Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Patriots: Border Chaos

Dear Patriots: Border Chaos
William G. Burmer 

      This week we have heard much about illegal's, unsecure borders, and terrorist threats to our Nation,  enough to require any true leader of America to take immediate, positive corrective actions.  But NO!  What we get instead is measured criticism from Texas Governor Rick Perry about OBAMA’S  lack of genuine  concern for securing the borders.   Adding insult to injury, Chairman Obama is spewing  BS about wanting to do something to "Correct the Problem at our border, and avoid Photo Ops,"    something about a "Comprehensive Border Policy?"   

      No one in the Congress or Senate wants to call Obama out for his lies, his distortions of truth, and traitorous acts against the United States of America; instead all we hear is vile contempt for "Tea Party Patriots" allegedly spreading hatred for a President who just happens to be black by them, and the News Media.  

     Yes the News Media  who are careful to use  politically correct language so as not to offend any particular race,  ethnicity, sexual deviant, or environmental concerned freak that might be listening; meanwhile our do nothing Congress cowers and purrs, while the Senate  plays the blame game.       

   Frankly all of this tripe has caused me to gag and vomit.   I am weary beyond words of hearing the same lame, do nothing dialogue, they call it "talking point?" Presently I have nothing but utter contempt for, and feel a vitriol outrage over the lack of integrity or character that seemingly exists amongst our government employees at all levels, in every corner of American soil.  

      I can count on one hand any number of politicians in the DC who display any feeling for the Liberties we have lost and see only an abundance of overreaching, power hungry, dictatorial, communist loving, elected officials presently presiding inside Washington DC.  

     It is past time for the American people to speak up, rise up, arm themselves with truth and speak clearly their feelings and real concerns, by the way, kudos to our patriots in Murrieta, California.  I would also encourage those so inclined to be prepared to use lethal force if necessary in order to protect their property and family against this invasion. 

      It is a tragic, even ironic quirk of circumstance, that Federal Authorities are preparing to confront concerned citizens of the United States of America protesting Illegal immigration, but, at the same time are unwilling to use that same energy to protect our borders.  Does anyone think this is not a little strange, upside down, even backwards thinking?   

     There are enough good people in America that can replace the current void that exists in true government come November 2016.  For any of us who have studied American History, The Constitution and its forerunner The Declaration of independence,  know that  except for these documents and the patriots that gave their lives for them,  the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century, the technological innovations of the 20th and 21st century would not exist.   

     It is because the American mind had not been hijacked by powers of government that We the People are able to enjoy flushing toilets, create and improve farming technology, automobiles, free travel from state to state, iPods, iPhones, computers, calculators, television and all the other extras of life that we sadly take for granted at present.   We need to take back control of our legislative and regulatory agencies that have gone amuck about us, taking away our abilities to live and thrive in a true capitalist society. We have the natural resources necessary to thrive and to grow, and do it responsibly yet these agencies are stifling progress with contrived theories and false science.   

     The only thing that should control us is our conscience, our love of God and Country.  Government on the other hand is primarily responsible for being sure our borders our secure, and that our liberties are protected from foreign despots and terrorists.  We should and we can elect principled, freedom loving leaders in our communities, our individual states, and our nation.  With our faith in God, our industry, and love of country, we can reclaim our liberty and freedom to succeed, too fail, and to try again.  These are the things that matter and have made America great, even exceptional, past, present and future.

     Those who feel otherwise can move to Russia, or China where they would be welcomed as comrades.  That would include chairman Obama. He should have been impeached long ago.  On the other hand perhaps Putin rejected him.