Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Who is Responsible for Securing our Constitutional Rights?

 Who is Responsible for Securing our Constitutional Rights?

Al Ritter


In our recent past these people were in charge of the security of our constitutional rights. Sadly things are changing and not for the better. And their role in enforcing the Constitution is rapidly dwindling.

Section 230 was originally designed to make publishers responsible for moderating objectionable content from their respective websites. In true liberal fashion it has morphed into a back door to censor things that don’t follow their own view of the world and how people interact with it. The thin grey line is what constitutes “objectionable” content and what constitutes “opinion.” 

These guys are the ones that decide what you can say, and what you may do on the internet. They also control ALL your personal information, and silently share that between themselves unbeknownst to you and even against your wishes. Their algorithms have become so sophisticated and so invasive that I doubt they can ever be reversed.

Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook
Bill Gates ex CEO Microsoft
Andy Jassy CEO Amazon

My very existence on this blog depends entirely on what Sundar Pichai CEO of Google thinks of my content, it no longer has to do with the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Decisions now are made based entirely on “Terms of Service,” Section 230 and whether or not your commentary or opinion walks lockstep with the liberal line. 

I sit here right now suspended once again on FaceBook because I wouldn’t bow to Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of how I should speak or act because I am in his sandbox. Their reasons ….”Your recent post doesn’t conform to community standards” is the catch all phrase to limit and censor any speech they see as not conforming to their ideas. They pretend to hold the moral ground also when they use a journalist to fact check anything they don’t agree with. A journalist’s opinion is no better than yours but they call it protection against disinformation. Then try to challenge the decision of the ban…..that never works the very same person that banned you is the same one that does the review. Who actually decides the truth anymore?




Turk 182 said...

I'm tired of being told what i can say and who i can hang around with and if i have to wear a mask or not!

Unknown said...

Wish someone would file a RICO violation against these Big Tech companies!