Monday, March 22, 2021

Baltimore HS Student makes it to Senior Year with 0.13 GPA

Baltimore HS Student makes it to Senior Year with 0.13 GPA

Al Ritter


If any state in the U.S. shows poor student performance it’s Maryland. Baltimore City in particular has one of the worst Public School Systems in the nation.

But just saying that doesn’t explain how dysfunctional this School and the system it relies on really is.

This student made it all the way to his senior year with a dazzling 0.13 GPA and was touted as being at the top of his class!

When the discovery was made he was sent back to the ninth grade to repeat the last three years! Even the child’s mother was informed how behind he was!

As a result the Principal and Vice Principal were placed on Administrative leave pending a full investigation. The term “administrative leave” meant that the Principal and Vice Principal were still getting full pay to the tune of $365,000 so far!

The Principal has since retired but the Vice Principal is being paid. This investigation started in 2017 and yet still hasn’t been addressed! Their website is so outdated that Tracy Hicks is still listed as Principal.

The name of the school is very impressive and the truly scary part is the not only is it a High School but also a 2 year Community College!

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Turk 182 said...

$5.3 million a year for such stellar results, maybe the money would be better spent in the counties!

Bud S said...

This is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

4 years and the investigation isn't done yet?