Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year's Resolution!

My New Year’s Resolution !
Al Ritter

I have watched patiently as the Obama Administration and Congress have ignored, and trampled our Constitution. I have written articles exposing those very actions. I have been as politically correct and as racially sensitive as I can, for fear of being labeled a racist, or divisive while I have watched the targets of my articles not do the same. I have sat and listened to politicians extol the virtues of a bill, when they in fact have not even read the said bill, and have admitted such. I have read replies to emails I have sent to my representatives that thank me very much for writing but explain they will be voting contrary to my wishes. I have watched as 7 of my close friends have lost their jobs in the last 6 months. I have seen an additional group of 9 of my friends reach “retirement age,” only to continue working because their 401K has tanked and they have very little left.

I have watched as President Obama has carefully selected his words about terrorist attacks, labeling them neither Muslim, nor terrorists, for fear of offending the Muslim world. I have watched as the Congress has gutted the military actions in Afghanistan, removing funds for the ground war to fund pork barrel projects back home. I have watched as the Administration has circumvented the court system, inserting executive power into criminal proceedings (black panthers release,) and into bankruptcy proceedings (auto makers, GM and Chrysler,) to pay off union interests before guaranteed investors first. I have watched as Obama’s Aunt stays in a country that court rulings have expelled her from twice before, and yet she stays in Boston, in government paid for housing.

I have watched as Obama has apologized to practically every country abroad, for his perceived poor treatment by America. The very same countries we either defeated in war or liberated in war. I have watched as Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian Nation. I have watched as the White House has set up websites to combat lies and fallacies by their detractors, only to spread as many, if not more lies of their own under the label of “truth.” I have watched as doctors, executives, and targets of the Administration have their salaries limited, but Union Bosses, and those friendly to the administration have had no such restraints.

I have watched as so called non-profit organizations have in fact profited from government monies, and whose motives are so blatantly obvious and left leaning, but nothing is done, no investigations, nothing. I watch in amazement as cabinet members were appointed most all with IRS outstanding debt. Amazing how the appointments had an effect on restitution, but none included penalties or interest. I watched as 75 lawyers now control the White House, the largest number ever. I have watched as the lack of sophistication in the President and his wife has embarrassed this country and its citizens, by ignoring any and all protocol.

I watch as Obama speaks of nuclear disarmament of our country, but watches as the former USSR ratchets up their program under the silent president Putin. I watch as Obama speaks of UN sanctions against North Korea and Iran as if they really mean something, more stunning still is his belief that they do! I watch as printing presses have been running off money 24/7 since the inauguration. I watch as the Congress spends money at “an unprecedented rate” (popular wording for Obama.) I watch as David Axelrod takes really objectionable programs and actions and rewords them to somehow make them more palatable, and eventually acceptable. I watch as our President referred to an officer’s actions as “acted stupidly,” when he hadn’t even heard the particulars of the arrest, but then later warned us not to “jump to conclusions” about the Fort Hood shootings by a Muslim officer.
I have watched as leaders of certain countries follow a path of world governance by the most corrupt officials in the world, the United Nations. I watch as the leader of the IPCC and Al Gore gave speeches in Copenhagen still pushing global warming when there isn’t any and hasn’t been for the last 10 years. Those same two people had voices at the meeting, even with their conflicts of interests of being involved in carbon credit sales, while credible peer-reviewed scientists who disagreed were left out of the discussions.

I watch as we fight a war with an enemy that has left Afghanistan, migrated to Pakistan and now as we find into Yemen. We are fighting an ideology not a country, and yet our President wants to merely make friends. I watch as the Gitmo detainees are either tried in US courts or returned to the very countries and battlefields where we found them in the first place. I watch as members of our Special Ops forces are court-martialed for bloodying the lip of a combatant charged with publicly hanging members of our armed forces from a bridge. Police actions have never historically worked…….Korean War and Vietnam.

I am damn tired of standing idly by while citizens of our own country seek to change us into something we were never intended to be. We are a sovereign country formed and designed to stay that way. We believe in things differently than the EU, we always have. We escaped the tyrannical government of England to achieve freedom. The majority of this country doesn’t want to return to that, and to those of you who want this change, please by all means go to a country in Europe that believe in this social welfare system, there are many to choose from! Leave our country to the very principles we were formed on…………most of us believe that!

In essence my New Year’s resolution will be that of revolution, to not be as PC as I once was, to boldly point out the differences, and to attack a proper label where it’s needed.

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Year's End 2009

Year’s End 2009
Kevin Bryant

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and for all those atheist out there, quit sponging time off work for religious celebrations created by actual believers of a higher power and get your butts back to work.

2009 will forever be known to me as the year I most wanted to stick ice picks in my eyes so I would not be able to see the world around me. Seems like every communist, socialist, fascist, one world government manifesto was pulled out of the closet and put into action this past year. Individualism and personal responsibility hasn’t died but it certainly has gone underground, waiting and praying for a chance to return.

2007 through 2009 and still going will be known as the Blame Bush Era. It doesn’t matter that liberals were in charge of the congress, it’s still all Bush’s fault for everything. Granted, I was not impressed with Bush’s last 4 years in office. Remember, it’s patriotic to disagree with your president so long as he is a republican. I thought he did not put enough troops into Iraq which caused and lead for the need for the surge. I felt he let Afghanistan slip away. I believe that he tried too much to coddle favor with the democrat controlled congress. Appointing Paulson and Bernanke were outrageous mistakes and TARP was a disaster before he ever signed it.

Nothing that happened during Bush’s time in office though compares to the disaster of 2009. If Healthcare and Cap & Trade pass next year, 2010 will be ever a more disastrous year than 2009. If they pass, 2010 will be the year the American economy died by the hand of government.

I heard this past weekend this comment made in support of healthcare reform. “The numbers may be low but only 28% supported social security when it became law and 96% of Americans are glad to have it now” or something like that. The comment was made by Amy Klobucher (D) Minnesota. If I had every dime I had to give to the government for social security and invested it myself, my return would be 6 times the return I get from the government and I would not have to worry about having to pay taxes on the principal as is required with SS. The only reason people are glad it is there now is that we hope we live long enough to get our own money back.

2009 has been the worst partisan political year I have ever known. Instead of looking at the coming year with hope, I look towards 2010 with dread.

Side Note: Kevin’s Personal Challenge

I did not receive a single comment stating anything good about the Congress or the Administration for 2009.

A post by Brian did partially qualify as a positive for the administration.
Here is his quote: “Something positive: This administration is resurrecting the conservation movement. If it were not for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan would never have gotten elected President”.

Brian, I would love to give you full credit for your comment as I do agree with it whole heartedly, but I posted a similar comment to one of Al’s articles back sometime around May of this year. Plus, I have heard the same comment made by my favorite local radio talk radio show host Chris Stigall and also heard the same comment made on the Sean Hannity radio show.

In closing:

As 2009 comes to an end, again let us all give thanks for and offer our prayers to the United States Military and their families as well as the families of those fallen heroes that have died in the service of this great nation. So long as they remain in our hearts, they shall never be forgotten and their sacrifices shall never be taken for granted.

May we also remember to give thanks and show our appreciation to those who wear the uniforms of our various fire and police departments who risk life and limb for us here at home.

May God forever watch over us and keep us all safe.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doctors leaving their practices

Doctors leaving their practices
Al Ritter

Yesterday a group of cardiologists filed a law suit against the Obama Administration for a new law that takes effect as of January 1st, reducing the Medicare payments for nuclear imaging to patients over 65 years old, by 40%!

It hasn’t been pathetic enough that doctors have had their pay reduced 40 % over the last 4 yrs for fraudulently holding back pay increases, now they want to decrease doctor’s pay even more. Doctors accepting Medicare have had to endure a price freeze by government for the last 4 years, while listening to Obama demand that in the future they go to digital record keeping, and not being promised one dime in the exchange.

In Maryland we endured an administration that falsely froze the prices on the power industry (BGE) to a level that couldn’t be sustained. Instead of incremental increases, we were blasted after the price freeze was dropped to 80 to 100% increases.

The Obama Administration thinks the same naïve principles can be applied to Healthcare by not only continuing this price freeze, but extending it to nuclear imaging. Only an idiot could possibly deny that this is the beginning of healthcare rationing. They have started the reduction of Medicare services without even so much as passing the Healthcare reform bill, what can possibly happen after the bill passes? Rep Alan Grayson, a New York carpet bagger who represents a district in Florida, accused the Republicans of wanting the elderly to die rather than to receive services, but it is HIS party that is presently involved in reducing services to the elderly by limiting radiology services.

I have had my general practitioner for 25 years, and had established a good relationship with him, but due to the looming healthcare reform, he has basically given up. He sent me a letter this fall explaining that with the present healthcare situation he will no longer accept ANY forms of insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Instead he will only offer the first 350 patients a concierge service. For a flat fee he will offer his services in an unlimited amount for one year. This may be a great idea for the upper crust, but for a patient that only sees his doctor 2 to 3 times a year; the fee is above what I would normally spend.

My doctor has included the baby in the bath water as far as my services require, as I can’t afford the doctor’s annual fee plus the regular insurance I would require for hospitalization and other services. I feel as a patient, as if I’m being punished for what the government wants to do. My doctor has included my insurance company in the very group that has reduced his pay for the past 4 years, when his anger should be aimed exclusively at the government. Doctors as a whole might be taken more seriously if they boycotted Medicare and Medicaid entirely. If no doctors took the government reduced rates the outrage would overpower Congress who refuses to pay doctors annual increases.

I beg the doctors not to punish the people who pay them, but to punish the people who refuse to give them incremental increases. Insurance companies have never refused them increases, only the government has. The healthcare reform’s plan is to withhold inflationary increases, not for basic reform, nothing to hold prices down in the future. What effect will low prices have if there is nobody left to treat the elderly?

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Monday, December 28, 2009

How did a bomber slip onto a plane to Detroit?

How did a bomber slip onto a plane to Detroit?
Al Ritter

How did the Detroit Air Bomber slip through security? There are many reasons Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab slipped onto a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Eve, but thank goodness, it seems that none were effective in detonating the explosive.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a child from the upper class in Nigeria, who never wanted for anything, became estranged from his father a few years ago. His father was so worried about his new radical leanings he warned officials, but the warning never placed him on a “no fly list,” and this was the first mistake.

The second mistake was made in Amsterdam, and although they followed the letter of the law as to screening, that level was inadequate to find the type of explosives used in the attempted bombing. PETN is commonly used by terrorists as it is easy to hide, stabile to transport, and easy to detonate. The problem was that Amsterdam had no such airport "puffer" machines, the devices that blow air onto a passenger to collect and analyze residues, would probably have detected the powder, as would bomb-sniffing dogs or a hands-on search using a swab, but unfortunately none were used.

Janet Napolitano has offered two different messages so far as to the attempted bombing, first she blamed (past procedures)…….big surprise there! Then she claimed that those same procedures had actually done their job. It’s hard to understand how the procedures actually had done their job when the bomber was ON the flight, had brought on explosives, and had attempted to ignite them.

We should be learning from this incident, but stonewalling by the administration to prevent specifics from reaching Congressional Security committees is hardly the way to handle it. Liberals tend to shy away from the actions of “profiling,” but only in certain instances. The FBI has a specific division that they use to “profile” certain types of criminals. This division has had unquestionable success, and yet liberals only see certain types of profiling as acceptable. Profiling is profiling, it has no politically correct objective, and it merely classifies certain types of people as being typical of committing a crime. If that crime happens to be one of a religious nature, or classifies a certain racial type, the left sees that as inappropriate.

Unfortunately these are the very things we should be paying attention to, these profiles define our safety, and they are part of the security of our country. Political correctness should NEVER be substituted for our safety, especially after ignoring the warning from the child’s father.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Acorn refunded by the Administration

Acorn refunded by the Administration
Al Ritter

Just when you thought the government had finally been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, feeding hard earned taxpayer dollars to Acorn, and the multiple films from the brave filmmakers, and caught them in the act of many illicit and illegal acts.

A lawsuit filed by ACORN, and filed by Bill Quigley, legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights (a group "committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change"), and heard by a liberal appointee U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon of the Clinton Administration, tossed out the law, ruling that the organization was being punished "in the absence of any judicial, or even administrative, process adjudicating guilt."

Actions by the IRS, the Census Bureau, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development may legally ALL be rescinded now in the absence of ANY legal actions against the organization by the Obama Administration.

Rep. Bachmann had reported last month, before the court’s finding that the Administration had merely cut funding for one month until the firestorm had blown over, and that full funding had resumed as of November 1, 2009.

It is almost certain that no investigation or prosecution for that matter will materialize during Obama’s term, as it has been proven before; he had many ties to the illicit non-profit Organization.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Cry For Me, America

Don't Cry For Me, America

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Automated toilets? A new way to flush money!

Automated toilets? A new way to flush money!

I was watching the Travel Channel the other night, and I ran across something that not only made me break out laughing, but made me shake my head in disgust. The whole show was about elaborate toilets in different areas of the world.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that in Rep, Nancy Pelosi’s showcase town of San Francisco, they have automated toilets…..not just one or five, but 25 automated, talking, self cleaning toilets. Talking?.....YES! The toilet is so bizarre that you need personal instructions to use it!

Step by step instructions follow so you don’t lose you train of thought. Now being in California the land of droughts, you would think these toilets would be ecologically friendly, but you would be wrong! After each use the toilet unit self sanitizes, (washes the bowl and floor.) I couldn’t stop laughing at this insanity, especially after finding out that Seattle, WA is removing the few automated toilets that they have, because of technical difficulties and degenerate drug users.

These California toilets are cost efficient right? I suppose it depends on your definition of efficient. San Francisco, Nancy’s home district has 25 of these monstrosities at the cost of quarter of a million each. $250 thousand you say?.......Yup, $250K EACH!.......and they use far more water than the typical toilet, not exactly ecologically friendly on the water usage standpoint! No wonder Ahhhhhhhhhhnolds’ state is handing out IOU’s rather than checks. Nice going Nancy, and nice going Arnold you RINO!

Let’s take a look at the waste! Not that waste………

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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Old Neighborhood

The Old Neighborhood
Kevin Bryant

I open my eyes and see the sun but where I am, I do not know.
It looks like the place of my youth but that was long ago

The house I grew up in is just down the road
But everything is different now that I’m old

Yes, this must be the place that I had so much fun
There is the park where we would play in the sun

We would be there all day till the streetlights came on
But now I see no children, where have they gone

Throughout the neighborhood, I’d roam every day
But now all that is left is rot and decay

This was a great place, full of family and friends
Now it’s abandoned, how did it come to such ends?

We need social justice; we need more money to spend
We’re from the government, we are your friend

These are the words the politicians said
But this makes no sense; we are already in the red

But government didn’t care, they got their tax hikes
To pay the new tax, kids got no new bikes

They took over Wall Street, they took over banks
They took more of our money without even thanks

Climate change is coming, the politicians all cried
So they taxed carbon too and our bank accounts died

People shouted: “They can’t do this to us; it’s not in our constitution”
But government didn’t care, they got their socialist solution

Businesses closed their doors after the factories shut down
Government killed the economy, they killed my hometown

People stood in bread lines because no jobs could be had
Never before had I seen it this bad.

The people lost their homes their hopes ands their dreams
While government ignored their shouts and their screams

When will it end, this government greed
We are now government slaves, will we ever be freed

I’m one of the lucky ones by God’s good grace
For I am no longer a member of the human race

God saved me from a life of misery and despair
He allowed me to die, Thank You Obamacare

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies

Why the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies
Al Ritter

Citizens of the United States whose families have been here for many generations see things differently than the first generation children of parents who have seen oppressive regimes. I speak about Barack Obama’s father who viewed the world in a light very much unlike the rest of Americans view the very same system.

A very interesting article written by a Nigerian journalist explains a world view that we could never imagine in a million years. A deep seeded hatred of all things, including culture that was forced on them from Colonial Europe, seems to be the underlying problem. The ironic part in all this is that now Barack Obama’s son is seeking to mold Americans to the very ideals of Europe. Barack Jr. sees America as no more important as a small European country in the overall world scene. He sees the United Nations as a replacement of sorts to our Constitution, and Judicial system.

Handing money to the UN under the Copenhagen Agreement to help “emerging economies,” leaves no room to withhold money from “rogue” dictatorships. How would you feel about your taxes going to Dictatorships such as North Korea, or Iran who have purposely withheld money from their own citizens to fund their own military machines? If they falsely claim themselves as a country emerging from monetary shortfalls, who will be the deciding body to accept or deny money?

President Obama not only wants the poorer nations of the world to be lifted from despair on the backs of industrialized nations, but his policies will cause the wealthier nations to be made poorer in an effort to make us all equal.

President Obama has now placed one fifth of America on welfare, leaving the “wealthy” to pay for the “sins” of not only our country but under the Copenhagen Agreement, reparations for pollution of the world by industrialized nations. Is it fair to tax wealthy nations while ignoring the ongoing pollution from the poorer countries?

The majority of Americans (even in liberal polls now) aren’t buying into the guilt that Obama is selling. Is it not bad enough that the world always seems to look to America to be the policeman of the world? Is it not clear to Americans that even our poor (ones who don’t pay any taxes), don’t want their benefits in the form of cash flowing out of their hands to people in other countries? Is it a surprise to see other countries, with out stretched hands wanting a piece of the “wealth of America?” President Obama hasn’t been exactly a spend thrift has he?

If the Administration’s policies are seen by the public as pooring down our economy to richen someone else’s, is it any wonder the citizens are turning against him? When you are handing out money, there will NEVER be a shortage of hands to take it!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Number of IPCC contributing scientists in question

Number of IPCC contributing scientists in question
Al Ritter

As is typical with the man-made global warming promoters, they have once again reiterated a falsehood already publicly debunked. In much the same way Gore constantly beats his drum about the “hockey stick” theory, by one of the IPCC contributors, Dr Michael Mann, the number of writers in the IPCC annual reports, has never been accurately portrayed.

The number claimed by the global warming supporters of scientists involved with the UN annual reports is always in the neighborhood of 5000. A peer review written paper has refuted that number, as have many scientists, whose dissenting opinions have found their work on the editing room floor.

The global warming crowd has promoted this figure for one purpose and one purpose alone. When they make a claim that over 5000 scientists would have to be “in on a conspiracy,” it somehow makes their claims look more believable than to say, only 52-60 scientists would have to be in on a conspiracy. It’s certainly believable to think that only 52-60 scientists have conspired to alter the wealth system of the world, through the guise of global warming.

In a statement at Copenhagen this week, the global warming crowd once again used this well overinflated number to describe the “consensus,” which is far from the truth.
Marc Morano from the largest website that refutes the man-made global warming claims,, has demanded a retraction of this statement saying, “Your idea that [there are] 5000 UN scientists – you need to apologize and retract that immediately. A frustrated Professor Mark Maslin of the University College London, who teaches Geography, and sits on the board as executive director of Carbon Auditors Ltd, which deals in carbon credits, claimed that “every single intelligent person” listens to UN scientists and accepts that man-made global warming is a serious problem.

This is but one more futile attempt to justify the rapidly waning public support for a global agreement or an internal Cap and Trade bill in the United States. Merely repeating false numbers, fraudulent data, and defective data models doesn’t make those numbers any more believable. With the exposure of the CRU emails, we now have an inside view of the purely political world of man-made global warming, as promoted by dishonest “scientists.”

Additional links on the falsehoods of the man-made global warming crowd. Marc Morano's Climate depot

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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Personal Challenge

A Personal Challenge
Kevin Bryant

My wife made a statement to me about a week or so ago. She stated that I never write anything positive and you know what, she is right.

I have sat here in front of this computer for more than a week now and tried to find positive things to write about.

Our Military: God love these people, watch over them and protect them as only you can. This administration could really care less about them. General McCrystal asked for 60,000 troops to accomplish his mission in Afghanistan and he got only half. To justify only giving him half of what he asked for, the administration changed his orders from eliminating the Taliban to building relations with the various leaders throughout the country so that they will turn on those they support and convert to the idea of peace and democracy throughout the region. With that type of a mission, it will only be a matter of time before the administration declares that the phony benchmarks they have set for cooperation will be declared non-obtainable and the administration can once and for all proceed with pulling our troops out of there, making our soldiers, sailors and airmen looking like complete failures, defeated and disgraced, and at the same time appeasing the progressive political base.

Then of course we have the three Navy Seals charged with using excessive force on a known and documented terrorist. If I had killed, burned and mutilated bodies and hung them from a bridge for all to witness, I would expect my captures to beat the ever loving crap out of me, disable me in a permanent fashion and make me one level above a human vegetable. These brave young men are having their careers ruined by this administration for forcing the military to press the trumped up charge of one seal hitting this dirt bag in the stomach and the other two trying to cover it up. The Al’qaeda handbook states clearly that all who are captured are to report about done to them at the hands of their captures. The Navy is giving them a court martial; I would have given them a Navy Commendation Medal if they actually did torture him.

Other than to continue to openly voice my support for our brave men and women in uniform, there really isn’t much there to be positive about.

Our Congress: Pathetic to say the least. The country didn’t want Gitmo closed. The President closed it with an executive order and congress did nothing but stand there with their hands in their pockets and their mouths closed even though a majority of Americans wanted it left open. The Stimulus Bill, the Omnibus Bill, again an vast majority of Americans wanted these dead upon arrival in congress but instead of working to defeat these outright, they debated a couple of amendments and allowed these items to pass. They are doing the same now with Healthcare and Cap & Tax. Americans do not want these, need these or can afford these but again, instead of killing and burying them, they are debating silly amendments that will do nothing in the long run to stop these bills from fulfilling their original intent. Other than Michele Bachman of Minnesota and Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, I wouldn’t give dime for all the other 533 members of congress combined.

Reps Blackburn and Bachman, keep up the good work and continue fighting for what is right and good for America.

The Administration: With the exception of then President Elect Obama making the statement: “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”, we have yet to hear a single word of truth from them. If Bill Clinton can be brought up on charges for lying because he denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, then this entire administration should be brought up on charges for they have lied to everyone including each other, stolen from the treasury which means they have stolen from the people, made deals with labor unions and other businesses to further raid the treasury and supported criminal actions of individuals and organizations like SEIU, the Apollo Group, the Tides Foundation and ACORN and their members and leaders. Social Justice; kick all their asses out of office in disgrace. That would be social justice.

Nope, nothing to report on about the administration that could be seen as positive.

I challenge anyone and everyone to give me something about this current congress and administration that is positive in nature. My email address is at the top of Al’s page. Title it: Something Positive, and so long as you do not send attachments, I will open it. Find something, anything and not only will I retract my own statements, I will give you kudos in writing for all to read on Al’s page for proving me wrong. I would like to have your comments and findings in enough time for me to write a response and Al post it as my last post of the year.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harry Reid likens Healthcare protesters to people who supported slavery

Harry Reid likens Healthcare protesters to people who supported slavery
Al Ritter

This has to be not only the most contentious comment ever made in the Senate, but also the most false. I’m not exactly sure what Harry Reid wanted to accomplish with this falsehood, but his knowledge of history is sorely lacking.

I can’t help but to liken his comment to someone who would make the very comparison of the Tea Party participants to followers of Hitler. Yes Nancy Pelosi, I am talking about YOU. They stop at nothing to promote falsehoods about parties other than theirs. The group that Nancy Pelosi talked about showing swastikas and Obama with a Hitler style mustache is actually the Lyndon Larouche followers, a LEFT WING fringe of the liberal party! Yet she spewed her hatred, and cried a few crocodile tears of fake fear.

Today Senator Harry Reid likened the Healthcare Reform protestors to the same people who supported slavery! I was dumbfounded! His comments were as misplaced as Pelosi’s. The following came from the National Black Republican Caucus this summer as they demanded an apology from the Democrats for the actions of slavery and their inaction, and in some cases, actively supporting slavery.

“The fact that Republicans today are not racists is explained clearly in the article “The Myth of the Racist Republicans” by Gerard Alexander that is posted on the Claremont Institute’s website at:

Democrats generate false charges of racism in the Republican Party in order to keep blacks from voting for Republicans by conjuring up such names as Trent Lott, Willie Horton, David Duke, Lee Atwater, and Hurricane Katrina, as well as racially explosive words such as “black voter suppression” and the Confederate flag. Democrats also make the bogus assertion that the Republican Party is “the party of the rich”. When one charge is refuted, Democrats move on to the next one. The truth does not matter.

Trent Lott - Democrats denounced Senator Trent Lott for his remarks about Senator Strom Thurmond. However, there was silence when Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd praised Senator Byrd, a former official in the Ku Klux Klan, as someone who would have been "a great senator for any moment.” Senator Thurmond was never in the Ku Klux Klan and, after he became a Republican, Thurmond defended blacks against lynching and the discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats.

Willie Horton - When castigating Republicans about the Willie Horton ad, Democrats ignore the fact that it was former Vice President Al Gore who first brought up Willie Horton’s name against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis during the 1998 primary election because, after Dukakis released convicted murderer Willie Horton from prison on a weekend furlough, Horton raped a woman and stabbed her husband.

In the general election, former President George H. W. Bush followed the example of Al Gore and used the name of Willie Horton against Dukakis who was the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Today, Democrats condemn G.H.W. Bush about Willie Horton, but hypocritically give Gore a pass.

David Duke and Robert Byrd - It is also hypocritical and disingenuous for Democrats to point a finger at extremist David Duke who has not been embraced by the Republican Party, while remaining silent about the fact that former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd is still being embraced by the Democratic Party.
Byrd who was a fierce opponent of desegregating the military complained in one letter: “I would rather die a thousand times and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen of the wilds”.

In the early 1970's, Byrd pushed to have the Senate's main office building named after a former "Dixiecrat”, Democrat Senator Richard Russell who was Byrd's mentor and leading opponent of ant-lynching legislation. In 2001 Byrd was forced to apologize for using the "N-word" on television. While an Illinois Senator, President Barack Obama wrote a letter of support for Byrd that helped that racist win re-election.

Lee Atwater - The quest by Democrats to continuously paint the Republican Party as a racist party knows no bound. Democrats are shamefully sullying the memory of Lee Atwater by falsely accusing him of using the “N-Word” in 1981, ten years before he died of a brain tumor on March 30, 1991 at age 40. Atwater was a tough political strategist who beat the Democrats in the political area, but he was not a racist.

Note that the charge that Atwater uttered a racist statement using the “N-word” was made by a liberal Professor Alexander P. Lamis, a native of South Carolina, who had worked as a research assistant at the liberal Brookings Institution before joining the Case Western Reserve University faculty in 1988.

Professor Lamis claimed that Artwater made a racist statement in 1981, 18 years before Lamis wrote his book in 1999 (which was written 8 years after Atwater died in 1991) about politics in the 1990s. The title of Lamis’ book is Southern Politics in the 1990s. If Atwater had made such an explosive, racist remark, why did Lamis not report that to the media in 1981 (or at any time during the 10 years before Atwater died) in order to destroy Atwater as a political strategist?

In Atwater’s obituary written by Michael Oreskes that was published in “The New York Times” the morning Atwater died, Oreskes made an effort to trash Atwater even before his body had cooled, using every negative thing ever written or said about Atwater. Yet, Oreskes never once mentioned any statement made by Atwater in 1981 where he used the “N-word” as claimed by Lamis. The mean-spirited obituary about Lee Atwater that was published in ”The New York Times” on March 30, 1991 can be found on the Internet at:,%20Michael

So Harry, you are not only wrong, you are a cheap sensationalist!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, there ya go again Joe!

Vice President Joe Biden, known for his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, when he was the Senator of Delaware, displayed yet another idiotic gaffe while being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. He declared that the country of Afghanistan was a country of nuclear weapons!? Huh? Joe there you go again, only opening your mouth to change feet. Diane gave him a pass on this, never questioning his position, that Afghanistan has nuclear weapons and not Pakistan, the actual country that does! Funny how Dan Quayle was crucified for the spelling of potato………..*shaking head*

Mission Accomplished?

Mission Accomplished?
Kevin Bryant

After enduring President Obama’s WestPoint speech, I am without a doubt convinced that this nation elected a special needs President who suffers from the worst case of narcissism that I have ever witnessed. I am thoroughly convinced that due to this advanced state of narcissism, he lacks the ability to reason or comprehend with sound mind anything that is not directly related to himself as the primary focal point.

Everything he does is unprecedented according to him in his speeches but other than run though money at a faster rate than all 43 previous presidents combined, his use of the word unprecedented, and appointing more unconfirmed czars than any previous administration, there has not been one thing that he has done with a positive impact that has not been done previously by another who has resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Wait, I’m wrong. There is one thing he has done that is totally unprecedented in the history of the United States. He has declared victory in Afghanistan in July 2011. Yes ladies and gentlemen, President Obama is not only a Banking CEO, an Auto Industry CEO, a Health Care expert, a Climatologist and Global Warming expert, an accomplished author, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a Constitutional Law Professor and the second coming of the Messiah all rolled into one, he now can add the greatest clairvoyant ever to walk the plant as well as possessing the greatest military mind ever and being the greatest military commander never to command troops in combat to his resume. He can see into the future and with unprecedented accuracy and ability, can precisely and factually state that victory will be achieved and he will have his Mission Accomplished in July 2011.

2011…….2011…..why does that year ring a bell…..I know why, that is the same year that most of the stimulus package money is to be released and though President Obama’s clairvoyance, he will save us from the unprecedented worst economic disaster this country has ever faced. This is also the year that his unprecedented health care overhaul starts collecting taxes so that it can be implemented in 2016 that he claims will be deficit neutral. Perhaps we should add Master Story Teller and Fabricator to his growing unprecedented list of accomplishments and his unprecedented resume.

2011 is also the year that his presidential rivals come out of the woodwork and start campaigning towards the 2012 elections. Pelosi, Obama and Reid (these are in order of most powerful) have already sacrificed the democrat incumbents for the 2010 elections to set their agenda in motion. Banking on the fact that history shows that Americans by nature have a short retention span when it comes to the world of politics, they will make up for losses in 2010 in 2012 and retain the White House and Congress through 2016 thanks to our self promoted Messiah’s ability to grow the economy, win wars, reduce green house gasses and oversee government healthcare. Never mind that projected 16 TRILLION dollar debt and estimated 18% tax increase that we will see if all of his agenda is accomplished by 2012. He’s the Messiah, the chosen one, how could anyone other than hate mongering racist vote against his in 2012.

The U.S. is committing 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and the rest of the world is committing 5,000. During the Bush 43 years, this was called unilateralism and condemned by the left and the press. Now it is being hailed as a major milestone in world relations. If Bush 43 had given that speech and declared Mission Accomplished 19 months prematurely, the press would be all over him for it, but because it was given by this President, it will go down in history as one of the greatest speeches in history.

Why hasn’t the press reported that General McCrystal actually asked for 60,000 U.S. troops with a bare minimum of 40,000 to complete the mission he was hand chosen to lead? Has anyone heard the press mention that he only gave him half of what he actually wanted? 5,000 additional troops from multiple nations don’t help a thing. All it will do is add to the confusion that this administration has burdened the military with. Abraham Lincoln is probably spinning in his grave madder than hell and embarrassed beyond all belief because Obama had the audacity to compare himself to Lincoln several months back. Lincoln was arguably the greatest of all our wartime presidents and to date, Obama is the worst wartime president to sit in the oval office.

Friday, December 4, 2009

10 Hours in a Waiting Room

10 Hours in a Waiting Room
Kevin Bryant

I was at the hospital over Thanksgiving weekend for the birth of my first grandchild. While in the waiting room, I witnessed a few parental behavioral things that were disturbing to me personally but seem to be pretty common in mainstream America today. The behaviors I witnessed will have a lasting effect on the children & parents involved and not one thing good will come from them.

First was a gathering of 6 or 7 family members huddled together in one section of the waiting room. All were adults but for one small boy who was around 3 years old. This child was a wholly terror. Not only was he running around the room yelling his head off and throwing books and toys around the room, he even had the gall to go up to complete strangers and take their chips, sodas and even went for my cup of coffee. My response was a loud enough to be heard by all, but not too loud “I don’t think so”. It was quite obvious that the mother was stressed out beyond all belief but due to an earlier event, I understand why she did not snatch up the child and bust his rear end.

When I first walked into the waiting room, I witnessed this demon child getting into everything as his mother did her best to keep him under control. About 5 minutes after my arrival, a man walked in and just stood at the doorway for what I guess was about 20 seconds staring at this mom trying her best to control the little spawn from hell and he walks over, yanks the little brat from his mother’s hands and proceeds to reprimand the mother in front of everyone for mistreating HIS son and told her to sit down not to touch him again. His son then went over and slapped his mother, stuck his tongue out at her and started prancing around like “ha ha nothing you can do about it” and the father witnessed it and did nothing. In fact no one in the group said or did anything about it. As he picked his son up and put him on his lap asking him if mommy had mistreated him, I had enough so I got up to go for a walk and on my way out the door I said to no one in particular, my dad would have beat my _____ had I ever treated my mother that way. Way to go DAD, you are doing a wonderful job of teaching your son how to abuse women and have no respect for anyone. I’m sure he’ll fit in just fine in prison when he grows up.

A few hours later I am back in the waiting room and this Hispanic mom and her little girl are in the room. She’s talking to this nice older lady about her being there for her sister to give birth to her first son while this lady was waiting on her great granddaughter to be born. The Hispanic woman can speak English with hardly an accent at all. When she gets done with her conversation, she starts talking to her own about 5 year old daughter in Spanish. For the 20 or so minutes they are in the waiting room, the woman never speaks a single word of English to her own child. Makes you wonder just how hard it is going to be for this child to grow up in an English speaking country and succeed doesn’t it. This is the reason classes in some states are taught solely in Spanish and why we have to press #1 for English.

Thank you God for not making me a witness to the last one but for a couple of minutes. I was on the elevator with a couple of the guys from hospital security heading back to maternity after having ate my supper. When we stepped off the elevator, we heard what I am guessing was supposed to be hip hop music but I couldn’t get passed the base to understand what it actually was. I follow the security guards to the waiting room to find two 15 – 16 year old teenagers sitting in there with speakers hooked up to a laptop and music blaring out as loud as the computer could make it. The security officers were nice in the way they approached the kids and told them they had received several complaints about their music and asked them to turn it off or put headphones on. One blurts out, “ain’t no rent-a-cop gonna tell what to do” when they nicely asked again only this time they included the words ‘call the police” to their request. Again they got some comment back that I don’t really remember. At that time, one of the security guys got on his radio and stated that they were going to require police assistance. Suddenly the little twits had a change of heart and turned the music off. Words were exchanged in very low tone so I didn’t hear what was said but the two teens vacated the waiting room. I’m guessing these gang banger wanna-bees aren’t going to grow up to be up pillars of the community.

As the security guards were leaving I asked how their day was going and the response I got was probably very truthful: “It’s a typical workday”,

As for my daughter, she gave birth at 9:36 pm to a healthy 7 pound, 2 ounce 19 inches long baby girl named Chloe Louise. I still haven’t gotten a cigar.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

When is a scientist no longer a scientist?

When is a scientist no longer a scientist?
Al Ritter

With the latest “break in” at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Center, some serious questions come to light. Science has never been an exact discipline; it has always been a collection of theories, thoughts, and data. The truly best scientists use the data to present a hypothesis to explain some sort of quirk of nature.

The media savvy left has tried to explain away the exposed emails by saying that people are cherry picking sentences from emails to show the intent in an unfair light. Actually the emails are not only presented in their entirety, they were also shown in a chronological order. The defenders of the global warming crowd including John Holdren, have said that these are merely emails from a few scientists and don’t represent the main body of global warming scientists. True they are but a few scientists, but the University of East Anglia is a clearing house for raw data collected by scientists to promote the position of global warming on an international basis. The raw data figures have been conveniently removed from the archives, so that no comparison can now be done to see which data was fraudulent, and which was accurately recorded. Requests in the past to supply proof of the global warming theory have been denied by the University. These records have been guarded with the utmost security until the “break- in,” when shortly after they were reportedly “destroyed.” When exactly is raw data destroyed from such a far reaching theory that affects people world-wide?

When a scientist willfully changes data to support a personal position, the scientist then becomes nothing more than a politician. The sad part is, when these same “scientists” are the main contributors to the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who does yearly reports based on data they collect, edit, and then present to the United Nations. Of the ones involved in the email debacle, so far three are well known scientists who all contribute to that report, and maybe more will surface as time goes on. To say this tainted data is just a small part of the overall picture is just misleading. It would be like saying that only 3 passengers on a transatlantic flight had the black plague, but you don’t have to worry.

The overall community of scientists should be livid! To all the scientists out there who supply data to other scientists higher on the food chain to formulate theories……….you need to be more selective! Think for one minute about the data collector who barely makes a living doing what he/she loves. They supply these figures to people who alter them……….it makes the whole industry look bad!

The IPCC was formed to support the UN position of global warming, and the email exposures have verified that. The UN pushed by way of the IPCC the Kyoto Protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. Am I mad at this situation? You are damn right I am, these figures have taken money from people’s pockets the world over. If it is proven that even one piece of data was altered and then presented to the UN to support tax increases, I think that scientist should be open to litigation world-wide! It would be my recommendation to dissolve the IPCC, and if need be create a new panel, one with complete transparency that will represent BOTH sides of the debate and not just a political position, but I digress this IS the UN we are talking about…….

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The fraud of Global Warming hasn’t escaped Australia

The fraud of Global Warming hasn’t escaped Australia
Al Ritter

It seems a combination of the computer hacking into the emails and computer modeling at the CRU of the University of East Anglia, and the inconsistencies of the scientists left promoting “global warming,” has affected the final vote on a bill in Australia on cap and trade.

In much the same way the Congress proposed and passed our bill on cap and trade, Australia has defeated the legislation based on the idea that the law doesn’t address pollution only how to tax it.

Lucky for the citizens of Australia, their government has no real party of “power,” allowing fair and balanced impartial voting. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his Minister of Climate Change, Penny Wong, has been handed a resounding defeat. They both wanted passage of this bill before the Copenhagen meeting next week, so they would appear as world leaders in Climate Change.

In a decisive vote of 41-33, the conservatives had first agreed to support the bill but during the nasty debate, dumped their leader and jumped ship to the other side.

Australia is very similar to the United States in that most of their electric generating plants are coal fired, and passage of this bill would have been devastating to all citizens by dramatically increasing their electrical costs.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The now embarrassing subject of global warming

The now embarrassing subject of global warming
Al Ritter

There is one piece of major legislation in Congress right now dealing with global warming. Please understand that in its present form the legislation has NOTHING to do with lowering the gases that are attributed to “man- made” global warming.

Cap and Trade Bill
The Bill H.R. 2454 as introduced as a bill to “To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy,” otherwise known as the Cap and Trade Bill, or the Waxman/ Markey bill. Written by a man who admits he didn’t read it leaving the details to “the scientists who know, aka IPCC.”
To give you an idea of the popularity of this bill it was authored and introduced by Rep. Henry Waxman, and cosponsored by only one Rep Edward Markey. The bill rambles on many pages, and only refers to pollution reduction when it is followed by the fines, punishments, or taxes. The main intent of this bill is to raise tax money based on an unobtainable pollution reduction percentage that has never been obtained by ANY country at any point in time, thus insuring the taxable base.

History of Global Warming Scare
If the original claim of “global warming” has not happened, then the basic premise that global warming is directly tied to CO2 production (as claimed by Al Gore) is devoid of scientific basis. Al Gore’s film "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore gives 9 irrefutable lies about global warming. Unfortunately this never stopped him from pushing his lies. The Nobel Peace Prize winner, whom has no degree in anything science related, is the self appointed head of the global warming scare mongers.

The IPCC and their international credibility

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is the name given to a research, study, and reporting body on climate change that reports yearly to the United Nations. Their title alone decries their purpose “Intergovernmental” is the very first word, not the word scientists, climatologist, nothing that depicts the scientific research. “Intergovernmental” means many governments that have a political agenda. The smaller countries in the UN are all for the Kyoto Protocol which is to expire in 2012, to be replaced by the newly touted Copenhagen Agreement, which will in effect “punish” larger, wealthier countries for their sins of the past. Strangely absent from these talks will be two of the largest polluting countries in the world China, and India, claiming wide spread poverty of emerging nations.

The credibility of the IPCC
Recently the break in of The University of East Anglia, Climate Research Unit has exposed the very individuals (scientists) that report directly to the IPCC, the supposedly non-biased group that reports directly to the UN. Some reports claim that the right wing conspiracy is cherry picking sentences from emails and exposing them as fraud. The emails are exposed for all to see in their entirety and in sequential order to see how they relate to each other. Even Dr. Michael Mann, who was credited for the “hockey stick theory” in Gore’s movie, which was later discredited by many scientists because of his deliberate elimination of the mini cooling era (1850’s) in his data, has been exposed in these emails. The progression shows the intentional conspiracy to alter real data to make it appear as though the temperature was rising when in fact it was decreasing. Cooking the books on the IPCC’s data is nothing new, but until now hasn’t gotten much coverage in the left leaning media, but Dr. Roger Pielke, a highly regarded, peer reviewed, climatologist, reported on it quite some time ago. The dismay of real scientists was largely known by the powers to be as only certain data that didn’t agree with the political agenda was rejected in the final reports to the UN.

The one responsible for exposing the fraud
In much the same way the “prostitution” videos exposed the corruption of ACORN, the global warming deniers have a new hero, David Holland, who describes himself as a David taking on the Goliath that is the prevailing scientific consensus, is seeking prosecutions against some of Britain's most eminent academics for allegedly holding back information in breach of disclosure laws. Mr. Holland, of Northampton, complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) last week after the leaked emails included several Freedom of Information requests he had submitted to the CRU, and scientists' private responses to them. Within hours, a senior complaints officer in the ICO wrote back by email: "I have started to examine the issues that you have raised in your letter and I am currently liaising with colleagues in our Enforcement and Data Protection teams as to what steps to take next."

Mr. Holland, who graduated with an external degree in electrical engineering from London University in 1966 before going on to run his own businesses, told The Sunday Telegraph: "It's like David versus Goliath. Thanks to these leaked emails a lot of little people can begin to make some impact on this monolithic entity that is the climate change lobby." He added: "These guys called climate scientists have not done any more physics or chemistry than I did. A lifetime in engineering gives you a very good antenna. It also cures people of any self belief they cannot be wrong. You clear up a lot of messes during a lifetime in engineering. I could be wrong on global warming – I know that – but the guys on the other side don't believe they can ever be wrong."

What this means for the Copenhagen Agreement
Next month President Barack Obama will be in a very embarrassing position, as will many world leaders, trying to defend the global warming position after the exposure of the hacked emails from the CRU. Global warming still ranks among the lowest of concerns of the American people, but the expenditure of American taxpayer on the Copenhagen Agreement will be immense. My own personal prediction is that Obama will go to Copenhagen, because his Narcissistic Personality Disorder will demand he do so, and present his support as if nothing has happened recently, once again embarrassing his citizens. If given the opportunity Obama WILL sign the Agreement to save face even though his approval rating is rapidly disappearing. Fortunately for us the senate has to ratify an agreement of this magnitude, and the chance of that happening is slim to none, which could lead to a backdoor underhanded approach referred to as a Congressional executive agreement, where the international treaty can be interpreted as a normal law and thusly be signed right into law by the President. They have their own Cap and Trade bill to try and pass, and giving money away to foreign countries is not in their best interests (re-election.)

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Friday, November 27, 2009

These People Belong In Jail

These People Belong In Jail
Kevin Bryant

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that this is happening throughout the United States, but it’s happening here in the Kansas City Metro. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

For years, we have witnessed a massive growth in the number of various community organizations. I’m not talking about chapters of Jaycees or Kiwanis Clubs. I’m not referring to feed the needy organizations even though over the past couple of years these too have nearly doubled in size. What I am talking about is the community activism type organizations. Predominately these have been springing up in lower income sections of the city.

The idea of community organizing has been around for 50 plus years. These, like most things, started out with good intentions. Communities standing together to correct the wrongs done to them is still a good thing. Such things as excessive police brutality towards those of certain neighborhoods, lack of maintenance in an apartment building, price gouging in various neighborhoods. These are just a few of countless examples of why community organizing is a good thing when done for the right reasons. Unfortunately in the past 15 or do years we have witnessed a transformation of what community organizing should be into what community organizing is what it is today. Our tax dollars have paid for this transformation through grants as well as these organizations allowed to become non-profit tax exempt entities.

Here in Kansas City, The good reverend Emanuel “Obama is more popular than God” Cleaver, with strong urging and support from many tax exempt community organizations got a $200 million grant from the stimulus package to create a Green Impact Zone Project for a lower income section of downtown Kansas City which just happens to be in his district. What a heartwarming story this would be and it would most definitely be one the jewels in his crown as a self….I mean public servant.

The Green Impact Zone Project, $200 million in our tax dollars in hand and almost all of it wasted. The idea behind the money is to clean up the neighborhood so one would think that for the project headquarters, they would renovate some old business or church to operate out of. That is not good enough for these people. They went out, bought the land and built themselves a nice new office building. Several 100’s of thousands of dollars not used for the good of the community. Did they furnish this place with second hand items bought from the likes of Goodwill and the Army Salvation, hahahaha I don’t think so. Brand new furnishings throughout this building. Several 100’s of thousands of more dollars not spent on the community. Roughly 65% of the Green Impact Zone population is black. Do you think the administrator or anyone working in this nice new office represents the other 35% of the community? Not a since only is White, Mexican, Asian or even male. That’s right, the administrator and the entire staff consist of black females. Not much diversity there wouldn’t you say. Houses aren’t getting the makeovers that were promised but do you think any of these people have missed a paycheck? Of course they haven’t. A few more 100 thousands dollars flushed down the toilet.

The suburb of KC that I live in is like many of the suburbs within Cleaver’s district. As people have been able to afford to move out of the inner city, they have escaped the stranglehold of the community organizations that have controlled inner KC for years. No longer do they hear only the good things about their dear elected representative. They actually hear criticism of him and how he is playing and manipulating the people of Kansas City. Emanuel Cleaver needs these community organizations now more than ever to maintain his status as a life long politician and live in a lifestyle only few of us could ever hope for. These tax exempt organizations continually go out in ACORN style groups and using ACORN style tactics continually get this man re-elected to do their bidding. With each passing year, his support dwindles and come 2010, if he doesn’t produce, he could possibly lose his seat in 2010, but I really don’t see that happening until 2012.

The community is disappointed by the fact that not very many houses have received green winterizing this late in the year and to top it all off, the project is close to being broke. In the words of Cuba Gooding Jr, (Movie: Jerry McGuire) show us the money. Where oh where did it all go? These people need to be in jail. They ran around for countless months doing who knows what and yet they have not produced records showing where all the money went. Not only that, they missed deadlines for filing for additional funds and thee people are being paid with our tax dollars to makes the lives of those in their own neighborhood better and failing miserably at it.

Not a peep has been said about the lack of accountability for the funds spent. No criticism has been spoken about the new building or those nice new lavish furnishings. Not one breath spoken about the hiring of black females only. No one is willing to touch this because this is the brain child of those community organizations that support and pull the puppet strings of Emanuel Cleaver.

Politically backed, tax dollar funded, community organizing at its best.,0,6953484.story

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate gate: Has all the hype finally come to an end?

Climate gate: Has all the hype finally come to an end?

Al Ritter

This past week a reported break in at a renowned “Global warming” supporter site has now thrown the global warming crowd into doubt. Several international ly renowned man made global warming supporters, including Obama Science Czar John Holdren is directly involved in CRU’s unfolding Climate gate scandal. In fact, according to files released by a CEU hacker or whistleblower, Holdren is involved in what Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball terms “a truculent and nasty manner that provides a brief demonstration of his lack of understanding, commitment on faith and willingness to ridicule and bully people”.

The computer hacked site of CRU (University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit) an English support group for man-made global warming. In fact Alan Caruba states in his Facts Not Fantasy blogsite, “It means the Kyoto Climate Protocols that nations agreed to on December 11, 1997 and which entered into force on February 16 2005, and all subsequent agreements based on “global warming” have no validity, scientifically or as the basis for public action by any nation, state, province, city or town. It means that Al Gore’s pusillanimous “documentary” is a fraud along with just about every other statement uttered by any scientist, academician, or politician claiming that something, anything, should be done to avoid “global warming.”

Dr. Tim Ball and Judi McLeod said Tuesday, ““The files contain so much material that it is going to take some time t o put it all in context,” says Ball. “However, enough is already known to underscore their explosive nature. It is already clear the entire claims and positions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are based on falsified manipulated material and is therefore completely compromised. The fallout will be extensive as material continues to emerge. Reputations of the scientists involved are already destroyed, however fringe players will continue to be identified and their reputations destroyed or sullied.”

While the mainstream media is bending into pretzels to keep the scandal under the rug, Climate gate is already the biggest scientific scandal in history because of the global policy implications.

The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, otherwise known as the UN group trying to force world-wide anti-pollution legislation on participating countries. The Kyoto Protocol is the existing treaty that the United States signed but was never ratified by Congress under the Clinton Administration. The upcoming Copenhagen Agreement is meant to replace the Kyoto Protocol in 2012, so this break in couldn’t come at a worse time for the Al Gore supporters.

The break in or computer hacking has exposed the movement’s most prominent players including Dr. Michael Mann, (the inventor of Al Gore’s long discredited hockey stick theory.) Exposed emails from other renowned global warming proponents show a conspiracy to produce fraudulent data to support the global warming scenario.

In light of the newest exposed information, and revelations of the largest corruption and conspiracy in modern history, right to the executive office of the United States of America, someone damn well needs to be indicted and prosecuted in the world wide hoax of man-made global warming starting with the past Vice President, Al Gore!

To read more on the exposure of this computer hacked site

To read the actual emails from co- conspirators

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Letter to the National Republican Governors

Letter to the National Republican Governors
Kevin Bryant

Dear Governors,

Stopping the fraud, waste and outright assault on the American People and the Constitution starts and ends with you.

Our democrat controlled congress, lead by a handful of radical idealist have this country on the verge of bankruptcy and all out collapse. They are using the “Rules For Radicals” playbook and they are executing the plan perfectly. The one thing this book does not plan for is a well planned, coordinated and collective states uprising. With pressure, you can even get support from democrat governors in swing states to help stop this assault. That is if they are not counting on riding the President’s coattails to get re-elected.

A radical conservative governor’s uprising would put a halt to Cap & Trade, Obama / Pelosi / SEIU Healthcare Reform, repeal the Stimulus Bill, stop the assault on the constitution and make a major move towards resetting government back to the ideas, principals and intent of the founding fathers when they wrote the constitution.

Step One: Unify yourselves as one voice.

Step Two: Introduce legislation in each of your states to have your state declared a right to work state (union membership may not be mandated). Include that all votes cast in union matters in your states be by secret ballot only, eliminating any possibility of the oncoming Card Check Bill from ever reaching the house or senate floor.

Step Three: Challenge each and every section of the Stimulus Bill in federal court on unconstitutional grounds. Do the same for all of the President’s unconfirmed “Czar” appointments as well as all other actions by this President and administration that do not strictly adhere to the limitations of office as imposed by the constitution.

Step Four: Retain all federal tax dollars except Income, FICA and Medicaid taxes at the state level to pay for federal mandated but unfunded policies imposed upon the states.

Step Five: Call for a Constitutional Convention to discuss and impose common sense plain language, detailed restrictions upon the Federal Government as to what they may specifically do or not do. Leave no room for the federal government to challenge the meanings and specifics.

The radical left will never see this coming because conservatives by nature talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk in recent years when it comes to standing against the radical left within this government.

I want this country to be the country our forefathers intended it to be now and in the future. If you want the same, please at least consider these actions.

Kevin Bryant

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lowering Health Care Standards

Lowering Health Care Standards
Kevin Bryant

It looks like government ran Obamacare is already lowering the healthcare standards for Americans and the bill hasn’t even passed the senate yet. Completing a study that supports the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Obamacare is laying the foundation of weighing medical cost against human life

"If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly," - Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)

Remember this little jewel of a comment from way back in September of this year? Well, he was partially correct. There is a political party that does want Americans to die quicker it seems, but it isn’t the Republican health care plan. Looks like it is going to be the Democrat /Obamacare plan.

Well ladies, it sounds to me like this administration wants you to die quicker. No longer do you need those annual mammograms. They are a waste of time and money and according to the latest GOVERNMENT study, having them annually saves very few lives. Every 2 years is more to their liking. As for those self examinations just about every women’s organization and every cancer group tells you that you need to do every so often, well the GOVERNMENT doesn’t want you to do them because 10% of the time they lead to false reporting of potential problems. Ladies, did you get that? This is the Obama administration is looking out for your best interest.

So, in review, 90% of the time when a lump is found during a self examination of the breast, there is actually something there that would warrant attention from a physician but that 90% isn’t high enough for the government to support you doing this in a timely and routine fashion. The cost of those 10% false readings cost too much for the government to warrant health care attention. Any physician will tell you that the earlier cancer is detected, the better the odds for a full and complete recovery. If you get a mammogram in August and develop undetected breast cancer in October of that same year, don’t worry about that next mammogram you scheduled for the following year, it’s a waste of time and money. You will be just fine waiting an additional year before it is detected and if you happen to die because of the long wait between screenings, you will be just one of a handful that die and it won’t matter much to the national statistics. You will have done your part by saving the government $1000’s in exam and treatment cost. Explain to me how the loss of even one life can justified in dollars and cents when having an exam annually instead of an every two years would have greatly increased a person’s chances of surviving.

Also, no longer are those painful mammograms necessary at age 40, the age recommended by the American Cancer Society. NO, the GOVERNMENT wants you to wait until you are 50 before having a mammogram done. It doesn’t matter to President Obama, HHS Secretary Sebelius or the administration that some women develop breast cancer in their 20’s and the risk goes up as we increase in age. Things aren’t looking too good for any woman that gets breast cancer before she turns 50. Under the government recommendations, the loss of your life is acceptable.

If I could afford it and it served my own interest, I can pay for a study that shows heavy drinking is good for your health. I could produce facts that would tell you that smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day will not increase your health risk. Heck, I could even produce a study that supports the theory of driving and driving increases awareness when behind the wheel. It would not change the fact that the conclusion of all these studies would be wrong just as it is wrong to weigh the cost of treating cancer against the chances of survival.

Very few lives would be saved. I would like President Obama and HHS Secretary Sebelius explain this to every grieving husband who loses a wife to breast cancer, that they were right in mandating fewer mammograms, and look every family member in the eye and tell them that their mother’s death was for the greater good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009
Kevin Bryant

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws closer with each passing day, I look back at the past and reflect on all the things I am thankful for. It’s a time when families get together not to exchange gifts or celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a time to be thankful for our families and loved ones. Many give thanks for their health or like my wife, that new job she got. I didn’t receive a pay raise in 2009 but am thankful I still have a job.

We, as individuals have our own things to be thankful for and I am sure that each family has their collective things that they are thankful for as well. My family will be thankful if our first grand child is healthy. She should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I wonder though, as a nation, other than we still have some of the freedoms our forefathers wanted for us intact.

I like old movies. A couple of my favorites are Adam’s Rib and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. This weekend my wife had me sit down and watch one of her favorites that I have never seen. It starred Cary Grant and David Niven, both of whom I am not a real big fan of. The movie was The Bishop’s Wife. While Cary Grant and the bishop’s wife are riding together in a cab, the cab driver offered his opinion of why things seem to be getting out of control in the world. The words he uttered in the movie were appropriate for the times but are probably even more appropriate in our time. “Too many people don’t know where they are going and are trying to get there too fast”.

How many times have we wanted our government to slow down? How many times have we wanted them to listen to reason? How often have we told ourselves that common sense is dead in Washington? Conservatives have wanted government to slow down and listen to them and apply common sense more in the past 10 months than in the past 10 years combined. We have people that were elected to congress whose sole purpose is to bring about a socialist utopia here in the United States. Others want a more Marxist, Communist style of government.

Thomas Jefferson said that when governments fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny.

We have a government out of control, one that is bent on taking as much power from the states has it possibly can, one that has our country teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and seems hell bent to send it over the edge, one that wants to control the every aspect of our lives. We have a government that wants to make every member of the middle and lower class in this country a slave, completely dependent upon government for every aspect of their own existence. That, my friends is their idea of a socialist utopia. It is the vision and goal of this administration and a vast majority of those in congress both republican and democrat. What happens when they get done running manufacturing jobs out of this country? What will be the end result when they finally run out of the tax payer’s money to redistribute to maintain this utopia?

“Too many people don’t know where they are going and are trying to get there too fast”. There are way too many people in Washington who is driving this country in a new direction. We have entered uncharted territory with nothing but the history of other countries to show us what things might become. The sad part is that the history of Germany, Russia, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and everyone else who has been down the road we are now taking have all failed in their attempts to create the elusive perfect socialist utopia. What this country is doing now has been tried and failed on so many scales that it makes no sense to repeat the mistakes of others. Many of the citizens of these countries as well as China and other nations are thankful for they are starting to move again towards a capitalist system and private ownership.

True capitalism when coupled with true freedom has never failed to prosper. Only when government over regulates and over tax people and businesses does capitalism fail. As a nation, we should all be thankful for Ronald Reagan, for he was the last president to know, understand and put this into practice. When capitalism is left alone, those that do not practice good business ethics die off while those that follow the rules and satisfy the needs of their customers flourish. The government long ago disrupted this constantly evolving system that helped created this mess we are in.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi, you need to slow down. If you allow common sense to guide your thoughts instead ideology, you will hear what this country needs and wants. A river knows where it wants to go and how to get there and at what speed. Dams only hold back rivers for so long before the pressure gets too great water needs to be released. The country knows where it wants to go and how fast it needs to get there, and what roads it needs to travel. Stop being the dam that is in the way and serves no purpose. Do this and we will all be truly have something to be thankful for.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why has the AARP sold out its members on healthcare?

Why has the AARP sold out its members on Healthcare?
Al Ritter

I wondered why the self declared non-partisan group AARP would support a government run healthcare system, so I did some investigation, and found the answer glaringly simple. MONEY! It’s the main driving force of any business, and AARP is no exception.

I assumed they made most of their money from memberships, a glance at the 2008 AARP financial statement, changed my mind on that! The group received nearly $653 million in royalties from private insurance companies that sold products referred by AARP in 2008, while taking in $249 million in membership dues. Wondering what products they are getting commissions on I dove in a little deeper.

Seniors have basically two choices for Medicare supplemental insurance, the first one is a government run supplement called “Medicare Advantage,” the second one is called “Medigap” insurance and is sold by private insurance companies. This medigap is what the AARP endorses, and gets royalties on. Section 1161 of the House bill would slash payments to Medicare Advantage health plans used by 20 percent of seniors and cause them to lose some benefits, including vision and dental coverage, thus forcing them into the private insurance supplements such as AARP offers.

AARP is a non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization which doesn’t allow them to take money from the government, but alas they have figured a way around all that. AARP FOUNDATION is a separate and distinct organization, they are housed in the same building as AARP, have a completely separate Board of Directors, but they have one major distinction, they are listed as a 501 (c)(3) organization that not only CAN take government money, they actively sought out federal grants. The Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Labor, were all sources of the second largest income of the $90 million 2008 income.

The AARP FOUNDATION can engage in fundraising activities to advance its particular public policy agenda. However, the foundation works so closely with AARP that the two entities are barely indistinguishable. Is this combination of organizations reminiscent of another group?

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, blasted AARP in an interview with the Hill just days ago."AARP is one of the most liberal organizations in Washington, D.C.," Boehner said. "Obviously, most seniors aren't aware of that."

As Paul Harvey used to say……….now you know the rest of the story!

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