Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Patriots, HEADS UP

Dear Patriots, HEADS UP
William G Burmer

With all the talk about Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Press, rights to peaceably  assemble and to petition the Government for redress of grievances, Guns, Guns rights,  the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms,   I hear little to nothing about the actual wording of these Amendments in particular. 
The First ten Amendments to the Constitution became part of the Constitution after being ratified by the requisite number of States beginning September of 1789 and ending December 15th 1791.
I would like the reader to focus on the wording and perhaps put an end to the myth that the Congress, the Supreme Court or the President has any say about these rights, secured constitutionally.  Push comes to shove We the People did not grant any contravening authority with these regards to any branch of Government in our Republic.
The Wording is crystal clear beginning with the 1st Amendment "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESEPECTING" establishment of religion, etc.  Beings how Congress is the only branch of government authorized constitutionally to make law; it automatically excludes the Supreme Court or the Executive Office to supersede their authority.  With respect to the Words "Shall Not" are repeated several times with respect to all of the Bill of Rights. It should be clear that if Congress is forbidden by law, so are the Executive and the Judicial.   
As for the 2nd Amendment regarding the right to "Keep and bear Arms" "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" is a pretty strong statement in and of itself.  Every law ever made by the Individual States, the Federal Government and the Supreme court are made null and void by this mere expression of SHALL NOT BE.   As for the word "infringed" its' definition by law and legal professionals is unambiguous.
  "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" means that no one, including all three branches of Government may "abuse the privilege, contravene, disenfranchise, force, incur, infract, interfere with, invade, seize, usurp, violate or encroach upon any person’s right to these protections. The Executive, The Judicial, and the Legislative Officers so elected, and or appointed, are and would be in violation of their OATH OF OFFICE; and should be held for treason to INFRINGE UPON THESE INALEANABLE RIGHTS. In short they cannot be taken away from us.
Let's not forget the Preamble to our Constitution which begins with "We the People" with these regards, and let us not be afraid to let our Representative, the Executive and Judicial forget for whom they are sworn to serve and protect. Any other event as regards to our rights constitutionally is in the Hand of God.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pro Comp Electronics Stack Injection

Pro Comp Electronics Stack Injection

I purchased a Pro Comp stack injection system for a Small Block Chevy engine this past November from a distributor in California called Straight Line Performance in Norco California, it was advertised as being usable with a speed density ECU of TPI variant FAST, Holley, or equivalent. It was also advertised as having a vacuum plenum (which would be necessary to run a map sensor.)

I received my system (intake, throttle bodies, fuel rails, and some assorted plumbing) as advertised. I was curious to see if the throttle bodies could be swapped side for side to put the injectors to the inside as Straight Line Performance said they probably could. That was to no avail as the fuel rails would have hit each other and the electrical connections would have also. While the throttle bodies were off I took pictures of the remaining manifold and adapters.

The entire system is made in Australia and shipped here through distributors. The intake was originally designed for IDA style Weber carburation and then adapters were machined to accept this Australian throttle body. As I inspected the system further I observed there was NO vacuum plenum or for that matter no fittings or open bungs for vacuum whatsoever. I contacted Straight Line and asked why the Small Block Chevy system had no vacuum system. He assured me it was there and had 3/8” hole in the runners. With the throttle bodies off and a runner length of only 2 inches any holes would have been readily visible but weren’t there.

I was bound and determined to use this system based on the latest TPI Chevy computer # 1227730 (speed density) with 24lb injectors, with a dedicated custom stand alone harness and a custom burned prom. To accomplish this goal I needed a vacuum source, so I modified the runners to come together underneath the intake and exit on top of the manifold in the rear. After close to 4 hours work this was accomplished.

I installed the entire system and proceeded to fire the unit. After 4 different proms we finally came to a combination that didn’t run so rich, but the main problem was that the system made very little vacuum (10 inches.), right on the borderline for the ability to run a speed density computer. To get it to idle and run at all I had to apply an external vacuum (mighty vac) @ 18inches.

While the system was acquiring operating temperature everything seemed ok, but it was when it went into closed loop things fell apart. The system started to pop back through the throttle bodies in random patterns, it was also popping through the exhaust. Any additional blipping of the throttle would cause additional backfiring. The man I had do the electronic setup has done 100’s of these things commercially and he was as baffled as I was. First we tried another Map sensor, then kicked down the fuel pressure to lean it out (we finally ended up @ 35psi). We replace the computer and 4 custom burned chips. Each chip got successively better but still not actually drivable.

My electronics guy thought it might be that the FI trigger wire (to negative coil tower) might be getting interference from surrounding electronics and suggested I install a MSD 6 AL to acquire a cleaner square wave signal for the FI trigger. After trying that it was to no avail, the system just flat out won’t work with a speed density system. I even looked up the Pro Comp Electronics catalog and they showed a small block Ford intake with throttle bodies and said that a Small Block Chevy system was available. They also claimed that the Chevy system has a vacuum plenum….it doesn’t! The Pro Comp catalog shows a complete turn-key system but doesn’t say if it is a speed density system or if it’s an Alpha-N system (which would make far more sense.)

Alpha-N takes the vacuum out of the equation entirely because it makes decisions based on TPS, ignition pulse, and oxygen sensor input. You might think, “what’s the big deal just get the Alpha-N computer.” The difference is the price…..a factory style TPI speed density computer can be had with prom for about $300……..The Alpha-N systems start at about $1700!

Initially I thought, “How can anyone build an electronic fuel injection manifold with no vacuum ports?” The answer is right there if you pay attention, the manifold was originally designed for carburation (Weber IDA’s.) With a stick shift transmission there would be no need for vacuum. Obviously the transformation to electronic fuel injection was not very well thought out as ANY speed density system requires a map sensor be hooked up to the engine vacuum, and this one has none!

Fortunately my electronic guy has been here and done that before. He was doubtful from the start that a stack injection system could run off a speed density system. They are notoriously low vacuum producers. Thank goodness he has done low buck Alpha-N stack injection systems before. He has worked with the now obsolete Accel Gen 6 ECU before on a retrofitted Hilborn stack setup. The Gen 6 ECU has an Alpha–N capability at a low price, so we found the computer, altered the harness, programmed the new ECU and reinstalled the system.

Today was the turning point, the car acts 100% different with the Alpha-N tune in the Accel Gen 6 box. Idles great and has the crispness that one expects with electronic fuel injection. Jim's Performance had the knowledge to fix a problem caused by a manufacturer that didn’t do the required research and development to properly sort out their finished product. I blame both Pro-Comp (who to this day never returned my phone calls), and Straight Line Performance in Norco California that denied my claim that the intake manifold didn’t have and vacuum provisions (they told me I didn’t know where to look!)


Would I ever buy another product from Pro-Comp Electronics? The obvious answer is NO! Would I buy anything from the distributor known as Straight Line Performance? This ranks and even bigger NO! The owner was very condescending after he had all my money and ignored any and all my concerns. I now know how to “fix” this poorly executed system, but there are other systems that are designed better and perform better. Maybe the Small Block Ford stack system they make is better and actually HAS a vacuum plenum, but I know the Small Block Chevy system does NOT! Be forewarned the manufacturer and the distributor BOTH confirmed to me that this system would run with a speed density computer…….IT WILL NOT! VERY DISSATISFIED!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer 

What about America, Faith, Courage, and Integrity?

For many Americans our land is more than a place where any people can prosper and enjoy freedoms not available in any other part of our world;   to many it is a place consecrated by God, a choice land above all other lands, ordained to be free from bondage, captivity, and from all other nations in the World.
I am one of those persons who feel this way.  Matter of fact I am bold enough to say I know it to be true. Many good people of all faiths are grateful to their Creator for America and its Constitution. 
As we are all aware the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in particular the 1st and 2nd amendments have been under attack by the Obama administration for years.  It is no secret that Obama and many in the congress , and particularly the Senate currently relish the idea of obliterating any of these defenses to our liberty and freedoms if they could;  thankfully they have be unsuccessful, largely due to our diligence as Citizens,  making our voices heard.
Still there are far too many citizens, and non citizens at large who espouse the concepts of a Collectivist Society, a theorized Socialist Utopia such as described scripturally as secret societies where certain men and women alike "seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark." See Isa.29, 15-16.
You can call it liberalism, Socialism, Collectivism, and even progressivism a new euphemism currently used by Barrack Obama and others.   The Prophet Isaiah is referring to those infamous founders of Communism and those who follow in their traditions of deceit and tyranny.  Call it what you will their Ideals and traditions are the antithesis of the principles of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and, Christian principles. These people are Godless, they seek to destroy, or overthrow our capitalist traditions and free enterprise system in trade for a communal dictatorship, and the elimination of private property, along with a classless, stateless society. 
Today we are in a battle for the hearts and souls of man. It is a battle between two opposing systems: Freedom and Slavery, Christ and Anti-Christ.  We must not allow these soulless counterfeits to destroy what our founders and God left to us visa vie our National Sovereignty in a Constitutional Republic.  To support Communism in any form presented is treasonable, and no patriotic conscionable American citizen may become either a communist or a supporter of such an organization. 
Yet we are at risk, even vulnerable to this powerful enemy and it is attributable to our loss of active faith in the God of this land.  Too many Americans have lost sight of the truth that God is our source of Freedom, and that He is our Lawgiver.   Personal righteousness and integrity is the most important essential to preserving our freedom. We as a people must return to the fundamental principles of Christianity and of Constitutional Government. Know this, once freedom is lost only blood will win it back. 
We must awaken ourselves to our awful condition, resist Communism in all its forms,, call it out for what it is,  seek for those who are good, wise and honest to lead our country, those who love our land and its Constitutional  principles. Once elected We The people must uphold them.
Perhaps most importantly we must study the inspired Constitution and become involved in the political process ourselves within our communities, county, state and federal levels.   Whatever role we play might we be like Sir Thomas More, in the play ("A man for all Seasons" by Robert Bolt) who lost all that he had but carried with him his personal integrity to the grave. America deserves no less a commitment.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Do Have a Revenue Problem!

We Do Have a Revenue Problem!
Al Ritter
Of course our biggest problem IS a spending problem, but Obama will never admit that! Obama is correct though when he says that they are lacking revenue. Think of it logically and in an unbiased view and you will see what I mean.
The median income of America has dropped substantially in the last four years, and subsequently the same income drop has caused the tax income to drop. There is less money coming in to the coffers.
Now the discussion heads to…….”who was to blame?” Who really cares who was to blame at this point even though substantial evidence exists to support the idea that the Democrats are to blame for the bursting of the real estate bubble?
The fact remains now how to deal with the shortfall of taxes caused by them. Blame is one thing but solutions are something entirely different.
The economic principles practiced during the Reagan years became the corner stone of the Tea Party war cry. Art Laffer developed the “Laffer Curve” as a young economist that worked for Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan raised taxes, no question, but in doing so his economic team discovered quite by mistake that if the percentage of taxation was lowered (within reason) the money coming in actually increased. Kennedy had also discovered the same thing 20 years prior, but now finally Laffer had discovered the formula.
If you delve into his theory, you will find that the theory has a window of taxation percentage that is rather large. I’m not saying that Obama is entitled to take a higher percentage of our income for taxes, but I am saying that maybe a tightening of the tax loopholes should be left on the table for bargaining with, so that eventually we can lower income tax percentages.
We know that Obama’s aim in “taxing the rich” is merely class warfare, and that instituting those taxes on the rich at even 100% of their income would only pay for 8 days of government operation. These are the facts plain and simple, and yet he is fighting with this tooth and nail to force a wedge in between the classes.
What the house leadership needs to do is offer up a closing of loopholes, and maybe a small increase of taxes on those who make over $1 million a year or $1.5 million as a couple.
This could be the bargaining chip we need to make AFTER the sequestration kicks in to make Obama submit to massive policy cuts to entitlement programs that he has increased since coming into office.
To escape this horrible economic blunder started by the Democratic congress under George Bush, (there I said it) we need to play a chess game not a constantly reinforced “Mexican standoff” that leads to constant dead ends. Obama has caused this rift between sides, think back to when it started!
The art of politics is one of give and take between sides not that of constant stonewalling. We need to work together to return our country to some sort of sanity.
Of all the people to be the most upset in this debacle, it SHOULD be congress! They are the ones being bypassed through executive actions. They are being denied (both Republican and Democrat) their voice in the legislature, by an egotistical tyrant who only serves himself at the cost of others. Just look at the way he treats supposed friends in his own party…….they are merely a vehicle to get what he wants.
The faster they see him for what he is rather than to just blindly follow like sheep the faster we can get our country back!........Ok now all my Tea Party friends can string me up!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Conservatives Need Political Backbone In 2014 & Beyond

Conservatives Need Political Backbone In 2014 & Beyond
Kevin Bryant 

Mid-term elections are 21 out. Why should I be thinking about them now? I don’t even know who is going to be running for office. What I do know is this: I know the type of person I would like to in office. It could be a republican, it could be a democrat, what party doesn’t matter to me as much as my ideas of what is best for this country and who best represents those ideas. 

My district here in Missouri is represented by the good reverend “Obama is more popular that Jesus” Emanuel Cleaver II. I knew of this person’s reputation long before I moved here. His beliefs and mine do not match at all. I think we are about as opposite as we can be. Since I moved here in 2005, the republicans have ran the same guy against him (Jacob Turk) and he has never received over 44% of the vote. Jacob Turk is a nice guy with good ideas and will likely be Cleaver’s challenger in 2014, so what is the problem?  

Turk suffers from the same problem as most conservative/libertarians/republican politicians. They are afraid to go into democrat strongholds and face those that you know are going to reject you. They are afraid to fight to convince them your ideas are right for them, for their community, their city and their state. Most people that vote democrat all the time do it because they have been conditioned to do it since they first knew what politics were.  

I was wrong in a statement I made a few years back. My parents did not vote for John McCain in 2008. I made an assumption they would based on multiple comments. Once I found this out I also realized that was the first time I can recall they didn’t vote. In 2012, again they didn’t vote. So at least their track record of only voting for “the democrat” is still intact.  

Here is the point of why I brought up my parents: Using Jacob Turk as an example. If he were to go into a democrat strong hold and not convince them he is the better candidate, he may succeed in planting the idea that perhaps Cleaver is not the right man for the job and “like my parents”, it’s just not worth the effort to go vote at all since neither is what they are looking for.  

If you want something badly enough (Jacob Turk), you can’t just stay within your comfort zone. You have to be willing to do what seeming appears to be the impossible, if not end the idea in the minds of many that “the democrat” is always the right choice.  

It’s a fact, conservative politicians, no matter what state or city, are afraid to go into urban areas that are predominately populated by minorities and those that live below the poverty line. Most democrats don’t have a comfort zone when it comes to campaigns. They go everywhere, they speak at every opportunity and they come into predominately conservative areas and fight the political fights that are necessary to win. They face fear and they face rejection.  

I didn’t vote for Turk in the 2012 primaries. He has shown me that he has what it takes to represent me and the district…..everything except the willingness to fight for his beliefs.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ron Investigates the Idea of Taxes – An Oppressive Factor

Ron Investigates the Idea of Taxes – An Oppressive Factor
Ron Boat
1. a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.
2. a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand.

(used with object)

3. a. to demand a tax from (a person, business, etc.).

    b. to demand a tax in consideration of the possession or occurrence of (income, goods, sales, etc.), usually in proportion to the value of money involved.

4. to lay a burden on; make serious demands on: to tax one's resources.

5. to take to task; censure; reprove; accuse: to tax one with laziness.  

In looking up the definition of “tax,” I found it thought-provoking that each is laden with such negativism. Insupportable terms of onerous meaning like “money demanded,” a “burdensome charge or obligation,” to “demand” or “lay a burden” or “take to task.” What a way to start a concept of revenue… or just a discussion.
In light of the recent fiscal cliff (or physical depending on your reaction to the D.C. fiasco), I thought it worth a moment to reflect on our taxes, their effect and consequences. It’s true that none of us relish the thought of April 15th, yet we realize that a certain amount of money needs to be collected for such things as running the government, paying our military, building ships, planes and roads. It’s a requisite participation of a society where we all benefit and need to contribute. 
America was born in strife, disagreement and violent conflict over… taxes. Local taxes in the colonies were low but the British Parliament (our government at the time) was belligerent and intrusive in its obsession to collect what we had over here to run their government and buy what they wanted over there. And they did it with disregard for the benefits we didn’t see for ourselves. To pay for a local road down the street here makes sense. To pay for a new carriage for the king in England wasn’t so popular.
Hence started the list of taxes and political-economic rift that propelled us into war and ultimately freedom from England.
·        The Stamp Act – 1765 / Passed by the Parliament and required all legal documents, permits, commercial contracts, newspapers, wills, pamphlets, and playing cards in the American colonies to carry a tax stamp. It was to defray the cost of maintaining the military presence protecting the colonies. Something not exactly perceived as a necessity by Americans who rose up in strong protest, beginning the argument of "No Taxation without Representation." Boycotts forced Britain to repeal the stamp tax, but convinced many British leaders it was essential to tax the colonists on “something” to demonstrate the sovereignty of Parliament.

·        The Sugar Act – 1764 / Taxes on Sugar, cloth and coffee that came here but didn’t export from Britain. They wanted their share of our life that they weren’t even involved in. [Sounds like our current gas taxes]

·        The Townshend Revenue Act – 1767 / Two tax laws passed by Parliament, and proposed by Charles Townshend, Chancellor of the Exchequer. They placed a tax on common products imported into the American Colonies, such as lead, paper, paint, glass, and tea. In contrast to the Stamp Act, the laws were not a direct tax that people paid, but a tax on imports that was collected from the ship's captain when he unloaded cargo. The Acts also created three new admiralty courts to try Americans who ignored the laws. [You can see where this was going. Import taxes and ultimate legal oppression of citizens, IRS?].

·        The Tea Act – 1773 / This received the royal approval on tea. The act was designed to undercut tea smugglers and was to benefit of the East India Company, in which England didn’t own shares of ownership but had indirect control. This single Act (or tax) prompted protests and became the prominent foundation of… The Boston Tea Party which angered Britain to the point of war with us in 1775.
So from our very beginning, taxes, tariffs and monetary impositions have indeed had their effect on the common people of the land and ultimately resulted in our break from England and freedom. The citizenry of then should see what “taxation WITH representation is like now.” It’s still not a popular annual event.
In 1862, to support the Civil War effort, Congress enacted the nation's first income tax law. It was a forerunner of our modern income tax in that it was based on the principles of graduated, or progressive taxation and of withholding income at the source. During the Civil War, a person earning from $600 to $10,000 per year paid tax at the rate of 3%. A far penetrating scream from the total rate of 90% just 100 years later and today’s rate around 50%. 

Today there seem to be two areas of passionate, often obsessive discussions that anger Americans when debating taxes. Areas which are growing and diverging in their use and meaning to the public who pays – or doesn’t pay them. Areas vocally evident and extensively exposed in the reality of our recent election. 

First, most agree there are too many taxes. We’re particularly dismayed because what money we do send to Washington is wasted, frivolously squandered and even lost: Billions each year being unaccounted for. Even the heads of many government agencies can’t tell you how many vehicles they really own… or where they are. And the GAO is routinely unable to account for money and resources in the military, defense departments and others. And yet they want even more to play their expensive administrative Monopoly games.
Add to the “missing in action” you’ll find millions being spent for what seems more like personal enrichment than requisite resources. Agencies who demand a better resort instead of a hotel for meetings, accoutrements befitting royalty bringing newer and nicer cars, first class travel, bigger well-appointed offices and more. It’s a systematic harvesting of questionable reimbursements, benefits and other economic advantage; the people’s over extended credit cards run amuck if you will. No wonder average people become hesitant in their “contributions” to a bunch of governmental, ideological trogs who work less than they do but live the life of Riley at our hard earned expense.
The second dog in this fight has a contention bone that represents a large number of people who refuse to “contribute” or are unable to through reasons of either joblessness or laziness. With welfare growing at a distressing pace, food stamp recipients nearing 50,000,000, and so many unable to pay taxes for lack of employment, America is an economic scale tipping toward government dependency. A condition that is fiscally irresponsible and precipitously unsustainable. Half the people are supporting the other half…. through taxes. Money collected and redistributed for one irritating, vexatious reason or another.
Ah, redistribution. Remember that term? “Take from the rich and give to the… poor(?) But hey, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll always have the support of Paul. It’s Socialism at its best when you can give away the worth of so many to placate the wanton desires of others less willing to participate in an equal society. It’s the dream come true of dictators who want more control, more lauding and praise from the willing yet unknowing masses they subjugate.
But there’s a lesson to be learned and America will soon find itself living the manifestation of Margaret Thatcher’s truthful expression. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” But our problematic reality is that rarely do governments – even ours – look far enough down the money road to realize that you can’t tax, tax, tax without consequences of your actions. They seem to think there’s some unlimited supply, some unrestrained never-ending wellspring of bucks coming their way. And of course with those ongoing windfalls come power.
The associated point of this is that benefits and availability of taxes are not only limited but limiting. A Socialistic leader or complicit governing body fails to rightly observe that taking money from people limits people. It reduces the resources with which a business can use to remain financially stable and even grow. It takes from people and redirects the very thing that an economy needs to remain solvent and stable, developing and growing: Money.
The more a family pays in income tax, property tax, sales tax, gas tax, capital gains tax, social security and Medicare taxes, and more local taxes you can count with a 200 foot long abacus, then the less money they can devote to dining out, a new or second car, a new house, clothing, a bigger TV, new furniture; Things that people actually work toward AND which supports the economy. Forget about education expenses, the medical emergencies, repairs, and other unexpected costs of just living that you can’t pay for if…you’ve paid too much toward to guy who finds it too inconvenient to work or the woman with 9 kids from 7 men but no means of support... except you and me.
Taxes are a part of life, an obligation of a responsible society as a cohesive, productive assemblage living and working together. But when taxes become burdensome, a demand, a limit or censure on people’s lives, then it’s time to examine the use to which our funds are expended. When they take away from people their desires or rights to participate in life, their quality of life for themselves and their families, and preclude them from meeting basic essentials, then it’s time for an answerable examination. A review before action becomes the next step.
Many say that 50% is a fair total of all taxes to be paid but really… to say that you work and slave sometimes 6 or 7 days a week to only start making money for yourself as compensation for your hard work in July every year? And many in some states are paying higher totals of 55, 60% and more of their hard earned wages. When does it really end? When people work totally and solely for the government and the government gives all to people in payment as housing, food, medical care, and life’s substances? That’s called Communism. An economic system where the government owns the factors of production and decides the allocation of resources and what products and services will be provided.
Karl Marx agreed with Louis Blanc (a French "utopian Socialist") in how labor and income should be managed: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." But that is not America. Not the way we were founded, led to believe, brought up and practiced our work, or pledged our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.
Is this where America is headed? Are taxes part of the controlling, limiting factor purposely imposed that decides our future? I pray not but they’re increasingly intertwined with our daily way of life, our work, our societal discourse. We’re quickly approaching a crossroads where we’ll be forced to certainly decide how we’re to live our lives. Some say this past election was the most important in our history and yet that group of 50% that lives off the other 50% decided they like “getting” more than “working.” The Obama phone was a great thing and having the government pay your healthcare, food bill, food stamps, subsidized housing, Pell grants, children’s head start, special allowance and tax credits, cold fuel payments, guardian’s allowance, maternity expenses, general welfare/public assistance/financial and community care grants, and more is quickly becoming an expected good thing for the masses - their new life du jour. But someone has to pay for these communal favors.
Will this continue the spiral from which we can’t recover?
I wonder… How soon before we run out of other people’s money?