Monday, December 7, 2009

Mission Accomplished?

Mission Accomplished?
Kevin Bryant

After enduring President Obama’s WestPoint speech, I am without a doubt convinced that this nation elected a special needs President who suffers from the worst case of narcissism that I have ever witnessed. I am thoroughly convinced that due to this advanced state of narcissism, he lacks the ability to reason or comprehend with sound mind anything that is not directly related to himself as the primary focal point.

Everything he does is unprecedented according to him in his speeches but other than run though money at a faster rate than all 43 previous presidents combined, his use of the word unprecedented, and appointing more unconfirmed czars than any previous administration, there has not been one thing that he has done with a positive impact that has not been done previously by another who has resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Wait, I’m wrong. There is one thing he has done that is totally unprecedented in the history of the United States. He has declared victory in Afghanistan in July 2011. Yes ladies and gentlemen, President Obama is not only a Banking CEO, an Auto Industry CEO, a Health Care expert, a Climatologist and Global Warming expert, an accomplished author, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a Constitutional Law Professor and the second coming of the Messiah all rolled into one, he now can add the greatest clairvoyant ever to walk the plant as well as possessing the greatest military mind ever and being the greatest military commander never to command troops in combat to his resume. He can see into the future and with unprecedented accuracy and ability, can precisely and factually state that victory will be achieved and he will have his Mission Accomplished in July 2011.

2011…….2011…..why does that year ring a bell…..I know why, that is the same year that most of the stimulus package money is to be released and though President Obama’s clairvoyance, he will save us from the unprecedented worst economic disaster this country has ever faced. This is also the year that his unprecedented health care overhaul starts collecting taxes so that it can be implemented in 2016 that he claims will be deficit neutral. Perhaps we should add Master Story Teller and Fabricator to his growing unprecedented list of accomplishments and his unprecedented resume.

2011 is also the year that his presidential rivals come out of the woodwork and start campaigning towards the 2012 elections. Pelosi, Obama and Reid (these are in order of most powerful) have already sacrificed the democrat incumbents for the 2010 elections to set their agenda in motion. Banking on the fact that history shows that Americans by nature have a short retention span when it comes to the world of politics, they will make up for losses in 2010 in 2012 and retain the White House and Congress through 2016 thanks to our self promoted Messiah’s ability to grow the economy, win wars, reduce green house gasses and oversee government healthcare. Never mind that projected 16 TRILLION dollar debt and estimated 18% tax increase that we will see if all of his agenda is accomplished by 2012. He’s the Messiah, the chosen one, how could anyone other than hate mongering racist vote against his in 2012.

The U.S. is committing 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and the rest of the world is committing 5,000. During the Bush 43 years, this was called unilateralism and condemned by the left and the press. Now it is being hailed as a major milestone in world relations. If Bush 43 had given that speech and declared Mission Accomplished 19 months prematurely, the press would be all over him for it, but because it was given by this President, it will go down in history as one of the greatest speeches in history.

Why hasn’t the press reported that General McCrystal actually asked for 60,000 U.S. troops with a bare minimum of 40,000 to complete the mission he was hand chosen to lead? Has anyone heard the press mention that he only gave him half of what he actually wanted? 5,000 additional troops from multiple nations don’t help a thing. All it will do is add to the confusion that this administration has burdened the military with. Abraham Lincoln is probably spinning in his grave madder than hell and embarrassed beyond all belief because Obama had the audacity to compare himself to Lincoln several months back. Lincoln was arguably the greatest of all our wartime presidents and to date, Obama is the worst wartime president to sit in the oval office.

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