Friday, April 13, 2012

The REAL War on Women

The REAL War On Women
Kevin Bryant
For a while now I have wondered why it costs Sandra Fluke $1000.00 per year for contraceptives when most women pay between $108 - $360 a year? Some pay even less than $100 a year. Seriously, how does she ever plan on finishing law school? Think about it, she is doing at least 10 appearances a month between talk shows and speeches and photo opportunities. That has to take up at least 15 days a month. If her lifestyle demands she must spend $1000 a year on contraceptives, well that’s a lot of time spent in bed or the back of a car. When does she have the time to actually study or attend class? Hey Sandra, I have a great money saving idea for you. If your lifestyle demands that much sex, it would be cheaper if you go out and purchase a 36 count box of condoms once a month and make your partner use when required. Seriously, Wal-Mart sells them for $11.18 a box online.
If someone forces a woman to have sex, it’s rape. If both partners are willing, then both should have to share in the cost and use of protection if they don’t want to have a child. If the guy is not willing to pay for at least half the cost, why on earth would you be having sex with him in the first place??? The war on women’s contraceptive……what a friggin joke.
Here is the REAL war on women……… OBAMACARE. Remember democrats passed Obamacare without a single republican voting for it in either house.
Most Dr’s recommend women start having mammograms at least once a year at age 40. Some recommend it earlier. Obamacare does not cover the cost of mammograms until the age of 50. I’m no expert but isn’t one of the leading causes of death in women breast cancer? With most insurances, your mammograms are covered even before age 40. Michelle Obama isn’t subject to Obamacare. She will be able to get her mammograms paid for in full by the American taxpayer. So will Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and Sheila Jackson Lee and all those other democrat women in congress who told you that Obamacare will be the best thing since sliced bread and they passed the bill because they care about you.
The real war on women’s health is the fact that you now have to wait an additional 10 years if the law holds up to even find out if you have breast cancer. I’m no doctor but I know the earlier you catch it, the more likely you are to survive. It’s not rocket science. Under the democrat’s healthcare plan (Obamacare), even if you find a lump in your breast, a panel of bureaucrats many of whom will know even less than I do about medicine will be deciding your fate on whether or not you can even have a mammogram if you are under the age of 50.
Wait, there’s more.
Those women lucky enough to survive this democratic party government ran healthcare plan nightmare to reach the age of 50, there is even more in store for you.
Women live on average almost 6 years longer than men do. If Obamacare does hold up in court, you have more things to look forward to. That is 6 more years of the same panel of bureaucratic idiots determining if you are going to get a hip replacement, surgery to relieve the pain in your lower back or anything that might your last 10 years on earth more comfortable. Remember those Quality of Life (death) panels the administration tried to call a tea party fabrication until Sarah Palin pointed out their exact location in the healthcare law then you never heard the administration speak of them again? If you are 70 years old and have breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, need a new hip, kidney, heart or whatever, well the panels, according to the law as it is written now, can and likely will not allow or approve the things you need. Their idea of care at that point is to hook you up to a morphine I.V. and allow you to die pain free. Oh wait, the law does allow them to have some hospice person with you so you don’t die alone.
You are probably saying, well doesn’t this apply to men? Yes it does but facts are facts and the fact is, women out live men and more women die in hospitals than men do. As men, we typically work and stress ourselves out until out bodies wear out then it’s not much longer after that we die. This of course is fine with me because once I live out my usefulness and independence, I hope I die the next day before I become a burden to someone else. So yes, men will experience this as well nowhere near in numbers as women.
The number 1 goal of Obamacare is lower the cost of healthcare but not the way you think. The faster you die, the less the government has to shell out for your care which gives them more money to waste on things like another bridge to nowhere, the effects of cow farts on the ozone, does the male or female dragonfly enjoy sex more. You know, those all actually important things.
Republican war on women? Only in Obama’s dreamworld.

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bud s said...

It amazes me that Obama supposedly carries more women supporters than
the Republican nominees!!! There must be a lot more 'blondes' in our
society than I ever imagined!!!