Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Two Day Break

My Two Day Break
Al Ritter

The last two days when I should have been writing, instead I have been enjoying myself. Writing about politics and specifically Obama is a sobering experience that can overpower even the strongest anti-depressant. Never in my life have I been so concerned about a president than I am now.

For the last two years every day I awaken to yet something else President Obama has done that infringes just a little more on my personal freedom. He has invented major problems where only minor ones existed, has contributed to the financial meltdown, and been a contributing factor in rising unemployment. He has invented new words in an attempt to describe old problems that never seem to get fixed. He has played “bait and switch” with problems and sleight of hand with others. He makes you believe he is concerned with one problem, and under cloak of darkness passes legislation or an executive order to remove yet another one of your freedoms.

Barack Obama is driven by a One World Order, which explains why he waited for a UN directive rather than a Congressional approval before installing a no-fly zone over Libya. Obviously he feels that the UN directive is more important than the legislative body that he supposedly works with hand in hand. Obama has blurred the lines between the 3 branches of government more than any President since FDR. His heavy handed style of micromanagement has infuriated even his closest allies on the hill. He has circumvented the court systems in the auto maker’s bailout by deciding personally the terms of stock distributions to favor union pensions rather than the rule of bankruptcy laws.

Obama has used the DOJ to personally pick and choose which laws to enforce and which one to ignore, which has had the effect of showing favoritism toward specific groups. The president has supported a foreign country against our own in our court system, while he has approved a covert operation to supply weapons to the drug cartels of that same country that ultimately caused the death of one of our Border Patrol Agents.

The president refuses to acknowledge the threat that radical Islamic poses, despite proof to the contrary. His open border policies have made our country more susceptible to personal danger for our citizens. His constant violations of the Constitution of the United States have left us weak and open to socialism.

In his inauguration Obama promised to uphold the Constitution, and to protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those violations alone should demand his removal from office, when will our people say “enough is enough?”

Barack Obama has done what he promised in his campaign, he has begun to “fundamentally transform America,” but the question remains…………In whose image?


barb p said...

Very well said Al, and very scary...

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On the plus side, he is a very good reader.