Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The fraud of Global Warming hasn’t escaped Australia

The fraud of Global Warming hasn’t escaped Australia
Al Ritter

It seems a combination of the computer hacking into the emails and computer modeling at the CRU of the University of East Anglia, and the inconsistencies of the scientists left promoting “global warming,” has affected the final vote on a bill in Australia on cap and trade.

In much the same way the Congress proposed and passed our bill on cap and trade, Australia has defeated the legislation based on the idea that the law doesn’t address pollution only how to tax it.

Lucky for the citizens of Australia, their government has no real party of “power,” allowing fair and balanced impartial voting. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his Minister of Climate Change, Penny Wong, has been handed a resounding defeat. They both wanted passage of this bill before the Copenhagen meeting next week, so they would appear as world leaders in Climate Change.

In a decisive vote of 41-33, the conservatives had first agreed to support the bill but during the nasty debate, dumped their leader and jumped ship to the other side.

Australia is very similar to the United States in that most of their electric generating plants are coal fired, and passage of this bill would have been devastating to all citizens by dramatically increasing their electrical costs.

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cary said...

At least our friends from down under have seen this crap for what it truely is!