Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama May Be Right about Oil Prices, But Only Partially

Obama May Be Right about Oil Prices, But Only Partially
Al Ritter

Obama went on the offensive last week to proclaim that Republicans will have three objectives to lower the price of oil….drill, drill, and keep drilling. Oil drives the economy of this country and not just to fuel our houses and cars. Everything we have around us uses oil. The petro chemical industry uses oil for production of plastics and other uses. In fact oil is used in the production in 80% of the items sitting close to you right now.

Oil is also a national security problem, as the oil we import usually comes from countries unfriendly to the U.S. For these countries to use this product as a wedge between something we need for the furthering of their cause challenges our security.

Reducing our dependence on foreign oil secures our future as a sovereign nation. This should be our #1 aim as a nation, to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

President Obama claims that it’s the unstable Middle-eastern fear that drives up the price of oil and that in part is true. The big question is what has our president done to calm those fears? Supporting Hamas while pledging allegiance to Israel? We have supported the over throwing of foreign governments and the subsequent establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood? We have supported the removal of one regime for the installation of a worse regime. We have sat by and tried to put in economic sanctions against Iran while they build a nuclear weapons program to annihilate Israel.

What exactly has Obama done to calm the Middle East?

If you are like many Americans you see the price per barrel of oil and you think, well the price of gasoline wasn’t this high the last time a barrel of oil cost this much what has happened? The last time oil was this high per barrel our dollar bought more. We have printed so much money to accommodate our national debt and deficit that our dollar is worth much less now.

When our country defines what is or isn’t inflation, two things are taken from that equation, food and gas prices. Why is that you ask? Obviously it’s to bolster the politicians in office. Eric Bolling from Fox news has surmised that if food and gas were figured into the equation that inflation would stand right now at 5 to 7%. That’s radically different than the government claimed 2.9% isn’t it?

Obama claims that the cry from Republicans is out of his control, that may be partially true but all the situations leading up to it have been within his reach, and yet he has taken an active role to drive that price up whether he admits it or not.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Iranian Hostage Crisis Part Deux

The Iranian Hostage Crisis Part Deux
Al Ritter

On November 4, 1979 The Iranian revolution took 52 hostages in the American Embassy and held them for 444 days. They were upset at two actions the Americans took to support the Shah of Iran. President Carter toasted the Shah at a state dinner in Washington extolling the Shah’s popularity in his home country. Later when the Shah asked for a received medical treatment in America, the militants over threw the government and stopped oil production. Later the oil production restarted but never recovered to the pre insurrection rate when the Shah was in power.

The result was a fuel shortage not previously seen in America. At that time the price of oil per barrel was at a low $15.85! Once Ronald Reagan took office in 1980 some 30 minutes into his Presidency the hostages were released. Reagan also took active steps that drove gas prices down in a 20 decline. Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Russia all increased production to minimize the drop in production from Iran. Drilling in Prudhoe Bay along with the Alaska Pipeline further dropped prices, and reduced our dependency on foreign oil.

Flash to 2012, now Iran wants nuclear weapons, and the world court doesn’t want them to have those weapons. The new version of the human hostages of 1979 is the Strait of Hormuz, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has threated to close the main water way that transports every one in 5 barrels that are exported from that region. The mere threat has already been felt in America as the price of gas is skyrocketing.

There is one major difference now, the President we have in our Whitehouse hates fossil fuel, especially oil that we produce! He recently denied passage of the Keystone XL pipeline, because there “hasn’t been enough time to study it.” 35 years in the making and the result would mean tens of thousands of American jobs and an alliance with a country friendly to America, rather than radical Islamic counties.

The hostages in this picture are the Strait of Hormuz and the American people. It’s rather hard to differentiate between one hostage taker and the other Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Barack Obama they both seem bent on destroying America. I only hope we will have a modern day equivalent of Ronald Reagan to ride in and save the America we know and love in 2013.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Are Our Heroes?

Where Are Our Heroes?
William Grant Burmer

Over the many years I have lived upon this earth I have had the privilege of being introduced to various characters of fame and fortune; many of no fame or fortune, and most all from books, fairy tales, and most importantly Scripture. Many of the stories and their characters portrayed in them might be considered worthy role models for a young “skull full of mush,” as Rush Limbaugh does so often pontificate. Not all could be categorized as heroes, none the less most demonstrated a core moral code worthy of imitation.

Where oh where might this code of conduct come from, what is it that creates for us the character we all can agree upon makes us want to follow, or be followed as a person worthy of such honor? For most reading this commentary the answer is obvious but let me continue.

Many of our role models of today come from the Movies we see, the actors, singers, sports and Political arenas, and even some of the video games we play. Unfortunately too many of the individuals thus portrayed, after careful scrutiny, are eventually discovered to be hollow substitutes, unworthy of example, or the esteem given them, especially by today’s media. I am being kind by saying they are for the most part course in their language, abusive to themselves and others, and lack any moral character; all the wealth and power in the world notwithstanding.

Who am I to make such a statement? Being imperfect, a Christian living in a politically correct society, as a casual observer, a conservative by nature, concerned citizen, and one who served honorably in the service of my country which I love, and a historian, methinks qualifies or justifies my previous remarks.

I will conclude pontificating with this statement, God lives, we are his children, America is and has been great because men like myself and many of you, concluded over two hundred years ago that we could live in a Republic, even our founders. Our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence from England declares our belief that all men are capable of self government. We are far more capable than a single individual, or group might declare or dictate. Our Country is great because of our Christian Faith, our hard work, and belief that goodness and virtue exists and should be taught from an early age. Heroes are found in our homes, our churches, and communities. They ought to be found in our government institutions by those worthily elected to protect and serve us. Remember this, our next President is elected to protect and preserve our right under God to live worthily of ourselves. He will also need a Senate and Congress who feel like wise. Be--Always Faithful.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Contraceptive Mandate

Contraceptive Mandate
Al Ritter

There are so many facets to this issue that it begs further scrutiny. First you have an Administration that thought they would extend to female citizens the economic advantage of not having to pay for contraceptives out of their pocket. The administration knew that the largest portion of Catholic women defy the church and use contraceptives anyway, so this could be a feather in their hat if they supplied them with something for “free.”

Unfortunately nothing in this world is “free,” someone always has to bear the cost, especially when it involves a product produced by a private company. This is no debate on this, it is a fact of life. Let’s look at an actuarial chart of all insurance companies. All insurance companies supply a service based on mandates by governments whether they be federal or state. The rates are based on what services the government deems necessary. When you add a mandate or a service, that service is figured into the entire pool which the annual rate is determined from. More services or mandates equal higher cost. This is not up for debate either it is a fact of life.

Mandates are voted on by congress, not demanded by Presidents. There is no legal precedence for President Obama to keep demanding services and decisions based on his social guilt. This is a country of laws, and Obama constantly denies and ignores them based on some sort of idea of social injustice.

It is my opinion that this is one major issue that the Obama Administration has misjudged. He is now being attacked by both sides on his waffling of the issue. Sebelius has already told Obama that the issuance of contraceptives will be a major cost to health insurance, but Obama has ignored that advice.

Now let’s consider the religious side of it for a moment. Religious leaders from all religions and backgrounds testified on Capitol Hill yesterday to put their support behind the Catholic Church, that this mandate violates the first amendment, whether they believe the same way about contraceptives or not.

Not only is this a first amendment violation, it violates the Supreme Court ruling of the separation of church and state. You may view this from many different angles, but the underlying argument from the left is that a “woman has a right to choose.” That is all well and good and the law is on their side with that for now.

This mandate is strictly about “who pays” and the answer is we all do through increased health care costs at a time when they are increasing at a rate faster than our salaries.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Massive Hypocrisy Part 4

Massive Hypocrisy Part 4
Al Ritter

On March 1, 2010: “In the 21st century, high schools shouldn’t just make sure students graduate—they should make sure students graduate ready for college, ready for a career, and ready for life”….President Obama.

What a difference two years made as President Obama made the decision to allow 10 states to opt out of President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” initiative. This initiative was enacted to make graduating prerequisites more stringent, and to raise the bar on students. One fifth of our nation is now exempt from a program designed to make our children once again competitive in the world market. What kind of signal does that send our children? That subpar performance will once again be accepted in the job market?

There is no affirmative action in the world hiring market that will assure our American children over the more educated children of say China. The world doesn’t work on a “bell curve” the way Obama assumes it does.

I have a better question still……why should students of the other 40 states be held to a higher standard than the ones from the 10 excused states? I thought Obama’s war cry said that everyone should be made to play by the same rules……Hypocrisy?......You bet cha!

Obama’s quote: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/obama-speeches/speech/190/

Obama’s initiative: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/02/09/no-child-left-behind-waivers-let-team-obama-seize-control-your-childs-education/

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Massive Hypocrisy Part 3

Massive Hypocrisy Part 3
Al Ritter

President Obama’s newest war cry is, “everyone must pay their fair share, and everyone must play by the same rules from Wall Street to Main Street.”

As we delve further into his words they become sadly laughable to say the least. It appears that his Whitehouse staff of 36 not only hasn’t paid their fair share, they haven’t paid anything lately. As a group they owe $833,970 in back taxes, even though most make over $100,000 yearly.

Unfortunately the Whitehouse staff isn’t alone in their wayward tax ways. The Senate as a group owes $2.1 million, the House of Representatives as a group owes $8.5 million. Department of Education owes $4.3 million, Department of Homeland Security owes $37 million!

It doesn’t end here, the Treasury Department headed by tax cheat Timothy (turbo tax) Geithner owes $9.3 million, Postal Service owes $270 million, Department of Veteran Affairs owes $151 million. Department of Energy owes $5 million, Department of Justice (including Eric Holder) owes $17 million.

Here is the real laugh, according to federal law only one branch of government employee can be fired for not paying taxes and that is the IRS! My question is……how come these employees aren’t having their salaries attached for back taxes? You or I would have to have ours attached.

Obviously President Obama doesn’t mean his war cry on the wealthy, because if he did he would write a Presidential Executive order enforcing equal treatment of ALL taxpayers, but don’t hold your breath because that’s never going to happen!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Massive Hypocrisy Part 2

Massive Hypocrisy Part 2
Al Ritter

At the National Prayer Day meeting, President Obama decided to interject politics into his speech. This marked an occasion that had never happened with any past president’s speeches, but that didn’t stop Obama. While earlier in the week the Administration decided to push back against catholic groups to institute a mandatory push towards abortions and contraceptive services.

He then had the unmitigated nerve to claim that the Bible gave him the moral high ground on taxing the rich. “Jesus said that what we are doing is right.” Later in the VERY same speech he claimed that he was against religions bearing false witness. Which is it Mr. President? You can’t come to the party with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and claim that the three of you speak for the entire catholic religion. The very fact that America trusts the two of them less than a used car salesman should speak volumes.

False witness is exactly what YOU do Barack Obama, you double speak and lie to our faces and then you expect us to re-elect a liar who singlehandedly has ruined more of the ideas that have made our country great in the past.