Friday, December 30, 2011

Ron Paul and his Magical Mystery Tour

Ron Paul and his Magical Mystery Tour
Louis Lazarus

Congressman Ron Paul who is currently running for the Republican nominee for President in 2012 has some issues that some people don’t seem to care about or they simply don’t understand. The man is absolutely brilliant on most of the issues we conservatives care about. He is a strict Constitutionalist, which is good. He is in favor of a very small and limited federal government, which is better. He promises to do everything he can to “fix” what is wrong with Washington, D.C., which is best. He’s been a consistent advocate for less government his whole life. He believes in the rights of the individual. He also believes in the conservative concept of liberty and freedom above all else. It is strong individuals who make for a strong group. In other words, if it is not mentioned in our Constitution specifically, then the issue belongs to the states.

He’s a Tenth Amendment kind of guy. All of these are great qualities. So if he’s so darned brilliant, why can’t he grasp the most basic concept of all? Self-preservation. He is right on so many things and so wrong on the dangers of Islam. For the past 1400 years, Muslims have been on a quest to conquer the world. They have no timetable. They really don’t care if it takes a month, a year, a decade or a century or more. The Barbary Pirates, who were Muslims, were solely responsible for the formation of the United States Marine Corps. They attacked our ships without provocation and the Marines were formed to deal with them. This was over 200 years ago. Islam has been causing trouble with us since before we were a country. What we have done politically isn’t the reason they don’t get along with us. They simply don’t get along with anybody…even themselves.

Ron Paul thinks terrorism is our fault. It isn’t. Ron Paul has no problem with Iran getting nuclear weapons. That’s a huge problem because they have already told the world Israel has no right to exist and they will wipe them off the map. Do we really need to take the chance? These are really big and really important issues and to tread lightly is a huge mistake. Islam is our enemy. They won’t like us if we leave them alone. This is where sane people don’t agree with Ron Paul. People who live in “the pretend world” do.

Let’s suppose Dr. Ron Paul is without question, the World’s Greatest Surgeon. He is heads and tails above every single doctor in the entire world with his knowledge and skills. He can perform any procedure in medicine flawlessly. Doctors world-wide envy his abilities...except he has one little teeny tiny flaw. He does not believe in germs and he believes even less that bacteria can cause infections. When he operates, he usually comes from home where he was working on his car and his hands are filthy, dirty and full of oil, dirt, grime and grease. He refuses to wash his hands and he also refuses to wear surgical gloves or a mask when operating. The question then becomes…do you want him to operate on you? He has the skill. He has the talent. He has the knowledge. But, his hands are filthy and when he cuts you wide open, you just might be exposed to whatever is on his hands. Would you let this man operate on you? This is the way people who don’t support Ron Paul feel. They acknowledge his intellect and ability but just can’t get past the idea that he truly believes we don’t have a problem with Muslims or with Islam. It’s so basic and yet he misses this by a mile. To further make him the wrong man for the job he truly believes Israel and the Mossad were responsible for 911. He claims it was an inside job. He’s also pro-drugs and thinks we don’t need any laws making drugs illegal because drugs are not mentioned in the Constitution.

The sad part is, even with these faults, he would be a better president than Barack Hussein Obama. It wouldn’t even be close. Ron Paul is a true American while Obama is not. Ron Paul would actually try to do good things while Obama is trying his best to destroy this wonderful country. Ron Paul would strive to lead while Barack Hussein Obama strives to be a dictator. The worst choice we can make, as conservatives are much better than the best choice the Democrats can make. And, make no mistake, they will choose to re-elect Obama no matter what. Obama could nuke Cleveland, Phoenix and Seattle and the Democrats would still vote for him. Democrats believe in everything we abhor. They want socialism. They want cradle to grave government care. They are selfish and mistaken people but they don’t care. Government is good. Individuality is not. That’s what they believe. As voters and citizens of this country, we cannot afford to make the wrong decision in 2012. Any vote cast for Obama is the wrong decision. Any vote cast for anyone else but Obama is the right decision. As kooky as this sounds, we just might wind up with Ron Paul as our president. It’s an outside chance right now but in politics, you just never know.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recall Vote: They are at it Again!

Recall Vote: They are at it Again!
Al Ritter

Liberals have started another action to secure a recall vote, this time the target is Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. In a move to have another Republican removed from office, the petition is the first step in the process, but names of “Mickey Mouse” and “Adolph Hitler” are already present.

In a new trend of recalling people the Democrats don’t agree with these actions follow a successful recall of Arizona State Senator, Russell Pearce, the legislator that penned S.B.1070, the anti-illegal immigration bill. Another recent target of this guerilla warfare is popular sheriff Joe Arpaio.

As I have said before, the democrats are very resourceful at using laws in ways they were never intended. If this is the new way to get rid of a politician you don’t like, then I want to sign the petition for a recall vote on President Obama……anyone know where I can find it?

Monday, December 19, 2011


Louis Lazarus

Here it is almost Christmas 2011 and the election is less than one year away. The candidates have been campaigning for months and months. The current occupier in chief has never stopped campaigning. We have been witness to the worst president in U.S. history who was elected fraudulently with the aid of many people in Congress. Below find two links which should give you enough reason to question Obama’s legitimacy and also the fact that Osama bin Laden was already dead and what we’ve been told is pure theater.

The public is not aware of this as yet but soon they will be. The truth always comes out and the cover up is always what gets “them” in the end.

At the moment Newt Gingrich is the “Republican Candidate du Jour”. He is leading in the polls and most pundits will agree that either Newt or Mitt Romney will be the next Republican nominee and will run against Obama in 2012. However, nobody asked me what I think and this is still America so I can express my opinion any time I like.

Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States of America. Once you stop laughing, please continue reading and I will explain this perceived lunacy. If you are paying attention, have a reasonable amount of intuitive intelligence and are able to predict “whodunit” in a movie five minutes after it starts, you will be able to relate to this. I do it every time and I’m seldom wrong. If you believe in the pundits because you assume they are wise and all knowing, you will simply laugh some more, shake your head and wonder how a guy could be so nuts. I’m only writing this now so I can put it on my Facebook page and prove to those who doubt me just how brilliant my mind is. And…make no mistake…it is brilliant.

Here’s what is in store for us in the next few months. The economy is going to get worse and worse. You don’t have to be genius to figure this out. Obama is going to continue to do “the wrong thing” for America every chance he gets. He is on a mission to destroy this country and he is succeeding because the na├»ve American public refuses to believe what is right before their eyes. The only pundit saying this is Rush Limbaugh and even he won’t go far enough. Obama knows he won’t win the White working class vote so he will cater to all those who aren’t in this group. As he continues to make life more miserable in our country, he believes more and more people will vote for him. Obama’s poll ratings will continue to drop the closer we get to November 2012.

In the meantime Donald Trump is salivating. He is one of the best businessmen in this country and knows an opportunity when he sees one. He sees a Republican Party in chaos with the candidates each trying to destroy the other by pointing out their flaws both past and present. It will come down to Newt or Romney and I’m betting it is Newt in the end. Once Donald Trump is finished with his hit TV show, “The Apprentice”, he will be free to run for President on a third party ticket. He’s all but said as much. If he runs sooner, he has to give equal time to other candidates because he is still in the media. If you were one of those rare people who have been paying attention you will have noticed Trump made some noise about running several months ago at the exact same time Obama furnished that ridiculous fake birth certificate. Then, Trump disappeared. Now Trump is back in the news popping up here and there and appearing on several TV and radio talk shows. Every single time he mentions Obama and his birth certificate. There are also one or two subtle remarks about with how disappointed Trump is with Obama. Trump will then make a comment about how other countries are ripping us off and how we should get the oil from Iraq and how our political leaders don’t know how to “deal”. Trump will then say he does know how to deal and if you are familiar with him, you know he is correct. He actually charged Kaddafi a bunch of money to rent some of (Trumps) property so he could pitch a tent while he was here at a U.N. meeting. Trump won’t say how much, but there is no doubt, it wasn’t cheap. Donald knows money and he knows success. He is a whiz at the “art of the deal”. He also advocates members of the military and their families be compensated for injuries or death. He has mentioned five million dollars to each family or military man or woman who has been injured remarking they will have a lifetime of medical expenses and the five million dollars is chump change for a country as rich as Iraq. He also thinks we should have made deal with Libya for cheap oil when we helped remove Kaddafi. He’s also amazed we don’t get anything in return for our spilled blood and spent treasure in Iraq. Trump will take a hard look at the Republican candidate and determine if he were able to beat Obama and even more important if he would be an effective president. The answer, as he will tell us, will be “no”.

Trump will then announce he will run as a third party candidate and Sarah Palin will be his choice for VP. This will happen after his show is off the air, which will be sometime in May or early June. Remember, Trump led in the polls months ago when he wasn’t even running. Also remember Sarah Palin will ignite the Tea Party. She is exciting and brilliant and has the ability to motivate all but the loony left. Most people vote Republican because the other choice is Democrat, not because they approve of the Republicans. Most people are conservative and the Republicans are the only party available. Trump knows this. Trump is shrewd, intelligent and one of the best businessmen in the country. He knows what he’s doing and wouldn’t do…. this…. if he thought there was any chance he would fail. Keep in mind that Donald Trump caters to high rollers and fat cats. His clientele isn’t Joe Six Pack. Trump owns lavish buildings, which he rents to rich and powerful men, and he owns several exclusive golf courses. To tee it up at one of Trump’s courses, you had better be ready to part with $500. To be a member of one of his golf clubs, you had better by very, very, very wealthy.

If Obama is re-elected, the economy will continue to go south and even a rich man like Donald Trump will be affected. The rich are not immune to a bad economy. It just takes longer for them to feel the crunch. When they do feel the crunch, they immediately quit spending their money on lavish items such as golf memberships in exclusive clubs and expensive office space in luxurious high-rise buildings. Donald Trump has an ego as big as all of New York City. Failure for him is not an option. He will run because he loves this country and he doesn’t want his empire to crash and burn or even be negatively affected. He will perceive this as not even having a choice but it’s simply something he must do for the United States to continue and the Trump Empire to prevail. The best part is yet to come.

Once Donald Trump announces, he will go on a media campaign and buy airtime, if he has to, so he can present all the evidence which supports the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a complete phony. He will bring in experts to document exactly how the birth certificate Obama swore was his and was authentic was faked. We will all see what some of us know already. We will see exactly how this infamous .pdf file was put together by some hack that didn’t quite know enough about Adobe Photoshop. People will be shocked and amazed that the media has neglected this. We will also hear about Obama’s mother and how there is absolutely no record of her in the Hawaiian hospital where Obama claims he was born. We will be educated on the term “natural born citizen” and we will be reminded that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen. That alone is enough to disqualify Obama as president and should yield a nice stint in “The Graybar Hotel” for our usurper in chief. Many other politicians will also be found complicit in this hoax. The nation will finally realize what a lot of us have known for quite some time and then the anger will set in. Our talk show hosts will be embarrassed to death that they didn’t speak out. The Republican candidate will resign and Trump and Palin will be elected. With any luck and the help of a thankful country, all of Obama’s illegal accomplishments will be null and void. Obamacare will be over turned. It will be gone and dead. Obama will be a very bad after taste that will persist for weeks and weeks. The media will do a dance like we’ve never seen. Watergate 2.0 will begin.

Well, there you have it. This is what I believe is in store for us. I cannot possibly guarantee all or any of this will come true but it does make sense and it does seem more than likely to me. Look for Trump popping up here and there. If you see and hear him, you will know I am on to something. Notice Palin has been conspicuous by her absence lately and start putting two and two together. The pieces fit. America is in terrible shape. We will never all agree because about 30-40% of us are liberal and are just too stupid, selfish or lazy to get it. They will always be the thorn in our paw. The rest of the country knows Obama can’t be re-elected for four more years or America is over. That is a fact. Our choice will be Donald Trump who is not perfect by any means or Barack Hussein Obama who hasn’t got one shred of decency in his entire body. The Republican candidate will step out of the way in order to make sure there isn’t a three way split. I believe Newt or Romney will know they can’t win and they will do the right thing for the country. They will know they would never have the courage to bring Obama’s hidden records to light. That alone will amaze them and as America wakes up, they will know they can’t win. Americans will start speaking out about Trump who is not a career politician and how he had the guts to bring the truth about Obama to the public when no one else in the media would.

There is one more little hitch and that is even better news. It is possible that the records that have been hidden will come to light in February of 2012. It is quite possible all the information on Obama will be brought to America in the next few months. There is “something else” going on. I’d give it a 2 in 5 chance. That would mean Obama would be out and Hillary would be in. Either way, the Democrats are toast and Donald Trump will be the next President. You will have a shrewd and ruthless businessman who loves his country and will try to do right by his country, doing the nation’s business. We will not be walked all over by other countries anymore. It will be a brighter day and America’s best days will be ahead and not behind us like they are now.

There’s my prediction. Let’s just see how close it comes.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Keystone Pipeline: Is Obama Dumb or Stupid?

Keystone Pipeline: Is Obama Dumb or Stupid?
Kevin Bryant

More percentage of Americans own cars than in any other country in the world, it's no secret. Middle class in America would be upper class in many parts of the world. So much of America's prosperity is because of our ability to produce energy. It's safe to say that energy is a major part of what drives our economy. President Obama and his administration is essentially waging war on our energy. Is it dumbness or stupidity on the part of President Obama and his administration to want to mess with that?

Every person in America that understands what the Keystone Pipeline project is about knows how vital it is to the United States and North America. Canada produces oil that America needs. America buys it and the money goes into Canada's economy. Because the United States isn't importing it from 7000 miles away and having to use supertankers to move it, it would cost less money getting the oil to our refineries, thus lowering the prices of heating oil, electricity, plastic products and gasoline for consumers and industries. Is it dumb or stupid for an administration not to want to help lower the price of oil based products and byproducts for consumers?

If Canada is not able to move their oil directly to the United States, then it becomes available on the open market and a massive majority of it will end up being consumed in India and China. If we in the United States do not use it and China and others do, even the environmentalist who detest the use of fossil fuels in general would have to admit the pollution from usage of the oil would be greatly enhanced if it were used overseas and foreign economies would therefore be the beneficiaries. Is it dumb or stupid for an administration that claims to care about the economy and the environment would advocate helping foreign countries become richer while producing tons of pollution that dirty up the air we all breathe while restricting their own citizens and even those here illegally opportunities of prosperity while further endangering their health?

The administration's own EPA department has spent countless millions of dollars over the past three years studying the pipeline and the environmental effects it would have on our nation. The EPA approved the project. The principal owners were happy with the plans. The engineering and construction companies were all on board and eager to get started. The state governments where the pipeline would run were eager to get some 20,000 unemployed workers off assistance and have them start earning wages and paying taxes. Is it dumb or stupid for the administration to kill or postpone the start of some 20,000 jobs this country vitally needs?

For the past three years I have been scratching my head wondering about the actions of President Obama and his administration. I still can't make up my mind if they are dumb to the facts on so many subjects or are they all just plain stupid.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Year in Review

My Year in Review
Al Ritter

As with the rest of my life, I have no regrets about the year 2011. I am fortunate enough to be in the fifth year of my retirement, and fortunate enough to have so many readers and friends to share opinions with. This year I have watched my grandson grow from a baby to a little man, and I can’t wait to see him this week. My son has settled into a job that I think he truly loves, and from what he tells me his employer loves the work he does.

I have to admit that this year has been very difficult for me to write articles on politics. This is my sixth year writing on politics. I have written over 1400 articles on issues of the day and been read by over 100,000 people around the world. This internet thing is pretty cool huh? Besides America, my articles are most read by people in the Netherlands, followed by Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. As some of you know I used to write for the Examiner. I enjoyed my largest readership in that relationship of over 30,000 monthly but also suffered the worst censorship. I cut ties with the Examiner last year and have never looked back.

I know that corruption has always followed politics as the draw of power and money have always corrupted people of good initial intentions, but these last three years have been especially brutal. We have seen that ideology has taken a front seat to the life of two border agents. We have seen the willingness of this administration to willfully lie and to secure legislation to legally lie to the very people who not only elect them, but pay them. When was the last time you willfully lied to your boss, then sought permission to do so in the future?

I have sat on the sidelines and watched while our government has made the same exact mistakes that administrations have made in just my life, which I see as extremely disturbing. We have seen an administration try to rewrite historical facts to claim that successful things in the past were unsuccessful and vice versa.

Each day under this administration scares me more than the last. Every day sees a little more of our freedom erode. I am even finding that my fears are becoming more irrational. For instance, I am very reluctant to secure a new primary care doctor for fear of having my health records flying around the internet, and yet here I am on Facebook……….lol…….seems sort of irrational in that light doesn’t it? There is far more information about me circulating on Facebook than could possibly be circulating by my health records.

Admittedly I have become paranoid, as I’m sure lots of my conservative friends have, how could we not be? It doesn’t take much of a history of past lies to feel that you are being lied to, and even less time to confirm it. Paranoia sets in shortly after and quickly expands. I am seriously scared for my country; I think 4 more years of this administration would put us on a path of no return to the ideas and policies of our forefathers.

Most of my readers have noticed the articles and opinions from my group of writers on the decline, and I think that this collective disgust and paranoia is part of the reason. We won’t give up but the horror we all see on a daily basis has an effect on how we write.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Huck's Forum

Huck's Forum
Kevin Bryant

I'm writing this right after Mike Huckabee's Republican Presidential Forum. First I want to say that I thought all the candidates did a good job. The way it was held allowed everyone to answer questions without having interruptions from other candidates. I personally would like to see more of these. This type of forum helped me solidify some of my own opinions of candidates and also changed my opinions on a couple.

Everyone who writes on this this page as well as those who offer comments are expressing opinions first and in some cases backs those opinions with facts. Tonight I am writing my opinions only. I'm not looking to try and add fact to any of this. With that being said, here we go.

I think Rick Perry and Ron Paul benefitted the most from the format. Neither are what anyone would call great debaters. They are arguably the two worst in all of the previous debates.

I think Michelle Bachmann did the worst of all the candidates. She was hardly on point in any of the responses she gave. Add the fact that she showed little conviction in her responses, I just believe that she is done as a candidate. I like Michelle Bachmann. I gave to 2010 re-election campaign and I don't even live in her district or state. Michelle, I love your work in congress and in my opinion, you are right where you belong. Please drop and and stay in congress. Tonight's Grade: C

Ron Paul, buddy, pal, fellow "I can't stand the federal reserve" guy. You are at best a fourth place candidate. You did good tonight. You stayed composed and articulated well. You also stayed away from answers that have irritated people in the past. Your stance on the military and foreign policy has alienated you from many voters. Like Michelle, I believe you serve this country honorably in congress and should continue to do so. Please drop out and stay a couple of more terms in the house. Tonight's Grade: C+

Rick Santorum, you impressed me and lost me all at the same time. Your belief in family and traditional marriage is well known and supported my a majority of the country. One thing that turned me off tonight was your attempt to inject family or faith or marriage into every response. The item that lost you any support was your stance on the Patriot Act. 1/2 of the Patriot Act does nothing but strip rights from the people. You brag about crafting it. You can't support the constitution and at the same time support legislation that takes away rights guaranteed by the constitution. You are still my choice for the VP slot, but it's time for you to drop out. Tonight's Grade: B

Mitt Romney lost a bit of my support tonight. Not once tonight did he ever hint that he is other than a big government candidate. Tonight he supported the 10th amendment some, but advocated big government policy and authority. You made sure you didn't hurt yourself tonight but you didn't help yourself either. The constraints of not being able to talk negatively about the other republican candidates seemed to take him a little out of his comfort zone. Tonight's Grade: B+

Rick Perry did a good job tonight. He stuck to the questions and strongly advocated state's rights. He articulated his answers tonight better than he has in the past yet he still stumbled a little in a couple of his responses. Perry knows he is not a great debater and it's because of that, Obama would eat him up in a debate. If it were possible to take your policies and beliefs and package them with Romney's speaking ability, Obama would rightfully be scared to debate you. Tonight's Grade: B+

Surprise Surprise (not really) the person I thought performed the best tonight was Newt Gingrich. Best articulator. Clear and easy to understand responses. He even managed to poke a little fun at himself. Again, he said all the right things but left again, left out things that would win over strict conservatives. He confirmed my opinion tonight that he is the second biggest "big government" candidate behind Romney. Tonight's Grade: A-

It has been my belief for quite some time that John Huntsman has needed to drop out of the race. His inability to make time for tonight's forum just adds to mmy belief that he is just wasting time and taking attention away from more serious and electible candidates.

I could support Romney, Gingrich or Perry. Until today, Herman Cain would also be in this group. Tonight's forum did shrink my choices as to who I will vote for in the Missouri primaries, but a definate choice has yet to be made. 2008, I firmly supported Fred Thompson and he didn't last long enough for me to even vote for him. This time I will wait a little longer before deciding.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reality TV Comes To Politics

Reality TV Comes To Politics
Al Ritter

I couldn’t help but to laugh this morning watching Donald trump and Karl Rove lambast each other on Fox news about the “Trump Debate.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have much love for either their personalities.

What I do have a problem with is how Trump wants to make it all about him and a TV show. The feeling that somehow he is the anointed one and all candidates must parade in front of him to kiss his ring for some sort of blessing makes me ill. I AM shocked and disappointed that Dr. Charles Krauthammer is participating in Trump’s little dog and pony show, I always thought he had more class than that.

Karl Rove is another thing entirely; he is merely a washed up Republican operative that will never figure into the power base of the Republican Party again. His policy recommendations caused the horrific failure of George Bush’s second term, and the subsequent rise of the Democrats into power into 2009. His late career will only involve book sales and occasional appearances on Fox News.

While I’m at this rant, let me include Fox News as my target. Recent rating claims Fox News’s popularity is waning. Personally I can see why when they parade Trump as if he was some sort of King Maker. Let’s be clear as a bell here, Donald trump is NO CONSERVATIVE, and he’s certainly no Republican, this debate is nothing more that Donald blackmailing the American public to keep him from running as a third party candidate……….give him what he wants so he will go away!