Friday, August 14, 2015

What of the Human Potential in America?

What of the Human Potential in America?
William G Burmer

John Greenleaf Whittier was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on December17, 1807 and he died September 07, 1892.

He was known for writing nonfiction poetry. Interestingly he was of the Quaker religion, and was a devoted advocate for the abolition of slavery in the United States.
He is probably most recognized for writing the following words, words recognized by most Americans and readers round the world."

"Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been."

This past week we have been reminded again byAgitators, Communists, Socialist, Progressives, or whatever you want to tag such inhumanity as in Ferguson Missouri,those who refuse to allow any healing to bear sway. They are determined to re-open the bloodywounds of one year ago rather than allow the healing process to proceed. What "might have been" is left to waste away.

I would like to believe such, is an act more of ignorance, than true intellect. But then I would be naive. There are unfortunately, especially in Black Society, people of the caricatures I have described above, who are selfishly bent upon destroying any good, or of healing any wounds, past nor present. They take advantage of poverty and ignorance, they feed upon it like rabid dogs on bloody flesh.

To spite the genuine efforts made by men of character and integrity, those such as Martin Luther King, and Booker T. Washington, to lift and elevate the Negro from slavery, poverty, and ignorance, many, choose to remain ignorant of theirindividual potential and abilities, to contribute to the goodness and greatness of American society, why? because sadly, many of the Black race are determined to maintain themselves as slaves of the past, made tools, so called "useful idiots" who vote for the very things, and for same type politicians, decade after decade, who continue to provide the same useless formulas, which are in truth, purposely designed to maintain, "the status quo."

For over two hundred years America has done all it could to eliminate slavery, ignorance, and prejudice from it bowels, yet there remains a sizeable minority who refuse to eliminate it from their lives and American Society generally, why?.... for selfish, tyrannical purposes. There are both a Black and White Political Class, who, are at the very heart of this cancer.

There a many Blacks today, those such as Condolezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, and Clarence Thomas who should be looked up to as examples of genuine character, and achievement. They instead, are viewed by some in Black Society as "Uncle Thom's." Traitors to their Blackness, rather than the exceptional individuals, men and women they truly are! These are People who have made something of themselves, have contributed to the betterment of society in which they live. They are examples of the goodness and the potential greatness in all of us. That potential which has blessed America and made her a light, or as President Reagan proclaimed "A beacon upon a Hill." America has always been and shall always be a place where the human potential might excel or be allowed to blossom, regardless of race or social standing.

I pray our Republican candidates for the Presidency will consider these words, and be not afraid to say what is true, for John Greenleaf Whittier also said:

Most Thankful to call myself an American

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Worry For the Future of America

I Worry For the Future of America
Al Ritter 

I have been patiently waiting for leader to emerge from the 17 possible candidates in the Republican Party in the Presidential Run, but something is getting in the way. I understand that the electorate’s anger is based primarily with the Republican leadership in the House and Senate.  

What I feel we are experiencing right now is the venting of that anger, but please understand that whoever sits in the seat at the Whitehouse can NOT further an agenda without fixing the leadership process at the same time! 

The anger and hostile nature of what exists in the Republican Party right now is a symptom and not a cure! 
Even the most intelligent Trump supporter right now knows that the “Donald” has no real strategy on individual issues. “Forcing Mexico” to pay for a wall has no logical basis……….and neither does……”we’ll just go over to the middle-east and “take their oil.” Sure it vents our combined anger but it has no basis of logic or strategy. 

We want to see a bully succeed because playing by the rules so far hasn’t worked, and how better could it be than to hire a bully to push someone else around for a change! 

The real solution is to take common sense steps to secure our future by returning our country. Let’s remove the people in the Congress and Senate that ignored our message in the midterm elections. Let’s force those in leadership positions to include the ideals of the Tea Party in policy decisions. Let’s remove those people in office that seek to mold the government into one big party.  

There are distinct differences in each party but John Boehner and Mitch McConnell seemed bonded in an unholy alliance to meld those two parties together. It should be the aim of the Republican Party to severe that bond. The office of the President means little if the two leaders of Congress seek to destroy him. So far Boehner and McConnell have shown more support for Barack Obama that ANY Republican candidate running, and that HAS to be changed. We can change this in one of two ways, by either internal selection (through elections for the leadership within those bodies,) or direct election to remove the offending politicians (by the people.) 

It has become increasingly clear by obvious retribution tactics that the first choice has become increasingly difficult to accomplish, maybe the only way left is to rid ourselves of these obstructive tyrants by the vote of the people. 

We need to stop feeding the anger in our primary election, we need to find the real candidate with the clear cut strategy we agree with and push them into prominence, not a businessman with anger issues. Until we do so the Republican will appear no different than the Democratic Party of uninformed voters.