Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate Means Nothing!

Obama’s Birth Certificate Means Nothing!
Al Ritter

The recent release of Obama’s birth certificate means nothing in the general picture. It might be real or it could be a fraud, but the result is the same, nothing legally would be done if it was a forgery in the remaining part of Obama’s presidency. It’s clear that the Supreme Court won’t touch this issue with a 20 foot pole, from the past cases they have passed on. Why should we assume anything will change now? The conservative Supreme Court Justices have made a few cryptic inferences that there IS a way to present the challenge, but nobody has done so yet. Why continue another 2 years down the road in court cases doomed to failure?

Unfortunately the framers of the Constitution make a few mistakes in crafting the prerequisites to be President of the United States. First off they never included a definition of what constitutes a natural born citizen, and secondly they never spelled out a vehicle for candidates to supply the needed documents to prove eligibility to be placed on ballots of the office of the Presidency.

Interestingly enough the Constitution offers another avenue to assure compliance. State sovereignty is the key to elections, each state may chose the way they conduct elections, and the Constitution doesn’t differentiate between federal elections and state elections. This offers an interesting twist to Presidential requirements. If each state requires proof of eligibility to be placed on a Presidential ballot, this non sense of who was born where could be finally put to rest.

We wouldn’t even need every state to draft such a law, this would only be needed in a few key political states, Iowa, Ohio, or Texas could be the turning point of this issue. We need to put this to rest, accept what we are saddled with for the next two years, but fix the problem for future elections! Who can possibly disagree with following the Constitution to the letter of the law?.........Yea I know, stupid question!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Will Rising Costs Keep Obama From Being Re-elected?

Will Rising Costs Keep Obama From Being Re-elected?
Al Ritter

The administration from the very beginning wanted energy costs to “necessarily skyrocket,” but the question is…..Will it keep the president from being re-elected? It is no coincidence that oil prices and food prices are not factors in figuring the federal Cost of Living index. Many things can be affected by a formal raise in the federal cost of living index, including social security payments, which the government wants to purposely keep low.

The recent monetization of the debt, (government buying up bond paper) that the federal bank never said would happen has contributed to the devaluation of the dollar. Each year the government prints more and more money, and if 2011 holds true to the pattern established by past administrations will approach $900 billion give or take $20 billion. To put that figure into perspective, the money printed in 2005 was only $380 billion. The treasury department prints so much money a day that they consume 18 TONS of ink daily! President Nixon started this inflationary practice when he was the commander in chief, by taking the gold reserve standard off the table, meaning that the government could only print as much money as they had gold to back it.

Now money is created from thin air, and the more that is made the less the overall production is worth. Keep in mind that the government prints money, they then hand it over to the 12 branches of the Federal Bank for distribution. Now also keep in mind that the Federal Bank is not part of our government, regardless of their name. They answer to no one, not even the President, and the only one that can even remove their power is congress, and they refuse to intervene. The fed decides who gets money and how much they get; basically they control our economy, not Timothy Geithner.

How can deflationary practices lead to inflation? View the economy like this; deflationary practices make our money worth less than it was last year. When we have to buy more as a country than we produce, it means we have to import materials. If we use the money that is now worth less than it was last year we will have to use more of it to acquire the same goods. Thusly we have inflation. Oil and food stuffs are the leading contributors to inflation, and correspondingly are NOT included in the cost of living indexes the government releases. A rise in food and oil prices affects everyone equally, and when that happens, it disproportionately affects the poor to a greater amount.

Keep this in mind as President Obama demonizes oil “price gougers.” According to the EIA, the oil companies made on the average 8.3% profit after taxes last year, that 8 cents on the dollar folks. For 8% they drill they refine, and they do research and development. Now let’s look at the REAL PRICE GOUGERS, the government taxes that gasoline at about 40 cents per gallon (depending on what state you live in), but the federal government tax alone represents 13.7% of each gallon. The government produces NOTHING other than money so don’t think for a minute that there is a cost for each gallon of fuel they tax on other than in the collection of that tax. 13.7% clear profit, for doing NOTHING! If the definition of “price gouger” is nothing more than making an exorbitant profit on the back of someone else, the administration has no farther to look then their own back yard!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Patriots

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

I have a friend who eschews most of the editorials regarding government problems and the people involved. Indeed I confess I also feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the negative rhetoric that comes to me in the email and airwaves; as a result I delete or tune out a large percentage of it.

It certainly appears that between government chicanery and Conservative commentary there is little change from week to week; certainly nothing much to hear of an edifying nature, i.e. optimistic or hopeful. It is understandable that many would rather just tune out rather than be assaulted with a constant barrage of negative tripe.

Most all of us are largely fed up with what goes on in government at all levels, but ( and I say it in a positive vein, because the word in most circumstances negates everything that came before it) so again, but it is imperative that we remain informed, armed with truth, and are engaged in righteous doing. Remember that there has always been a battle between right and wrong, good and evil since the beginning of man. There is no denying the fact that, that battle appears more intense now than before any time in the past history of our nation with the exception of perhaps the events of the Revolutionary War. I am sure this is how it should be; it is always darkest before the light.

Most of us are of the mindset that Principle does matter, the constitution is and remains the Law of the Land to spite certain elected officers obvious contempt for it. We cling to the hope that our vote and diligent pursuit of right will prevail. It remains painfully obvious however that there is a ruling majority in offices that are in every sense of the word Marxist, and they need to be defeated.

There is a story of interest in the Scriptures of the Prophet Elisha who was a consultant to the King of Israel. When the People of Israel desired a more spacious place to dwell than they were previously confined they trespassed upon Syrian land and the King of Syria came to war against Israel by night and surrounded them. Elisha’s young Servant rose early in the morning to discover the army of Syria and with fear in his heart alerted Elisha., Elisha’s response was “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.’ And Elisha prayed, and said Lord I prey the, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha” 2 Kings 6:16-17.

It is important for us to know that our course is true and correct, that even though it may appear our efforts are not bearing much fruit, the armies of the Lord are round about us, and will bear us up in our efforts; may we have our eyes opened that we might see as did the servant of Elisha that we are truly not alone in our efforts to restore and heal our great Nation.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Arizona is Becoming the State of “Yes We Can!”

Arizona is Becoming the State of “Yes We Can!”
Al Ritter

Arizona, under the leadership of Gov. Jan Brewer has moved into the legislative realm of being the state of, “If the federal government won’t do it we will!” On the heels of SB1070, the illegal alien bill which Arizona passed to enforce the laws of federal government that the Obama Administration refuses to, Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law the “birther bill.”

Clearly the Constitution gives all power of elections to the individual states, and Arizona has taken the lead in the country by making any candidate (including presidential) present a birth certificate to them before being put on any ballot for office in their state.

Brewer’s challenges to Obamacare and SB1070 may be open for legal interpretation, but this birther legislation is CLEARLY within their realm of rights. Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution states; The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Place of Chusing Senators.

So unless Congress passes an amendment to the Constitution superseding this section in the future this law enabling Arizona to demand proof of birth as a “natural citizen,” the case is closed. Hopefully other conservative states will exercise their state sovereignty by demanding the very proof that is outlined in the Constitution for the eligibility of potential candidates, thereby averting future questions.

Only one office in the United States makes the requirement of being a natural citizen and that is the Presidency, and to ignore that requirement is disrespectful in the least and treasonous at the worst. I personally salute Gov. Jan Brewer for making her stand!

Article Update: Monday Jan Brewer formally vetoed the Arizona bill to show proof of citizenship for presidential candidates, I must say I am not only shocked, but dissappointed in Gov. Brewer's satnd on this. I would encourage the Arizona legislature to remove the baptismal requirement and resubmit it once again.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Missing Piece

Missing Piece
Kevin Bryant

There have been several times when I leave the house in the mornings with the gut feeling that I forgot something and usually I find out later that I was right. When my kids were growing up, they would come in late and give me some excuse as to why. Sometimes I was satisfied with the reason and others, there just seemed to be something missing from the story. When Obama or any of the last 9 presidents give a speech, the speech is on a grand scale but the substance seems to be missing. The leaders in congress are the same way. They tell you on a grand scale exactly what you want to hear but not any of the particulars. Nancy Pelosi says Tea Party people want the elderly to eat dog food but lied to get to the point where she could make that statement. Reid, Boehner and Obama all lied to the American people about cutting 38 Billion in spending when most of the money “cut” was not going to be spent or was a one-time appropriation and was never going to be renewed anyway. They all told a grand story but left out many of the pieces to cover up the lie.

I have for some time now wondered about this. Tell a lie to your neighbor and later you ask God for forgiveness and according to the bible if you ask for forgiveness, you shall receive it. Do you think God forgives politicians who on a grand scale lie to the American people? Do you think the politicians even bother to ask for forgiveness or do they attempt to justify the lie in their heads claiming it’s for the greater good?

One of the first things I ever learned in church was that God helps those who help themselves. Now this can’t always be true for if it were, then God is helping the politicians who are helping themselves to our money and taking our liberties to enrich their power. Endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. No, I don’t see God helping politicians take back that which he granted to all.

We the People have lost about 90% of the control of our government in my opinion. Government has been taken over mainly by corrupt union leaders like those of SEIU and the AFL-CIO. Those in government owe much to those associated with ACORN, GE, Planned Parenthood and a host of George Soros funded organizations. You no longer need White House Lobbyist because many of them are now part of the administration and they hate competition. These unions and organizations have attacked the Tea Party and 9-12 organizations without hesitation. They have no fear because they know Eric Holder will not hold them accountable for their actions.

In old Scotland, the Scots never had a single victory over the English until the clans united in a common cause. In America, the army gathering together to fight the English were few until preachers started recruiting at the end of service from the pulpit. Churches can lose their tax exempt status if they involve themselves into politics, but can they lose it if they preach about the evils that come with a power concentrated and held by a mere few instead of many? This I doubt.

Americans are slowing being pulled into government bondage. I think we are on the right track in resisting this government power grab but I also think we are missing a piece of armament to use against government; the word of God. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals. Leaving God out of the fight is like taking a knife to a gun fight. It will inflict damage, but unfortunately you will never get close enough to use it. If you want to beat the government, then you have to use the laws and principals that the government was founded on, and God was a huge part of it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Right’s Preoccupation with Donald Trump

The Right’s Preoccupation with Donald Trump
Al Ritter

Like a moth that is attracted to a flame, the Tea Party right has recently been drawn to Donald Trump. The issue as I see it revolves more around Trump’s single issue of Obama’s birth certificate rather than his ability to win a republican primary for the presidency.

Trump is speaking the conscience of the right because he doesn’t have the political clout to lose like many other presidential hopefuls. His popular themes on oil production, Chinese debt domination, and Obama’s birth certificate seem to be the most important ones in the public eye right now.

The question remains, “Who is Donald Trump, and what are his stands on the issues? Delving into his statements of the past is really the only way to root out his personal views. His most recent support of the Tea Party goes against his actions of the last campaign where he donated to Harry Reid’s campaign over Sharron Angle; He also supported RINO Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. He supported Arlen Spector over Pat Toomey. He supported Rahm Emanuel in the run for Chicago Mayor’s seat. He supported the far left candidates Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, and Charlie Rangel. His donations leaned 2/3 to the Democratic Party and one third to the republicans.

His stand on abortion has flip flopped from pro-choice in 2009 to pro-life in 2010, blurring the lines. His stance on guns follows more of a democratic stance than that of a republican, demanding more weapon to fall into the assault weapon ban, and increasingly tougher rules for firearm registration. His stance on healthcare is to go one step farther on healthcare than Obamacare has, to have an equivalent of a single payer system.

Trump wants to tax the “super rich” 14.25% on their net wealth, money that has already been taxed to eliminate the national debt.

Many of his supporter’s claim that what America needs is a “businessman who can run the country more like a business than a social experiment.” Nice sentiment, but less we forget that this wonderful businessman has declared bankruptcy 4 times since 1991………..not much of a statement on his wise business decisions is it?

Republicans here is your candidate if you want him!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Patriots

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

When I was barely 6 years old living in Santa Cruz, California my little brother and I had a Cocker Spaniel we named Sparkle. We played outside; our favorite activity was playing cowboys and Indians. We used to argue about who would be Roy Rogers or Hop along Cassidy. The argument really was more over a scarf my mother let us use. To us it was a real indicator of a true cowboy. Sparkle would be tied up to our red wagon as a pretend horse.

The year was 1950 and about early October. For those who remember the 50s they were good years. People were pretty friendly and helpful towards one another. Best part of our young life was getting into the Kiddy Matinee at the local theater on Saturdays for .10cents. With another dime we could get a candy bar. This treat of course all depended upon being good during the previous week.

At any event, our yard was our world and around it was a white picket fence just high enough we could barely see over it but an adult could straddle over it with ease. Not even Sparkle could get out. One day however the front gate was left open a bit and our dog got out, we dared not pursue him as we would get into trouble ourselves. Sparkle was hit by a car. Amidst our screams dad sent us into the house each of us crying our eyes out. For all we knew at the time, and were told, Sparkle was a goner. Eventually we got over it and as they say “moved on.”

A couple days before Christmas there was a knock on our door, sometime in the evening because my dad answered it. At the door was a man with a dog in his arms. To our surprise it was Sparkle. He had a cast on one of his legs but after the man put him down he immediately recognized my brother and I and we were overjoyed to be reunited together once again. I know my father must have thanked him profusely. What a great thing for a stranger to do. It was our favorite Christmas gift ever. He obviously had to have paid all the Vet expenses and cared for Sparkle until he brought him back to us. As I have pondered that time over 60 years ago, I wonder if such a kind gesture of love would be played out in today’s world. I would hope this would be the case because I know there are many good people in the world to spite the selfish extremes we see constantly on the news.

In obedience to the second great commandment in the law “love they Neighbor” in the book of Hebrews chapter 6 we find in verse 19 “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that yea have ministered to the saints, and do minister. And in verse 12 “that ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises--- of Abraham.”

Throughout the scriptures the Lord is not apt to reward anyone who is not willing to work, and show by their works that they love God. This attitude taught by the Lord to his children, you and I, underscores the problem we have in the world of government today in the U S of A.

No place in the Constitution will you find where government is authorized to care for anything other than protecting our liberty to care for ourselves, and in the extremities of our existence to care for others as only God has prescribed.

In today’s world Men have become slaves to a system of government where all their needs are taken care of on the backs of those who labor, burdened with a tax system that spells tyranny plain and simple. It is a tyrannical form of slavery where one is made dependent upon another for their existence. Too many people have become so accustomed to the idea that it is government money they receive they are truly blinded to the reality that it is tax money; money taken from those in the private labor sector, who are forced to pay tribute. Government produces no wealth of itself, if only they knew it.

Our Constitution does not prescribe such a system as we currently endure; a system that has greater force than the Constitution itself. It is called the IRS, in California it includes the Franchise Tax Board, in Washington DC it is a Legislature maintaining power over We the People it is sworn by oath to serve, in other words a form of unrighteous dominion. This is done by promising goodies to slothful individuals, creating in its wake a dependency undeserved, unneeded, unappreciated, and detrimental to the common industry that lies dormant or dead on the individual recipient.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone with any common sense can think otherwise. My faith is in men and women who love the Lord our God. Those who follow His teachings, who love our country and its God given Constitution.

In 1950 my father was young, he worked hard, and he was poor with a small family to support. Someone was moved with compassion and saw to it that two little boys who lost their pet were not dismissed as insignificant. It would have been easy to have Sparkle euphenized, instead his wounds were bound up, and he was cared for, and at the appropriate time returned to its owners. That my friends are the kind of people America has produced and are of the kind and character that will restore our country to its rightful place in the world, a leader among all the nations of the earth; a people who love God more than they fear the world created by those in Babylon .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama Continues to Do What He Does Best

Obama Continues to Do What He Does Best
Al Ritter

This week signaled the beginning of the 2012 campaign for a reelection to the presidency for Barack Obama. Of course President Obama has never wasted a chance to do what he has done best for the last 4 years and that is campaign. This time he has to do something he has never done before in a campaign and that is to run on his record. When the Senator Obama ran for the presidency in 2007 he ran on a record of “present” votes while serving the senate.

Obama dismissed his shortcomings in the first two years of his administration and leftovers from the Bush era and what else was he to do? The President received the Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishments he was to promise, but never completed. In fact just the opposite was true; he wages war in four countries now, with no real end in sight.

A promised lower unemployment figure never materialized from the Stimulus Program, but our President reminded us that it COULD have been much worse. He later reminded us of the jobs he saved or created, although those figures could never be proven. Each President of the United States has printed more money than the President before them, but the Obama Administration is working at an unprecedented increase. Although specific figures are not being reported, we do know he is using 18 tons of ink a day!

Obama promised transparency and openness at the beginning of his Presidency and although Jay Cutler the Whitehouse press secretary says that the President has proven that claim many times, he never sighted even on instance. Various groups have tried repeatedly to obtain documents through the freedom of information act, but have been unsuccessful.

Obama promised to close Gitmo and pull troops from Iraq, neither of which has happened as yet. The candidate Obama promised to work with world leaders to restore the respect that George Bush had destroyed. Once in office Obama embarked on a mission to insult our allies, and burn past bridges of many friendly nations. His attempt to make America more acceptant of Muslim nations has been largely unsuccessful.

Obama’s open door policy to protect our country against foreign invaders has been non-existent, and his policy of open enrollment to social programs for illegal aliens has been expanded. He has even taken the side of Mexico in the lawsuit against the State of Arizona. He approved a sting operation to arm Mexican drug cartels that eventually ended in the death of an American Border Patrol officer with one of those guns.

Violations of the Constitution are many and often, the latest being the lack of consultation of congress to install a no-fly zone over Libya on just the UN’s approval.

Obama will do what he does best in the next two years and that is campaign, we can not ignore his ability to do that well, nor can we merely sit complacently and watch. The only way to remove this President is to call him out on his record, something we couldn’t do in 2007.

The actions of the last two years can no longer be placed on the shoulders of a past president, President Obama will sink or swim based on what the people think his involvement was, and it is our job to show them the light.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Two Day Break

My Two Day Break
Al Ritter

The last two days when I should have been writing, instead I have been enjoying myself. Writing about politics and specifically Obama is a sobering experience that can overpower even the strongest anti-depressant. Never in my life have I been so concerned about a president than I am now.

For the last two years every day I awaken to yet something else President Obama has done that infringes just a little more on my personal freedom. He has invented major problems where only minor ones existed, has contributed to the financial meltdown, and been a contributing factor in rising unemployment. He has invented new words in an attempt to describe old problems that never seem to get fixed. He has played “bait and switch” with problems and sleight of hand with others. He makes you believe he is concerned with one problem, and under cloak of darkness passes legislation or an executive order to remove yet another one of your freedoms.

Barack Obama is driven by a One World Order, which explains why he waited for a UN directive rather than a Congressional approval before installing a no-fly zone over Libya. Obviously he feels that the UN directive is more important than the legislative body that he supposedly works with hand in hand. Obama has blurred the lines between the 3 branches of government more than any President since FDR. His heavy handed style of micromanagement has infuriated even his closest allies on the hill. He has circumvented the court systems in the auto maker’s bailout by deciding personally the terms of stock distributions to favor union pensions rather than the rule of bankruptcy laws.

Obama has used the DOJ to personally pick and choose which laws to enforce and which one to ignore, which has had the effect of showing favoritism toward specific groups. The president has supported a foreign country against our own in our court system, while he has approved a covert operation to supply weapons to the drug cartels of that same country that ultimately caused the death of one of our Border Patrol Agents.

The president refuses to acknowledge the threat that radical Islamic poses, despite proof to the contrary. His open border policies have made our country more susceptible to personal danger for our citizens. His constant violations of the Constitution of the United States have left us weak and open to socialism.

In his inauguration Obama promised to uphold the Constitution, and to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those violations alone should demand his removal from office, when will our people say “enough is enough?”

Barack Obama has done what he promised in his campaign, he has begun to “fundamentally transform America,” but the question remains…………In whose image?