Monday, August 30, 2010

Should America be stepping back into the 7th century?

Should America be stepping back into the 7th century?
Al Ritter

I thought we as a country had settled the separation of “church and state” issue but lately I am wondering. We have come a long way since 1776, and the Constitution is one of those defining moments but lately the Democrats want to not only rewrite history but they also want to rewrite law that has decided by our own Supreme Court.

Right or wrong the liberals wanted our country to separate our laws and government from the church, and yet now they want to reintroduce church into our law. In the interest of political correctness they want the American people to not only accept the Muslims religion but to accept Sharia law and integrate it into our system of judicial acceptance.

Well, I have a message for those liberals; our country and the Muslim religion have a long standing history of bad blood. Our dear President Obama has declared that we are not at war with the Islamic faith, and yet the attacks that we have endured as Americans have told a different story.

We are surrendering our Constitution to a bunch of individuals that believe in and celebrate a religion that is not on a mere religion but a way of life. The Muslim religion is not only a socio-economic group but one that intertwines religion into law. Our laws state that religion has a basis, but never one that trumps the federal.
We are poised to accept a religion in our country that not only denies women’s rights, but denies basic sensibilities. The Muslim religion allows the marriage of minor children, stoning of women for the sins of a husband, and brutal torture for minor law violations that goes WAY beyond waterboarding.

Why would we sacrifice our way of life for a 7th century way of life that is not only backwards, but violates everything we hold dear as a nation? Have we become so compliant to the requests of others that we deny the very strides we have accomplished in the 234 years? Better still, do we give in to a religion that flourishes in countries where the literacy rates barely exceed 14%?

Granted our country is not the most educated or sophisticated in the world, but we have obtained one of the highest statures in the world in our comparatively short country history. Why would we prefer to move back in history to accommodate a third world country religion that violates everything our country stands for? Should we give up everything our country stands for in the name of “Political Correctness?”

America needs to wake up, our country is being invaded from the south by illegal aliens, and from the east in the name of religious freedom.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Stupidity Ladder

The Stupidity Ladder
Kevin Bryant

Every step up the political ladder from the local school board to the state assembly to the White House itself you see a slimy trail of stupidity smearing almost every step. Now there are those rare exceptions when a step gets missed such as with the current occupant of the New Jersey’s governor’s mansion but it’s getting harder and harder to find those steps.

Here lately it seems that the more I pay attention to local politics here in the KC metro the more I am convinced that I and my neighbors am a geniuses and the only stupid people in the area serve on city councils and school boards. These people have to be stupid because they are the only ones believing the things they are doing makes any sense.

Example #1: Mission Kansas Driveway Tax

What a great idea, punish businesses and burden residents with another stupid tax, this one based on how much traffic follows through your neighborhood. Every resident will be required to pay about $72 a year to the city while businesses, depending on how successful they are can pay anywhere from $3000 to over $65,000 a year. What a great way to encourage new business to come to your town, or keep the ones you have from packing up and leaving. If I am a small business owner in Mission and I am renting the building I am in, you can bet your favorite donkey I will be closing up shop and moving to a new area of the metro as soon as my lease is up. As for the residence, if you own your home, you are stuck paying the new tax. The housing market here stinks to high heaven and it’s doubtful your house is going to sell anytime soon, so you are stuck. Then you are more likely going to get shafted even harder in the coming years when businesses leave and the city is again strapped for cash. That $72 tax you got slammed with could easily double to make up for lost revenue.

Example #2: Property Tax Increase

There seems to be an epidemic on the number of cities around the metro that have decided to increase property taxes. The excuses are all the same. We must raise taxes so we don’t have to lay off teachers or firemen. So, bump up the property tax because property values are down. No one said anything about lowering property taxes when the values go up. Well over 50% of all households have seen some kind of change in household income over the past 2 years and in over 30% of those homes, the income levels have decreased. Many property owners now make less than they did in 2006 but the cost of living has increased. Instead of cities tightening their own belts, they want to squeeze the property owners some more. There comes a point where the owners can no longer afford to pay more with less and they are going to forfeit their house. Then what do you do, invent a city wide renters tax for people who lost their homes to foreclosure? Go after the bank that just repossessed the house?

Here’s a great idea: cut some fat off the city budget. Here are a few examples you can start with. City council members will not receive more than $2000 salary per year or $3000 per calendar year in salary and other compensation. Reduce the number of city employees making more than $60K per year by 20%. Those making more than $40K but less than $60K, reduce the number of employees by 10%. Reduce the number of employees making less than $40K per year by 5%. Reduce salaries across the board back to 2006 levels. Mandate a 10% across the board reduction in the budget for all departments. Restructure pension plans so retirees aren’t making 120% of the salary they were drawing when they were working. Tell the teacher’s union and other local unions to accept pay reductions of face layoffs.

No matter at what the level of government you are dealing with, you will find those who believe there will never be a shortage of other people’s money for them to spend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

In reference to Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate representing MD, Blaine Taylor and his letter, "If we want the troops home, we must elect leaders to stop war", Aug. 11, and now speaking as an eighty-nine year old Retired U.S. Naval Reserve Officer veteran with eight years of active duty, five in WWII, over two of which were aboard the aircraft carrier, The USS Enterprise, including thirteen major offensive engagements starting with the Marshall & Gilbert Islands in the fall of 1943 and continuing through The First Battle of the Philippine Sea. The USS Enterprise is the most decorated ship in the US Navy including the Presidential Unit Citation Award; and I was later recalled for three more years during the Korean Conflict.

In an attempt to develop a better understanding of Mr. Taylor's position, I must ask him where he was during the latter part of former President Clinton's second term when the World Trade Center was bombed and which was soon followed by the devastating attack of 9/11. In my opinion, this was the beginning of WWIII which is now being called The Global Conflict against Terrorism; and it was when the Muslim radicals and extremenists, including al Qaeda, the Taliban, and numerous underground insurgents, many of whom no doubt were, and still are, being supported by Iran, announced their intent to clear the world of all democratic independent freedom loving people which they referred to as infidels.

Mr. Taylor certainly shouldn't need reminding of the many necessary wars which were fought within our borders by our forefathers before they were able to announce the adoption of our U.S. Declaration of Independence, plus others engagements later such as WWI & WWII in which we were first attacked in both, and were forced to fight in order to protect our lives and retain our independence; and it's now the same type of involvement in WWIII where we must fight for our continued survival, so as to enjoy our freedoms of independence.

Now, in relation to the present status of the continuing unstable conditions in Iraq, including the military, political and economic divisions, President Barack Obama recently made his asinine announcement that he would be withdrawing our combat forces from Iraq by the end of August 2010. Such action is definitely advantageous to the opposition who can then adjust their plans accordingly. Instead, his obligated announcement should have been one in which he carefully explained exactly what is, or isn't, happening in Iraq and why a withdrawl at this time could be a disaster. First, Iraq has no governing coalition, and secondly it appears that Mr. Maliki and Mr. Allawi will continue to experience extreme difficulty in establishing one which would meet the satisfaction of all of the various sects occupying this country, while at the same time maintaining the upper hand in controlling the continuing string of bombings, killings and other attacks by insurgents, particularly in the Baghdad areas. Such conditions could easily lead to another all out conflict or even develop into a civil war.

Because of these threatening conditions, in my opinion, it would be best if our troops remained in Iraq in order to prevent and/or terminate such clashes while providing our continuing support in the establishment of a stable democracy in this country. There is no other way. If we don't, it would be an absolute disgrace to the brave military and civilian personnel who paid the ultimate price in the defense of our country while assisting Iraq in establishing a democratic nation in the heart of an authoritarian Middle East.

Practically speaking, a standing military force in a country where we have assisted in establishing freedom is not a new practice, as the U.S. still has such forces stationed at many places in the world including Germany, Japan and South Korea.

It is indeed disappointing and disturbing to witness President Obama continuing to play political games with America's safety and security in order to salvage the almighty vote at the polls, and to lower our self-esteem by apologizing to the other world nations for our past aggressive actions when they were definitely in the interest of protecting our lives and our Declaration of Independence.

Mr. President, we would indeed welcome the words of truth from your lips; because. We as American citizens are entitled to know exactly what is transpiring within your mind and also in the egoistical selfish departments of the federal government.

Personally, I am asking you, Blaine Taylor, is such the composition of the peaceful gravy train for which you are purchasing a ticket, in order to ride along with our smooth talking, ineffective, narcissistic President who is filled with hollow promises. If so Blaine, it is my sincere hope that your train will be derailed.

Quinton D. Thompson
Towson, MD 21286

There is no Coincidence in Politics

There is no Coincidence in Politics
Al Ritter

If you think that the long overdue ethics hearings of Congressman Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are purely coincidental you probably believe in the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

The fact that the house ethics committee is headed by the Democratic majority is the key to the two hearings to be heard in September. The Democrats KNOW in their hearts that they will most certainly lose the house in November, and thusly turn over control of the ethics committee to the Republicans. The time frame will give the Dems 2 short months to decide to merely slap the hands of the two corrupt members for Congress, then get back to business as usual deceiving the public failing to make declarations of income items, that violate disclosure laws, and hiding income while making the rules for others to pay taxes……………….When will America wake up and toss these thieves to the curb?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baltimore County Zoning being used as an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party Part II

Baltimore County Zoning being used as an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party Part II
Al Ritter

In an earlier article I addressed the problem of a Baltimore County Zoning law that required a local area resident to remove his 32 sq ft campaign sign for a Republican candidate for governor of Maryland. All complaints were basically put on hold while a challenge was made to Superior Court in Maryland. The Judge ruled that an equal enforcement of signs no larger than 8 sq ft in residential properties in no way interferes with the First Amendment allowing free speech.

The problem now lies with the out of hand violations of the 32 sq ft signs EVERYWHERE! Because they relaxed the rules until the court trial and subsequent ruling, Baltimore County looks like Las Vegas more than the pristine County it once was. I would recommend everyone to report these signs to the zoning commission, and DEMAND their removal regardless of the political they represent. I personally reported 4 of these violations and they have yet to be removed. Baltimore County and the Zoning Commission gambled on this issue and now they have lost………….now let’s make them do their job!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Kevin Bryant

Most of the primaries are over and in every state so far, there has been as much bickering about who won certain nominations has there has been celebrations of those victories. The nominees aren’t conservative enough or they are too conservative. They agree too much with Bush policies or agree too much along the lines of Reagan.

Way back a long time ago in history (2008), we had the same problem. There were too many people on both sides who were fed up with George Bush and especially his domestic policies during his last term in office. Republicans by the 1000’s stayed home and refused to vote because Grandpa McCain was the party nomination as Bush’s successor. Too many people took the attitude that I am a Romney or Huckabee supporter and there is no way I am going to vote for Grandpa. Well, by staying home, you got your just reward, Grandpa wasn’t elected president and all of you who chose to stay home have been complaining about Obama since the day he was sworn in.

So what if Rand Paul or Sharron Angle or whoever won the nomination in your state wasn’t your choice. Is your decision not to back the candidate that did win the primary doing you or the other party’s candidate more good? My guess is the other party is better served by you sitting at home and still steaming because the candidate of your choice lost. Here in Missouri, I’m not overly thrilled with Roy Blunt as the successor of Kit Bonds but it certainly beats having Robin Carnahan in office giving Obama two automatic yes votes from Missouri.

It’s time to either unite or surrender. What will your choice be?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Presidential Comments on the NY Mosque

Presidential Comments on the NY Mosque
Al Ritter

Last Friday our President weighed in with his comments on the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero in NY. He stated correctly that Muslims should be able to practice their religion in America. He then ventured into the law arena stating that a Mosque should be allowed in any area that it is allowed by zoning and building regulations, and according to law, yes that is correct.

By Saturday the President felt the need to add his disclaimer, stating that he never commented on whether that decision was wise or not. What are we to gather from his comments on those two days? Possibly he thinks the way I do on the matter, (of course I highly doubt that,) but let’s continue anyway.

This issue has stirred the same feelings as the race debate the President keeps throwing at the right. Although being “politically correct” is term invented by liberals to avoid confrontation on sensitive issues, the liberals are now ignoring being “politically correct,” with the citizens who elect them on all issues dealing with Muslims, mosques, Sharia law, etc.

In an effort to not offend Muslims, the political correctness is now being used against the majority, (America’s Christian and Jewish population.) This is nothing new for liberals their history of appealing to every minority group that can vote is the mantra of the left.

I would like to say for the record, I agree with the President on his comments on Friday and on Saturday. My primary reason for agreeing is based on the fact that his comments were not based on any form of political correctness, they included only facts.

I must say that if a Mosque can be allowed under the circumstances our President outlined, then so may any business under the laws of zoning and building codes. There would be no reason that a Jewish Deli, or a Pork BBQ joint couldn’t be built right next to the Mosque. The problem is that zoning and building laws are cut and dry and don’t include wording about sensitivity or empathy, they do not include politically correct entries or empathetic wording.

Do the Muslims have a legal right to build a Mosque on this hallowed site? Of course they do, our laws allow it! Can a Christian group build a church in any sensitive areas of Muslim countries? Of course they can’t, but then again their laws don’t allow it………………….it seems obvious to this writer what the obvious cure would be.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Politically Correct

Politically Correct
William G Burmer

I like many of you have been frustrated by what we have been forced to observe as might be described as an attitude of “I do not give a damn about what you think” from our Judiciary, the Executive, the Congress, and Senate. This same attitude in a general way is seen to percolate all the way down to all branches of city governments. We might add illegal aliens to this group as many thumb their noses at our laws as well.

We are each hoping upon hope that the elections this coming November will set a foundation which will rescue some of our liberties and give rise to even greater power to We the People as we press forward. It should be obvious to all of you by now that November is a beginning point and not an end.

We should not think that the liberal opposition will just roll over for us. I expect their vitriol to be even more caustic than present. There is an interesting corollary I see emanating from the leftist of today compared to the Israelites who were rescued from the tyranny of Egypt by Moses centuries ago.

For those of you who are acquainted with scripture you will remember that eventually Israel degenerated into such a cesspool of debauchery that God cursed them and caused that they were scattered among many nations.

In the book of Deuteronomy 31:16-17, the lord revealed to the Prophet Moses what would happen to Israel after (Moses) was gone. “Behold though shalt sleep with thy fathers, and this people will rise up, and go a whoring after the gods of the strangers of the land, whither they to be among them, and will forsake me, and break my covenant which I have made with them. Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them and I will hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them.”

If the Israelites had set up the most powerful nation on earth the way God had commanded them, it would have stabilized the political and economic affairs of all other nations.

Our founders were students of history and it was through a careful reading of the Bible that they discovered a whole new perspective concerning God’s plans for America. They found that what God had promised ancient Israel He had also promised to restore in “the latter days.”

In order to appreciate what God had promised the Israelites’ we have to understand that God gave ancient Israel the formula for an ideal society that could have made the Israelites the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.

From W. Cleon Skousen in his book, “The Majesty of God’s Law” he writes the following; “Here is the way the Lord said it the first time: “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine.” Exodus 19:5

A little later on the Lord repeated it. He said:

“For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” Deuteronomy 7:6.

As the Lord was in the midst of teaching the people about the advance civilization they were expected to build, he once more reminded them with these words:

“Thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.” Deuteronomy 14:2.

Briefly what our founder discovered was an opportunity to make the prophecy of Moses a visible reality for America as the Promises’ of the Prophet Micah declared: “But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills’ and people shall flow unto it. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go fourth out of Zion, and the word of the lord from Jerusalem.” Micah 4: 1-2.

America was and is regarded as the New Israel or the new Zion. Jonathan Edwards, one of America’s best know ministers of the Gospel, made this statement: “God presently goes about doing some great thing in order to make way for the introduction of the churches latter-day glory---which is to have its first seat in, and is to rise from [this] new world.” Quoted by Cherry in God’s New Israel, p57. Later on page 59 Edwards make the following statement: “I think---if we consider the circumstances of the settlement of New England---it must needs appear the most likely of all American colonies to be the place whence this work shall principally take it rise.”

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1820 “If the freedom of religion—can—prevail, the genuine doctrines of Jesus—will again be restored to their original purity. This reformation will advance with the other improvements of the human mind, but too late for me to witness it.” Page 366 The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Allison

Now here is where after days of pondering our present state of affairs I feel lies our present predicament, in society and more especially, in government, including the Judiciary.

For as long as I can remember the Atheists’, the agnostics’, in particular, and of late, politically correct ideologist in concert with the Judiciary have done all they can to destroy religious freedom and principle as envisioned by our founders: Law makers along with the Judiciary have lied, twisted, skewed, corrupted and in every way possible tried to remove first amendment religious principle from every facet of Lawful Society, and in Politics.

Our leaders have become as corrupt as ancient Israel. In short like the Israelites they have turned from God and “forsaken Him.” Each in their own way have re-entered that cesspool of debauchery previously reserved for the ancient Israelites. Many in the Judiciary, along with Maxine Waters, Charlie Wrangle, President Obama, and a host of others, are scrambling to justify crimes against God and country. Fortunately Americans are awakening to their chicanery, and are actively perusing means for redress at the ballot box.

Lest we follow after these afore mentioned, and like a wild ass go off braying into the wilderness and drink the dregs and terrifying curses of God as Israel have endured, we must be vigilant in demanding that our elected leaders follow constitutional Law, or be removed from office. There are long lists of grievances we must bring to the fore and they must be resolved, constitutionally.

It is time for the American People to remember our Declaration made to Great Britain and apply those same principles of reason to those elected as our servants now, and in the future:

“We have warned them, from time to time, of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.”

“They too, have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.”

“The history of the present (President of the United States, want a be King Obama) King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.”

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.”

Let this be our Banner of liberty RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLE for America and her People, or go live in another part of the hemisphere. To this cause we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Socialism in America Part III

Socialism in America Part III
Education in America or is it Indoctrination?

I was reading one of my children's textbooks trying to reference some material when I came across a section dealing with feelings and Patriotism. The text inferred that pride in our country or too much "nationalism" can be "harmful" emphasizing the fact that "countries make mistakes at times." 1.

I can only conclude the above quote is a "revisionist theme" for I have in all my years never read such tripe in any of the history books I have read previously. The text, in a generic way, told the student what they should believe rather than challenge their thinking processes. We the People, by the process of inquiring through study may find truth, determine fact, and then take appropriate action to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves. Nationalism need not be a threat to any one, except perhaps a corrupted politician. It is a granted that unless truth is administered from government to the people, a combination of distrust and fractional parties will develop, indeed have developed, and have retarded republicanism. Such is our present condition.

Presently, there are eight political parties for which we can register to vote. This is supposed to be a good thing? This is a political trap to further divide and destroy liberty. Alexander Hamilton warned: Ambition, avarice, personal animosity, party opposition, and many other motives not more laudable than these, are apt to operate as well upon those who support as those who oppose the right side of a question.James Madison added: Yet the parties are, and must be, themselves the judges; and the most numerous party, or, in other words, the most powerful faction must be expected to prevail 2.

Think about it! Eight political parties will certainly fracture our ability as citizens to vote and control those we supposedly elect. The fracture is, in truth compounded, creating a pseudo election process controlled by the politicians.


1. America America, Scott, Foresman and Company, pp. 550-551. © 1977

2. -- Federalist 1 Hamilton, and Federalist 10 Madison.

The problems we are having in education go to the fact that in the last 40 years, the corollary of religion and true historical events along with the Constitution have not been taught, and have been replaced with half truths, such as: we are a “democracy.” The mere mention of God in our public schools is made a violation of church and state; when in truth there is no such phraseology in the Constitution. I challenge anyone to find where it says anything about separation of church and state in the Constitution or that we are a Democracy.

Article VI of the Constitution states: ". . . no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." The First Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"Sadly, we have all missed the meaning placed at the end of this amendment "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" nowhere is it said that we cannot exercise our faith wherever we might be. These are the only references to religion in our Constitution.

Democracy is not mentioned in any part of the Constitution; Article 4 Section 4 however is very revealing, and should be of interest to all of America’s Citizens “The United States (meaning our government servants) shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government (meaning, our government servants shall protect Sovereign States Rights) and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (meaning the President) (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.Do you suppose our government servants have an obligation to protect our boarders against “domestic Violence from foreign illegal immigration? To refrain from using objectionable expletives, I'll just say, darn bet you!

There are some notable individuals in TV and Radio who have talked of the "dumbing down of education in America." I have personally questioned some educators concerning teaching of American history today and they tell me that in today's classroom American History begins at the year 1900. There is no longer any real foundation taught with regards to our true legacy as a Nation. With the kind of education our young people are receiving today, it is no wonder those virtues of loyalty, honor, and character are lacking in certain individuals. This also supports the notion that many of our elected personnel are regrettably ignorant of our history and Constitution; thus giving way to personal aggrandizement and selfish pursuits of power over principle.

Many if not most foreign students today are more aware of our constitution and history than those who are elected to office, including the American citizen. We need to take education from government control, and return it to its rightful place in our communities. Prior to the Dept. of Education's christening, our educational system was the finest in the world.

Christian principles of right and wrong needs be re-enthroned, along with a comprehensive study of our Constitution and our nation’s history. This could happen almost overnight if government were not involved. Personally I believe that those young people presently being "home-taught" will unfurl America's true colors. In the home "religious values" and principles of right and wrong are being taught. Resolute selfless individualists do not retard the family, God or community.

In my travels around the world I have observed that within any society where the pursuit of knowledge is reserved for the few, the wealthy, or well connected, communist ideologies flourish. This occurs where ever government controls education. Presently our students are being taught to be apologetic for being an American. They are neither challenged nor expected to think, question, lead or excel. The spirit is being snatched from them, and this a sad legacy of our present educational system. Schools are a place where young men and women might learn to be good for something. In today's society we should question everything government does, prove all things! Presently Law is so cryptic you are bound to find a contradiction somewhere.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shot Down In Flames

Shot Down In Flames
Kevin Bryant

I read the other day where once again, the average citizen’s opinion means absolutely nothing to any branch of government, state or federal. If we aren’t getting shafted by the legislative branch we are getting called ignorant by the executive branch and when they aren’t hammering us, we have judicial branch dismissing voter referendums.

How many times do the people in California have to tell the state that they do not want legalized gay marriage? The California judicial branch once again says that they don’t care what the people think. They are determined to shoot down any attempt to pass Proposition 8. I guess that the California courts don’t want to be considered less liberal than that of Massachusetts, Iowa and the other states that didn’t care one bit what the populous think on the subject.

My thoughts, I am personally against gay marriage. Before you start thinking “That Kevin, he’s nothing but a hate spewing homophobe”, let me explain my position. I have nothing against the gay and lesbian life style. How you choose to live your life is of no concern of mine so long as it does not have a direct negative affect me or my family. Why am I against gay marriage? If you believe in God and the bible, then you must believe that the institution of marriage was created by God with the expressed purpose of joining a man and a woman in “Holy” matrimony. I happen to believe that there is a God and the bible is the word of God. You go to a wedding and what is almost always said: “we are gathered here in the presence or site of God”. God didn’t make Eve & Joe and then tell Adam to choose who he wanted to be with. Why then would I believe that God would bless a same sex marriage?

Here is the other part. As you all know, I am also a strong supporter of State’s Rights. I am also a supporter of “Civil Unions”, and that unions are granted all the rights and privileges equal to that of a marriage. As like a marriage, a license for the union must be obtained from the authorized state agency and be placed on file. The union must be administered by a person empowered by the state to administer such a union. If the unionized couple no longer wishes to be a couple, they must be granted a divorce by the state in accordance with same rules and regulations that apply to a married couple getting a divorce.

Marriage on one hand and Civil Union on the other, what really is the difference? In my humble little opinion, there is none other than the term “Marriage”. One ordained by God, and the other by the state. Everyone is different yet all men are created equal. Therefore can we dispense with the screaming matches over using the term “Marriage”? They would both be equal in the eyes of the law. Otherwise if the gay and lesbian community persist in their demand to use the term “Marriage”, then why don’t they cease having Gay Pride Days, Gay Parades, Gay Bars, Gay this and Gay that……..

Most would be willing to accept Civil Unions under the agreement that is was equal to a marriage and recognized in all states. Most would be willing to not give up their gay pride days and parades and stuff, but would welcome equal time for straight pride days and straight parades and such. Unfortunately, there is the radical element that will shout down the majority that is willing to compromise.

The radical element does not want equality. They demand favoritism, yet what have they done to deserve favorable treatment? Equality is all most Americans are going to give gay community but for those radical few, this is unacceptable.

California is beyond just being broke, yet millions in tax payer dollars have been spent on this matter. Why? So what if the judicial branch of the state of California legislates from the bench. If the couple decides to move to Nevada or some other state, Oooooo, your “marriage” is no longer valid. Until the federal government decides to make marriage and civil unions separate but equal in all aspects, this fight is just going to needlessly continue to waste more millions of tax dollars through

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Code is Wrong

The Code Is Wrong
Kevin Bryant

Kaffee: Did you assault Santiago with the intent of killing him?
Dawson: No, sir.
Kaffee: What was your intent?
Dawson: To train him, sir.
Kaffee: To train him to do what?
Dawson: To train him to think of the unit before himself. To respect the code.
Kaffee: What's the code?
Dawson: Unit. Corps. God. Country.
Lt. Weinberg: I beg your pardon?
Dawson: Unit. Corps. God. Country. Sir.
Kaffee: The government of the United States wants to charge you two with murder. And you want me to go to the prosecution with unit, corps, God, country?
Dawson: That's our code, sir.
Kaffee, Lt. Weinberg: It's a code

I love the movie “A Few Good Men” and every man and woman that wears a uniform and defends this great nation will forever hold a place in my heart. But something is wrong with the code in which they talk about. Take a minute and see if you know what it is.

What you see above is the same thing that has been happening in this country for going on 100 years now. Why isn’t God the first thing listed on the code instead of unit? If Dawson was Jesus and Kaffee was some Roman soldier, do you think Jesus would have listed his disciples before his heavenly father?

But that is the way things are today, more and more we look for things to replace God as the highest priority in our lives. Much too often today, people turn to government for answers instead of looking to God for them. Judges used to have both a book of law and the bible with them on the bench, but they no longer have the bible. People used to help their neighbors when there was a crisis as God intended but now all it seems we want to do is sue our neighbors if their kid’s baseball accidentally breaks a window.

Those that have never read the bible believe that government is the answer to all problems. Those that have read the bible believe that the government is the root of most problems.

This country was based of Christian principals but you can’t have any outward displays of God in the schools or government buildings. We have replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings in stores and town squares. Nativity scenes have been replaced with a mechanical waving Santa and other brightly lit decorations.

In our courtrooms you would get less protest if you were to display Miss June from Playboy than you would the 10 commandments.

Government will continually put itself at the head of the list of people and places to turn to in times of trouble unless we remove them from the list and place ourselves there. Just lost your job? By all means apply for unemployment but then look to your neighbors for a hand up before you start looking at government for a hand out. I’m not catholic but if I had a moral issue or knew something that was weighing heavily on me, I would certainly talk to a priest about it before I would even consider a government social worker.

If we turn to government for assistance as anything but a last resort, then it is us who have the messed up priorities in life and we deserve whatever it is that government dishes out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

America, Now the Land of Pick and Choose Laws

America, Now the Land of Pick and Choose Laws
Al Ritter

We are a nation of laws, and yet this Administration sees fit to pick and choose which ones to enforce.

Whether it relates to campaign finance laws, voter intimidation, illegal immigration, or tax fraud by the very people who write those laws, the Obama Administration is using the “pick and choose” method to actively pursue the law.
For almost two years Barack Obama, has been blurring the line between the three branches of Government that our Forefathers saw as autonomous entities that should never be breached.

This cannot be claimed as ignorance of the law as there are 150 attorneys work from the Whitehouse, more than have ever been used in the past. The Administration knows the law, and more importantly knows the way around it.

The way Eric Holder looks at the law is to challenge the ones that the President and he wish to, and to ignore the ones they don’t agree with. It’s a win, win situation for them as they have a 50/50 chance for a favorable ruling based on the political leaning of the presiding judge. They challenge with no concern for the money being spent because it isn’t theirs……it’s OURS!

President Obama is clearly working against the laws of the nation. I give the two examples of the takeover of GM and Chrysler, circumventing the entire bankruptcy court system to forge a settlement that favored unions rather than the secured investors. The President has also pushed the line on legality of Executive Orders, as a way of circumventing the legislative branch on unpopular laws.

We as a country need to take back our Constitution that is now being held ransom by progressive liberals. We as a country need to retake our place as the most powerful nation on this earth. We as a country need to work with some moral compass, not just some feeling of social guilt. We as a country need to return to the REPUBLIC envisioned by our forefathers rather than a semi-socialistic European Nation. We as a county need to retake the government from the group who seeks to “fundamentally change it.”