Sunday, December 20, 2009

Automated toilets? A new way to flush money!

Automated toilets? A new way to flush money!

I was watching the Travel Channel the other night, and I ran across something that not only made me break out laughing, but made me shake my head in disgust. The whole show was about elaborate toilets in different areas of the world.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that in Rep, Nancy Pelosi’s showcase town of San Francisco, they have automated toilets…..not just one or five, but 25 automated, talking, self cleaning toilets. Talking?.....YES! The toilet is so bizarre that you need personal instructions to use it!

Step by step instructions follow so you don’t lose you train of thought. Now being in California the land of droughts, you would think these toilets would be ecologically friendly, but you would be wrong! After each use the toilet unit self sanitizes, (washes the bowl and floor.) I couldn’t stop laughing at this insanity, especially after finding out that Seattle, WA is removing the few automated toilets that they have, because of technical difficulties and degenerate drug users.

These California toilets are cost efficient right? I suppose it depends on your definition of efficient. San Francisco, Nancy’s home district has 25 of these monstrosities at the cost of quarter of a million each. $250 thousand you say?.......Yup, $250K EACH!.......and they use far more water than the typical toilet, not exactly ecologically friendly on the water usage standpoint! No wonder Ahhhhhhhhhhnolds’ state is handing out IOU’s rather than checks. Nice going Nancy, and nice going Arnold you RINO!

Let’s take a look at the waste! Not that waste………

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Rodney said...

Quarter of a million a piece for a damn toilet, it reminds be of the $500 toilet seats the air force once paid. Very sad

barb p said...

This is so incredibly stupid!~!!!

Kevin said...

Think we can flush Nancy Pelosi down one of those?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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