Monday, March 8, 2021

Now Microsoft is Doubling Down on Privacy Invasion!


Now Microsoft is Doubling Down on Privacy Invasion!

Al Ritter 

Bill Gates not only believes that Big Tech is justified in their recent actions, but is willing to expand that power. Microsoft has now partnered with the social giants to totally eliminate any and all anonymity and privacy on the internet. 

Because Microsoft is the basis for virtually any documentation, it will be their intention to make any and all document forms, Adobe, jpg, any product made in Word, png, Memes, and most any picture taken on your cell phone traceable directly back to its author. 

Gates believes that since he created most of these programs, he has a right to tag them and make them traceable back to their origin. He also has stated he has a right to share those document origins to any of his partners in crime aka….The Big Tech Giants. He has no intention of hiding this new invasion of privacy, in fact he's bragging about it!

It’s getting totally out of hand at this point and privacy at this point means virtually nothing.


Unknown said...

This is totally insane!

Bud S said...

It seems like it's getting worse