Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama Attorney Admits in Open Court That Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery

Obama Attorney Admits in Open Court That Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery
Al Ritter 

I can see you have a puzzled look on your face and you are asking why the lawyer would admit that. The case was in New Jersey and was forced by a recent ballot challenge. Alexandra Hill a legal associate with the law firm Genova, Burn, & Giantomasi Attorneys in Newark, took a desperate attempt at explaining away the fraudulent document by saying that, even though it is a forgery, that alone isn’t enough to say that President Obama isn’t eligible to be President. 

I can see you are really shaking your head now! Ok follow with me on this twisted logic. Hill explained that his popularity and landslide victory in 2008 alone should be enough to secure his seat as President. Because he never claimed that the birth certificate was the actual legal document that proved his citizenship, the forgery label is a separate issue that has to be decided later. She went on to say that the State of New Jersey in no way describes the qualifications for a candidate to be a prerequisite to being added to the ballot, that requirement rests entirely with the federal verbiage.

The Daily Pen Editor, Penbrook Johannson opines ; “Sadly, regardless of her moral deficiency, Hill is legally justified, Obama’s eligibility is a separate matter than the charges of forgery and fraud. Of course, we have evidence that he is not eligible. But, evidence of forgery by as yet unidentified counterfeiters working on behalf of Obama is not what legally excludes Obama from appearing on a ballot, by itself, until some authority is willing to consider this as evidence of forgery on its merit as an indication of actual ineligibility in a court of legal authority. Until some court of competent jurisdiction is willing to hear evidence of forgery and fraud, you can’t legally punish a political candidate for that crime which has not been proven that they committed. However, since Obama is not eligible because of a lack of authenticated evidence to the contrary, he could be held off the ballot for that reason.”

According to Johannson, there is an overwhelming level of moral certainty that Obama is a usurper, but until a court with jurisdiction considers this case, Obama’s status as a legitimate president is in limbo.

Unfortunately Judge Masin denied the motion to remove Obama from the ballot. This all took place on April 10, 2012, this merely takes up precious time and until Obama is found to be an active participant in the presentation of governmental document forgery, the admission will go nowhere.

Fortunately this admission lends credibility to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona’s cold case posse’s report on the birth certificate investigation. It also gives a degree of credibility to all the conservative stalwarts that have claimed from the presentation of this document that it is in fact a forgery.

What kind of country uses Supreme Court judges to claim constantly that the American people have “no standing” to question the eligibility of a President, even after his attorney has admitted that the single supporting document has now been declared a forgery? Not one case has been heard on the merits, only denied as to “standing.”

It’s about time we ALL stand up and be counted on this issue of a usurper leading our country to destruction!

UPDATE:Judge Jeff S. Masin who heard the argument ruled in a written opinion on the same day that New Jersey law does not require Obama to produce ANY proof he is eligible to be president in order to be placed on the primary ballot.
Masin prevented the petitioner’s counsel, Mario Apuzzo, from placing Obama’s birth certificate into evidence. Apuzzo wasn’t even allowed to call to the stand a witness offering expert testimony that Obama’s birth certificate is a FORGERY despite his correct argument that Obama, according to the Constitution, has to be a “natural born Citizen” and that he has not met the burden of proof to show that he is eligible to be on the New Jersey primary ballot!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Uncle Ted Threatens the President?

Uncle Ted Threatens the President?
Al Ritter 

Sometimes Ted Nugent is funny, and sometimes Ted is crude, sometimes he is abrasive, but last week he was dead on point. I am not on board with his selection for President, but I think he sees November as America’s last stand on personal freedom. I fear he may be right. 

Ted sees everything that has been done, and every law that has been passed in the last 3 ½ years is against EVERYTHING that our forefathers envisioned for our country. Ted claims that the Obama Administration has “wiped their ass with the constitution.” Crude? Well of course it is, but Ted’s words are mere symptoms of the frustration that most logical Americans feel. 

Recently a law was passed through congress that makes it a FELONY to voice your constitutional right to give your opinion of our government in the presence of both the president and the Secret Service. The scary part of all this is that it got a majority vote from both democrats and republicans! Let that sink in a moment…….BOTH parties voted to VIOLATE the Constitution based on prerequisites that they agreed on! Worst is the idea that they have limited our freedom for one person’s benefit…….the President! 

Based on this abusive law of power, Obama this week saw fit to threaten Ted Nugent based on the following comment; “if Obama is reelected within one year I will either be dead or in jail.” Obama has now called out the primary dogs from the secret service to investigate a “threat made on the president.” 

From the very beginning of this statement I assumed Nugent meant that he felt threatened and would be in fear of his own life or false imprisonment from the Obama Administration if Obama were reelected. 

The spin that came from the Whitehouse on this issue was that Nugent inferred that he would be dead because he tried to kill Obama. Now this sure is a far stretch from his actual words. I’ll let you decide what he meant as you listen to his direct words on YouTube.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The REAL War on Women

The REAL War On Women
Kevin Bryant
For a while now I have wondered why it costs Sandra Fluke $1000.00 per year for contraceptives when most women pay between $108 - $360 a year? Some pay even less than $100 a year. Seriously, how does she ever plan on finishing law school? Think about it, she is doing at least 10 appearances a month between talk shows and speeches and photo opportunities. That has to take up at least 15 days a month. If her lifestyle demands she must spend $1000 a year on contraceptives, well that’s a lot of time spent in bed or the back of a car. When does she have the time to actually study or attend class? Hey Sandra, I have a great money saving idea for you. If your lifestyle demands that much sex, it would be cheaper if you go out and purchase a 36 count box of condoms once a month and make your partner use when required. Seriously, Wal-Mart sells them for $11.18 a box online.
If someone forces a woman to have sex, it’s rape. If both partners are willing, then both should have to share in the cost and use of protection if they don’t want to have a child. If the guy is not willing to pay for at least half the cost, why on earth would you be having sex with him in the first place??? The war on women’s contraceptive……what a friggin joke.
Here is the REAL war on women……… OBAMACARE. Remember democrats passed Obamacare without a single republican voting for it in either house.
Most Dr’s recommend women start having mammograms at least once a year at age 40. Some recommend it earlier. Obamacare does not cover the cost of mammograms until the age of 50. I’m no expert but isn’t one of the leading causes of death in women breast cancer? With most insurances, your mammograms are covered even before age 40. Michelle Obama isn’t subject to Obamacare. She will be able to get her mammograms paid for in full by the American taxpayer. So will Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and Sheila Jackson Lee and all those other democrat women in congress who told you that Obamacare will be the best thing since sliced bread and they passed the bill because they care about you.
The real war on women’s health is the fact that you now have to wait an additional 10 years if the law holds up to even find out if you have breast cancer. I’m no doctor but I know the earlier you catch it, the more likely you are to survive. It’s not rocket science. Under the democrat’s healthcare plan (Obamacare), even if you find a lump in your breast, a panel of bureaucrats many of whom will know even less than I do about medicine will be deciding your fate on whether or not you can even have a mammogram if you are under the age of 50.
Wait, there’s more.
Those women lucky enough to survive this democratic party government ran healthcare plan nightmare to reach the age of 50, there is even more in store for you.
Women live on average almost 6 years longer than men do. If Obamacare does hold up in court, you have more things to look forward to. That is 6 more years of the same panel of bureaucratic idiots determining if you are going to get a hip replacement, surgery to relieve the pain in your lower back or anything that might your last 10 years on earth more comfortable. Remember those Quality of Life (death) panels the administration tried to call a tea party fabrication until Sarah Palin pointed out their exact location in the healthcare law then you never heard the administration speak of them again? If you are 70 years old and have breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, need a new hip, kidney, heart or whatever, well the panels, according to the law as it is written now, can and likely will not allow or approve the things you need. Their idea of care at that point is to hook you up to a morphine I.V. and allow you to die pain free. Oh wait, the law does allow them to have some hospice person with you so you don’t die alone.
You are probably saying, well doesn’t this apply to men? Yes it does but facts are facts and the fact is, women out live men and more women die in hospitals than men do. As men, we typically work and stress ourselves out until out bodies wear out then it’s not much longer after that we die. This of course is fine with me because once I live out my usefulness and independence, I hope I die the next day before I become a burden to someone else. So yes, men will experience this as well nowhere near in numbers as women.
The number 1 goal of Obamacare is lower the cost of healthcare but not the way you think. The faster you die, the less the government has to shell out for your care which gives them more money to waste on things like another bridge to nowhere, the effects of cow farts on the ozone, does the male or female dragonfly enjoy sex more. You know, those all actually important things.
Republican war on women? Only in Obama’s dreamworld.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Dear Patriots:
William Grant Burmer

I have found myself deleting many or most of the information sent to me concerning the goings on about President Obama as of late. Most all commentary is redundant, if it is new and revealing it only serves to fortify suspicions previously formulated about the fellow. In other words, no surprises!
One thing you can be sure of, no matter what comes out of his mouth it is either a lie, or you can count on him doing the exact opposite. He cannot be trusted, is a master at deception; there is no doubt his ideology is socialistic, dictatorial, and clearly narcissistic, a word way over used by the media et al; better said, he has no humility or esteem for any other opinion other than his own.
Only the very idiotic would vote again for Obama. I wish I could find anything about this president that would edify one to aspire to live another day under his leadership. He hates America, embraces Islam, in other words Satanism, is not a Christian, supports and defends our enemies and does everything he can to undermine our own military; In short, he is a Traitor to all the ideals our country has stood for the last 200 plus years. He is worse than a Benedict Arnold, at least he had the dignity to return to England and live out his life after the revolution. Obama and his family should return to Kenya and live out his life with his brother in a mud hut; even that would be too good for him.
To say that I have anything but enmity for this man or his ilk would be an understatement. Anyone, President, domestic citizen, welfare slug, idiot, or alien, if you don’t love America, if you believe our Constitution is unjust, pack your bags and leave, don’t look back, you’re not welcome here!!!!
As President Lincoln said, we can live on only if we humble ourselves before the offended powers of heaven, "confess our national sins, pray for clemency and forgiveness," and stop giving mere lip service to the Almighty.
And then, blessed with victory and peace, this heaven-rescued land can justly "Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation! . . . Then conquer we must, When our cause it is just and this be our motto; 'In God is our trust!' And the Star - Spangled Banner In triumph shall wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave." (Francis Scott Key, "The Star-Spangled Banner.") Emphasis added.
William Grant Burmer, An American patriot, lover of Capitalism, Viet Nam Veteran, and Christian.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 for 1

2 for 1
Kevin Bryant

Obama’s D.C.

Washington D.C. The capital of our nation.

Obama’s D.C. The idea of using our nation’s capital to launch an all out Divide & Conquer mission on the people of the United States.

“People of Pennsylvania clinging to their guns and religion”. “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly”. “The rich need to pay their fair share”. “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”.

These are just a few examples of the statements Obama has made in an attempt to divide America either by race or by class. “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. These words mean nothing to President Obama.

Nations have come and gone since shortly after the dawn of man. Almost every nation that didn’t survive died because it either spent itself into financial ruin or its population was divided among racial or class lines and they destroyed themselves. Does any of this sound familiar and similar to what is happening in America today? From Ancient Rome to the Soviet Union, empires have risen and fallen. Are we next? Obama seems to be doing everything within his powers to assist in our downfall.

Over 5 trillion in new debt. Deep defense cuts to pay for new programs. Healthcare reform that negates the very constitution this nation was founded on. An economic plan that calls for more taxes but no actual cost cutting. A new cry of blame the right, blame the rich, blame the banks, blame racial bigotry (blame the crackers - since I am one, I can say that), blame the kiosk & ATMs, blame George Bush. Blame anything and everything that will support and enhance the idea of divide and conquer.

Play Time Is Over

As much as I don’t like Mitt Romney, he is a better choice than Obama to be President of the United States.

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, play time is over. You all had your shot and you all lost. It’s time to drop out.

Paul, Santorum and Gingrich each pledged to support the Republican nominee. It’s beyond obvious that the nominee is going to be Romney unless some scandal breaks in the 7.5 months or for some strange reason is life is cut short before the general election.

How is wasting money on failed primary campaigns that could be better used if put towards the general election “supporting” the nominee? As I said, play time is over, the game is finished……..now it’s time for each of you to take your toys and go home.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bully Pulpit

Bully Pulpit
Al Ritter 

Bully Pulpit as described by Wikipedia: An older term within the U.S. Government, a bully pulpit is a public office or other position of authority of sufficiently high rank that provides the holder with an opportunity to speak out and be listened to on any matter. The bully pulpit can bring issues to the fore-front that were not initially in debate, due to the office's stature and publicity.

Originally a term coined by Theodore Roosevelt has taken on a new meaning in the last three years by now President Barack Obama. The word “bully” is now used as an adjective rather than a noun, as Barack Obama has seen fit to interject his ideology on the two branches of government. It’s no secret that has verbally harassed and vilified the republican legislative branch of government even though Democratic and Republican lawmakers share the same public distain.

Now President Obama has attacked the most sacred branch of government, the judicial branch. This attack started last year during the State of the Union Speech as Obama mischaracterized a decision handed down by the Supreme Court, prompting Judge Alito silently mouth, “that’s not what it meant.” Obama chose to lambast the judges publicly at that speech and now this week he chose to ratchet up the rhetoric. During a press conference Obama one again claimed that if the Supreme Court overturned a law (Obamacare) it would be an unprecedented move.

This so angered a 5th circuit court judge who was hearing another state case on the healthcare law that he placed a demand on the federal attorney to go back to the DOJ and have them write a 3 page single spaced essay on the power of the Judicial Branch of government and be specific. Her essay is due today.

This should be the showdown to educate the uneducated public as to the role of the Supreme Court. This is what the Supreme Court does people! If they see a law as unconstitutional they rule it so! It’s been this way since the Marbury vs. Madison ruling in 1803. Obama and Holder both know this any 12th grader who took a civics class knows this. Obama and Holder are merely hoping that their uneducated voters don’t know this and they can bully anyone who doesn’t see their way!