Monday, March 30, 2009

Have Pitchfork, Will Travel

Have Pitchfork, Will Travel
By: Kevin Bryant

Societies exist under three forms, sufficiently distinguishable: (1) without government, as among our Indians; (2) under governments, wherein the will of everyone has a just influence, as is the case in England, in a slight degree, and in our states, in a great one; (3) under governments of force, as is the case in all other monarchies, and in most of the other republics.

To have an idea of the curse of existence under these last, they must be seen. It is a government of wolves over sheep. It is a problem, not clear in my mind, that the first condition is not the best. But I believe it to be inconsistent with any great degree of population. The second state has a great deal of good in it.

The mass of mankind under that enjoys a precious degree of liberty and happiness. It has its evils, too, the principal of which is the turbulence to which it is subject. But weigh this against the oppressions of monarchy, and it becomes nothing. Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem. Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs.

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccessful rebellions, indeed, generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.
Many of you I am sure have already recognized the passage above. If you have not, it is part of a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to James Madison on January 30th, 1787.

It amazes me how we as a nation have gotten so far off course from what our founding fathers intended for this country when it was conceived. Our government is nothing like that which was envisioned when our Constitution was drafted and ratified. I must have been born a few centuries too late because I feel like going to DC and assaulting congress with a pitchfork just to demonstrate how much I am fed up with congress and their actions.

I would never advocate overthrowing the government but I do think it is time to revolt peacefully against those in congress and the white house. They have forgotten the meaning of the term “public servant”. So, as part of my civic duty, when it comes election time, I am not voting for any current incumbents for any office.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Demonization is merely a symptom

Demonization is just as symptom of something larger. It’s very much like the acquaintance you have that feels it’s necessary to cut down someone to make him/herself look better, of course that’s only in his or her eyes. Others see this person for what they are, and yet the perpetrator never sees his/her actions as objectionable.

Everything comes in levels, and I’m sure every one of us has seen this behavior. Usually this behavior stems from insecurity. Demonization is something entirely different, it is clearly meant to do damage. We are seeing this behavior from our seated President. He sees ANY critical questions as a personal attack on his being. He does it for reasons we don’t understand, the attacks don’t seem rational, they seem to be taken farther then what seems to be rational.

Many people have the problem President Obama has, and to the typical person he appears to have the “god complex,” or “egotistical” and in many ways they are right. Unfortunately it goes much deeper then that. Many Presidents and powerful people have this problem, and it was usually the cause for their downfall. NPD, known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very common, and becoming more common as the generation of the entitled comes into maturity.

Being a Narcissist isn’t being in love with one’s self, as most people think, it is being in love with the image they portray. This image is never realistic, but is how the narcissist thinks of him/herself. No challenge to intelligence/ thought process, or general issues can be passed up, the NPD strikes back with undo ferocity. The thought process becomes tainted, where the “image” is always the most important thing, NOTHING else is important. This grandiose behavior manifests itself in less then 1% of the population. They talk as if they are the only ones who matter, or whose opinion matters, they have a very exaggerated sense of self-importance. They use others and discard them with no feeling, when their purpose is done. The narcissist is a skilled communicator. He uses language as an instrument to obtain Narcissistic Supply or as a weapon to obliterate his "enemies" and discarded sources with.

The NPD sees himself as the center of the universe, and all people and issues revolve around him/her. Unfortunately most NPDs go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. The NPD never sees the problem as his or hers, they always practice “transference” even if they are diagnosed, the treatment is almost never successful, as the ingrained behavior is so cunning and refined at that point, it is mere child’s play to deceive. Nothing is worse than living with an NPD, and until you do it’s hard to judge it’s devastating effect on those around you. It’s not the color of your skin Mr. President it’s the thinnest!

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To read an actual forum for NPD survivors

Sniglets 12-09

Sniglets 12-09

Obama on AIG
On Jay Leno’s show last Thursday, Obama expressed his “shock” about payouts to AIG executives. He said he was upset over the executive’s ideas of “entitlement.” Obviously, I was puzzled by his statement, as “entitlement” seems to be the mantra of the left. The President used Leno’s show to basically campaign for the policies his party has instituted. This came on the coat tails of the news from the Congressional Budget Office that we are almost 1 trillion dollars more in debt then was first reported. Maybe going onto a comedy show is appropriate to talk about the economy. UPDATE: 2.9 trillion more as of three days later then the original article.

Mixed Messages
While Senator Chris Dodd and “Turbo Tim” Geithner trade barbs about who knew about the AIG bonuses first and who was responsible for them, President Obama has aimed his angst towards the Republicans. He has repeatedly reported that HE will take responsibility for the AIG problem, finally something we can agree on!

Be careful what you wish for
Rep Barney (there are no problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) Frank, stated he wants to prosecute ANYONE involved in the financial crisis, he did stop short however on politicians who took campaign donations, or benefited from favorable home loans. He didn’t place limits or stipulations on the prosecutions, and he better think about that, before it backfires on him. Only a fool couldn’t understand that Washington would be empty if they did.

I still can’t stop laughing at this one
Rep. John (the US Marines are cold-blooded murderers) Murtha has been given a Distinguished Public Service Award by Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter. An immediate firestorm on the internet has started demanding the removal of the award, for what the navy says is, "His courageous leadership, vision, and loyalty to the men and women of the Department of the Navy greatly contributed to their quality of life and helped create the most modern and highly trained fighting force in history." Maybe they have the wrong Murtha?

Immigration Laws are Un-American
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed at a meeting at St. Anthony's Church in San Francisco, that Immigration laws are Un-American, because they “snatch children from their parents in the middle of the night.” Maybe if the liberal program to give children citizenship even if their parents are Illegal Aliens, wasn’t signed into law, nobody would be snatched in the middle of the night. How about rather then changing the law her way, to change the law to not allow “anchor babies?”

From a House Investigation
It was found that 13 of the over 500 companies that benefited from the “Stimulus Package” owe over 100 million in back taxes. These companies will not be revealed but yet Rep. Barney Frank chairman of the Financial Services Committee, threatened to arrest Code Pink protesters, and subpoena and release to the frenzied public the names of bonus and death-threat recipients of AIG. Once again a double standard, if it’s good enough for one group it should be good enough for other groups.

Vice President Jokes about the Constitution
Apparently Joe Biden thinks it is appropriate to joke about the Constitution at his “Gridiron Dinner” this week. "You know, I never realized just how much power Dick Cheney had until my first day on the job. I walked into my office, and you know how the outgoing president always leaves the incoming president a note in his desk?" he asked rhetorically. "I opened my drawer and Dick Cheney had left me Barack Obama’s birth certificate." While ALL media outlets see this issue as an “untouchable” subject, Vice President Joe (gaffe) Biden, sees this as an issue that he can joke about.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Still Have Hope

I Still Have Hope
By: Kevin Bryant

When I sat down at my desk today, I had no clue as to what I would write about. I noted last night that my favorite polling group, Rasmussen has Obama’s approval rating dipping below 60% and his disapproval rating topping 40% now. That little margin in between the numbers is slowly but steadily shrinking. I could probably sit here and fill up a couple of pages on why this makes me happy or why I think this is happening.

I finally got around to a couple of emails that I didn’t get to yesterday and after reading a quote from someone, that totally changed my mood and my thoughts about what to write about this morning. Today I realized that I still have reasons to believe that America will wake up before we find ourselves in too deep of a mess to get out of. I still have hope that America will rebel against those in our government that are trying to force America to change from capitalism to socialism.

Liberals are always providing ammunition for us conservatives to disagree with them. They do and say things that are not in keeping with the true spirit and meaning of the constitution. I have disagreed with many and defended few in my lifetime, but today, I have to admit, I am going to not only defend one liberal Obama supporter, but actually sing her praises because I honestly think she finally gets it.

The woman I speak of is certainly not Oprah. Oprah is completely absorbed in Obamamania that she will most likely never see the light of day again. I actually placed this woman in the same category as Oprah though. She too is an entertainer and has a large audience watching her weekdays on television. Here is her quote:

"If you are just fed up, at some point, just lean out your window and scream, 'I'm mad as hell,' 'cause that's what's happening to me. I'm losing my mind, because I don't understand why -- like they -- one of the things that I saw recently, they have this whole thing about taxing 'the wealthy.' Okay. Now, I don't mind that. I don't mind paying a little more tax 'cause I make a good living. But I don't want to get it coming and going. I don't want to get the federal raised and then the state raised and then the phone tax raised and then the television tax raised and then the city tax. Back off me!" --entertainer Whoopi Goldberg
There are not too many people outside of Hollywood and Washington DC that are as far or further to the left that Whoopi Goldberg. This woman has said things publicly that has made me want to jump out of my lazy boy and go punch the television screen. Today, she has instilled in me that there yet might be hope that even the left will see what is happening within our government and realize just how wrong their actions are.

The last list I read, there are around 115 different taxes we as employed consumers pay. I don’t even dare to try and list them all. Many of these taxes are on our bills every month. They are hidden in the prices we pay at the pump when we fill up our cars. They are embedded in the prices we pay at the store for goods. In my personal opinion, I think Sean Hannity’s statement that “52% of our income is spent on taxes” is a fair and pretty accurate statement.

Throughout history, the idea of taxing a country in prosperity has never worked. Taxing the rich and redistributing that wealth to the poor has never made a country’s population better off. Even Ted Kennedy once said that socialism has never worked. Of course then he went on to say that the only reason it has never worked is because he wasn’t running things.

I think Whoopi finally gets it. I think even she now realizes that we pay too much in taxes to a government that doesn’t have the first clue as to how to spend it wisely. To have to pay even more taxes even at her level of income is ridiculous and this will solve nothing.

I grew up with the idea that self was number 4 on this list of priorities after God, Family and Country. Even if you don’t believe in God or a higher power, there is still Family & Country that comes before yourself. Those in Washington have forgotten that is it not Government that comes first and certainly not “self” that comes second, yet this is their list of things that are most important.

We need to change this mentality in Washington. I believe that Whoopi even sees that there needs to be an attitude adjustment in the government’s way of thinking. Even leaving God out of the equation, if all the branches of the government at both the state and federal levels put Family & Country first and foremost at the top of their priorities list, we would not find ourselves in the mess are currently in.

Whoopi, today I could kiss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Now Obama snubs Nicolas Sarkozy!

Accusing President Bush of alienating the rest of the world, Obama first insulted the Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, and now he has insulted Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, in and end run letter to past President Chirac.

Obama tacitly honours Chirac's stance against Iraq war
Middle East News
Paris -US President Barack Obama has indirectly praised former French president Jacques Chirac's fierce opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq, the online edition of the daily Le Figaro reported on Thursday.

In a letter described by Chirac as 'very nice,' Obama wrote, 'I am certain that we will be able to work together, in the coming four years, in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world.'
The use of the word 'peace' was taken to be an indirect reference to Chirac's stance against the US intervention in Iraq, which Obama had also opposed as senator.Read more: "Obama tacitly honours Chirac's stance against Iraq war"

If robbing Peter to pay Paul is ok, then why is Peter so mad?

In the seventies Richard Nixon decided by executive order, to remove the requirement to have gold reserves for every dollar minted. Over the years since his administration, we have slowly increased the printing of money, at rates that out weighed the reasonable amount of what existed as reserves.

Not until President Obama’s administration have we seen such a total disregard for our financial system. The reasoning for my claim works this way. Printing money 24/7 does NOT mean we have more money. Increased spending on government programs while spacing out the time line in which to pay it back does NOT mean we have it to spend.

Although the government talks about the “long term” as if it were virtuous, the long term they are talking about has to due with our debt, not our investment. Politicians think only in short term, aka election cycle. They more they can space out into the future, the less they will have to deal with it, because let’s face it, they won’t be around when it comes time to pay for it.

We have chased production from our country, as we have agricultural, so we don’t make anything here anymore. We have to buy almost everything we use from other countries, and we need cash to do that. Our government thinks that if we make more money we will HAVE more money to spend on the things we don’t make. If you have a specific amount of money which consequentially isn’t enough to buy those items you need, and you print 100% more then you destroy through attrition, it doesn’t mean you have twice as much money, it means the money you have is now worth half as much.

The government would have you believe that his is the only way to bring back the economy, just throw money at the problem, unfortunately it’s money we don’t have. If we did have the money we wouldn’t be having this problem now would we?

No country in the world has tried a program as large or as foolhardy as this in the past. President Obama has promised a recovery in a few years, and yet he has nothing to base his optimism on. There is a real possibility; this whole situation can fail, thereby ruining our country’s financial condition for years to come. A depression the size of the Great Depression is a possibility, but continual printing of money could also trigger a hyperinflation.

The country is concerned, and rightly so, nobody has a definitive answer, because it’s never been tried before. In the mean time politicians point fingers at CEOs, taking the stress and investigation on their very involvement.

Thank God President Obama has time in this “minor inconvenience” to pick winners of the “sweet 16” college basketball, write a children’s book, and appear on Jay Leno…….that’s surely the way to calm a sore Peter.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is accountability a moral issue?

This isn’t a hard question is it? It requires a yes or no answer. If you think that executives from large banks shouldn’t be flying in corporate jets to company business or meetings, then why should public servants?….aka …..Congressional politicians. Why should they be allowed special deals on home mortgages when they rest of us aren’t, except the ones who are least able to afford it?

The people who ran the banks were forced by way of a government rating system instituted by President Jimmy Carter and later reinforced by Bill Clinton to offer loans to people who didn’t have to supply income information, and couldn’t even check their credit rating, and yet we are supposed to believe from our President that it was all George Bush’s fault?

The very SAME Senate and Congressional politicians told us there was no need to panic about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not only still in office, but have made major decisions about TARP , the Stimulus, and now the pork filled Omnibus package. The largest spending packages in history, were issued with not only no spending restraints, but debate on the Congressional floor whatsoever.

The same Congressional members complain about the banks who were about to go belly up, and they saved, are the very same members who have not voted to save a failing Medicare or Social Security System, and yet THEY demand accountability don’t they? They parade CEOs in front of Congressional committees and lambast them in public for the EXACT same things they have done to the American people, and continue to do! Criticism comes easily for Congress, but just question their motives or actions and see what happens.

Barack Obama has claimed how many times that his administration would include no lobbyists, but it does. He claimed he would have total transparency, and it doesn’t. He claimed he would rid Congress of “earmarks”, but not just yet…….He’s promised a 5 day waiting period so the public can examine bills before he signs them, and he failed on the largest single spending bill in history, left us less then a day to study 1100 pages of a bill that admittedly not even Democrats had a chance to read.

Then he presented the public with the Omnibus bill, or as I refer to is as the Ominous Bill. With over 8000 pork barrel projects that have never has as much as a single debate, he still has the nerve to tell us that he is getting rid of pork barrel, you may be able to fool your blind followers Mr. Obama, but you can’t fool the logical thinkers of America. I still want to know how a bill with over 8000 earmarks actually gets rid of earmarks. You certainly don’t need the line item veto to hand the bill back to Congress and tell them to trim the fat!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sniglets 11-09

Sniglets 11-09

Growing trend to hand back the money
In an article I wrote last week, I mentioned how Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley had criticized Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on his denial of some of the Stimulus money unless he could put it toward his state’s debt. He requested that President Obama allow him to use part of the money to offset his state’s debt. It seems Obama has not only denied him but also allowed the DNC to run ads berating him on TV. He has requested that the President, to ask his Democratic National Committee to “put an end to this mudslinging and get back to an honest debate about the future of our country."

Congress institutes an unconstitutional law
Today the House voted to institute a 90% tax on bonuses that AIG executives received. This is a clear violation of the constitution, according to retired Judge Andrew Napolitano. There was discussion between lawmakers as to the validity of this policy, but less sane minds prevailed and the resolution passed. For a challenge to be made, the people affected by the law would need to sue the federal government, and lawmakers are banking on that not happening, as it would be too embarrassing for the victims of the law. Hopefully the Senate will see past emotion and vote this one down.

What was he thinking?
President Barack Obama is venturing into an area that no seated president has ever ventured before. He will appear on the Jay Leno show Thursday night. I can’t help but wonder how this can be spun to the President’s advantage. Jay Leno known primarily as a comedian, who makes his living off the gaffs of foolish politicians, will hopefully have a field day with the President. One has to be curious if there will be any “off-limits” talk, decided in advanced. If this is nothing more then a cheap ploy to continue selling the suicidal financial recovery program…….but I also wonder what is the best he can do versus what is the worst that could happen with no teleprompters………It is almost as funny as picking college basketball winners on ESPN……….yet another “what was he thinking.”

Ticker 02

Ticker 02
By: Kevin Bryant

“If alls you damn white people wasn’t so racist, Obama would already be the most successful President in history”.

I heard this on the radio the other day, including the “alls you” part. If I were to phone into a radio talk show and say something like this or even just say you need to learn to speak English correctly, I would be afraid that my house would be spray painted with the words “racist” and other derogatory words or burned down or something even worse would happen to me and my family.

43% of white voters voted for Obama and yet all whites racist. 95% of blacks voted for Obama yet whites are the only ones who are racist. Obama also got 67% of the Latino vote, 62% of the Asian vote and 66% of the vote for all other categories including duel or mixed races. Yet only whites can be racist according the Political Correctness Doctrine.

The radio host asked this black gentleman “what about the blacks that didn’t vote for Obama, are they racist”? This guy said “no, they are just a bunch of white wannabees who are trying to fit into the white man’s world”. The host then asked how could it be a white man’s world if the President we just elected was black? The other man said, “only in the white house is it not the white man’s world right now, but it dang sure is everywherez else”.

The First Amendment states that this man has the right to voice his opinion if done so in a lawful manner. No longer can I go to a public place or in a public forum and make these same type comments. Legally, I could be arrested for attempting to cause a riot or causing civil unrest. Why is it legal for blacks to make comments like this in public and not I? Why can gays and lesbians go out and trash conservative Christians and other religions that do not accept their lifestyle and label them as close minded bigots, but the same is not allowed if the rolls were reversed?

Political correctness came about thanks to the teachings of Karl Marx, the father of communism. It was developed into its current state by the Frankfurt School which started in Germany and eventually landed in the New York in 1935 and spread to Hollywood, CA in 41. The teachings of this school contributed to the “Red Scare” of the 50’s and 60’s. It also contributed to the massive spread of liberalism in the New England states and on the west coast. The purpose of this “school” which was really a think tank in the 30’s was to adapt Karl Marx’s communist ideas to match the concepts of a socialist society.

One of the primary ideas to come forth from the Frankfurt School was how to limit free speech. Once you accomplish this feat, according to the schools administration, the conversion to socialism would almost happen automatically. It would require only minimum effort by the government itself since all previous democracies throughout history had imploded upon itself and sought socialism as a means to correct governments own failures.

America is buying into the ideas of limiting free speech by way of political correctness with ever increasing momentum. When the first amendment is finally eradicated, the following amendments will soon follow. The idea of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness will become Life dictated by the state, Liberty granted from the state and Happiness only as the state sanctions.

“It is true that democracy undermines freedom when voters believe they can live off of others' productivity, when they modify the commandment: "Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote." The politics of plunder is no doubt destructive of both morality and the division of labor. But there is no law of historical decline that says that people cannot change their minds”. – Quote by Gary North, from his Paper titled: The Mythical Alexander Tyler and His Theory of Democracy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best lawman in America being investigated by the “left.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., right, and Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., center, receive a petition on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 11, 2009, from Casa Maryland Executive Director Gustavo Torres, left, asking the Justice Department to investigate Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

I suppose along with instituting every policy they can, as quickly as they can, the left has gone off the deep end now. The Department of Justice, along with looney left senators and liberal activists have launched an investigation (read witch-hunt) as to whether Maricopa’s Sheriff’s office has violated illegal aliens rights.

Arizona’s famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the target of this highly suspect “investigation” that has been requested by Reps. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), and Robert Scott (D-Va.), and activists groups such as National Day Laborer Organizer Network and ACORN launched petition drives and rallies in support of the probe.

This investigation will target Joe Arpaio and dozens of officers that were formally trained by Homeland Security’s, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Agreements of Cooperation in Communities to Enhance Safety and Security (ACCESS), which partners federal and local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws. (The Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division is known popularly as ICE.)

Not only has Sheriff Joe Arpaio apprehended 2,300 illegal aliens on the streets of Maricopa County, but his ICE trained officers have conducted over 100,000 interviews of incarcerated inmates and have found through those interviews that 16,000 inmates are illegal aliens and once they have completed their sentences they will now be deported.

In just another move to ruin a good thing, Democratic congressional members have also asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to launch and investigation on the training procedures by ICE.

Where exactly will this madness end?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Refuses Ownership

Obama Refuses Ownership
By: Kevin Bryant

Just how stupid does Barack Obama & the liberal left think Mainstream America is?

Listening to talk radio shows like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh you really get a sense of just how stupid some people really are. Those who actually like and enjoy staying informed know what is going on. Those who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome, those who believe in socialism and more government control and especially those who do not want to know the truth or are simply blinded from the truth when the name “OBAMA” is spoken are really stupid when it comes to government and the issues that affect us today. They say just how great Obama is and we are not giving him a chance. They boast that He is the only one capable of cleaning up the mess left over by the last administration. They claim Obama is the smartest President we have ever had. Obama’s I.Q. is off the chart. On all these talk radio shows, they call in by the thousands and sing “All Praise Be to Obama” but when asked for specifics or facts, they all just resort back to how everything is Bush’s fault.

I will gladly change the wording from STUPID to something a little less offensive if someone could provide me a better word for some of these people. I thought about using the word ignorant, but someone who is ignorant most times has never had the opportunity to learn that particular task or subject or whatever the case may be. Stupid people refuse to learn. I’m starting to believe that the comedian Ron White is correct and “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.

Obama keeps spouting out that he inherited this economy. The 700 billion dollar bank bailout did not happen on his watch. He is not to blame for the lack of oversight, which led to 350 billion not being accounted for. And what do the blind faithful Obama worshippers do, they repeat his mantra word for word simply because they either do not have enough intelligence to know the difference or simply do not wish to know the truth.

Obama, you own this mess more so than your predecessor does. You own it more than congress does. Face the facts BHO and be a man and admit it. Oh wait, you have the media on your side and since they worship the quicksand you walk upon; they will never allow the blame to fall at your feet, Oh Great One. I bet ducks wish that they could shed water as easily as you shed responsibility and accountability.

But you say none of this happened on your watch. You were one of the many in your party who failed to see the housing bubble for what it was. You were receiving six digit campaign contributions from Fannie and standing in the way of anything that resembled oversight or reviewing of lending practices. Since you failed in your responsibility to the American people to act in their best interest, you own part of the housing mess.

Lack of accountability for 350 billion dollars of the bank bailout didn’t happen on my watch. B.O, you are talking like someone full of B.S. You sat at the very table that Bush, Paulson, McCain, Bernanke, Reid and everyone else and you had your chance to object to the way the bill was crafted. You went to the Senate floor and voted for the passage of the bill. It doesn’t matter that you were not yet elected President. You voted for it, you failed to object to any section of it, guess what, you own a big chunk of it.

You say this recession didn’t start with your presidency. No it didn’t. It started when you were a member of the senate majority who failed to investigate or oversee Fannie and Freddie all the while you and your buddies were getting sweetheart loan deals and large chunks of money from them. Not once did you stand up and do the right thing for the American people. No, you sat there and let all this mess happen without uttering a single word.

As the President, you are the head of your party whether you like it not. It doesn’t matter that you let Reid and Pelosi write the stimulus bill, you own it. It doesn’t matter that you were only one of many in congress who voted for and passed the bank bailout bill, you own it. Your massive spending spree more than doubles the national debt. It doesn’t matter if we are in a recession or that there was already a deficit. You added to both therefore you own them.

You ran for office on a campaign that promised change. So far you are living up to it. You have changed the record amounts for spending by one President in their first year in office. We have seen a record decline in the stock market since the day you were elected. We have seen you change from a hard line leftist in the presidential primaries to a centralist politician during the general election to a leftist socialist since taking office. We have seen you say one thing and do another, that’s definitely a change from the last administration. You have promised to raise everyone’s taxes that actually pay taxes. That’s change. The American people have never seen such arrogance from their President before, that’s change. Never before has there been such a push from the White House to seize more power than is allowed by the constitution. That is drastic change.

A socialist leaning, tax and spend happy President who in his first 50 days has failed to live up to one single campaign promise and all out refuses to accept any responsibility or accountability for the failures of bills and measures that he has supported, voted for or had a hand in creating. Guess what? You are the President and by default, you now own all of it.

I’ll cling to my guns and my religion, PLEASE keep your change.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Democrats, the crack cocaine dealers of the political world

Before you call out the men in the white coats, and have me measured for a straight jacket, let’s explore a few ideas and hopefully a few possible cures.

Democrats have installed many rules and social programs that have not only enabled illegal aliens, but actually encourage them to move to America. The continuance of the status quo will soon swamp our already ailing economy. Starting with the “anchor babies” (children born to illegal aliens who become citizens merely by being born here), the drain to federal, state, and private industry are massive to say the least. Hospitals are failing on a daily basis, forced out of business from social conscience programs that demand them to swallow uncollectable debts from illegal aliens. Border cities and states are the most vulnerable, but the costs of services that are lost aren’t exclusive to those areas.

I make the analogy of the Democrats being crack dealers of the political world because of the social programs. Once an illegal alien comes to our country we give them so many public services to “hook them”, with hopes of eventually turning them to viable voters through legislature. Then once hooked on social programs, they are increased a little at a time until they are totally reliant on the system. This serves only the politician, keeping the voter “down “ so they never truly succeed, but instead become reliant on the programs. We have so many laws on the books that are being side-stepped to enable the Democratic social programs aimed directly aimed to benefit illegal aliens.

A benefit of the downturn in the economy has slowed the influx of illegals into our country, but doesn’t ensure a continued trend. Illegal aliens account for so many areas of increased public funds, such as health care, school services, incarceration costs, etc.

If the federal law that fines the hiring company of an illegal alien $10,000 per occurrence were actually enforced, it would at the very LEAST offset some of the related costs incurred by the social programs offered by the liberal side. The fines would also send a powerful message that America’s open job pool and free social programs has just come to a screeching halt.

Estimates very as to how many illegal aliens inhabit our country, but there is NO question that they receive benefits that they never pay for. There is NO question it creates a drain on an economy that can’t take the strain. With 4.4 million citizens unemployed in our country, who at one time paid their full share of taxes, and a conservative estimate of 20 million illegal aliens who consume $2,700 more per person in services then they produce, the answer seems obvious to most conservatives. Voices on the opposing side will say that our unemployed citizens won’t work for the same wage as illegals, but the cost of hiring an illegal alien isn’t just the money that is given to them for a daily wage.

Will any of this come to pass? I doubt it seriously, because democrats see this as a reasonable cost to assure hooking future voters on the “crack cocaine” of social programs from our government.

Sniglets 10-09

Sniglets 10-09

Tax cheats 101
“Turbo Tim” Geithner, a target himself of being a tax cheat, targeted Michael Williams, founder of, who encouraged everyone to stamp “tax cheat” over the name of Timothy Geithner’s name on new money being printed. He has been officially targeted for a federal tax audit. I suppose because “Turbo” Tim the tax man got caught, he figures everyone else should be audited that embarrasses him or his boss!

Wall Street
There is this antagonistic feeling between the Obama Administration and Wall Street, have you noticed it lately? I was watching TV on Monday and this House Democrat from California was making sense on “earmarks” until she made her final remarks saying “Wall Street doesn’t understand the financial problem.” …..Pardon me? If perception is 99% of the market, it stands to reason that of the 7 out of 10 people who invest are not comfortable with the direction of the market, and have let their voice be heard on the market, who are you to say they don’t understand? Sitting in front of a camera Mr. President and saying that this would be a good time to invest is not what we are looking for. We need a solid confirmation, and right now, and taxing the “wealthy” whomever they are, is not the indicator the market is looking for.

Obama, Brown meetings
In an effort to repair our relationships abroad, Barack Obama offered Prime Minister Gordon Brown a snub at many levels. PM Gordon Brown offered Barack Obama a penholder handcrafted from the timbers of the 19th century British warship HMS President (whose sister ship, HMS Resolute, provided the wood for the Oval Office's desk). One would think because they both from the same mindset, Obama would have put more thought into a gift for Brown, especially after the demand that England take back a gift of a bust of Winston Churchill given to George Bush. President Obama’s gift? 25 Classic Movie DVD’s, and here I didn’t even think he had a Sam’s Club Membership! Equally dismissive were the gifts to the two Brown boys, by Michelle Obama of two Presidential helicopter models, in return for dresses for Sasha and Malia from the UK's trendy Top Shop (with matching necklaces) and a selection of books by British authors offered by Brown’s wife. Obviously with these gifts the Administration has sent a signal that our strongest ally is no longer as important as it once was. Nice repair of that reputation…………….

Citi Bank’s new loan!
In a new investigative article it found that after the no-strings bailout money the government gave to Citi Bank. Citi Bank loaned 8 Billon dollars to the country of Dubai, shipping the money intended to relieve the tight loan money here in America abroad. In yet another discovery, Bank of America, not to be outdone by Citi Bank, loaned 7 billion to China………….I am certainly glad we have the most intelligent congressman (Barney Frank) working on our side!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protect and Defend

Protect and Defend
By: Kevin Bryant

Treason: the betrayal of a trust
Traitor: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty

In the business world, they have the vote of no confidence. The states have the right to a recall election. Unlike our current President, I have never and will never profess to have taught Constitutional Law or ever having studied it beyond American Government classes and reading it in my off time. I know of no other recourse that a President can be removed from office other than impeachment or through a general election.

We the people of the United States formed our current government. Our forefathers made sure that we never answer to the government, but the government answers to us. At least that is my interpretation. The federal government was to have limited powers as defined in the constitution and all other matters not specifically designated to the federal government were matters of each state individually.

President Obama made many campaign promises and statements during the general election and has kept absolutely none of them. He promised to hold down spending, yet has spent more money in his first 6 weeks in office than any president in the history of the United States has in an entire year and that is adjusting the figures for inflation. He promised transparency yet we still know nothing about how he plans to achieve any measure he has laid out except to raise taxes. He promised any bill would be on the white house website for 5 days before signing it yet we have not seen a single one so far be on there longer than 18 hours prior to signing and there were no executive orders posted on the site that he has already signed. He promised that his nominations would be people of great character and integrity yet there are people in place or were nominated who can’t pay their taxes, has accepted money from foreign countries, lobbyist, and now the most abortion friendly governor who is about to become HHS Secretary.

The President takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States but no where in the constitution does it say that the business of the federal government is to own shares in private industry or take them over. No where does it say that government shall be the main provider of health care. No where does it say that the President or congress shall convert the country from capitalism which it was founded on to socialism. No where does it state that the executive branch shall gather greater powers unto itself.

The President gives a speech and the stock market goes down. It could be a coincidence. The President gives a second speech and the stock market goes down. One might consider that perhaps it the speeches he is giving. The President gives a third speech and the stock market goes down. That is proof that capitalism is in total disagreement with your policies and you should revise them. This President gives the appearance that he wants the stock market to not only to crash but in fact, fail completely and without the possibility of recovery.

This President has not even mentioned the words “Border Security”. He has not given an indication of if he will even deal with the illegal immigration issues of this country. Meanwhile, California, Arizona and New Mexico continue to go broke and many of the reason why is because of illegal immigration. People on both sides of the border are being murdered everyday at the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, yet not a word about this crisis is uttered from the white house. Instead of fixing the problem, he would rather the rest of the country bail out these states so that they may continue conducting business as usual and continue to be hush hush about all the violent crimes being committed in our border states as a result of almost non-existent border security.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not calling our President a traitor. Based on the Webster’s dictionary definitions provide at the beginning, one has to wonder if he could be.

"Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." --Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama’s birth issue isn’t going away

The newest plaintiffs on the scene for lawsuits about Obama’s birth certificate are a group of military personnel, some active, some reservists, and some retired. They all share the same concern, they don’t think that our sitting President has the requirements set forth in the Constitution to be our President.

Many cases have already been submitted concerning the same issues, but all so far have either been dismissed without comment, or dismissed on the grounds of “no standing.” So far Barack Obama has spent close to $800,000 through 3 different law firms to deny access to his birth certificate, and not the Certificate of Live Birth, he showed on his website prior to the election.

In a failed case recently the law firm representing him threatened civil action if they produced the certificate and it proved their point. In another action a sitting Judge had made a similar to the effect of “awarding” damages (lawyers fees) to the loser of the case.

In the present case involving the soldiers, one active soldier who made the declaration he didn’t think Obama had the prerequisites to be the Commander in Chief, was ordered through his service agreement to not talk to the press in any way shape or form.

A Senator Mel Martinez R (RINO)-FL has made a statement as of late implying that because Americans voted him in he should be legally our President, claiming that Americans have vetted the candidates twice already, once in the primary, and then again in the general election. He then flip-flopped on the issue by stating, “federal government has the responsibility to make certain that the Constitution of the United States is not compromised. We must fight to uphold our Constitution through our courts and political processes."

In yet another stupid statement from a Senator, Jon Kyl R-AZ in an email to a constituent has stated that the question of Barack Obama’s eligibility has been settled by and Fact Both organizations are left leaning, and it is ridiculous to assume that somehow they have information that the average citizen doesn’t. His office was unavailable for comment on this horrendous statement.
Unfortunately the Constitution does not provide for an enforcement mechanism, and Congress is making no effort to sign one into law. One has to wonder what Obama has to hide, and why he’d spend almost $800,000 to avoid producing a $10 birth certificate, and why with all the present law suits the US Supreme Court has so far refused to hear even one. The biggest question is why wouldn’t the Congress institute a law to avoid this in the future, unless they already know the answer to this quest.

Go here to see comments this week on this inflamatory subject

Friday, March 6, 2009

Afghanistan; “Right war, right time?”

When the United States invaded Iraq, the president not only had the support of the Democrats, they almost demanded that he invade. Intelligence collected by the Clinton Administration lead to the assumption that Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein, had or was in the midst of developing weapons of mass destruction. These are facts supported by various congressional transcripts and videos. After no WMDs were found in Iraq, the most vocal democratic supporters of the invasion decided they no longer wanted to be there, and just as vocally demanded an immediate. I must admit that I congratulate Senator Clinton, on her steadfast unwavering support of the invasion, the surge, and our troops.

Senator Barack Obama has always stated that he was against the invasion. It’s easy to monday morning quarterback the issue after the fact. It is funny however to try to figure out what was in the man’s head back then. At the time he says he was against the invasion Barack Obama was merely a state senator, and not privy to national security reports, that had painted Iraq as a country ruled by a dictator and had WMDs within it’s grasp.

Senator Obama ran his campaign on two major items, the war in Iraq that we had to get out of, and the poor state of the economy. He claimed that we had “wasted” the money we had spent on the Iraq invasion, and thus it was part of the reason the economy was in such bad condition.

As I reported long ago in my blog, President Obama is far from being a dove, he just feels we invaded the wrong country(ies), and his aim now is to move the war from Iraq to Afghanistan and possibly a future run into Pakistan.

With the Taliban now taking up residence in Pakistan, and most intelligence now placing Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts in the same country, my question is………..why are we in Afghanistan? Isn’t this the very same country that Russia battled for 9 years and couldn’t beat?

If Obama’s intention was to reduce the money we spend on war for the betterment of the economy, he will not save us one thin dime by switching battle zones. This battlefront will cost us more, because of a few factors. Our troops are battle weary, and the use of more and more reservists leaves us less then ready to fight a new fight. Our war machine has been used, abused, and generally worn out. Many vehicles because of the extreme use are being left in Iraq, for the forces in training. This war has decimated our weapons and vehicles. President Obama has voiced his intention to decrease federal spending for the military by 10% and yet it needs a massive overhaul, and the troops need rest. Before the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Senator Inhofe-R-OK submitted an Amendment (S.AMDT.262) to refund dwindling military supplies, etc. to the tune of 5 billion dollars, it was turned down flat by the Democratic Congress.

"I would be very happy if there was some way to make it a misdemeanor for people to talk about reducing the budget deficit without including a recommendation that we substantially cut military spending." --Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)

Generals on the ground have stated that fighting in Afghanistan will be a long drawn out affair, spanning 5 to 12 years in some opinions. They have stated that the Afghani people are far better equipped and are better at gorilla warfare then the Iraqi people. The outcome can’t even be certain, but history taught us that guerrilla warfare is the hardest to fight, when Vietnam handed us a defeat when Obama was a schoolchild in Indonesia.

Where are the calls from John Kerry, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid voicing their opinions against the Invasion of Afghanistan? Do they approve this action for no other reason than it’s a “democratic position?” Do they believe it was wrong to remove a brutal dictator who possibly possessed WMDs, and it’s ok to attack the people of a basically lawless nation, whose only crime is simply living there?

Is it ok to fund selfish “earmarks” in their own home states while ignoring our military?
Isn’t the primary intention of government to protect its citizens, and secondarily to protect our freedoms?

It is our duty to inform our congress that this is the wrong war, at the wrong time. Since the inauguration the government has been printing money 24/7, this is NOT fiscal responsibility; we can’t afford another war right now!

The way the administration has been “selling” the stimulus package is not working. If the market is driven more from perception then it is from action, the result is a direct reaction to programs the DOW doesn’t like.

My prophecy is that the market WILL drop below 7000, and recovery to the level of 9000 or more will take longer then 3 years.

Senator Obama asked during his campaign “are you in better shape now then you were eight years ago?” I’d like to ask President Obama if he feels we are better off now then we were a mere 35 days ago?

Sniglets 09-09

Sniglets 09-09

Chilly reception
Monday March 2, 2009 Al Gore and his global warming alarmists came to Washington to make a push for global warming legislation, the problem with that was Washington was under 7+ inches of snow from a late season storm that dumped snow from Georgia to New England. Fortunately for Gore, beginning this year, he changed his political rant from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change,” thereby locking in proof no matter what direction we go in (warming or cooling), he will be right, despite the normal cyclical changes that happen regardless of man’s interference.

Sir Edward Kennedy
Lest you think that Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England is anything less then a left wing nut case like most of our Congress, Wednesday he was bestowed the title of honorary Knighthood. His title at this point will be Sir Edward Kennedy, advancing him that much closer to Sainthood.

Now is a good time to invest
On Tuesday our President Barack Obama claimed that it would be a good time to invest in the stock market. He went on to say that investing on the long term that “earning are showing a come back.” Thank god he’s not MY broker or I would have rushed to his office to have him drawn and quartered for malpractice. My biggest question would be,….does he get his investment advice from Barney Frank or Chris Dodd? Better still, who encouraged him to say such an asinine thing?

Rush the new target of the Right
The Liberals have no iconic whipping post, so transference is the new popular way. The Democrats have labeled Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party. Unfortunately Michael Steele chimed in claiming Rush was merely an entertainer, and in frustration claimed he was the only spokesman for the RNC. It was true, but yet it trivialized Rush’s influence. I wished Steele had ignored the gutter talk, and instead worked with Steele to improve the party rather then tear it apart.

Honeymoon over?
It seems that Pelosi and Obama have come to loggerheads about the Iraq occupation. Obama said on Wednesday that he would leave 35 to 50,000 troops in Iraq for use in training and transition. The house speaker was not pleased saying to the press, “there is no reason we need that many troops there.” Obviously the two are headed for a showdown over who is the more powerful Narcissistic socialist.

Omnibus problems
Once again President Obama has stated he wants to eliminate earmarks and once again he seeks to push yet another pork laden bill. This bill is so laden with Pork Barrel money that not even 100% of his own party in Congress supports it! Afraid of the backlash from constituents select Congressional members have publicly stated they will NOT support it unless a large portion of the 9000 earmarks are removed…….President Obama, what don’t you understand?

With Bush gone who’s left?
Now that Obama doesn’t have Bush to whip on, he has chosen his new target, Rush Limbaugh! One big problem for Obama though, Limbaugh fights back. Rush Limbaugh has offered to debate Obama one on one in his studio, no teleprompters, no note cards, just facts in their heads. Limbaugh noted, “If he wins, he’ll own the country.” Of course Obama has made a mistake to begin with, he addressed Limbaugh, and that action will require that he respond to this offer……..this should be good!

McDumbass calls 911
Ft Pierce, FL, Latreasa L. Goodman called 911 three times to complain that "This is an emergency, If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one,” Latreasa L. Goodman later told police. “This is an emergency." She was charged with “misuse of 911 call.” Just another story about someone who thought she was entitled to misuse the system.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ticker 01

Ticker 01
By: Kevin Bryant

My daughter & I were having a conversation recently and I made a statement that there are fundamental differences in how many blacks and whites see equality in America. Some have the mentality of today where all are equal with equal opportunities so long as you work hard and apply yourself to the task of obtaining that which you want. I referenced Barack Obama and how 20 years ago it would not have been remotely possible for a black man to become president.

She stopped me at that point and attempted to correct me for having called him black instead of African-American. I responded with “That’s another ticker of mine. I don’t believe in using hyphenated terms when speaking about Americans. If you a citizen of this country then you are an American first and where your ancestors come from are irrelevant’.

(What I define as a ticker: a belief or action that blatantly defies all logic and / or common sense)

This country is made up of immigrants who in the 1700’s, 1800’s and a good portion of the 1900’s who wanted to call themselves Americans. They came here legally and many of their happiest days were when they obtained their citizenship.

They recognized the need to change and adapt to the American ways and customs. At the same time, they knew the importance of holding on to their own convictions and faith. They were proud to be one with this nation. They did the best they could to learn English, even taking classes at night to so as to be more productive in society. The demanded their children to learn the language and to speak it at every opportunity. When America needed them, the children of these immigrants were the first to volunteer to fight for their new country and defend the freedoms & liberties that they came here seeking.

Today there are many organizations that represent different races, cultures and religions, beliefs and sexual orientation. They no longer want nor wish America to be the melting pot it once was. They demand recognition for their differences and are even encouraged by government to do so.

“A house divided against itself can not stand” – Abraham Lincoln

It is my opinion that every citizen of the United States should consider themselves Americans above anything else. We should all be proud to be Americans and doing everything within our power to better this nation as a whole. There is no longer a place in society for special treatment because of race or religion, sexual orientation or anything else that might set us apart as individuals.

No more. No more African – Americans, Asian – Americans, Mexican – Americans or anything else. If you want those labels, then move back to that region which your family came from. America has been divided long enough. It’s time for us to demand that labels that divide be abolished. Organizations that encourage division like the NAACP, La Razza, American Muslim Alliance, Code Pink and others be forced to lose their non-profit status and be declared racist and discriminatory in nature. Even congress and state governments need to abolish the black caucus that exists within them and we should demand that they do. They serve no purpose than to gain preferential treatment and further divide the citizens of this country.

On this subject, Theodore Roosevelt said it best: “There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else”.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Little Act That Could

The Little Act That Could
By: Kevin Bryant

My brother sent me a nice little article about Fannie Mae and the easing of mortgage lending that appeared in the New York Times on September 30, 1999. Besides spelling out how banks and other lending institutions were going to set out lowering the standards for qualifying for housing loans, it also contained a few quotes objecting to this practice and the possible consequences of it. The one defining thing the article was these institutions were receiving increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to enact these lower qualification requirements.

Bush 43 (roughly translated) has stated that although he did not apply pressure to continue these practices, he did nothing about them other than voice his concerns to congress and the banking industry. Bill Clinton has repeatedly rejected any attempts to tie him in with the rise and fall of the housing market. Instead of owning up to his part, he has blamed both George W. Bush to a small degree and also has he blames “corrupt democrats who fought against regulating and investigating lenders”.

Hardcore liberals are trying even now to blame all of the housing market troubles on Karl Rove, Bush’s former White House Chief of Staff. It either doesn’t sink into their heads that he had long resigned before the downturn started or they just want to blame someone and he is an easy target since no one on the left ever liked him professionally because he was really good at doing the job he was hired to do.

Sometime after receiving the article from my brother, I tried to link the majority of the reasons for the housing downturn to Clinton, but the more I read about the history behind it all, the more I found myself equally spreading out the blame for mess the housing market finds itself.

The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 had little effect in its first 15 years in existence. In my opinion, it was done with good intentions but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The act was the result of several black community activist and organizers who wanted to improve the living conditions within major inner cities, with Chicago (no shock here) leading the way. The act itself was based on a report in 1961 on lending practices that made it harder for lower income blacks to get housing loans and many of those loans came with higher interest rates and shorter terms. This was determined to be racial discrimination but something tells me that that there was more behind this practice than just the obvious. I doubt very seriously that race played any part of this and income was the driving factor.

In 1992, again it’s my opinion, then President Bill Clinton saw this little act and acted upon it as a way to shore up votes and enhance his chances of re-election by having this act reviewed, updated and to get the wheels in motion for enforcement. In 1995, Clinton set forth in actually enforcing this act and in 1999 had pushed it hard enough that it reformed the lending institute into what it was until the housing bubble that it caused started to crumble.

Though so far, it seems that all the blame really lies at Clinton’s feet, but I don’t think so. The law was written by liberals who had written a broad based piece of legislation without much definition, specifics or allowing for oversight. Former President Carter signed this flawed piece of legislation into law most likely with hopes of redeeming himself for all the blunders he made out of the economy and foreign relations, hoping to win back some of the favor that got him elected to office in the first place. This turned to be about as effective as putting a band-aid on the Titanic and hoping it will keep it from sinking

President Reagan gets a small part of the blame simply based on the fact that he believed in smaller government. With that belief along with his ideas that deregulation was the way to get the economy moving again in the midst of a cold war, he never really took note of this act and it sat there neatly tucked away and sleeping in the government archives.

George Herbert Walker Bush gets some credit as well. During the Savings and Loan scandals and Junk Bond scandals that were ever present during his one term in office, this little act was briefly scanned over as reference material for the bailout & restructuring of the S & L industry. Oversight of the S & L was put into place, but this little act that had been around since 1977 went back into the archives because again it was thought to not be harmful.

Along comes Bill Clinton sees and seizes the opportunity to make great strides into gaining votes within the black and lower income communities throughout America and this little act is morphed into an industry standard.

Now we have George W. Bush in office. He is warned by several individuals of a possible housing bubble bust looming in the near future but decides instead of taking actions to prevent it from happening, he tap dances around the subject and gives a couple of speeches to congress and is effectively silenced by Chris Dodd, Barney Franks and later joined by a little unknown junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. All three of them receiving tons of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for keeping them deregulated and free of interference.

After Enron, another little act with “good intentions” was put into law and known to many as the Mark to Market Rule. This little act, in conjunction with the Clinton revised Community Reinvestment Act effectively killed both the housing and lending markets here in America and has financial institutions and stock markets all over the world in chaos.

Now we have President Obama and you think any of this will be repealed or modified in any way so as to allow the free market system to correct itself? Not so long as it is helping the Obama Administration to nationalize the banking industry and promote socialism here in the U.S. it won’t.