Friday, December 30, 2011

Ron Paul and his Magical Mystery Tour

Ron Paul and his Magical Mystery Tour
Louis Lazarus

Congressman Ron Paul who is currently running for the Republican nominee for President in 2012 has some issues that some people don’t seem to care about or they simply don’t understand. The man is absolutely brilliant on most of the issues we conservatives care about. He is a strict Constitutionalist, which is good. He is in favor of a very small and limited federal government, which is better. He promises to do everything he can to “fix” what is wrong with Washington, D.C., which is best. He’s been a consistent advocate for less government his whole life. He believes in the rights of the individual. He also believes in the conservative concept of liberty and freedom above all else. It is strong individuals who make for a strong group. In other words, if it is not mentioned in our Constitution specifically, then the issue belongs to the states.

He’s a Tenth Amendment kind of guy. All of these are great qualities. So if he’s so darned brilliant, why can’t he grasp the most basic concept of all? Self-preservation. He is right on so many things and so wrong on the dangers of Islam. For the past 1400 years, Muslims have been on a quest to conquer the world. They have no timetable. They really don’t care if it takes a month, a year, a decade or a century or more. The Barbary Pirates, who were Muslims, were solely responsible for the formation of the United States Marine Corps. They attacked our ships without provocation and the Marines were formed to deal with them. This was over 200 years ago. Islam has been causing trouble with us since before we were a country. What we have done politically isn’t the reason they don’t get along with us. They simply don’t get along with anybody…even themselves.

Ron Paul thinks terrorism is our fault. It isn’t. Ron Paul has no problem with Iran getting nuclear weapons. That’s a huge problem because they have already told the world Israel has no right to exist and they will wipe them off the map. Do we really need to take the chance? These are really big and really important issues and to tread lightly is a huge mistake. Islam is our enemy. They won’t like us if we leave them alone. This is where sane people don’t agree with Ron Paul. People who live in “the pretend world” do.

Let’s suppose Dr. Ron Paul is without question, the World’s Greatest Surgeon. He is heads and tails above every single doctor in the entire world with his knowledge and skills. He can perform any procedure in medicine flawlessly. Doctors world-wide envy his abilities...except he has one little teeny tiny flaw. He does not believe in germs and he believes even less that bacteria can cause infections. When he operates, he usually comes from home where he was working on his car and his hands are filthy, dirty and full of oil, dirt, grime and grease. He refuses to wash his hands and he also refuses to wear surgical gloves or a mask when operating. The question then becomes…do you want him to operate on you? He has the skill. He has the talent. He has the knowledge. But, his hands are filthy and when he cuts you wide open, you just might be exposed to whatever is on his hands. Would you let this man operate on you? This is the way people who don’t support Ron Paul feel. They acknowledge his intellect and ability but just can’t get past the idea that he truly believes we don’t have a problem with Muslims or with Islam. It’s so basic and yet he misses this by a mile. To further make him the wrong man for the job he truly believes Israel and the Mossad were responsible for 911. He claims it was an inside job. He’s also pro-drugs and thinks we don’t need any laws making drugs illegal because drugs are not mentioned in the Constitution.

The sad part is, even with these faults, he would be a better president than Barack Hussein Obama. It wouldn’t even be close. Ron Paul is a true American while Obama is not. Ron Paul would actually try to do good things while Obama is trying his best to destroy this wonderful country. Ron Paul would strive to lead while Barack Hussein Obama strives to be a dictator. The worst choice we can make, as conservatives are much better than the best choice the Democrats can make. And, make no mistake, they will choose to re-elect Obama no matter what. Obama could nuke Cleveland, Phoenix and Seattle and the Democrats would still vote for him. Democrats believe in everything we abhor. They want socialism. They want cradle to grave government care. They are selfish and mistaken people but they don’t care. Government is good. Individuality is not. That’s what they believe. As voters and citizens of this country, we cannot afford to make the wrong decision in 2012. Any vote cast for Obama is the wrong decision. Any vote cast for anyone else but Obama is the right decision. As kooky as this sounds, we just might wind up with Ron Paul as our president. It’s an outside chance right now but in politics, you just never know.


barb p said...

Interesting reading...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Al to you and your blog family!!

Anonymous said...

You are so on the spot with this for many reasons.

I have had the same discussions about Islam with people and the formation of the Marine Corp and people are in disbelief when I try to set the record straight. They only see the Hollywood version of the Barbary Pirates and think Islam is so wonderful. You know that Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves are cool. I recently asked someone to tell me which current wars did NOT involve Islam. Blank stare.

That is because there was no terrorism before Bush became president. Really? Munich, Germany Olympics. Who killed the Israeli team members? Beirut, Lebanon. Who killed over 400 Marines? What, suicide? Islam!

Ron Paul. Wow. I cannot stand the man. I can't stand ANY of the current GOP candidates. Can't support any of them. Whether it is Ron "Truther" Paul or Mitt "Obama Healthcare" Romney or Newt "More Wives than Gibbs" Gingrich.