Sunday, December 13, 2009

Number of IPCC contributing scientists in question

Number of IPCC contributing scientists in question
Al Ritter

As is typical with the man-made global warming promoters, they have once again reiterated a falsehood already publicly debunked. In much the same way Gore constantly beats his drum about the “hockey stick” theory, by one of the IPCC contributors, Dr Michael Mann, the number of writers in the IPCC annual reports, has never been accurately portrayed.

The number claimed by the global warming supporters of scientists involved with the UN annual reports is always in the neighborhood of 5000. A peer review written paper has refuted that number, as have many scientists, whose dissenting opinions have found their work on the editing room floor.

The global warming crowd has promoted this figure for one purpose and one purpose alone. When they make a claim that over 5000 scientists would have to be “in on a conspiracy,” it somehow makes their claims look more believable than to say, only 52-60 scientists would have to be in on a conspiracy. It’s certainly believable to think that only 52-60 scientists have conspired to alter the wealth system of the world, through the guise of global warming.

In a statement at Copenhagen this week, the global warming crowd once again used this well overinflated number to describe the “consensus,” which is far from the truth.
Marc Morano from the largest website that refutes the man-made global warming claims,, has demanded a retraction of this statement saying, “Your idea that [there are] 5000 UN scientists – you need to apologize and retract that immediately. A frustrated Professor Mark Maslin of the University College London, who teaches Geography, and sits on the board as executive director of Carbon Auditors Ltd, which deals in carbon credits, claimed that “every single intelligent person” listens to UN scientists and accepts that man-made global warming is a serious problem.

This is but one more futile attempt to justify the rapidly waning public support for a global agreement or an internal Cap and Trade bill in the United States. Merely repeating false numbers, fraudulent data, and defective data models doesn’t make those numbers any more believable. With the exposure of the CRU emails, we now have an inside view of the purely political world of man-made global warming, as promoted by dishonest “scientists.”

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Kevin said...

With only around 1700 scientist supporting the idea of man made global warming and well over 25,000 against, you would think the world would get the hint that it's a hoax.

I've never understood how only 6% could make up a consensus.