Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year's End 2009

Year’s End 2009
Kevin Bryant

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and for all those atheist out there, quit sponging time off work for religious celebrations created by actual believers of a higher power and get your butts back to work.

2009 will forever be known to me as the year I most wanted to stick ice picks in my eyes so I would not be able to see the world around me. Seems like every communist, socialist, fascist, one world government manifesto was pulled out of the closet and put into action this past year. Individualism and personal responsibility hasn’t died but it certainly has gone underground, waiting and praying for a chance to return.

2007 through 2009 and still going will be known as the Blame Bush Era. It doesn’t matter that liberals were in charge of the congress, it’s still all Bush’s fault for everything. Granted, I was not impressed with Bush’s last 4 years in office. Remember, it’s patriotic to disagree with your president so long as he is a republican. I thought he did not put enough troops into Iraq which caused and lead for the need for the surge. I felt he let Afghanistan slip away. I believe that he tried too much to coddle favor with the democrat controlled congress. Appointing Paulson and Bernanke were outrageous mistakes and TARP was a disaster before he ever signed it.

Nothing that happened during Bush’s time in office though compares to the disaster of 2009. If Healthcare and Cap & Trade pass next year, 2010 will be ever a more disastrous year than 2009. If they pass, 2010 will be the year the American economy died by the hand of government.

I heard this past weekend this comment made in support of healthcare reform. “The numbers may be low but only 28% supported social security when it became law and 96% of Americans are glad to have it now” or something like that. The comment was made by Amy Klobucher (D) Minnesota. If I had every dime I had to give to the government for social security and invested it myself, my return would be 6 times the return I get from the government and I would not have to worry about having to pay taxes on the principal as is required with SS. The only reason people are glad it is there now is that we hope we live long enough to get our own money back.

2009 has been the worst partisan political year I have ever known. Instead of looking at the coming year with hope, I look towards 2010 with dread.

Side Note: Kevin’s Personal Challenge

I did not receive a single comment stating anything good about the Congress or the Administration for 2009.

A post by Brian did partially qualify as a positive for the administration.
Here is his quote: “Something positive: This administration is resurrecting the conservation movement. If it were not for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan would never have gotten elected President”.

Brian, I would love to give you full credit for your comment as I do agree with it whole heartedly, but I posted a similar comment to one of Al’s articles back sometime around May of this year. Plus, I have heard the same comment made by my favorite local radio talk radio show host Chris Stigall and also heard the same comment made on the Sean Hannity radio show.

In closing:

As 2009 comes to an end, again let us all give thanks for and offer our prayers to the United States Military and their families as well as the families of those fallen heroes that have died in the service of this great nation. So long as they remain in our hearts, they shall never be forgotten and their sacrifices shall never be taken for granted.

May we also remember to give thanks and show our appreciation to those who wear the uniforms of our various fire and police departments who risk life and limb for us here at home.

May God forever watch over us and keep us all safe.

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