Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Ugly Face of White Privilege


The Ugly Face of White Privilege

Al Ritter

Sometimes it amazes me how “Black America” continues to support a party that displays blatant hypocrisy on such a grand scale. Much like Hunter Biden, Chelsea Clinton’s education and experience in worldly affairs was average to say the least. But that’s not how fortunes are won apparently.

This “White Privilege” has to do with what family you are born into, and that is where Black America is willing to forgive and forget. But sadly this is the very thing Black America should be voting against!

She has amassed a small fortune having no other experience than being the past President’s only child she holds a position in IAC/InterActiveCorp, to which she makes $600,000 a year and a media and internet investment company and owns a stake in 150 major brands, such as Vimeo, Tinder, Angie’s List and Home Advisor.

In one year she collected a $600,000 income as a special correspondent for NBC news, what exactly was her expertise?............who knows?

She obviously gained her wealth of over $10 million in her short 39 years of life, from insider trading and tips from her equally privileged family history.

So what fortune has she amassed on her own laurels or expertise?

From What I have seen not a damned thing!

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Soon, Nobody will Travel without Permission!


Soon, Nobody will Travel without Permission!

Al Ritter

Plans are being made as we speak to prevent travel in America. They are being made in secret because the Biden Administration, Dr. Fauci and the WHO are making inroads to limiting travel, not just in International travel but within America too!

In an effort to force “Trump supporters” to get the vaccine because they won’t be able to return to normal life without it and because Biden’s supporters have fallen into line so far, Biden, the WHO, and Fauci have enlisted the help from IBM to create a “digital pass system” to inflict on Americans.

Forget that over 30,000 illegal aliens have flooded our southern border without so much as a Covid test and being kept in Non-social distancing camps. VP Kamala Harris is not only silent in her new role as Immigrant Czar, but has so far refused to even address the Southern Border Crisis. Yes it IS a Crisis and one that President Trump had fixed after 4 short years. Joe Biden has certainly “Unfixed” it causing not only a massive illegal migration into this country, but a health crisis too!

Public health and ethics experts are guiding Biden to let private companies do the enforcement so it doesn’t look like it’s coming from the feds. Similar to how Democrats used tech companies to censor conservatives.

The future appears bleak for Americans that have chosen not to have the vaccine. What ever happened to “My choice, my body?”………Liberals?

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Pelosi's Son Now Charged with Fraud!


Pelosi’s Son Now Charged with Fraud!

Al Ritter

I don’t know what it is with Energy Companies in the Ukraine and why so many high ranking Democrats have children who are involved in them but it seems the list is growing!

First it was Hunter Biden and the company Burisma, then John Kerry’s stepson John Kerry Jr.  was implicated along with members of the Kerry Family as owners of Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC.  All explained here:

Now it seems that Nancy Pelosi’s son has been charged with fraud by the SEC fronting for another energy company based out of the Ukraine. Either the laws are extremely lax there for starting companies or this could be the new country for con men and women to start their new corrupt businesses.

It seems that Paul Pelosi Jr. cofounded an investment company called Natural Blue Resources Inc. But as it turns out he was acting as a front man for two previously convicted con men who were running the company against SEC rules. Those two individuals, Pelosi and Former New Mexico Governor Toney Anaya have all been arrested and charged. It seems that no reports had been filed with the SEC in over 10 years which triggered the investigation.

Even Nancy herself got into the act where she extolled the virtues of her son in a video.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021




Al Ritter

What exactly does this word mean? In the first place it isn’t even a word. At first I assumed it was merely arrogant millennials claiming that they somehow were a generation with more knowledge than all generations before them. A group that been awakened by their liberal indoctrination of Public School teachers and liberal College professors.

Obviously it is a slang term because there is no definition in accredited dictionaries. I had assumed it was the children of today claiming the moral high ground over the older “Unwoke.” And I was right I suppose to a certain extent.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it like this:

It originally started in the Black Community as a slang term for being aware

Wikipedia describes it as this:

  Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is a term that refers to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice.[1] It derives from the African-American Vernacular English expression stay woke.

It seems that these dictionaries are struggling to offer diversity to a word that doesn’t even exist, more importantly caving to an illiterate minority striving to be relevant.

Personally I like the Urban Dictionaries description best…………


Deluded or fake awareness.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Gates Tied to Company Using Your Covid Test to Steal Your DNA


Gates Tied to Company Using Your Covid Test to Steal Your DNA

Al Ritter

It’s never been a secret that Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world through eugenics. It’s no surprise that he is pushing a vaccine that hasn’t been approved by the FDA, and that not one of the Big Pham companies have any legal liability in their product.

Gates and Wang Jun cofounder of BGI
This is pretty low though. BGI Genomics is a company that the federal government has flagged as having ties to the Chinese Government (the military specifically). In a recent “60 Minutes expose’” it was learned that this company was mining DNA data from Covid tests.

The Gates Foundation is the main benefactor of this company and in 2012 signed a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a collaboration on global health and agricultural development with the goal of achieving common objectives in health and agricultural development.”

BGI operates an office in Washington State and upon the Covid outbreak in 2020 offered to build testing labs at no charge to the state, thankfully the Governor turned down the offer because of the U.S Government warning against this business.

Pretty underhanded way to steal your DNA!

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Monday, March 22, 2021

Baltimore HS Student makes it to Senior Year with 0.13 GPA

Baltimore HS Student makes it to Senior Year with 0.13 GPA

Al Ritter


If any state in the U.S. shows poor student performance it’s Maryland. Baltimore City in particular has one of the worst Public School Systems in the nation.

But just saying that doesn’t explain how dysfunctional this School and the system it relies on really is.

This student made it all the way to his senior year with a dazzling 0.13 GPA and was touted as being at the top of his class!

When the discovery was made he was sent back to the ninth grade to repeat the last three years! Even the child’s mother was informed how behind he was!

As a result the Principal and Vice Principal were placed on Administrative leave pending a full investigation. The term “administrative leave” meant that the Principal and Vice Principal were still getting full pay to the tune of $365,000 so far!

The Principal has since retired but the Vice Principal is being paid. This investigation started in 2017 and yet still hasn’t been addressed! Their website is so outdated that Tracy Hicks is still listed as Principal.

The name of the school is very impressive and the truly scary part is the not only is it a High School but also a 2 year Community College!

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Failed Policies of the Community Reinvestment Act Reenacted by Biden


Failed Policies of the Community Reinvestment Act Reenacted by Biden

Al Ritter

The (CRA) Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that led to the housing market crash appears to have a reincarnation of sorts. We all remember when banks were forced to make bad loans to purchasers that should never have been allowed to buy homes above their needs or ability to repay those loans.

The original bill was signed into law by failed President Jimmy Carter in 1977 and forced mortgage lenders to accept loans from purchasers totally ignoring their credit history or allowing them to ask if they even had jobs. This in turn started a sellers’ market for overly inflated home values which subsequently caused the housing market to crash with millions of homes being overvalued.

President G. H. W. Bush attempted to put a lid on the failed policy, but like his predecessor failed to get his second term.

Bill Clinton was the new President and attempted to cement the failed policy in his administration which also amounted to a total failure.

In the past…..“Dreamers did not qualify because of FHA’s interpretation of a 2003 measure from its Handbook: “Non-citizens without legal residence in the country are not eligible for FHA-insured mortgages.”

Not only can they get an FHA loan to buy a house……but millions of illegals in this country who have over stayed their Visas can and will get the $1400 stimulus checks!

Now the Biden administration wants to secure FHA loans for “Illegal Aliens.”


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Nobody is Safe from Big Tech, Leftist Gets Deplatformed!

 Nobody is Safe from Big Tech, Leftist Gets Deplatformed!

Al Ritter


In an almost comical turn of events this week, leftist feminist Naomi Wolf got banned from Twitter not once but twice for her comments about Covid-19. Listen to the interview on the Tucker Carlson show. 

It now seems that if you even approach a conversation about Covid or the vaccine you have now stepped on the cursed “third rail” and the wrath of the internet gods. “Experts” whom often have no more than an opinion much like you, can shut down the talking points of even doctors who are far more versed on the subject than the very person silencing them. 

Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook and Instagram have graciously given themselves honorary Medical Degrees and ANYONE who disagrees will have their right to be heard removed. 

This isn’t how America was born, we are a country of ideas,
to silence half the ideas is a stifling of culture. I can’t wait to see what happens if Big Tech starts to remove the accounts of Democrats when they start speaking the talking points that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg want to hear.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Child Porn on Facebook!


Child Porn on Facebook!

Al Ritter


To preface this article, I have never searched or tried to access porn online, let alone anything as disgusting as underage teen porn. 

I had just come off a 3 day suspension about content that Zuckerberg’s minions saw as offensive. 

I have certain pages that I follow on Facebook under the “Watch” button such as The BBQ Pit Boys or any other DIY groups building log cabins etc. 

Imagine my surprise and shock when I encountered this trash on Facebook “Watch” the other day. It had no warning about explicit content or anything. I tried to upload a screen shot but my server rejected it so you know it's bad! Click the below link.  

I reported the video to the Facebook reviewers as objectionable sexual content. The following is what was sent back to me by way of Instant Messenger.


Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for letting us know about this. The video was reviewed, and though it doesn't go against one of our specific Community Standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it. We understand that it may still be offensive or distasteful to you, so we want to help you see less of things like it in the future.

From the list above, you can block Xxxena xnxx live teen porno18 xnxx sex xvideox hot sexy 69 Sex Videos directly, or you may be able to unfriend or unfollow them. We also recommend visiting the Help Center to learn more about how to control what you see in your News Feed. If you find that a person, group or Page consistently posts things you don’t want to see, you may want to limit how often you see their posts or remove them from your Facebook experience.

We know these options may not apply to every situation, so please let us know if you see something else you think we should review. You can also learn more about our specific standards on nudity and the kinds of images allowed on Facebook. 

I suppose because they are paid to post such trash that the content is ok. It’s NOT OK Facebook for you to be posting Child PORN on your site!. 

I encourage everyone to report this because I don’t want my grandchildren to run across this accidentally.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Who is Responsible for Securing our Constitutional Rights?

 Who is Responsible for Securing our Constitutional Rights?

Al Ritter


In our recent past these people were in charge of the security of our constitutional rights. Sadly things are changing and not for the better. And their role in enforcing the Constitution is rapidly dwindling.

Section 230 was originally designed to make publishers responsible for moderating objectionable content from their respective websites. In true liberal fashion it has morphed into a back door to censor things that don’t follow their own view of the world and how people interact with it. The thin grey line is what constitutes “objectionable” content and what constitutes “opinion.” 

These guys are the ones that decide what you can say, and what you may do on the internet. They also control ALL your personal information, and silently share that between themselves unbeknownst to you and even against your wishes. Their algorithms have become so sophisticated and so invasive that I doubt they can ever be reversed.

Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook
Bill Gates ex CEO Microsoft
Andy Jassy CEO Amazon

My very existence on this blog depends entirely on what Sundar Pichai CEO of Google thinks of my content, it no longer has to do with the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Decisions now are made based entirely on “Terms of Service,” Section 230 and whether or not your commentary or opinion walks lockstep with the liberal line. 

I sit here right now suspended once again on FaceBook because I wouldn’t bow to Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of how I should speak or act because I am in his sandbox. Their reasons ….”Your recent post doesn’t conform to community standards” is the catch all phrase to limit and censor any speech they see as not conforming to their ideas. They pretend to hold the moral ground also when they use a journalist to fact check anything they don’t agree with. A journalist’s opinion is no better than yours but they call it protection against disinformation. Then try to challenge the decision of the ban…..that never works the very same person that banned you is the same one that does the review. Who actually decides the truth anymore?



Monday, March 8, 2021

Now Microsoft is Doubling Down on Privacy Invasion!


Now Microsoft is Doubling Down on Privacy Invasion!

Al Ritter 

Bill Gates not only believes that Big Tech is justified in their recent actions, but is willing to expand that power. Microsoft has now partnered with the social giants to totally eliminate any and all anonymity and privacy on the internet. 

Because Microsoft is the basis for virtually any documentation, it will be their intention to make any and all document forms, Adobe, jpg, any product made in Word, png, Memes, and most any picture taken on your cell phone traceable directly back to its author. 

Gates believes that since he created most of these programs, he has a right to tag them and make them traceable back to their origin. He also has stated he has a right to share those document origins to any of his partners in crime aka….The Big Tech Giants. He has no intention of hiding this new invasion of privacy, in fact he's bragging about it!

It’s getting totally out of hand at this point and privacy at this point means virtually nothing.

Monday, March 1, 2021

More of the Same Swamp, Just Deeper


More of the Same Swamp, Just Deeper
Al Ritter


On January 18, 2021 40 National, State and Local groups sent an ominous warning to then President elect Joe Biden about the rising power Big Tech was amassing.

“As you prepare to take office, we urge you to avoid appointing to key antitrust enforcement positions individuals who have served as lawyers, lobbyists, or consultants for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google,” the groups wrote through the American Economic Liberties Project. “Instead, we encourage you to appoint experienced litigators or public servants who have recognized the dangers of, rather than helped to exacerbate, these corporations’ market power.”

That warning was not only ignored by the Biden Administration, but actually used as a roadmap to do the exact opposite. It’s been reported that Renata Hesse who worked for Google during the Trump Administration is a top contender to head up the anti-trust division of the DOJ. Hesse played a major role in the Amazon/Whole Foods merger, and has also represented large Pharmaceutical Companies in the past.

Another questionable player is Juan Arteaga, a former Obama Administration DOJ official, who may be tapped to be assistant Attorney General for anti-trust division of the DOJ. He represented AT&T in its merger with Time Warner. He also defended JPMorgan and several other financial firms in fraud cases.

Both of the above mentioned individuals have represented clients against government prosecutors. I see it as highly unlikely that they will be effective at switching roles after past histories of lobbying so hard to have their clients continue in the roles major trust violators.

I suppose this is the pay back to Big Tech for their collective support of the liberal cause in the election. I don’t see much help from the DOJ to rein in their influence in the next 4 years.

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