Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies

Why the majority of the country doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies
Al Ritter

Citizens of the United States whose families have been here for many generations see things differently than the first generation children of parents who have seen oppressive regimes. I speak about Barack Obama’s father who viewed the world in a light very much unlike the rest of Americans view the very same system.

A very interesting article written by a Nigerian journalist explains a world view that we could never imagine in a million years. A deep seeded hatred of all things, including culture that was forced on them from Colonial Europe, seems to be the underlying problem. The ironic part in all this is that now Barack Obama’s son is seeking to mold Americans to the very ideals of Europe. Barack Jr. sees America as no more important as a small European country in the overall world scene. He sees the United Nations as a replacement of sorts to our Constitution, and Judicial system.

Handing money to the UN under the Copenhagen Agreement to help “emerging economies,” leaves no room to withhold money from “rogue” dictatorships. How would you feel about your taxes going to Dictatorships such as North Korea, or Iran who have purposely withheld money from their own citizens to fund their own military machines? If they falsely claim themselves as a country emerging from monetary shortfalls, who will be the deciding body to accept or deny money?

President Obama not only wants the poorer nations of the world to be lifted from despair on the backs of industrialized nations, but his policies will cause the wealthier nations to be made poorer in an effort to make us all equal.

President Obama has now placed one fifth of America on welfare, leaving the “wealthy” to pay for the “sins” of not only our country but under the Copenhagen Agreement, reparations for pollution of the world by industrialized nations. Is it fair to tax wealthy nations while ignoring the ongoing pollution from the poorer countries?

The majority of Americans (even in liberal polls now) aren’t buying into the guilt that Obama is selling. Is it not bad enough that the world always seems to look to America to be the policeman of the world? Is it not clear to Americans that even our poor (ones who don’t pay any taxes), don’t want their benefits in the form of cash flowing out of their hands to people in other countries? Is it a surprise to see other countries, with out stretched hands wanting a piece of the “wealth of America?” President Obama hasn’t been exactly a spend thrift has he?

If the Administration’s policies are seen by the public as pooring down our economy to richen someone else’s, is it any wonder the citizens are turning against him? When you are handing out money, there will NEVER be a shortage of hands to take it!

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Kevin said...

I see that somneone checked the "disagree" box but neglected to leave a comment.

It's not wrong to disagree with the administration on this. The United States had been polluting the earth in lesser quantities than the rest of the world and doing it for a much shorter period of time. Since the dawn of civilization, there is not but perhaps one (South America) that has polluted the earth less than North America. When you also add in the fact that no country has reduced their pollution and green house gasses more in the past 20 years than the United States, then by no means is it our repsonsibility to pay billions to a corrupt United Nations so they may give it to poorer countries who will not even use 5% of it for the purposes it was intended.

"God helps those who help themselves".

Africa, Asia and South America have countless resourses yet they do not develope them. They allow themselves to be dictated to by tyrants and thugs. When they clean up their own act and are serious about helping themselves, then perhaps I will change my mind on this subject, but for now, I say America owes them nothing.