Thursday, November 27, 2008

Department of Energy

The Department of Energy, what exactly do you know about it? Do you know who started it or what its purpose was? Do you know what it evolved to?

The Department of Energy was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on August 4, 1977, and later started operations on October 1, 1977. The main purpose was to promote energy independence following the 1973 oil shortage, and insure through active policies, that the situation wouldn’t happen again.

Several Nuclear Agencies were also lumped into this new department, as an oversight to atomic control and security. These sub groups now include the EIA, NNSA, OST, NMC, CIAC, and also the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The agency now employs some 16,100 federal employees and some 100,000 contract workers. Their annual operating budget in 2006 was 23.4 billion.

It seems this is but one more bureaucratic department, that does nothing more then soak up taxpayer’s money. I can see the need to oversee the nuclear situations nationwide, but I can also see where that group could be absorbed into other branches of government.

If we intend to pay down our debt, we need to consolidate programs and groups, and eliminate the Departments that don’t work.

If the intent of this department was to insure energy independence, it has failed miserably, in much the same way as President Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. If you take the eventual cost of Carter’s policies on us in this point in time, his administration has cost the taxpayers in 2008 …… sit down……….1 Trillion, 800 billion dollars, and climbing rapidly to bail out everyone but us the taxpayers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enough Already.

Enough Already.
Opinion about California’s Proposition 8
By: Kevin Bryant

If you want everything you read to be politically correct and written as to not “offend” anyone, then you might as well stop reading this now.

I have had it. I am totally fed up with all this crap on the news about how the gays and lesbians are complaining about how they are being discriminated against. Society as a whole is denying them their basic rights. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. I heard some idiot on the radio the other day state that he was being denied his secular right to marry his partner. This same idiot said that everyone should have the right to marry who or whatever they wished. This was to include your pets and farm animals.

Newsflash to all those outspoken San Francisco idiots who call themselves gay, lesbian, queer, homo, liberated, alternative lifestyle practicing or whatever the hell you want to be call by………your’s, mine and everyone’s rights were given to us by “We The People” and “We The people” or at least 70+% nationwide anyway believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. So for you “idiots” out there in la la land…..”We The People” have spoken in almost every state in the union and guess what…..”We The People” don’t want gay marriages.

Gay Rights…..The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time. Or so that is what all gays and lesbians would like for us to believe. The problem with this is there are absolutely NO civil rights issues here. If anything, there are reverse discrimination issues here. Are there any public theaters anywhere that have the right to put on straight only plays? Are there any straight only organizations allowed to be formed? Don’t even think about trying to bring the boy scouts into this. That issue has been heard time and again and the boy scouts have been cleared of those accusations several times over. Even crimes are reverse discriminatory issues. If a gay person assaults me, it is simple assault. If I were to assault a gay person, it’s a hate crime. The most discriminated person against in America is a straight white male with a job. A straight white female with a job is the second most discriminated against person. You see gays attacking peace loving straight protesters all the time and yet they get away with it. Most of the ones they directly verbally assault or rip signs out of the hands of are women. Why is there never footage of a gay person ripping or verbally accosting some 6’ 2” 220 pound guy. Guess they prefer to assault old ladies and young women who are both exercising their civil rights to protest and do so within the law. Where is any footage of straight people assaulting gays at a gay rally or protest? And you say we are violating your rights……… say “we” aren’t being tolerant. To this I say…screw you….you exhausted all the tolerance you deserve and then some. Now you are going to get the same amount of tolerance and respect that you are willing to show others…….which is about….ZERO.

Marriage laws in most non third world countries were developed based on simple Judeo Christian faith and beliefs. In a few of those non third world countries, the laws have recently been changed to allow for gay marriages. Here in the United States, there is such a thing as STATE’S RIGHTS. Meaning - any such issue not specifically granted federal government authority shall then by law become an issue of each state and all matters regarding such shall be overseen at the state level. Some states allow for civil unions, which grant the same rights to gay couples as they do heterosexual couples. Why don’t you and your “domestic partners” pack your crap up and move to one of those states….or better yet, move to another country that does allow for gay marriages.

I know, I know……I just opened the door for personal attacks here. For those who think I am a homophobic, let me go ahead and set the record straight. I am not a homophobic. I have had gay bosses, gay co-workers, gay friends and I even have a gay daughter. My daughter and I have had several discussions on the subject and agree on a lot of issues regarding the gay community as a whole. We just disagree with the concept of “gay marriage”. She knows that I am a state’s rights type person and believe in limited federal government. She knows that while I disagree with the gay marriage issue, I would accept it as a part of our society so long as each state independently took the issue up and it was supported by the majority of the population in each state. She knows that I am all for civil unions so long as they too fall in accordance with state guidelines. We disagree on the concept of a civil union ceremony being conducted inside a house of worship.

So anyone reading this that in their twisted little minds believes I am writing this in an effort to bash gays……shove it up your rears. This little rant of mind came to be because some little idiot gay guy in San Francisco told a news crew that Christians needed to keep their beliefs out of his neighborhood. So, to the little piss ant I say this…… “Keep your pie hole shut, act civil for a change and just perhaps if you do manage to act somewhat civil, then perhaps someday you might actually be taken with some degree of seriousness instead of just being seen as the joke that you really are.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Committee that O’Malley built

The Committee that O’Malley built

The Obama campaign may have hired David Axelrod to change and mold public opinion on issues, but they did it in a secretive way. O’Malley is certainly not secretive or hidden in any way. He blunders around like a bull in a china closet, driven by the need to institute policies that pokes a stick in the eye of every conservative in the state.

I viewed a new article in the Baltimore Examiner, that reported on Governor O’Malley’s Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment, that issued a report to abolish capital punishment in the State of Maryland. The vote is almost laughable because of the 19 members on this commission, 12 were appointed personally by O’Malley. The final vote was 13-7 in favor of repeal.

It’s no secret that O’Malley is an opponent to the death penalty. In his first year as Governor O’Malley tried to hand proponents of the death penalty a horrible defeat, but missed passage by one vote in state senate. The state senate asked for a commission to study the issue, and the Governor complied, stacking the deck with members who think like him, so it’s no big surprise on what the outcome would be.

It seems like only one person of the other side voted to remove the death penalty, while ALL of the appointees from the O’Malley Administration voted to remove the death penalty.

I warned of this “commission” last April in my article “"Are we biased?......let me count the ways". The thing that really sticks in my craw is the refusal of the liberals in MD to admit that O’Malley stacked the deck on the commission, obviously thumbing his nose at the state senate.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Change we can REALLY believe in!

I have my own set of changes we can believe in, but without doubt it would make HUGE changes in how we live in America, who else is on the ship?

SENATE TERM LIMITS…..let’s limit senators and congress to two terms, everyone else in politics has to do it, why not them?

LINE ITEM VETO FOR THE PRESIDENT…..let’s give the President the power to remove items attached to the bill that has nothing to do with the basic issue

NO MORE SALARY RAISES FOR CONGRESS….with the current problems that the congress has caused in as far as the economic downturn; let’s not reward them.

LET’S REMOVE THE GOLDEN PARACHUTES….for congress, with only two terms under their belts, they retire with 100% of the salary they made while in office, why is this allowed in congress? No other business does it, so why should we allow them to do it?

MAKE CONGRESS PAY HALF OF HEALTH CARE COSTS…..right now they have an exclusive health insurance program that is paid 100%… you?

REMOVE SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS TO ILLEGALS….when an illegal is age 65 or older they may collect the benefits WE paid into and not them. Simple dollars in dollars out problem.

RECIND THE COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACTS OF 1977…. This Carter era act in lending was the start of the world wide financial problems, but after the bailout the law still exists, so it can happen AGAIN.

SUSPEND ALL FOREIGN AID EXCEPT TO ISRAEL …..tough times require tough measures. Take the money we would give to other countries and fix our social security problems.

INSTITUTE THE LABOR LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE….fine companies who hire illegals $10,000 per occurrence, once jobs dry up they will leave on their own.

MAKE EVERY LEGAL TRANSACTION ….having to do with a social security number a “thumbprint” recognition requirement, thereby eliminating fraud. Make this a requirement for voting too!

With only 10 changes, this sounds mild compared to all the promises made by Obama, do you think it can happen? Maybe this is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not so fast there Senator Obama…

I wrote about a lawsuit in September by Philip Berg Esq., a democratic attorney from PA, against Senator Barack Obama. I’ve been watching this suit closely since September. In the beginning I didn’t think the suit had much of a chance, but now I’m cautiously optimistic.

The original suit spells out like this:

The original suit in PA claims that Barack Obama has refused to furnish his original birth certificate for authentication, as his basis to be ALLOWED to run for President of the United States of America. Berg claimed that the certificate that was originally shown on Obama’s website was a fraud, and the proof needs to be supplied.

This suit was refused by state of Pennsylvania on the grounds that Berg had “lack of standing”, meaning Mr. Berg didn’t have a personal stake in the request.

Mr. Berg has been an attorney for 37 years and is licensed to argue not only in his home state in front of Supreme Court, but also in Federal Supreme Court. Because of the urgency of the issue, Berg then filed in Federal Supreme Court. Justice Souter's granting of a review on the Writ of Certiorari is not a right entitled to citizen Phil Berg, but rather is a matter of judicial discretion based upon a compelling reason. That compelling reason is the Constitutional requirement<
1> that "No person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible tothe office of President..."

With that being said the Supreme Court has issued this Writ of Certiorari to demand Sen. Obama to show proof of birth certificate, as required by the constitution. This demand has to be supplied by December 1, 2008. This may open the door to further investigation as to validity of Obama’s claim to the presidency, as there are many other requirements to be president. This is only the opening for which the case will be heard in Supreme Court.

There are two compelling videos that claim fraud on Obama’s part in the Presidential run. What remains to be seen is will it affect the inauguration.

This video by a forensic researcher claims the birth certificate that Obama showed on his website was a fraud

The second video is by Phil Berg and includes his synopsis of the case.

These claims have all sorts of ramifications if the Supreme Court rules that Obama is ineligible to be the President of the United States of America. It opens many civil suits against Obama, AND the DNC that allowed this to happen.
This site has the actual audio interview with Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother in Kenya, and a transcription of that interview, as reported by a unbiased third party law reporter. I think you will see how he could be swayed from being skeptical to asking more questions.

What happens if Obama is ruled ineligible to be president? Barack Obama can only become the President-elect after the Electoral College<> convenes on 15 December 2008 in their respective state capitals around the nation and caststheir votes to elect the President and the Vice President. As you can seethis election day occurs two weeks after the required response to theSupreme Court granted Writ of Certiorari.

Mr. Berg’s site has had over 8 million hits since he started it in September. If nothing else the American Public is interested, and wants to know the truth. Updates are posted on Berg’s site, so save it to your favorites, and watch the case unfold.
UPDATE as of 4:00 PM 11/21/08
By Rich Rogers and NBC Augusta Staff
Story Published: Nov 18, 2008 at 9:52 AM EST
Story Updated: Nov 19, 2008 at 9:04 AM EST
SACRAMENTO, Calif.- A former opponent of Barack Obama's has come back to haunt him over questions regarding Obama's citizenship.
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Click here to see a copy of the writ
According to a press release from the American Independent Party, former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and other members of the party have filed suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento to stop the state from giving its electoral votes to President-elect Barack Obama until documentary evidence is provided to prove Obama is indeed a natural born citizen of the United States. A copy of the writ can be found here.
Keyes also ran against Obama as a Republican for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois in 2004. Obama won that election to serve his first and only term in the U.S. Senate.
The Obama campaign countered similar accusations early in 2008 by posting Obama's certification of live birth, and saying: "Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America."
A copy of this document is available from the Obama campaign:

Monday, November 17, 2008

“There is only one president at a time”

Truer words have never been spoken, and it’s even stranger that the words came from Barack Obama, after his meeting this past week with President George Bush. The question is…..does he really believe that or was that just for the medias consumption?

Flash back to Barack Obama’s first ever trip to Iraq in July, it seems that the Democratic nominee chose to demand that Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and several other key advisors postpone an immenant agreement for a troop withdraw until Obama’s election to avoid negotiations with the Bush Administration in it’s “state of weakness and political confusion.”

This demand by then Senator Obama was done purely to circumvent and usurp the power of the sitting President of the United States. Obviously Obama at that time had no such authorization to make such a demand, and in fact violated a law that was made to avoid such problems, but then Obama IS a lawyer correct?

If ignorance is no excuse to violate the law, then why wasn’t Obama charged with this violation? The law is called the Logan Act, which strictly forbids any unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. This is considered a felony, and carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail. Nobody has ever been tried under this act but it has been in our laws since 1799.

Obama violated the following section of this law:

§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.
1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).

Yet we will never see the day he answers these charges, much in the same way he has refused to show his birth certificate to forensic investigators, claiming privacy, even though he has to be a natural citizen of America to become President of our country. The requirements to be President should over ride his privacy…..but then he is a lawyer correct?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Now That It Is Over

Now That It Is Over.....
Kevin Bryant

Raise you hand if you are thankful that this election is FINALLY over. I know I am. My own little humble opinion is that campaigning should be limited to three months before the primaries and three months before the general election. It should also come with a total spending limit.

So, Barack Obama is now going to become the 44th President of the United States. All the major media outlets are going nuts over the fact that their candidate was elected. We got bombarded by headlines like "Obama Makes History", "It's A New Beginning", "Obama Overcomes Racial Barriers". Eat it up main stream media. We all know Obama won.

What would America or the world think if other truthful headlines were sprawled across the front pages of major media outlets? Things like "Obama Receives 95% Of The Black Vote", "Latino's Favor Obama 69% to 31%", "Blacks Vote Among Racial Lines", “Whites Prove To Be The Least Racist Americans During Election". Could you imagine the outcry from just about every source known to man if these truths were made into headlines?

The other night I was watching an interview a local news channel was having with one of the black “Reverends” in the Kansas City area. He was asked by a reporter if he felt racial equality had finally been met. The reverend’s response was that this election was a step in the right direction but equality has not even come close to being met in the areas of economics and education.

Kansas City is the same as many larger cities. In the urban areas is where you find a higher concentration of blacks and latinos. Whites seem to be more on the outer fringes of the cities and more centrally located in suburbs. In Kansas City proper, the racial mix is something like 16% latino, 34% black and 49% white, yet the city employs along the lines of 14% latino, 23% white and 62% black. On the city council you will find all but 2 members are black. Over half of all the city’s department heads and superintendents are black, including 3 of the last 4 school district superintendents. The other was latino. Would someone please explain to me how with these types of percentages and blacks holding a majority of the upper seats of local power, there is still racial inequality and discrimination against blacks within the city?

There was a brutal murder night before last in KCMO. One of the residents around the shooting was interviewed and in that interview, the man stated “Now that Obama has been elected, I hope he cleans this area up”. If blacks make up and control over 60% of the local government and they can’t clean it up, what would make this person think Obama’s going to do it? Oh wait, I forgot, Obama is the new Messiah and not only can he walk on water, heal the sick and perform other miracles, he can also with the wave of his hand, alter people’s behavioral patterns.

Our economy is starting to resemble the Jimmy Carter era. Our government is starting to resemble the Jimmy Carter era. Corporations and CEO’s are acting along the same lines they did during the Jimmy Carter era. Obama has repeated time and again he will do many of the same things that Jimmy Carter did while he was in office.

I welcome Obama to the office of the President of the United States and hope that he does do many of the same things Jimmy Carter did. You know the old saying, there is a silver lining in all things if you look hard enough and had it not been for Jimmy Carter and his policies, America would have never had Ronald Reagan as its President.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Balance of Power

I am proud to be an American, and I say that with unconditional love. I believe in our system, and the fortitude of our citizens. Like I said in a previous article, the majority has spoken and a President has been elected. Time has proven that anytime one party rules the senate the congress and the Presidency, a change comes to pass the next election. The question is…..will it happen this time around? Maybe the liberals have grown so large in number, that a true second party win will no longer be obtainable.

I started this blog as a way for the conservative group to have a voice, to ask questions and leave responsible comments. All in all, the conservatives have done exactly that, but I fear that factions from the left have left what I refer to as “uncivilized and mean spirited attacks” on me personally. I’ve always felt that we can agree to disagree, but some people never want to leave it at that, they feel a need to strike a blow to hurt or maim for that matter.

Everyone in this country is entitled to his or her opinion, after all that is what we celebrate as our heritage, the First Amendment. Where we draw the line at personal attacks and where we go in search of civil disagreements seems to be part of what we saw on November 5th. Part of John McCain’s inability to cross the line into Presidential nominee seems to be part of his age. He treated Obama with respect, while he personally attacked McCain. The battle was fought with a degree of civility on McCain’s side, but was without boundaries from the Obama camp.

A bitter person named Doug from Ireland attacked my opinions here. His age and immaturity maybe be a harbinger of things to come from the younger generation, whom clearly harbor anger at the Republicans. He tried over 6 times to post his nasty comments on my site, and has accused me of trying to censure him. Blogs are the property of the owner, and comments may be censured as a way (in my case) of leading a civil form of political conversation. Comments such as….

IDIOT. i am not irish but are living here at the moment. and have lived in 3 other countries, so have a view point bigger than your small mindedness.IGNORANT. and no i can't vote in ur election, but i am not worried as your red neck , racist, one eyed type will loose power in this election. GOOD NEWS. and since you bought up your mother, i assume she's dead by now. thank goodness. so crawl back into your hole and hopefully it gets filled in with concrete. don't worry, i won't bother you again with objective and informed views.

His character leaves much to be desired, as do his manners, not to mention how his grammar and computer slang talk drive my spell check nuts, posters like him won’t ever be tolerated on my site as long as I have a breath in my lungs. He accuses me of censuring his “free speech” but in the same time wants to somehow silence mine. I have to remind people from other countries, this is MY America, and not yours. I vote in my country, and they in return allow me certain rights of free speech etc. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t live in our country and pay taxes, take your opinion along with .50 cents and call someone who cares, because your opinion means NOTHING to me! If you would like to see his slanted one way vision of the world, please feel free to view his blog and comment where you feel the need…

Obama did do one thing in this election, he consolidated a base of angry people, but after all that is what he did as a community organizer, and that is what he did training to accomplish. It worked, he got himself elected, and now we follow his lead. We don’t have to like it, we don’t HAVE to accept it, but I as one have accepted his accomplishment to persuade the masses, he deserves credit.

I don’t intend to back of the conservative principles that I have voiced on this board. I intend to point out Obama’s failures; I intend to point out Obama’s shortcomings and policy reversals. I intend to keep the pressure on my senators and congressmen to at the very least LISTEN to my point of view. I intend to do everything in my power to avoid another unchecked single party regime.

As I have told others when questioned, “this is NOT your Father’s Democratic Party.”
And like just Ronald Reagan, I too used to be a Democrat, but I agree with him in saying, “ I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” The moralistic tone has changed in America, and it seems for the time being that the “angry” party is ruling, but one thing is for certain, in the history from our countries elections, that never lasts. We have a constant ebb and tide between parties, and I truly believe this will happen again.

The sad part in all this is that every Democratic President past FDR has chosen to further the dependency of citizens on public funds, until sadly, their party believes these are entitlements instead of social policies. This built in problem feeds on itself, and will continue as long as politicians keep adding social programs for the good of the disadvantaged or poor. They use guilt as part of their arsenal; they use it against the rich, against the white majority, when in fact their party donates the least to charity. They do this purposely; they do it because they believe they are the ones that should decide who to give the money to. They claim that the rich don’t give their “fair share” in the way of taxes, but in reality the wealthy (upper 10%) pay 70% of taxes. If anyone doesn’t pay their “fair share” it’s the lower wage earners, 44% pay NOTHING!

How can our country go on in this fashion? How can we keep supporting social programs to the tune of 60% of this year’s budget? How can we keep giving our money to other countries for no other reason then to help pull them out of poverty? Our founding father’s directives were simple, to protect our interests and safety. We know how we got here, what we need to figure out is how to stop this rapid decline, and return our country to the conservative principles that our fore fathers had intended.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hail the new Commander in Chief

I must admit, my choice for President didn’t come to pass on November 4th, but there are things more important then my choice. Our country comes first and foremost, our greatness in the world scene depends on our ability to come together and act as one.

We need to prioritize our feelings as Americans, not republicans or democrats. The healing of the division of an unduly long campaign has left us bitter and feeling numb. But the truth of the matter is we should only be republicans or democrats in election time. We need to heal our country, fix our internal problems, and repair the view that other countries have about us.

This is the time to prove that the President can actually walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. It will be the time for the President elect to experience what all presidents of the past have, and make the right decisions based on the well being of all Americans. He will have to set his personal feelings and desires aside. He will make mistakes, all Presidents do, but hopefully the mistakes he makes will not hurt us as a people, or have long lasting effects.

In 4 years we will once again judge his performance, and either grant him another 4 years or make the choice to have someone else represent us. We should be proud that we are unique in the world, in that we make these choices directly FROM the people. The majority of the people have spoken, and their pick was the senator from Illinois, to be the President from Illinois, may God and his conscience guide him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain/Palin campaign doing just fine!

Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin say that their campaign is doing just fine. To believe that the polls are accurate is pure fantasy! You have to consider the source of the polls, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC. If you need to believe in the polls just remember the race between George Bush and Al Gore, the divide was almost exactly the same the last week before the vote. Al Gore was leading in the polls, because the left media thinks they can “mold” public opinion, and thus the vote.

To buy into the media hype confirms to them that the majority of the public is fickle, and wouldn’t vote their collective conscience because they would be afraid of voting for a loser. This election, more then anyone in the past, the media has been involved in the most flagrant bias in recorded history. They don’t hide it anymore, much in the same light that Acorn hasn’t hidden the point that even though they accept public funds they have been supporting Obama through their division called “Get out the Vote.” The left no longer hides they fact that they want absolute power of the congress and the Executive Branch. They don’t believe in a divided government. They are in the very process of a change to socialism, some people may think that is ok, but in reality, socialism REPLACES democracy, it doesn’t work hand in hand with the idea our founding fathers had.

It is sad however, that Obama went back on his word and made the choice to do a privately funded campaign, while McCain held to HIS word and went with a publicly funded campaign. This choice of Obama’s didn’t have a thing to do with transparency, in fact just the opposite. McCain has to account for all his donations $200 and higher, Senator Obama doesn’t. Accountability, going back on one’s word, and the lack of transparency, these are the things we would have to look forward to under an Obama Presidency.

On November 5th, I want to awaken knowing that I did everything possible to ensure a two party democracy, and that I voted my conscience, regardless of the outcome. I’m proud that I have always voted for a candidate, whom will best serve our country in the collective best interest. I have made mistakes in the past sure, but I’m always willing to admit them. So I challenge you to vote YOUR conscience, vote for the candidate who will run our country in the most fiscally responsible manner, and in the most defensible way to protect the citizens of this great country, without mortgaging the future of our children.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama's trying to hide the fact that he's a pick-pocket

This just surfaced last night, and it has the effect of not only picking your pocket, but if you are unlucky enough to be a coal miner, you may be looking for new work. As the two candidates stump their policies in the last day, only one of them will actually institute the efficiency of using an abundant commodity in this country, and that is coal. McCain has stated his desire to use "clean burn technologies" in the interim to energy independence.

Some will say......"so what, why do I care about coal?" You can't live in this country and NOT feel the crunch of a the policy that forces elimination of coal. In my home state of Maryland, a deregulation of electric company policy by a democratic administration has caused us to lose the nuclear generated electricity from our only nuclear Calvert Cliffs power plant. The result of this is a 100% coal powered electrical supply.

This will have a devastating effect on the coal industry in states such as PA, OH, and WV.

Barack Obama has admitted in this audio clip that his policies will "bankrupt coal fired power plants", and the electric supply will rise to an "incredibly high" level. One of the corner stones of his campaign has been ......"are better off now then you were 8 years ago?" At least he won't have to answer this question, he already has by this admission!
Watch this video............unbelievable!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You tell me..........

Barack Hussein Obama’s questionable friends

Ali Abunimah
Aiham Alsammarae
Mazen Asbahi
Nadhmi Auchi
Bill Ayers
Gov. Blagojevich
Gregory Craig
Jim Crown
Lester Crown
Susan Crown
Mayor Richard M. Daley
William Daley
Allison Davis
Frank Davis
Jodie Evans
Louis Farrahkan
Hollis French
Alexi Giannoulias
Howard Gutman
Eric Holder
Father Michael Pfleger
Jamie Gorelick
Timothy Howard
Jim Johnson
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Valerie Jarrett
Jim Johnson
Emil Jones
The Joyce Foundation
Marilyn Katz
Kwame Kilpatrick
Michael Klonsky
Stanley Kurtz
Khalid al-Mansour
William Miceli
David Plouffe
Franklin Raines
Tony Resko
James Reynolds Jr.
John W. Rogers Jr.
Jean Rudd
Edward Said
Dan Shomon
Todd Stroger
Madeline Talbott
Dorothy J. Tillman
Larry Walsh
Dr. Eric Whitaker
David Wilhelm
Jeremiah Wright

Senator Obama says he shouldn’t be judged on just one person he has come in contact with………Ok Barry……how about all these?

John McCain’s questionable friends:
Charles Keating

Any questions?

Just the facts……

These are facts. This financial crisis was completely preventable.

The party that blocked any attempt to prevent it was... the Democratic Party.
The party that tried to prevent it was... the Republican Party.

Yet when Nancy Pelosi accused the Bush administration and Republican deregulation of causing the crisis, you in the press did not hold her to account for her lie. Instead, you criticized Republicans who took offense at this lie and refused to vote for the bailout! What? It’s not the liar, but the victims of the lie who are to blame?

Now let’s follow the money... right to the presidential candidate who is the number-two recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae. And after Freddie Raines, the CEO of Fannie Mae who made $90 million while running it into the ground, was fired for his incompetence, one presidential candidate’s campaign actually consulted him for advice on housing.

If that presidential candidate had been John McCain, you would have called it a major scandal and we would be getting stories in your paper every day about how incompetent and corrupt he was. But instead, that candidate was Barack Obama, and so you have buried this story, and when the McCain campaign dared to call Raines an ‘adviser’ to the Obama campaign—because that campaign had sought his advice—you actually let Obama’s people get away with accusing McCain of lying, merely because Raines wasn’t listed as an official adviser to the Obama campaign.

You would never tolerate such weasely nit-picking from a Republican. If you who produce our local daily paper actually had any principles, you would be pounding this story, because the prosperity of all Americans was put at risk by the foolish, short-sighted, politically selfish, and possibly corrupt actions of leading Democrats, including Obama.”

—Orson Scott Card, Democrat columnist

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's Dangerous Alignments

Obama's Dangerous Alignments
by Ken Blackwell

Last week an enemy of the United States spoke out and endorsed an American presidential candidate – Senator Barack Obama. Taken with other recent developments, voters should be deeply disturbed with this embrace of Mr. Obama’s campaign to become the U.S. commander-in-chief.

Ali Larijani is the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, and was Iran’s representative to the United Nations who kept that international body from taking action regarding Iran’s program to expand its nuclear capabilities. On October 22, Speaker Larijani said that the regime in Iran would like to see Mr. Obama elected president.

Mr. Larijani is not the first hostile foreign leader to endorse or be aligned with Mr. Obama. In April, top Hamas advisor Ahmed Yousef also endorsed Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama’s long-time associate and self-described Marxist, Bill Ayers, actively backs him. Mr. Obama’s mentor and two-decade long spiritual leader, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, traveled to Libya to meet with the controversial Moammar Gadhafi. His church published a pro-Hamas piece on Rev. Wright’s “Pastor’s Page.” The article defended terrorism against Israel and denied Israel’s right to exist.

Mr. Obama’s political alignments are alarming.

Terrorist leaders never endorsed Bill Clinton, or Al Gore, or John Kerry. And to the best of my knowledge, terrorist leaders have never publicly supported a major party presidential nominee—until now.

There’s more. The L.A. Times has video of Barack Obama toasting an anti-Israel activist associated with the Palestinians, and standing by as an anti-Semitic poem was read. We don’t know the details, because the L.A. Times—which has endorsed Mr. Obama—refuses to allow anyone to see the video.

Also last week, someone said that electing Barack Obama would provoke America’s enemies to create an international crisis. If a Republican had made the charge, the media would be apoplectic. But they’re in a terrible bind because it was said by Mr. Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden.

Senator Biden said if Mr. Obama is elected, within six months there will be an internationally “generated crisis,” with the sole purpose of testing Mr. Obama. “Mark my words,” he ominously added, “I guarantee you, it’s going to happen.”

Mr. Biden is of the opinion that electing Mr. Obama would invite aggression from our enemies. That can only mean that Mr. Obama is seen as unready, indecisive and na├»ve. He says he didn’t mean that. But what other explanation is there? Mr. Biden mentioned Mr. Obama’s age. Why he would say that? It infers Mr. Obama is too inexperienced and untested to stand against foreign threats.

This perception is understandable. Mr. Obama would be only the second president to never serve in uniform. He attended a church for twenty years where the pastor howls, “God damn America!” and worked with an unrepentant terrorist who bombed U.S. buildings.

Add to that Mr. Obama’s promises. He pledges to de-fund our weapon development programs like missile defense, to cut defense spending on programs that he (with no military expertise) deems unwarranted, and seems to be appallingly deferential to foreign opinions.
When Mr. Obama’s inexperience and defense cutting promises are taken with his arresting plan to meet with the despots of Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and Syria without preconditions, you have an invitation for geo-political mischief.
The highest priority for a U.S. president is safeguarding our nation as commander-in-chief.

Mr. Barack Obama is the most untested presidential candidate in a century, if not ever. Even Mr. Biden said several months ago that he should not be elected because he is not ready to be president. Mr. Biden condemned Mr. Obama’s vote to cut off funding for our troops currently in combat.

These are devastating indictments from Mr. Obama’s running mate. It is equally devastating that terrorists are actively endorsing Mr. Obama, while the L.A. Times protects him. Americans should expect more and demand more.