Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer

There is Law and then, there is Administrative Law.
In America very few Americans are aware they have been ruled, controlled and coerced for more than a century by Administrative Law. Properly defined it is a product of the plethora of regulatory agencies, from which extra constitutional law was created by government to deal with everything from the environment and oil, building a bridge or constructing a large building.

It is those hundreds, if not thousands of laws or regulations that control and restrict our individual access to true freedom and ability to regulate our personal lives as we wish. It is an attempt to exercise binding legislative power, not by Constitutional means, or an act of Congress, but rather by administrative edict. It is sadly a byproduct of a moral breakdown of our society and turning away from long established Christian principles upon which the Constitution is founded.

The Constitution authorizes only three types of power, legislative power lies within the prerogative of Congress, executive power within the President, and judicial power is located in the Supreme Court. Administrative power and law was created as a result, decade by decade, as a pragmatic response to new and complex problems in American life. Its rise to dominance is actually a byproduct of the "modern progressive's" emergence of absolute power practiced by Kings and despots of old. Something our founders could not have envisioned or provided for Constitutionally.
Given the ignorance of many and the desire for power by most elected officials today the danger of losing our Constitutional form of government appears dangerously close to being an absolute reality.
The only true means of overcoming and controlling this possibility is by becoming better informed. We should arm ourselves with a true definition of Law and "rule under law" as defined by our Constitution, as opposed to Administrative Law or Policy.

The answers to reversing this trend towards despotism are not complicated but, as suggested above, there is a need to turn to God, true principles of Constitutional Law and Moral leadership. To spite what we see in the news on a daily basis there are good people everywhere in America upon whom we can elect to government, and trust upon their character to fix our government, and lead our nation as it was meant to be. As Ronald Reagan said, a "City upon a Hill" or a "beacon to the World."
To spite it's critics, those with a "politically correct view" America was meant to be a leader of nations, both powerful, even to be feared in its military force, and benevolent with charity towards all. Its people must be likewise, God fearing, they must with reason love their country and be charitable. Americans should be proud to call themselves an American, speak its language, embrace its flag, and be aware and proud of their heritage. If not. You are free to leave to another nation.