving the people more, for they only pretended to preach according to the beliefs of the people thus hiding their true intents.

Thus Berry and his followers did continue to persecute those who opposed his regime. Yea they did persecute them and afflict them with all manner of words, and this because of their belief that they ought to be free, and that liberty should prevail. Berry and his followers had stiff necks, their pride, arrogance and hatred of truth, and their love of power made them even more determined. They thus supported each other that there should be no persecution among themselves.

This was a cause of much affliction in the land and was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the love of God and Lawful principle; never the less through all their trials they were faithful and steadfast, and immoveable in keeping the commandments of God, and the People bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.

As time progressed Berry and his regime were overthrown, and when a new President was elected of the people there began to be hope once again. The new President allowed that the People should once again return to their labors, and once again the leadership in the government esteemed themselves no better than the people who elected them. And they did all labor, every man according to his strength and abilities.

And they did impart of their substance every man according to that which he had to the poor, and the needy, and the sick, and the afflicted; and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely, and there again to be peace upon the land of America. And thus they did establish the affairs of government and they began to have continual peace once again. and their boarders were made safe.

And now because of the steadiness of the people’s faith in God, and His Law, even the Constitution, they began to be exceedingly rich, having an abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need—and an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of grain, and of Gold, and of silver and of precious things.

And thus the people did prosper and become far wealthier than those who did not live in this great land. And it came to pass that by thus exercising the law righteously upon all the land, the people became more still, and did not commit any wickedness,Yea the people who followed after that wicked man Berry were put to rest, there was thus much peace among the people of America. And God blessed this great land and its people because they loved Him and they abided His Law.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Liberals are Confusing Priorities with Preferences

Liberals are Confusing Priorities with Preferences
Al Ritter

As most of you know, I was involved with a local state senate campaign this month, and there was a referendum item in that county that explained the liberal progressive mindset to a “T.”
Paid firemen in Montgomery County Maryland were out in full force to ask voters to approve a “fee” for an emergency call under threat from the Montgomery County Council that if these fees weren’t approved then services and ambulance services would be cut.

I have to hand it to the Montgomery County Council; they succeeded without really raising a hand. They created an adversarial issue between firemen and the citizens of the county when none should have existed in the first place.

Conservatives believe in something called “primary services,” but progressive liberals don’t. We believe that certain services should be paid for with our county taxes, then and only then if there is anything left it may be used for other projects. Personally I feel that if there is something “left over” they were charging us too much in taxes anyway, but that’s another article!

Conservatives see the primary services as fire, police, schools, and trash removal. Progressives see things as social experiments that they want instituted first and then pesky little things like fire, police, schools as the last things on the list.

The referendum failed in Montgomery County, but not by much, which just shows how progressive the county really is. It’s all about priorities, specifically the ones who placed it on the referendum. Many municipalities charge for fire services now, but where do we draw the line? What would you think if your local police department charged for every call? Is it fair to ask such a question? Of course it is! Would it be fair to charge a fee to your local county to transport your children on a school bus? Then why is it fair to charge for fire department services? This particular referendum placed the firemen in a strange situation. They can’t change policy or the wish for the county council to charge for primary services.

Instead the county council put them into an uncomfortable situation of begging for money that was already paid in taxes to cover such things. This particular county has approved the first “cap and trade tax” in the nation just this year. They have never met a tax they don’t like, but they refuse to fund the services considered essential.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Kevin Bryant

I am so sick of hearing leftist come back with the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh as justification for demanding that America abstain from profiling when screening for terrorist. There are always a few nut cases in every society. WAKE UP AMERICA, over the past 30 years, well over 95% of all terrorist attacks around the world lately has been committed by Muslims. I know, I am in trouble now and will forever be branded a racist for saying such a thing. I don’t mind though because facts support my position and when someone can prove me wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt with more updated facts than what I base my opinion on, then and only then will I change my mind.

Don’t for a second think that a majority of the Muslim community isn’t laughing behind our backs. They honestly believe that America is weak and Americans are stupid and na├»ve. The sad truth is, far too many are. There of course are some Muslims in this county that actually love this country and are thankful for the freedoms we have. Sadly they, like many communities, aren’t willing or they are too afraid to stand up and police their own back yards. I honestly don’t know what is worse, living in fear or living in a blind constant state of denial.

Why is there never a word spoken of or about conservative Muslims? Perhaps it is the same reason you never hear anymore about conservative democrats. They no longer exist. They have been absorbed into a larger group and stripped of their identity. There have to be some out there somewhere. Are they all too afraid to have their voices heard?

Thanks to the two previous administrations and the current one, if I were a Muslim terrorist it would not be difficult to plan and inflict almost an equal amount of damage to this country with the same number of extremist that rocked this country on 9/11.

Border security is a joke, especially on the southern border but I would use both. I would first plan for a two year operation to get people into the country and into place. Conduct all the surveillance necessary to plan my attack and then watch while horror and panic spread across the country in one mass attack.

Phase 1; over the course of a year, fly 100 people into Canada, Mexico, and Belize. Plan on losing about 25% of all my troops at the border, but with proper planning, I doubt I would lose that many but still plan for the worst. Leaving me 75 devoted Islamic followers left, I would then move them into sanctuary cities and major urban hubs that voted for Obama in the last election. The first wave of 20 to make it across would be my surveillance teams.

Phase 2; the next group of 20 would be elderly extremist couples. Have them actually enter the country legally. Have them apply for citizenship and blend in. These would be my anchors. They would bring stability to the operation and would not take part in any action. Use their legal status only when necessary for supplies and inside intelligence gathering.

Phase 3; bring in the rest of the team members. In two weeks time, educate them in what is to be done and carry out the mission.

75 people in the country plus me. I have had a year to get the supplies necessary to blow up several buildings. I would oversee the purchase of several used vehicles bought from individuals and not dealerships. Minus the 10 couples and myself, I have 54 potential bombers with cars loaded down with explosives. In one coordinated attack, I would hit major hospitals, churches, stadiums, arenas and other soft targets with potential casualties above 500 each in various cities I am operating out of. In one brief instant…….. Ka-Boom!!!!!! I have potentially killed over 25,000 in an instant.

Memo to Janet Napolitano – I don’t think your naked imaging and your perverted groping measures at airports could stop me. Plus, I have pieces in place to do it again and again and not you or Eric Holder or the administration in general have shown any evidence that you can stop me because you refuse to secure the borders and you refuse to profile.

Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA: Total Sexual Assault

TSA: Total Sexual Assault
Al Ritter

Are we really safer using these scanners? In a recent report through the “freedom of information act” the scanners being used can’t even detect the PETN explosive that was used by the underwear bomber from last Christmas failed attack.

If the scanners can only identify hard objects, isn’t this an expensive, ineffective, and time consuming way of screening passengers? We use the TSA to search for the item that could cause the damage rather than to search for the person. Too many people in America feel that “profiling” is wrong under any circumstance, and have repeatedly used litigation to discourage its use.

Israel on the other hand, has no problem offering the passengers on Airlines originating in their country a totally safe attack free environment. Israel does profiling; they know and USE profiling to offer a more safe flight to their citizens and passengers flying in and out of their country. Their screeners use profiling, body language, and a barrage of questioning, to search out intent. The system works in Israel, as they have a 100% record of no attacks using this method.

We have involved politics into our system however, as the screening machines have come from primarily democrat areas in the North east, and the state of California under the Stimulus Plan of president Obama. Certainly no financial gain can be made by merely asking travellers questions, so this answers one huge question about why these expensive yet ineffective machines are being used.

First travellers are subjected to a metal detector, once you have passed that, a certain number of people are selected for additional random screening in the body scanner. Now with all the coverage last week of the TSA, you know what happens if you refuse to be body scanned………Total Sexual Assault……all in the name of safety? This humiliating procedure has proven to give NO additional safety to the screening process.

If we throw out all reason, logic, and the ability to profile people, what good does searching their body do? The TSA has readily admitted that the new scanners cannot find powdered explosives in soft packs on the body or inserted in soft pack within the body cavity, so why even use them, to merely detect composite weapons?

Israel is the world leader in terrorist prevention, so why do we ignore their procedures? Because there is no money in it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Are the Labor Unions Affecting Policy?

Are the Labor Unions Affecting Policy?
Al Ritter

In must the same way that the Tea Party is affecting conservative policy, the Labor Unions are affecting liberal policy. At no time in the history of U.S. politics have the labor unions obtained such a grip on the money necessary to effectively shape elections.

The main difference between the Tea Party and the Unions is obvious however, the Tea Party has no formal organization and has been offered no ear in the White House, while the Unions have been organized for decades and have been offered a revolving door entrance to the White House.

In the late 1800’s to the 1960’s the labor unions had a large effect on improving working conditions and employee pay. Over the years the government took on the role of the overseer of those problems, mandating conditions in the work place, child labor laws, and setting a minimum wage system.

Now unions are specifically used for worker contract negotiations. The present Administration intends to make those unions even more powerful in the next two years, in a way to appear the friend of the working man.

Is this what the country really needs? Should our aim be to “friend the working man,” or rather to be competitive in the world market? We found that during the negotiation phase of the GM take over that the reason that auto manufacturers weren’t competing on a world-wide level was that they were saddled with massive retirement system debt.

The main reason that the Japanese auto kings weren’t saddled yet is that they hadn’t been manufacturing autos in the US long enough yet and didn’t have the same amount of retirees. Collective bargaining including retirement benefits for blue collar shops is the single biggest reason for company failure in this country, and yet this administration seeks to make them more powerful.

The AFL-CIO was the largest union in the US for many years, but now their lead position is being challenged by the union that Barack Obama endorses, SEIU. Between the Sterns brother’s two entities ACORN and SEIU, the political scene has been changed forever. Even if Obama becomes a one term president the power of SEIU will remain, long after he is gone.

Unions say they bargain for the collective good of the worker, but is that really true if the future of the country is in peril? The function of unions in the past was good, but now the result of unions is threatening the prosperity of the nations, and all the while they are becoming more politically powerful.

It is time we push for congressional investigations into unions, how they acquire their PAC slush funds, and from whom, to deny power to concerns outside America who seek to destroy our way of life.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Middle Class Beat-Down

Middle Class Beat-Down
Kevin Bryant

I would love to say that I could tie basis of this little rant of mine to a single party or a single administration but the truth of the matter is, the American middle class has been getting the shaft by every president and his administration since G.H.W. Bush. Before him, it was every president from Lyndon Johnson to Jimmy Carter. Take a further step back in time and we can trace getting the shaft from Teddy Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt with the only break coming in the two years Warren Harding was President.

What’s been done in the past is just that, the past. We can’t go back in time and fix all the wrongs of the previous administrations but we can certainly expose the wrongs of the current one.

The middle class is the forgotten class where tax revenue is concerned. The American middle class outnumbers the upper and lower combined. We may not pay as much as the upper in income tax but we certainly pay more in other taxes than the upper class in sales tax, gas tax, food tax, utility tax, road tax, license fees, and every other consumer based tax known to the American population.

The biggest lie coming out of Washington these days is “I’d support making the tax cuts permanent, I just want to know how the republicans are planning on paying for it”. You don’t pay for tax cuts. Obama and Hillary have the same mindset. When Bush cut taxes, her famous statement was “He’s stealing our money”. They don’t get it: IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

Ross Perot had it right when he said the government cannot continue to function if you don’t start treating it like a business. Businesses have to operate based on the amount of income they generate. If people buy less, that means they choose to save more or spend their hard earned money somewhere else. The American people should not have to support more spending on things they do not believe their tax dollars should be going to. It’s time to cut aid to all these foreign governments that hate us. It’s time to stop paying to maintain bases around the world and let the host nations pay for everything but the troops and the equipment they use. It’s time to reduce the size of government and scale back the federal worker’s wage scales to bring them in line with the private sector. My personal favorite personal idea and I have not heard this anywhere else, It’s time for the federal government to stop paying and funding expenses for those elected to serve in congress. The states that elected the should set their wages and have to approve all expenditures including health care and retirement plans. I wish the company I work for would allow me to set my own wages and benefits.

What is so hard about operating within a budget? Practically every household in America has a budget they work within. Those that fail go bankrupt as well as every business that is not owed something from a Washington insider for previous favors have to close their doors and go out of business if they overspend. And when you devalue the dollar Ben Bernanke, who gets hit the hardest? The middle class.

Monday, November 15, 2010

When do the rights of a terrorist outweigh yours?

When do the rights of a terrorist outweigh yours?
Al Ritter

The answer lies in when the TSA gets involved. Mandates for how air passengers get searched is reaching a frenzied pitch now, and with holiday travel rapidly approaching, some sort of compromise must be reached.

Just last week a passenger was randomly picked out for a further screening, concerned with the x-ray emissions from the full body scanners he refused the test. The resistance to the test sent TSA employees into a downward spiraling aggressive conversation with the passenger.

The TSA employee told the man they would be doing a “groin search.” The traveller said that “if they touched his junk” he would call police to report a sexual assault. They gave him the choice of either subjecting to the grope or be escorted out of the airport, to which he chose not to fly and return home.

The aggressive nature of one of the TSA managers however wasn’t finished with just that. He told the traveller that if he left the airport he would be formally charged (with what wasn’t certain,) but the manager knew the fine was $10,000! The traveller asked the manager if the officers escorting him out of the building would be charged too as their actions weren’t of his choosing.

His argument seemed perfectly logical to any normal citizen. He was singled out at random, had serious reservations about exposure to the amount of x-ray, and he refused to be sexually groped. The arrival at this decision was tantamount to treason to these employees who refused to see logic, only rules.

There is now a boycott brewing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas travel time to have ALL travellers refuse to the full body scan and force them to do full body pat downs, which would virtually drive the security lines out the door and create a huge headache for travellers.

Something has to be done when we can’t even profile Arabic passengers, but we force citizens to do a virtual strip search!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Religion and Islam

William G. Burmer

The New American, JBS magazine, November 8, 2010 issue Contains, beginning on Page 27, an Interview with the Reverend Elijah Abraham. This man grew up in Iraq and was a strict adherent of Islam. He explains why political compromise is not possible with Islamists.
The Interview is quite lengthy but worth reading if you have an opportunity. I want to share with you just one of several questions asked by TNA: “ Since September 11, 2001, there has been a great deal of talk about “moderate Islam” and Moderate Muslims.” Is there such a thing as a “moderate Islam” that Mohammed would have recognized as genuinely Islamic?”

REV, /ABRAHAM: “There is no such thing as “moderate Islam.” You mentioned “moderate Muslom” and you need to define what a “moderate Muslim” is. But let’s go back to “moderate Islam”: Thre is no such thing. Islam is locked on a seventh-century Arabian religion.’
‘Let me redefine Islam: Islam is not really even a religion. That’s a key point. It’s a socio-political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda. Why do you think Islam is doing what it’s doing in the West, and being allowed the freedom to do what it is doing without being confronted? Because Islam passes itself off as a religion and thus, under the Constitution of the United States, has the protection of freedom of religion and therefore the protection of a religion to exist. It the United States finally comes to its senses and acknowledges that Islam is a socio-political system---not a religion, so we need to reclassify what Islam is---then the fight is on. Then we will address Islam just like we addressed Nazism, fascism, communism, and all these ideologies.”

The interview goes on but this verifies most of our feelings regarding Islam, that it is not a true religion as our founders defined, and as I addressed in my last communication to you regarding tyranny in America.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What’s in the Wings for Democrats in the House?

What’s in the Wings for Democrats in the House?
Al Ritter

Monday morning the investigations will be underway for Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters. After the recent ousting of the Democratic Party from the house it would in the best interest for house democrats to bring these investigations to a quick and decisive conclusion. They should want to put ethics investigations quickly behind them to isolate their party from wrong doing.

Unfortunately for house democrats the investigations will not stop with just Rangel and Waters. House republicans are poised to investigate even more prominent congressional members. I would be inclined to believe the very first congressmen to be investigated will be newly re-elected Barney Frank. Frank’s involvement in the housing crisis that led to the recession will be closely examined, as will Water’s involvement. Another key figure of investigation will be Henry Waxman and many other figures involved in TARP, the Stimulus Plan, and Healthcare Reform, unless some compromise on repeal is reached.

I think these investigations will bear fruit in the next two years, maybe not in the way you may think though. I don’t think that any of these investigations will lead to a removal of any of these members from congress, but I do think that at least one or two will receive severe admonishments. At least now we don’t have to worry about Barney Frank being the chairman of the financial services committee, thus removing him from any further damage to the country from his rogue actions.

To ignore the past dictates that the same mistakes will be made. The laws that enabled the financial collapse are STILL in place and have never been repealed, and until Barney Frank is relieved of his seat on the committee of finance, and official blame has been assessed the chance for a repeat is high.

"History by apprising [citizens] of the past will enable them to judge of the future; it will avail them of the experience of other times and other nations; it will qualify them as judges of the actions and designs of men; it will enable them to know ambition under every disguise it may assume; and knowing it, to defeat its views." --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 14, 1781

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Can Hear the Trucks Idling in Maryland

I Can Hear the Trucks Idling in Maryland
Al Ritter

On Tuesday night I was reminded of another of another company that fled the state to avoid a governmental grab from an eminent domain claim that threatened to take away a businessman’s livelihood. Emotion played a large part in that grab too, as greedy politicians tried to snatch a private corporation from beneath its owner due to the discontent of its electorate.

You ask yourself “why would a government try to do such a thing, that’s unfair.” Yes it was unfair but emotion played a much larger part because the voters actually sided with the government. Alas this isn’t the first time Maryland and its voters have driven business away from Maryland nor would it be the last.

The date was March 29, 1984, it was 2:00AM and snowing, as the 17 Mayflower Moving Vans left silently in the dead of night to avoid a government seizure of all property a few hours later. This was the night that everyone in Maryland remembers bitterly as the “Night the Colts moved to Indianapolis.”

Funny how time and emotion, blur such a blatant grab governmental grab of property. The Baltimore political machine actually passed a law in secret, to grab the Colts and all their possessions from under Robert Irsay. Now to be fair here……lol…..Robert Irsay was NOT the nicest man in business either, but how should that affect how the law is enacted?

Maryland still uses massive political pressure from the Democratic Party to get what they want, and after 4 years of other businesses fleeing the state, the ghosts of the Mayflower Moving Vans are running once again. Businesses and conservative voters alike see the blatant actions of their government in Maryland moving farther left as our State has bucked the national tide towards fewer taxes and less government.

Personally I see the Democratic Party as raping the once great state of Maryland to create their own little nirvana. Once called the “free state” Maryland enjoyed that feeling of freedom and less government, but the stance of the last 10 years has changed the Democratic Party into a vindictive petty band of thieves, who attack everything and everyone who doesn’t think or act like them. The present Governor has become entirely dependent on the morsels of the Democratic Presidency and congress, and now by the referendum of state voters will continue its spending nature of money they don’t have.

Because of Maryland’s refusal to walk with main stream America, I must say the sound of that Mayflower Moving Van sounds pretty appealing to me, as I’m sure many businesses are considering too! I’m just hoping that the mass exodus from the state doesn’t cause gridlock on the highway!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks to all my supporters through thick and thin!

Thanks to all my supporters through thick and thin!
Eric Cary

I want to personally thank EACH and EVERY ONE of my supporters on Facebook, Obama was right; this certainly is one awesome campaign tool! My message was very simple, reduce state spending, give our residents lower taxes, and return jobs to Maryland.

Even though the message was sent on a nation-wide level, not much was changed in Maryland yesterday. As I said earlier this year, the Republican Party needs a MAJOR overhaul in the state to help bring up and coming candidates to the forefront. In some sections of my district no republican tables were even present at the polling places. If the party gives up in certain sections, nothing will ever change! The Republican Central Committee in Maryland and specifically the central committee in Montgomery and Prince Georges’ county needs a complete flushing and started anew. Republicans committee members can no long act as if they are a social club, they need to embrace young candidates, and they need to supply them with information resources, donor lists, and advice on how to best handle their campaigns to win and not just merely to “run.”

The resources in Maryland were sucked dry by the failure of Bob Ehrlich. It’s not that we didn’t want to see a republican in the governor’s seat, but we would have preferred a more conservative candidate, a moderate ex-governor wasn’t the answer. If I could run a very limited funded campaign with a very small crew, and challenge a super liberal California style opponent on her home turf and come as close as I did, big things COULD happen in Maryland, but they need a party that is well organized and is willing to WORK for their gains, and not sit back and hide from areas that aren’t so inclined to vote for republicans.

I travelled to 14 polling places yesterday, one polling place I campaigned at showed tallies at 7:00 pm of 431 democrats 39 republicans and 64 independents. I stuck it out, but sadly I heard one woman say that, “I just close my eyes and pull all the democratic levers.” In Maryland the idea of “my parents voted democratic so I vote democratic,” is still so prevalent because of historical ignorance, and poor research (if any.) Republicans, if they are succeed in Maryland need to educate as well as to show a clear path to individual independence and a gradual depletion of the dependence which has so tainted this state. We need to work to our strong counties and gradually work our way into the progressive liberal areas.

There ARE strong voices by the way of candidates in Maryland but they need help and not just lip service! If you have a candidate that you believe in support them with your money or volunteer service. You have to understand that in MD there are VERY few republican Political Action Groups, but there are hundreds of liberal PACS. This leaves only one way for republicans to raise money, and that is one dollar at a time from individuals through speaking engagements. Unfortunately there are only so many days in the year to do this in addition to doing all the other things that candidates do.

I am not discouraged by my run for office in the Maryland legislature, but I am disappointed at being left out in the cold by supposed republican groups who promised help and allegiance but supplied none. I ran an above board campaign based on my beliefs and morals, but my opponent was supported by the big money unions, the same type of money she is so against in private business. Her approach to politics is very hypocritical in nature it isn’t even funny. District 14 voted her in yesterday, I only pray they knew what they were getting……..but I fear they don’t, and now unfortunately for me, SHE is MY new senator!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Maryland, the ultimate blue state

Maryland, the ultimate blue state
Al Ritter

For many democratic candidates a visit from President Obama would be the kiss of death, but to Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, his fund raising visit was welcomed. In Maryland President Obama’s approval rating is unbelievably still over 60%! In Maryland the democrats have enjoyed a one party rule in the legislature since 1959. They have molded this state in every aspect to prevent any resurgence of bipartisan governance.

Maryland is worse than many states that have been declared “blue.” Democrats outnumber republicans 2 to 1 in the state that resides in the top 4 states in the country “least conducive to business.” Personal freedoms are judged on many different issues, and Maryland ranks as one of the worst 2 states on the personal freedoms debate.

When a state is dominated by such partisanship, the result is one of a dictatorial nature. Bills don’t get discussed, options for compromise never get weighed, and the single party views the minority party as merely a speed bump in their fast track to law. Voting districts in Maryland have been designed and purposely setup for Republican failure. The minimum ratio in each district is 2 to 1 with some well- guarded areas reaching up to a 5 to 1 ratio.

I have grown up in Maryland I love the diversity of the landscape, the ability to visit neighboring states in just an hour drive time. I love the mountains and the beaches, and the close bonds I have with family and friends, but I am rapidly growing tired of watching democratic politicians destroy the nature of MY state. I will be actively looking at property out of state after this election, regardless of what happens nationally. Maryland will still be the ultimate blue state even if republicans win the house and senate. I have been very surprised at how many friends I have on Facebook that have told me about their own personal struggles in Maryland that forced them to vacate the state they lovingly referred to as “home.” I’m sure that I can find a state that represents more of an equal voter role than Maryland, but it pains me to abandon my state because of politics.