Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Presidential Comments on the NY Mosque

Presidential Comments on the NY Mosque
Al Ritter

Last Friday our President weighed in with his comments on the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero in NY. He stated correctly that Muslims should be able to practice their religion in America. He then ventured into the law arena stating that a Mosque should be allowed in any area that it is allowed by zoning and building regulations, and according to law, yes that is correct.

By Saturday the President felt the need to add his disclaimer, stating that he never commented on whether that decision was wise or not. What are we to gather from his comments on those two days? Possibly he thinks the way I do on the matter, (of course I highly doubt that,) but let’s continue anyway.

This issue has stirred the same feelings as the race debate the President keeps throwing at the right. Although being “politically correct” is term invented by liberals to avoid confrontation on sensitive issues, the liberals are now ignoring being “politically correct,” with the citizens who elect them on all issues dealing with Muslims, mosques, Sharia law, etc.

In an effort to not offend Muslims, the political correctness is now being used against the majority, (America’s Christian and Jewish population.) This is nothing new for liberals their history of appealing to every minority group that can vote is the mantra of the left.

I would like to say for the record, I agree with the President on his comments on Friday and on Saturday. My primary reason for agreeing is based on the fact that his comments were not based on any form of political correctness, they included only facts.

I must say that if a Mosque can be allowed under the circumstances our President outlined, then so may any business under the laws of zoning and building codes. There would be no reason that a Jewish Deli, or a Pork BBQ joint couldn’t be built right next to the Mosque. The problem is that zoning and building laws are cut and dry and don’t include wording about sensitivity or empathy, they do not include politically correct entries or empathetic wording.

Do the Muslims have a legal right to build a Mosque on this hallowed site? Of course they do, our laws allow it! Can a Christian group build a church in any sensitive areas of Muslim countries? Of course they can’t, but then again their laws don’t allow it………………….it seems obvious to this writer what the obvious cure would be.


Steve C said...

Don’t you love the way our lefty friends are doing their best to now call it a “cultural center” instead of a mosque as if that somehow allows them to support this nonsense better.

pamela m said...

I rather like the idea of a Jewish Deli and a BBQ joint on either side of this mosque. I have a feeling there will be a great deal of spray paint involved too.

barb p said...

Another time he should have kept his views to himself...

QDT said...

Well stated, Al. You should send your comments to the President.